Zhu Qing’an’s parents. They didn’t live to a healthy old age, nor did they have another lovely child.


There was no way to remember Zhu Qing’an until the end of their lives.


Shortly after Zhu Qing’an entered the hibernation chamber. They went to a laboratory near the battlefield for research, and the laboratory was attacked by Zergs.


The two of them were left with no bones.


Nothing was left behind.


Like a thin piece of dust, a blow made them disappear in this world, as if they had never come.


Zhu Qing’an held the light computer, frozen in place for a long time. His eyes were very red, his dark eyes were watery, he looked like a poor little bunny cub.



He couldn’t change the fact that it had already happened. He could only watch his mother and father die alone in the long history, leaving only a cold record of his life.


He was sorry.


The sunset completely dispersed, darkness infiltrated the small house. The dark-haired boy curled up quietly at the foot of the bed, dazed and asleep.


The small Qin puppet was placed beside his bed. The puppet hung his head and looked at the lost boy silently. His button red eyes reflected the moonlight.


The next day, Zhu Qing’an slept until the afternoon before waking up. The stray animal base pup keeper, thought his boss had some kind of accident, so he called incessantly.


Zhu Qing’an sent a message back to the other, who just bought Zhu Qing’an lunch.


Not a nutrient, but a bowl of hot lean meat soup powder.


The rice noodles were thinly sliced, thin and soft, soaked in the gravy, and smelled delicious. Then he wrapped the minced meat in the soup and dipped it in soy sauce. It tasted very warm.



Zhu Qing’an was warmed up and thanked him, then he returned to the house with the soup bowl and sat alone at the table, carefully finishing it.


His eyes were still red, his nose was also red, but his face was particularly white, giving him an inexplicable sense of vulnerability, like he needed someone to hug and comfort him.


He turned on his light computer in order to relieve himself of this emotion.


Yesterday’s incident with Qin Hengyi, the heat still didn’t decline, but it became more and more hot. There were even people who wrote fanfics for this, or real NP articles ……


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He smiled lightly a little helplessly.


This group of fans ah ……


He was checking his Weibo account when he suddenly received an alert from False Love.


[Dear player, you haven’t logged in to the game for a while. Should you go to see your lover? I believe he can give you meticulous warmth and solve all your troubles.]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He wiped his eyes and thought for a while.


It was better to go into the game.


The young man put down the light computer and found holographic helmet. Then he laid back on the bed still stained with tears.


[Welcome back to “False Love”!]

It seemed that the game scene was at night.


He glanced up at the window and saw the moon.


The moon was round, but… it was fuzzy. Like it would disappear at any time.



He subconsciously called up Qin Hengyi’s name: “Mr. Qin?”


He shrank his neck, feeling a little guilty. He didn’t know if Qin Hengyi would be angry because of Qin Yuan’s affair …….


But he really wanted to find Qin Hengyi now.


The next moment, the young man’s waist was held tightly.


Qin Hengyi’s mood was very complicated. The moment he glanced at the teenager, he wanted to kiss him and ask a clear question.


Was his little lover cheated by other men?


All netizens know that Zhu Qing’an was his, and now someone even claimed that he was Zhu Qing’an’s lover? He even sang a confession to Zhu Qing’an?



But when Qin Hengyi hazily saw the young man’s face through the moonlighted, he froze.


The young man’s eyes were red, and his dark eyes were glistening with water, and his head refused to lift up even when his nose twitched. He wasn’t shy, but he looked like he was going to cry. He really wanted to cry.


Qin Hengyi had never seen his little lover like this.


Qin Hengyi wiped the tears from his eyes and kissed his cold little horn: “An, what’s wrong?”


Zhu Qing’an tightly holds the man’s coat corner, his small tail shook as he quietly spoke, “My parents are dead.”


“…” Qin Hengyi frowned.




He had bought the product “Little Tadpole Looking for Mother” in the game store. It was specially used to help Zhu Qing’an find his parents.


The premise of this product was that Zhu Qing’an’s parents weren’t dead. If they were, the product couldn’t be started. After all, dead people could never be found.


However, this product had been successfully launched and was still in operation.


