Zhu Qing’an stared at Qin Hengyi’s post, he was frozen for a long time.



…… Qin Hengyi posted a photo of him.


The photo was of a teenager during winter, he huddled in the corner of the cave, taking a nap. The clothes on his body was his clothes in reality at that time, a set of fluffy rabbit pajamas. He looked very cute, like a ball of cotton candy was wrapped around the teenager.


The teenager’s head was hanging low, chin buried in the collar, the torch in the cave brought out the warm yellow firelight, the teenager’s fair and beautiful face, seemed extremely relaxed.


His eyelashes were long and slender, his lips were like two pieces of jelly, and his cheeks were flushed.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He didn’t quite remember what time it was when he entered the game.


But he did sleep in the game scene, he had fallen asleep more than once. During the mermaid phase, he also liked to sleep in his arms.


But he didn’t expect that Qin Hengyi would secretly photograph him while he was sleeping.


He wasn’t shocked that Qin Hengyi could take pictures.


Qin Hengyi could even have a Weibo account, what couldn’t he do?


His paper man was special.


So special that he was a bit flustered ……


Qin Hengyi didn’t simply post a photo, but instead he paired it with words.


[Zhu Qing’an’s lover: little friend. [photo]]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


The man usually called him by the single word “An.” This time he suddenly called him “little friend” …… it inexplicably gave him a tingling feeling.


This paper man … Zhu Qing’an remembered something, and his ears became a little red, like a layer of red bean powder had been rubbed on it.

Zhu Qing’an didn’t dare to refresh the post, in the few seconds he clicked on the post, countless people must have flocked to his page to see the picture.


The fact that they were in a relationship was now a reality!


It even seemed like a relationship that’d been going on for a long time!


–The fans would definitely think so.


Except for a couple in love, no one’s sleeping face would be photographed so beautifully.


The teenager was curled up sleeping, his hands were buried in the fleece, he looked very quiet and very good, like a freshly baked cream puff. A bite would be sweet and creamy.


They could all see that the photographer really put a lot of effort into taking the picture, after all, it was a picture of his most beloved person.


After taking a deep breath, he chose to refresh the page.


His finger gently slid on the screen.




In less than five minutes, the comments under Qin Hengyi’s post had risen to tens of millions.

Almost all of them were “ahhhhhhh” and “ohhhhhh” …… Zhu Qing’an narrowed his eyes and finally picked out a few informative sentences among them.


[Stone hammer! They are lovers! They must be!]


[The nickname is cute! The way An An is sleeping is also cute!]


[Tell me! How can you take pictures where An is sleeping? It’s hard to believe that …… it must be!]


[What kind of person is An’s lover? He’s so good at showing affection! So flirtatious!]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He also wanted to know what kind of person Qin Hengyi was and what kind of work he did.


Qin Hengyi wasn’t only rich, he was also so handsome. He was afraid that such a person only existed in a game. It was impossible to imagine what it would be like in reality.


He became increasingly curious about the reward of the task – Qin Hengyi’s ID card, work permit ……


The comments on Qin Hengyi’s post grew at a rate invisible to the n*aked eye.


Zhu Qing’an exited Qin Hengyi’s homepage and looked at his notification bar.


He had been tagged..


He frowned and clicked on it.


–The person who had sent him the message was the head of a certain fan group.


The leader of this private fan group wanted to spend 100,000 credits to buy information of his lover from Zhu Qing’an.


The information didn’t involve privacy, she just purely wanted to know – the love of their idol, was he in the entertainment industry? What kind of work did he do? Did he love him? Was he …… rich?

Which fan wouldn’t want their beloved star to be loved by a rich and gentle person?

Zhu Qing’an: “………”


One hundred thousand credits.

It was almost the money he saved after eating corn for several years.


But he wouldn’t betray Qin Hengyi because of this. And he didn’t have anything to betray. He didn’t know the answer to any of the questions the girl asked.


There was a highly liked comment under the comment, Zhu Qing’an glanced at it and was amused.


[Miss, An An can’t see this 100,000 credits! Don’t waste your time!!!]



[You don’t know how rich his lover is! Rumor has it that all the emperor star expresses that Zhu Qing’an used to receive, as well as the fleet of luxury cars during the “Acting Poor” variety show, all belong to his lover! My initial guess is that his lover is worth at least 100 million! He’s from the emperor’s star!]


[He can casually give An An a hundred thousand!]


