Zhu Qing’an faced the smile of the chairman of his company, he was completely surprised by Qin Hengyi’s operation.


Worthy of …… being Qin Hengyi.



“Your lover is really great.” The old chairman smiled and continued, “He bought a large amount of shares, and all of a sudden became the largest shareholder in the board of directors, with quite a few high rights. How he feels about you by doing this is something that many artists would not be able to ask for.”



Zhu Qing’an didn’t quite understand this, he was in a daze, he could only nod: “Yes ……”


The old chairman patted Zhu Qing’an’s shoulder and sighed: “Cherish that person.”



Zhu Qing’an’s cheeks were slightly red: “Okay ……”


After the old chairman left, Zhu Qing’an reluctantly came back to his senses, his glistening eyes contained excitement and surprise.


He …… was finally no longer alone in the entertainment industry.



Zhu Qing’an took stiff steps, and slowly returned to the accommodation area.



The room was simply furnished with a single bed, small table, stove top …… to feed Qin Hengyi, he asked the crew for a room with cooking conditions.


Beside the small bed covered with light blue sheets, there was the holographic helmet and the light computer quietly.


Zhu Qing’an walked over, leaned over, and gently touched the holographic helmet.


Suddenly, he inexplicably sighed lightly, not knowing what to worry about.


He currently didn’t have time to enter the game to see Qin Hengyi, he had to grab a lunch break a to remember the lines, he had a scene in the afternoon.


He was sure everyone in the crew knew what his lover did.



He couldn’t waste the good conditions Qin Hengyi had created for him.



Zhu Qing’an read the script carefully for a whole noon, muttering lines from time to time and drinking a lot of water.


Once the time came, he packed up his things and finished the scene.


The young man who played the school ghost changed his clothes early and waited on the set.


He caught a glimpse of Zhu Qing’an, his cheeks were habitually red, but his expression was very different from before. He walked up to Zhu Qing’an and sighed helplessly: “You have a lover? I heard he’s quite powerful.”



Zhu Qing’an didn’t understand the meaning of his question, he just nodded.


The youth fished out a small rose from nowhere and handed it to him: “I bought it yesterday. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen today. Well, I’ve bought it, you can accept it as decoration.”


Zhu Qing’an squeezed the rose and blinked: “Thank you.”



He didn’t think too much about it, but he noticed the youth’s mild ‘outburst’.


He wondered if the people online …… knew what Qin Hengyi did.


The director saw that they weren’t starting the scene and yelled, “Hey, don’t be dumb, hurry up!”


“Yes ……” Zhu Qing’an nodded and walked into the dressing room.


What he was going to shoot today was that he was attacked by other evil spirits due to his physique. At the moment of danger, the campus ghost saved him and ki-lled all the evil spirits.



Zhu Qing’an outfit today, reflected his state after the attack by the evil spirits.



The teenager’s white shirt was torn, his white arms and half of his slim waist and belly were exposed, and his skin was still stained with mud and artificial plasma. His hair was slightly disheveled and stained with sweat, and his eyes were red with fear and a little tear stained.


He just had to sit down in the arranged field, curled up with a frown, and his pitiful appearance naturally showed.


It was tempting to love and care for properly, and also to ……



Zhu Qing’an’s outfit for this scene was taken by the media with a number of stills previews and uploaded to Weibo.



When Zhu Qing’an finished this scene, he was thinking that Qin Hengyi …… would he also see his stills?



His cheeks went red.


The people in the crew, after knowing that Zhu Qing’an’s mysterious lover wasn’t small, didn’t dare to take Zhu Qing’an lightly.



As soon as Zhu Qing’an came out to the set, someone smilingly handed him water, food and towels …… The crew even sent a car to take Zhu Qing’an back to his accommodation.



Zhu Qing’an wasn’t used to enjoying this sudden treatment, he politely refused everyone.



Zhu Qing’an went by himself to the supermarket outside the set and bought the ingredients to make the cake.


As promised, he wanted to make a strawberry mousse cake for Qin Hengyi.



The soft and sticky mousse cake, drizzled with sweet pink strawberry sauce, and then garnished with some delicious chocolate and fruit. Finally, the finished cupcakes were packed and sent by courier robot.



Zhu Qing’an returned to his bedroom, rubbing his palms together, waiting for the courier to arrive.



He pursed his lips, inexplicably a little nervous.


The courier arrived half an hour later.



Zhu Qing’an laid in bed and wore his holographic helmet.


[Welcome back to False Love!]


—Zhu Qing’an opened his eyes.


He found himself lying on top of the cake box.



The cake box was as big as a small mountain for him in the game.


Qin Hengyi had just gotten up and was getting dressed when he noticed two cute knick-knacks appear on the desk by the windowsill.



He raised his eyebrows, “An?”



Zhu Qing’an sat on the box full of cake sweet air and tried his best to amplify his voice: “Mr. Qin, as promised, I made strawberry mousse cake for you ……”



The teenager carefully stood up and tried to unwrap the wrapping rope that was as thick as his own arm for Qin Hengyi. But without waiting for him to unwrap it, he was picked up by a big hand.



He was put aside, and Qin Hengyi opened the cake box.


He raised his head and looked at the man’s sun-drenched side face.


Qin Hengyi was really handsome, not a bit feminine and showy, completely handsome that it could give people a sense of security.