This represented that Zhu Qing’an’s parents were still alive.


“How did you know your parents were gone?” Qin Hengyi tried.


The boy said quietly, “My parents are scientists. I found their lives on the Internet. They died in the Zerg W-ar.”


The more he spoke, the redder his eyes became. At last, he became a mess.


It was impossible to make mistakes in the information on Starnet Encyclopedia, especially for the biographies of famous people. There would be a special research team to check. After all, some scholars needed to use this information, and if the wrong information was used, it would be very troublesome.


And he saw a picture of his parents’ grave in the encyclopedia.


In the middle of a vast forest, there were two lonely monuments.


For three hundred years, no one had been with them.


Qin Hengyi pursed his lips.


–His mind was always sharp, but this time, he didn’t know what to believe.


But he preferred the result that Zhu Qing’an’s parents didn’t die.


His little lover would always be the luckiest and happiest.


“An An.” The man hugged Zhu Qing’an into his arms, touching the other’s skinny little wings, and said in a light voice: “You have to believe that your parents didn’t leave.”


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


That wasn’t possible.



Even if they didn’t die at the hands of the Zergs, they would have died because they were too old.


After all, three hundred years had passed.


Qin Hengyi: “When I asked people to build the amusement park. All the seats in the amusement park are for four people. Two for us, the other two for your parents.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


He became more absent-minded, like he would wither away at any time.

Qin Hengyi couldn’t ask him what happened to him and Qin Yuan.


He could only spoil and coax him.


“Don’t be sad, I’m distressed when you’re sad.” The man continued to kiss him, from the horn to the chin. “It’s late at night, let’s go to bed first. Your parents will not leave.”


Before he could speak, Zhu Qing’an was embraced by him and stuffed into a warm quilt. He was close to his strong chest, and his face was a little red. He turned over and accidentally encountered something hard.


He moved aside to see the boxes and props he bought last time.



Qin Hengyi kept it under his pillow, as if he wanted to use it at any time.


Zhu Qing’an hurriedly turned his head away as if he hadn’t seen it.



He was facing Qin Hengyi, and their noses were less than five centimeters apart. He looked at the man’s red eyes and remembered something. He couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Qin, what is your biggest obsession?”


He could use this opportunity to test the man.


As long as the obsession was realized, Qin Yuan may be able to return to the body, and Qin Hengyi could also restore his memory.

Qin Hengyi didn’t expect that the teenager would ask such a question. He chuckled: “Obsession? I don’t have many. After all, I have everything I want. If I insist, I hope the world you live in can be peaceful. In this way, you can grow up peacefully.”


Human cubs weren’t as powerful as AI. They needed a very safe environment to grow up.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”





He closed his eyes and went to sleep quietly.


But he was inexplicably sleepless tonight, he tossed and turned.


He had been thinking about how to fuse personalities.


The obsession of Qin Hengyi was also the obsession of Qin Yuan. After all, they were both the same person.


If their obsession – was really wanting peace in this world.



Then ……


The only one that could affect world peace… The government wasn’t the most serious, but the Zergs.



In addition, Zhu Qing’an’s parents died from the Zergs. Qin Hengyi probably saw it—— His most important relatives died in the hands of the Zergs. It was inevitable that he would have the idea of revenge for his lover.



After all, Qin Hengyi didn’t want Zhu Qing’an to be sad.


Zhu Qing’an woke up in reality.



He rubbed his head, he was a bit confused, but after sleeping with Qin Hengyi, he felt a lot more comfortable.



He got up to make breakfast, and at the same time turned on the TV in the kitchen, and seriously watched the news.


The war between the empire and the Zergs reached a fever pitch.



There was a serious shortage of troops. The news column was scrolling with a draft plan.


Zhu Qing’an glanced at it and sighed lightly.



What was most lacking now wasn’t a source of soldiers, it was a good ruler.


After frying an omelet for breakfast, he received another communication from Sami.



The situation on Sami’s side seemed to be very critical, and he said to Zhu Qing’an with a shortness of breath, “Zhu Qing’an, come to the game headquarters as soon as possible!”




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