Zhu Qing’an didn’t really think he had been stripped n@ked, he just thought he had caught a cold, so he had a cool feeling.

        He was dizzy and when he opened his eyes again, he was already in another dimension.

        This time, the game system didn’t directly throw him into the snow, but was kind enough to transport him to the cave.

        The small two-person wide cave was cleaned up by Qin Hengyi, and the hard ground was covered with a layer of dry, warm straw. A small torch was stuck in the wall, and the light from the leaping hazy fire reflected the small cave into a warm yellow color.

        In the middle of the cave, there was a lamb dinner sent by Zhu Qing’an, packed in a small, delicate white box, with two pairs of chopsticks on the box.

        The special fragrance unique to lamb, along with the firelight, filled the entire cave.

        This scene was particularly warm for this area named “forever frozen grassland”.

        Zhu Qing’an held on to the wall, dazedly stood up when his eyes gradually focused, he didn’t see the tall figure of the man.

        The snowstorm outside the cave had stopped, the white snow was everywhere and the gray-white sky was covered with scattered snowflakes.

        Qin Hengyi …… probably went out?

        As Zhu Qing’an was thinking, he let out a heavy sneeze, he felt cold.

But he was clearly in the cave …… how could he catch a cold?

        He wrinkled his eyebrows, and didn’t notice that the clothes on his body all gone.

        Until he subconsciously tried to pull his collar closer for warmth, only to find that – it was gone.

        There was no fabric on his body!

        Zhu Qing’an didn’t believe it at first, thinking it was an illusion. It was only after he felt his entire body all over and recognized the feel of the n@ked skin, that he learned that he had entered the game like that ……

        The young and white teenage body was completely exposed.

        Zhu Qing’an: “????”

        Was it a bug? What was going on?

        What kind of game was this!

        In the game world, some game systems did often draw the game character’s clothes away, leaving only a white human model.

        It was very normal.

        Zhu Qing’an used to play those raising games in the past and also encountered this kind of situation.

        But he …… couldn’t calm down this time.

        The one without clothes was him!

        He wasn’t sure if Qin Hengyi would come back immediately ……

        Qin Hengyi was in rut again …… he was n@ked ……

When a grown man, saw his lover suddenly n@ked, fresh and tender in front of them. It was inevitable that there would be extra thoughts, right?

        Zhu Qing’an didn’t dare to think about it.

        He wanted to quit the game immediately, but found something even more heartbreaking.

        [Due to your low online time! In order to promote your relationship with your lover! The game adds a new setting – you must be online for twenty minutes each time before you can go offline.]

        The requirement to be online for twenty minutes before you could leave wasn’t excessive in the gaming world.

        But in Zhu Qing’an’s current situation, it was a firestorm.

        In order not to let Qin Hengyi see and misunderstand him, Zhu Qing’an decided to hide first. He would hide for a while and then get offline after hiding for 20 minutes.

        There was a rock in the small cave, enough for a person to hide.

        Zhu Qingan carefully laid behind the stone, while not forgetting to pick up little straws, blocking the key parts of the cool shuttle.

        He looked at the lamb feast he had worked so hard to prepare through the gap in the stone with a bit of pity.

        He didn’t even have the opportunity to taste it …..


        Qin Hengyi came to this new space with new characteristics.

        He took advantage of the time when the wind and snow stopped to go out for a test run.

        There was cold white snow and ice slag everywhere, even the sky was snowy white, without any semblance of plants or animals.

        But from the traces under the ice, it was clear that this was once a fertile prairie of a thousand miles.

        Now it had turned into a deadly piece, permeated with cold and loneliness.

        When Qin Hengyi was in this ice and snow world, there seemed to be some forgotten memories in his mind, struggling to come to the surface.

        He stayed outside for only a short while and then returned to the cave.

        Somehow, the teenager …… was becoming more and more attractive to him.

        The cave where the teenager had previously stayed had a faint scent of milk remaining. It made him feel at ease.

        He frowned when he glanced at the cave’s furnishings, the straw was turned over, and someone had been here.

        A few small boxes were placed in the middle of the cave …….

        Qin Hengyi sensed something and forward to view those small boxes, not surprisingly, the bottom of the box had Zhu Qing’an’s name on it, which contained food.

        Fragrant, soft and sticky lamb. It was done with great care, like making a love token.


        This kid ……

        He didn’t eat up the meat first, but wondered why Zhu Qing’ an was missing.

        According to the past, …… the teenager would wait for him obediently and couldn’t wait to stick to his side.

        The man’s eyes darkened.

This time …… he delivered food and went back?

        –It may be because there was no time, or various reasons, so he didn’t have time to meet with Qin Hengye.

        Obviously it wad a normal thing, but Qin Hengyi’s heart inexplicably surged with strange feelings, to be precise, he wasn’t happy.

        Qin Hengyi was about to open the box and try the food made by the teenager. However, a familiar electronic tone sounded in his ears.

        [Ding! Love Mall alert – the ‘Silent Guardian’ you purchased earlier has been upgraded!]

        It was the “Silent Guardian” item that allowed Qin Hengyi to communicate anonymously with Zhu Qing’an online, silently accompanying him and helping him solve his problems as much as he could.