This comment made a lot of sense.


It was also true ……


Before Zhu Qing’an exited Weibo, he secretly glanced at Qin Hengyi’s page.



The man’s page was very simple, the home page was the initial background, and his profile picture was an eagle.


–This time, the paper man showed his sleeping face.

He also secretly brought a camera in, and took photos of him sleeping in 360 degrees without dead ends! Then he posted it on warf to see!


Zhu Qing’an gritted his teeth, and secretly swore.


He logged out of his Weibo account and stretched his back.


The food variety show was about to start, so he had to hurry up and practice his cooking skills.


He had already listed all the dishes he wanted to make for the New Year’s Eve dinner in a small book. He just needed to keep cooking to practice. As for who the dish was for, of course it was Qin Hengyi.


The next time he entered the game, in addition to feeding Qin Hengyi, he also planned to invite him to the New Year’s Eve dinner he prepared. At the same time, he also prepared a small surprise for Qin Hengyi ……


Zhu Qing’an tucked a basket of ingredients out of the refrigerator, went into the kitchen, and got busy.


The game rewarded him with a cooking golden finger, and he hadn’t yet experimented with its effects, so he was looking forward to the dishes he would make this time.


Zhu Qing’an intended to try the most complicated and difficult dish in the New Year’s Eve dinner.


Wine, pepper and salted elbows.


Pork elbows washed and de-haired, then coated in shiny sugar, then poured into wine peppercorns and other spices ……


It may be because of the system’s Golden Finger, but Zhu Qing’an noticed that his actions were smoother and faster.


The moment he finished pouring the wine, the pepper and salted elbow was taken out of the pot, the kitchen was overflowing with the faint smell of wine.


The elbows were stewed until they were very tender, the smooth soft skin was red and soaked with fragrant sauce. It glowed brightly in the light.


To facilitate steaming, the elbows were cut with a slit to reveal the same soft, sticky meat inside, interspersed with some peppercorns and scallions.


The wine had fully overflowed into the meat, it wasn’t smoky, but it was very intoxicating, if he ate the whole plate, he’d probably be drunk.


Its appearance was good, but he didn’t know how it would be when he ate it.


He took out a packing box and carefully packed the wine and salt and pepper elbows on a plate.


Unlike before, he took out two small bottles of small white wine from the fridge and packed them with the dish.


Although he wasn’t good at drinking, he inexplicably wanted to accompany the man to drink once.


Wine could make people warm and red all over.


It was especially appropriate to drink in winter.


Zhu Qing’an looked at the packed food and suddenly remembered something. He went to the bedroom, pulled open the drawer, and took out a newly purchased gadget.


–It was a pair of jerkin gloves. It was white in color, the palm was coated with a layer of cold paste.


These gloves were only for canines, and they’d feel extremely comfortable and even cool, when they were touched by these gloves.

The degree of comfort was as good as catnip.


Zhu Qing’an was curious about what wonderful reactions the pair of gloves would …… produce when used on Qin Hengye’s tail and ears.


After the stuff was ready, Zhu Qing’an contacted the courier robots and asked them to send it over.


Waiting for a few moments for the courier to reach its destination, Zhu Qing’an opened his light computer and tried to tend to the two little cubs.


But he didn’t see the two little guys in the light desktop.


Zhu Qingan searched and searched, and after a long time, he saw that the flowery desktop wallpaper had a small opening, a pair of small cat paws and a small furry head poked out from the space.




The kitten fell to the ground.


Then came the bunny.


The kitten was afraid that the rabbit would also fall, and hurriedly stepped out of a software icon, stretching out its paws to pick up the other.


The timid little rabbit was grabbed before it could hit the ground.


Their silly actions, were incredibly cute.


But Zhu Qing’an was more curious about what they hid behind their desktop wallpaper.


Behind the desktop wallpaper …… was the internal program of the light computer.



What did they do?


K!ll a virus for him?


Zhu Qing’an couldn’t understand.


He stretched out his finger and poked the little bunny’s furry snow-white head.


[Boing! It hurts! QAQ]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”

Zhu Qing’an amused them for a little while. Seeing that the express delivery arrived, he turned off the computer and prepared to enter the game.


Unbeknownst to him, after he turned off his light computer, it was undergoing a bit of change.


[Welcome back to False Love!]


Zhu Qing’an opened his eyes and found himself lying in a small corner of the cave.


The bright sunlight reflected inside the cave.