He whispered, “Mr. Qin, thank you for helping me.”


Zhu Qing’an saw the man laugh lightly, then he reached his fingers towards him and rubbed his soft cheeks.



Then, he smelled a strawberry scent, he touched his face and found that his face was covered with fragrant white cream.



Qin Hengyi: “You look so delicious. I want to swallow you in one bite.”



Zhu Qing’an didn’t understand: “…… Mr. Qin?”



Qin Hengyi smiled and didn’t say anything else, he picked up the fork and started eating the cake.


Zhu Qing’an kept looking at the cake.


“Want to eat?”



Zhu Qing’an nodded, showing a distressed expression: “But I can’t hold the fork.”


Qin Hengyi paused and reached out to pick up the teenager. He put him into his hands, “The fork is too sharp and will poke you, you’d better lick it here.”



Zhu Qing’an: “……”



Qin Hengyi dipped his finger in some cake and wanted him to lick it.



“………” If it was Zhu Qing’an in the past, he would have happily gone up to lick it, praising it as he did so. But now he, seemingly associating it with something bad, shrank back.



But in order to maintain his lover’s persona, he still held the other’s finger and licked it up with a stiff upper lip.



His cooking golden finger was still there.


The taste of the cake was unexpectedly delicious, very sweet and sticky, through a bit of icing.



For the shrunken him, eating just a little cake alone, was enough to be very full.



The young man who had eaten and drank enough laid on the palm of Qin Hengyi and yawned lazily.



He looked at the ceiling, and unexpectedly, the ceiling flashed a reminder of the game system.



[Reminder! Please hurry to complete mission 02 ‘Love that can never be proven’]



Zhu Qing’an: “……”



The game’s reminder wasn’t out of boredom.



If it were a previous scenario, by this point in time, Zhu Qing’an’s mission would have been halfway through.



But now he didn’t even have a clue, and even almost forgot about it.



[This mission is different from other missions! There is a certain probability that your lover will recover all of his memory!]



Zhu Qing’an: “!”



His heart trembled.


Qin Hengyi had helped him so much, and he also wanted to help Qin Hengyi a lot, and helping the other to recover his memory was one of them.



He frowned and once again speculated on the hints of the mission.


The love that can never …… be proven?



What kind of love was it? Why couldn’t it be proven?


He had a bitter expression, which drew Qin Hengyi’s attention.



The man rubbed his hair, “What’s wrong? Did it hurt you?”



“Nothing, thinking about something ……”



Zhu Qing’an mumbled.



“Good boy.”



Zhu Qing’an came back to reality.


When he sat up, he opened his computer and contacted Sami.


Sami was the only one who knew the game a little better, he may be able to know some of the routines of the game.


[Zhu Qing’an: Hello?]


[Sami: What’s up?]


[Zhu Qing’an: I encountered a new task in the game and couldn’t think of a way to pass the customs.]


[Sami: What mission?]



Zhu Qing’an sent him the hints and rewards of the quest straight away.


The other was silent for a while.



[Sami: This quest is different from the others, and the reward of ‘let lover recover his memories’ is also related to the main line. This mission will definitely be much harder than the previous ones.
I’m not quite sure what exactly you need to do to complete this mission. ……]


[Zhu Qing’an: It’s okay.]



[Sami: I’m almost at your place now. Take some time, let’s go to the game headquarters together.]


Sami knew the address of the game headquarters because he saw it in the background once during the maintenance of the game system and wrote it down.


[Zhu Qing’an: Okay. I won’t be long.]



[Sami: OK.]


Zhu Qing’an wanted to go there for a long time thinking that there might be a clue to Qin Hengyi’s secret, his parents’ disappearance ……



The day he was waiting for, finally came.



Before the evening came, he had been very nervous, and he only took a few bites of his food. The rest of the time was spent in the bedroom, flipping through the two diaries in a daze.



There was a sudden knock at the door: “Zhu Qing’an, there’s someone outside looking for you.”


Zhu Qing’an was stunned and stood up in a hurry.


He pushed open the door and went downstairs. As expected, he saw Sami in his suit.


It was a bit abrupt to wear a suit in a deserted star full of dust and dirt.



Sami noticed Zhu Qing’an’s gaze, “I’m going to visit my game company with my counterpart, maybe we can even cooperate. How can I do it without wearing my best suit?”



Zhu Qing’an laughed lightly.



Sami: “Let’s go, I rented a hover car.”



Zhu Qing’an nodded. At the same time, he unintentionally glanced at the crew members behind him.


Their gaze was a bit complicated ……


Two people left the crew in the middle of the night.



One of them still had a lover.



Zhu Qing’an was helpless and casually explained.


The hover car started.


Zhu Qing’an went to the back of the car, he glanced at Sami, who was focused on driving.


He touched his palms and found that a bunch of cold sweat had emerged at some point, making his hands wet.


His heart was beating wildly. This might be his first contact with the truth behind the game.



The game headquarters was located near the set.



03 Desolate Star was really desolate, at night, the streets were dark. Not to mention the hill they were on.



Sami turned on the car lights to illuminate the road ahead.



He got out of the car and opened the door for Zhu Qing’an, “Here’s our destination.”


Zhu Qing’an held his breath and raised his head, looking towards the building known as the game headquarters in front of him.


The next moment, his brow furrowed.



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