Zhu Qing’an looked at the sweetness of the comments and his heart inexplicably thumped faster.


Little prince ah ……



He was his little prince.



He lowered his head, clutching the corner of his coat, he didn’t know where to put his hands. Finally, he shoved the light computer back under the pillow, walked into the bathroom and washed his face with cold water. The cold tap water poured over his face, but still couldn’t erase the inexplicable heat.



Zhu Qing’an opened the refrigerator, took out several bags of frozen dumplings, put them into the pot and cooked them. The white tender dumpling skin was wrapped in full meat filling, plus a cup of polished soy milk, sprinkled with a handful of watery green onions, it was especially delicious.


His table was a double table.


Zhu Qing’an had an empty chair next to him.


He was obviously living by himself, but he didn’t remove the chair, as if he was waiting for someone to arrive.



He clutched his chopsticks, and the man’s low voice echoed in his ears.


“This is what lovers do to each other.”


“You don’t have to be too restrained and shy.”


Qin Hengyi was right.


It was just that he was too restrained.



The young man sighed and finished eating the dumplings in small bites. He stood up, as if he had gathered some courage. His cheeks, which had been washed with cold water, turned red once again. His eyes were red like a cat that had been bullied.



He ran to his bedroom, took out his big mask and sunglasses, and put them on himself. The last thing he did was to stand in front of the waiting room to check if he was fully disguised.



After confirming that his body was tightly wrapped, Zhu Qing’an carried a small black bag and quietly walked out of the stray animal base.



In order not to be photographed by the paparazzi, he took a special detour.


Finally, Zhu Qing’an came to a small store in the city.



He walked around in front of the store, wandering for a while before gathering the courage to walk in. The item he wanted to buy was placed in a corner at the entrance of the store. He went into the corner and looked at the wide range of small goods, his cheeks burning and red, he didn’t even look at a few, he took a few random things, and went to the cashier.



–This was the first time he had ever purchased such a thing. He also didn’t think he would have such a day.




He had to protect himself.



Zhu Qing’an held the small goods he needed and felt like he was holding hot potatoes.



Fortunately, the responsible cashier was a machine, Zhu Qing’an paid quickly.



He wrapped those small goods with a black bag tightly and stuffed it into the small pockets of his jacket. Then he jogged all the way back to the base.



As soon as he returned to the base, he took the bag of trinkets and stuffed it into the cupboard in his bedroom…… He didn’t even spend ten minutes, as if he was a hamster hiding its food.



The teenager took off his mask, and his red cheeks were covered by the mask like he had done something bad.



Finally, he shrank back into bed, covered himself with the blanket, and huddled into a ball, pretending he hadn’t done that.



He spent the whole day running back to the base from the crew, he wanted to sleep until the middle of the next day. But he was awakened by the voice of the message prompt of the Star Network. He struggled to get up and glanced at it.


The imperial government had sent an urgent alert to all citizens.


–[There may be Zergs attacks around the Empire in recent days. Please take care.]



Zergs, one of the natural enemies of humans. Although they didn’t have basic intelligence, they were numerous and tenacious, and could survive in space for a short period of time, causing a lot of troubles to the Empire down the road.



This message was sent by the government.


Zhu Qing’an was silent for a long time.



Since experiencing the hidden plot, he didn’t have good Image of the government.



Although the current government was quiet and wouldn’t do such ridiculous things as persecute citizens. But when Zhu Qing’an thought that their rights were taken from others, he felt uncomfortable all over.



Three hundred years ago, the empire had just finished the war, society was scattered and lacked an administrator.



Qin Hengyi, who was the world administrator AI, was born. However, a small government appeared from nowhere in the middle of the process and forced the other party to hand over the right to rule by sticking to the point that the AI had no feelings and would cause mutiny.



A group of experimentalists who only did research, how could they fight against the old and cunning officials?



Zhu Qing’an remembered his father’s wish. His dad wanted Qin Hengyi to regain the right to rule.



He really wanted to help his dad fulfill this wish.


Naive, he …… couldn’t find any place to start right now.


His profession and ruling power and such things weren’t related at all.



But since this was the case, Zhu Qing’an still wrote this task down in the small book in his heart.


The moment Zhu Qing’an turned off the text message, he suddenly received a friend request.



The account name was Qin Hengyi.


Zhu Qing’an froze.


At present, except for him and Sami, no one knew that his lover was called Qin Hengyi.



Even when Qin Hengyi joined the board of directors of Dreamboat Entertainment, he used an anonymous identity.



But the thought was just a flash, he didn’t think much about it and simply clicked through.


But a moment later.

The other sent a new message.


[Qin Hengyi: An An?]


[Zhu Qing’an: It’s me. What’s up?]


[Qin Hengyi: Little cutie:)]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


It seemed that Qin Hengyi had never called him that.


At most, he called him “little friend”. The paper man …… Was different?


[Qin Hengyi: You are very cute. Every part of your body is very cute. I want to eat you:)]



Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


His face was a little red and his brain was even a little confused, but he quickly came back to his senses and didn’t take the words to heart.


[Zhu Qing’an: Mr. Qin, I don’t like it when you talk about me like that.]


[Zhu Qing’an: I’ll get angry.]


He hinted at the other very politely.


The person on the other end of the screen didn’t reply to Zhu Qing’an again.


Zhu Qing’an felt that this Qin Hengyi was a little bit strange to say the least.


He’d wait until the next time he entered the game to ask Qin Hengyi personally – was this person him?




Zhu Qing’an turned off the light computer. After getting up, he opened the refrigerator and hastily prepared a breakfast for himself.


After eating breakfast, he remembered something and went to the cabinet, pulled out the drawer, took out the small black bag, and took out the small things he bought last night.



He unwrapped the small item and placed the tiny bag inside in his hand. He squinted his eyes against the early morning sunlight, recalling something in his mind while gesturing with his fingers at the little pink bag. As the images in his mind glowed, his cheeks, once again, reddened indisputably.



Finally, he came to a conclusion.




He must have bought the wrong one.


Zhu Qing’an was silent for a long time.


Finally, he slowly stood up, put on his mask and big sunglasses again, and quietly walked out of the stray animal base.


He went to the store he went to yesterday.


Zhu Qing’an thought the store was still the same as yesterday, a robot cashier.


He straightened his clothes and walked in openly, going straight to the small corner with a tiny shelf. He bent down and carefully selected something. He glanced for half a day, but couldn’t find what he wanted.


In desperation, he wanted to go to the robot attendant. But when he went to the cashier, he regretted a little, there was a very young boy standing behind the counter.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


But the other party had already noticed him and smilingly asked, “What’s wrong?”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


He couldn’t turn back, so he could only move forward with a stiff upper lip. However, he didn’t speak directly, but made gestures instead.



He pressed against the other’s ear, lowered his voice, and quietly spoke, saying what he wanted.


The next moment.


Stunned, the cashier retracted his head and looked at the lean young man in front of him with a frightened expression.





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