Fortunately, it was no longer a dark night where he couldn’t see his fingers.


Zhu Qing’an slowly sat up and didn’t see the man in the cave.


Qin Hengyi must have gone out.


But it was good, he had time to prepare the dishes, and think about how to invite Qin Hengyi to the New Year’s Eve dinner.


He stood up and found the box that was sent to the cave.


The box contained two portions of wine and salt and pepper elbows, the dish was still hot, with the warm aroma of wine, it smelled very tempting.


Next to it were two bowls of white rice and two small bottles of white wine.


In this freezing weather, it was perfect to eat a bowl of hot white rice poured with gravy and mixed with soft minced meat, with a little white wine.


Zhu Qing’an plated the food and obediently waited for Qin Hengyi to return.


This time he used the system’s golden finger gift to cook for the first time, he didn’t whether the dishes he made, would be appealing.


At the same time, he didn’t forget to hide his jerking gloves so that he could secretly grab his wolf tail when Qin Hengyi wasn’t paying attention.


Qin Hengyi had k!lled a beast outside, picking off its bones to make a bone knife.


He held the bone knife, which still smelled a bit bloody, and returned to the cave.


The torches in the cave were blown out by the snowy wind and rekindled by someone.


The warm yellow firelight, like honey syrup, surrounded the entire cave.


As he walked into the cave, he smelled a very fragrant aroma.


Qin Hengyi relaxed and walked in. As expected, Zhu Qing’an was waiting for him inside.


He always brought fragrant food or sweet little desserts to him.


The teenager sat in the corner of the cave with his legs hugging his knees, he seemed to have waited for him for a long time, so much so that he was now dozing off.


Zhu Qing’an noticed Qin Hengyi’s arrival and immediately opened his eyes, waking up from his daze.


He glanced at the other, hurriedly stood up, and rubbed his hazy drowsy eyes: “Qin, Mr. Qin …… Hello ……”


Too respectful and timid, like a timid little rabbit.


Qin Hengyi thought.


Zhu Qing’an clenched the corner of his coat and continued, “I made you some food, it may be much better than the previous ones, do you want to try?” After saying that, he picked up one of the bowls of white rice and handed it to the man, then also used his chopsticks to continuously give the other dishes.


Qin Hengyi took a bite.


— It tasted very good.


The soft and delicious roasted meat entered his mouth and seemed to automatically soak up the gravy with the taste of wine. The meat mixed with gravy was tender and smooth to bite into, like eating a chewy piece of wine-flavored jelly.


If only there was something that could make the taste of wine in his mouth a little stronger.


Zhu Qing’an’s cooking was already very good before, but now it had improved.


Zhu Qing’an: “How does it taste ……?”


“Not bad.”


The teenager listened to his words and revealed a light smile, he picked up a bottle with crystal liquid, “Mr. Qin, I wonder if you have tasted wine?”



“Wine?” The man frowned, a little puzzled. But a cup of wine had already been shoved into the palm of his hand.


The liquid in the cup, like white boiling water, was very crystal clear. But it also emitted a strange aroma.


“Taste it.”


Qin Hengyi took a sip of the liquid in the cup.


–A special feeling spread in his mouth.


It was hot and spicy, like swallowing a small sun.


He felt wave after wave of warmth sweeping through his body.


After Qin Hengyi turned into a werewolf and had an estrus, the small desire that hadn’t been extinguished in his body seemed to burn more fiercely.


He had already endured many times before, and this time dense sweat appeared on his forehead and his red eyes darkened.


Completely unaware of what he had done, Zhu Qing’an continued to test the edge of danger and poured another glass of wine for Qin Hengyi: “Mr. Qin, is it nice to drink? If it’s good …… you can have another. By the way, I want to talk to you about something.”


The most important purpose of his entry into the mission this time. It was to invite Qin Hengyi to his New Year’s Eve dinner banquet.


The variety show “Dinner’s On” would give the artists a certain amount of time to cook.


The dish made would be scanned by special instruments, and then the look, taste and texture of this dish would be uploaded to the network to form a holographic dish. Netizens could put on holographic helmets and taste the dish online.



— Qin Hengyi could certainly do it too. After all, he was already living in the network.


And …… letting Qin Hengyi taste the New Year’s Eve dinner, there was a certain probability that he could complete the task previously arranged by the game, get Qin Hengyi’s work permit reward and so on.


Qin Hengyi was lonely as a child.