      [Upgrade ‘Silent Guardianship’ to ‘Passionate Companionship’]
[Passionate Companionship: You will have a Weibo account to follow your lover’s life and interact with your lover on Weibo. This is not the most important thing, but more importantly, all the hundreds of billions of people on Weibo will have the opportunity to see you show your love and speculate on CP ……]


        What was it?

        Qin Hengyi frowned.

        As he was puzzled, the interface of the Love Mall disappeared and was replaced by the Weibo opening interface.

        [The account is registered for you! The game is very thoughtful and named your account!]

        [Your username is called ‘Zhu Qing’an’s Lover.]

        Qin Hengyi: “……”

        This name, there was indeed nothing wrong with it.

        The current identity of Qin Hengyi was indeed Zhu Qing’an’s lover.

        [Please use Weibo to take pictures of your lover’s hand-made food, upload them to Weibo, and show your love! Let all the netizens know that your lover, prepared a delicious dinner for you!]

        Qin Hengyi glanced at the fragrant lamb feast in front of him, and then looked at the button in Weibo.

        Without saying a word, he took a picture of the food, then followed the hints given by the light computer, wrote the text and uploaded it to Weibo.

        [Zhu Qing’an’s lover: Dinner made by An An. #love #picture]

        The popularity of Zhu Qing’an on Weibo was very high, even if it wasn’t tagged, as long as the post had the word “Zhu Qing’an”, it would be noticed by netizens.

        At first, when netizens saw Qin Hengyi’s page, they thought that the other was trying to get popular or was a crazy fan, cooked a meal for himself, and then told everyone that it was made for him by Zhu Qing’an.

        They teased under Qin Hengyi’s post.

        [haha friend! Wake up!!! An An won’t cook for you!]

    [An only cooks for his unnamed boyfriend …… QAQ.]

        [Friend, everything is in the dream. Wake up quickly.]

        [Hahahaha your username! You’re pursuing my love interest! I’m the one who is An’s lover!]

        But soon there were a few thoughtful people who noticed that something was wrong ……

        There was also a post within Zhu Qing’an’s personal page.

        [Zhu Qing’an V: Cooking is done. #picture#]

        The dishes in the picture were exquisite, like they were meant to be made for a lover in general.

        The netizens looked at the photos of food posted by Zhu Qing’an, and then looked at the photos of Qin Hengyi’s dinner.

        The food was exactly the same.

        …… Couldn’t be …… Zhu Qing’an really cooked for the netizen named “An An’s lover”?

        If they round up, could that netizen …… really be Zhu Qing’an’s lover?

        It was very likely.

        Otherwise, no one would deliberately use such a username.

        The time, the netizens who were commenting under Qin Hengyi’s page with “friend, wake up”, instantly lost their voice.

        In place of that, there was…

       [This is a f*cking official announcement!]

        [An An really cooked for him!]

       [ I think we are the ones who should wake up …… He’s different from us!]

       [ We are not the same ……! QAQ]

        [What kind of person is An’s lover! I took out my thirty-eight meters big knife!]

        The boyfriend received it and then sweetly posted about the meal Zhu Qing’an made for him.

        The meaning of the official announcement was very clear.

        The netizens instantly boiled up.

        They were curious about “An An’s lover”. What kind of identity did they have? Was it a man or a woman? Why could they hook up with Zhu Qing’an?

        At the same time, there were some lover fans who didn’t believe this at all, holding on to a glimmer of hope, they ran to Zhu Qing’an’s page, asking the other – [Is that person your lover or not? Or is he a liar?]

        Qin Hengyi read all these comments.

        The corners of his lips raised up, he couldn’t help but look forward a bit to Zhu Qing’an’s reply.

        His little friend …… liked him so much.

       He would definitely admit in front of so many netizens that “he is my lover and I love him.”

And let everyone know that they were in love.

Qin Hengyi’s crimson eyes narrowed slightly, and the color of his eyes no longer looked so dark, it looked like a fire red sun.

    He turned off the Weibo interface and prepared to eat the dinner Zhu Qing’an cooked for him.

        He held up a bowl of red stewed lamb.

        The lamb was served in a very cute little cartoon white porcelain bowl.

        The meat was cooked very tender, and the various spices added were cooked to taste, fully bringing out the unique aroma of lamb.

        It almost melted in his mouth, accompanied by fragrant lamb juice, fresh and tender carrots ……

       It was warm in the stomach, as if eating a little sun.

        Qin Hengyi soon ate all the food made by Zhu Qing’an.

        The fragrance of lamb also quickly dissipated.

        But the milky smell Zhu Qing’an left in the cave earlier still hadn’t dissipated for a long time.

        Qin Hengyi frowned.

        In fact, when he first returned to the cave, his keen senses told him …… that he wasn’t the only one in the cave.

        But due to the sudden appearance of the game system, he didn’t have time to search.

        The man stood up and fished out a sharp bone knife from his pocket and held it tightly in his hand. The wolf ears on top of his head were alertly erected, and his tail wagged slightly.

        His tall and handsome figure made him resemble a vicious wolf in hunting.

        He searched all around the cave, and found no one else.

        Finally, only behind the stone in the corner of the cave remained.

        He opened his long legs and looked straight behind the rock–

        He saw Zhu Qing’an.

        The teenager was curled up n@ked.

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