On New Year’s Eve, when everyone gathered together for a reunion. He may feel more lonely ……


— To be able to taste a New Year’s Eve meal might have been one of his dreams before his memory loss, and perhaps he could use it to awaken some of his memories.


The next moment.


The text box that popped up in Zhu Qingan’s mind, the system confirmed Zhu Qing’an’s guesses


[Mission 01: On New Year’s Eve, he was eager to taste the unique warmth of humans. But all that awaited him was pain and coldness.]


[Mission 01 is 20% complete! Player has figured out what they need to do to unlock the quest – New Year’s Eve Dinner!]

[New Year’s Eve Dinner: The New Year is approaching, prepare a hot and lively meal for your lonely lover!]


【There will be rewards as follows: memory fragment X1, copy of Qin Hengyi’s ID card X1, copy of Qin Hengyi’s work ID card X1 …… Please player, keep up the good work!]




The corner of Zhu Qing’an’s lips rose up.



Zhu Qing’an returned to his senses, cleared his throat, and respectfully invited Qin Hengyi: “Mr. Qin, the New Year is coming, I would like to invite you to a New Year’s Eve dinner …… can I?”


“……” Qin Hengyi paused for a moment.


New Year …… New Year’s Eve dinner ……


After losing his memory, he didn’t remembered these words.


But these two unfamiliar words inexplicably made his heart ache. An indescribable feeling of difficulty rushed to his heart.


What had he experienced before?


Qin Hengyi looked at the teenager’s glistening eyes that contained expectations, and without even thinking, he said, “Yes.”


“Thank you, Mr. Qin!” The teenager smiled crisply, his eyes narrowed like a small crescent that he wanted to hold in his hand, and he continued, “When the time comes, I will tell you how to participate.”


The teenager’s laughter was particularly soft, making Qin Hengyi’s body a few degrees hotter.


But reason told Qin Hengyi that he couldn’t do what his body wanted.


The rut would get heavier and heavier as time went on. Finally it would be like a time bomb that exploded with a bang.



Qin Hengyi hid his reaction well, Zhu Qing’an didn’t notice his strange behaviour, he clutched the jerking gloves in his hand, his attention was on the man’s white tail, he swallowed: “Mr. Qin, I have jerking gloves, do you need me to massage your tail?”


Qin Hengyi: “……”


He couldn’t refuse the teenager’s urgent desire, so he nodded.



Zhu Qing’an put on his gloves and walked closer to him seriously.



Qin Hengyi’s wolf tail was much larger than the average wolf, it was as long as Zhu Qingan’s small arm. The fluffy hair was of course also a lot, it was soft and hairy.


He didn’t make any unnecessary movements and gently touched his tail with his glove.


Almost in a flash, Qin Hengyi fiercely retracted the tail –



The man’s breathing was heavy and oppressive, like he was holding back something. After a moment, he clutched Zhu Qing’an’s slim wrist and pulled him into his arms. He sniffed the faint smell of milk on the teenager’s shoulder, which was a scent that made him feel at ease.



Zhu Qing’an was also stunned, he looked at the man buried in the corner of his shoulder, froze and asked, “What’s wrong ……? Mr. Qin?”



[Big deal! Your lover’s rut has reached an intolerable point! Please give your assistance!]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He thought the game system had forgotten to set the rutting period ……


He didn’t think this sh*tty game …… was still ……



He lifted his eyes and cast them at the man who was a head taller than him.


Qin Hengyi was handsome, and after he turned into a werewolf, he had a few more dangerous gangly qualities. It made him look like a real vicious wolf from the grassland, ready to eat Zhu Qing’an alive.



Zhu Qing’an felt Qin Hengyi’s hand clutching his own tighter, and his body temperature was getting higher.



Zhu Qing’an cheeks went red, he clenched his teeth, gathered courage and stammered: “Mr. Qin …… I can help you.”



Qin Hengyi froze.


He didn’t expect Zhu Qing’an to say such words.


Help him?


Did he know what to do to help him? Did he know what would happen if he helped?


This little friend …… in order to help him, he didn’t even hesitate to volunteer his body.



Filled with mixed emotions, Qin Hengyi remained silent.


But Zhu Qing’an didn’t do what Qin Hengyi imagined.


Zhu Qing’an broke away from Qin Hengyi’s wrist, lifted the empty packing box and ran outside in a huff.


Qin Hengyi: “……”




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