After calling out the man’s name for a long time, the surrounding area was still silent, only the sound of waves lapping the beach was audible.

He walked step by step to the shallow sea next to the beach, the morning sun appeared, warm yellow soft light reflected in the ocean, the sea was no longer so cold and freezing. The luminescent rocks lurking in the waves absorbed the light and became brighter and better looking.

One of the knots in the little mermaid’s heart was cured, the sea began to have dawn, Qin Hengyi’s inner world …… should also change a little, right?

“Mr. Qin?” Zhu Qing’an held the porridge, and called out again: “I brought you food.”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the sea, which was calm, suddenly rose, and the warm, cool water swept up to Zhu Qing’an’s knees.

He froze, and hurried back to the shore. But before he could stand still, his calf was suddenly clutched by a pair of hands, and then the hands pulled violently!

The hot porridge in Zhu Qing’an’s hand fell to the ground with a plop, spreading the shrimp, crab meat, scallops, fish, and scallions on the floor.

Zhu Qing’an: “……!!!”

My porridge!

Zhu Qing’an was ready to fall heavily on the ground, but in the next second, the imagined pain didn’t come. He fell into a familiar and generous embrace, and his lower body was also against the cold and hard black scales.

He froze and looked up: “Qin …… Hengyi?”

The color of the man’s eyes didn’t become lighter because the knot was untied, but deeper, as if there was blood rolling around inside, which caused fear. He held his slender waist, and his tail curved around his lower body.

Instead of turning around, he asked, “You sang with the mermaid?”

After Qin Hengyi became a mermaid, some common knowledge about mermaids also came to mind, to be exact, a certain memory was restored.

If one sang with a certain mermaid, it was equivalent to admitting that you were its lover.

But the mermaid who sang with Zhu Qing’an wasn’t him.

He was very unhappy about it.

Zhu Qing’an heard the man’s words, he suddenly froze.

How did Qin, Qin Hengye …… know that he had sung with the little mermaid?

Did he also know about the slightly intimate things he did with the other mermaid?

It was over!

The lover persona, which he had worked so hard to maintain, instantly collapsed.

Zhu Qing’an felt a headache for a moment.

But when he actually thought about it, he didn’t go against his persona, the two boats he stepped on were actually the same person.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He was facing the angry man, he inexplicably had a sense of aggravation, he was doing the right thing yet he couldn’t talk about it.

This broken game!

The teenager’s eyes instantly flushed red after Qin Hengyi finished speaking, his kitten-like dark eyes were ready to overflow with tears, his white teeth bit his lower lip. In the eyes of the man, he looked very pitiful, very aggrieved.

Qin Hengyi: “……”

He calmed down and asked in a deep voice: “What’s going on?”

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

He was at a loss for words in silence, and after a long time, he showed a doggy smile, “Mr. Qin, let me lick your tail?”

When he licked his tail, he enjoyed and loved it.

The only card that could be used was tail licking.

But the high probability was useless.

The man narrowed his intimidating eyes, he came closer, his handsome and perfect face was only a nose-tip away from Zhu Qing’an, the man’s voice was low and magnetic: “I’m not joking. Do you know what it means to sing with a mermaid? It’s the equivalent of admitting that you like him and that you can be his lover. It is a very dangerous thing.”

If he didn’t find out, then Zhu Qing’an, sooner or later, would be eaten alive by that fish, eaten and wiped clean, not even bone crumbs left.

Zhu Qing’an shrank back, shocked.

That legend …… was true?

The teenage Qin Hengyi had taken a fancy to him? And also under the guise of singing, used it as a way to get him to admit that he liked him?

If he thought further. It could also be guessed – the mermaid was deliberately using singing to make Qin Hengyi jealous.

This …… wasn’t a little mermaid at all, but a little vixen.

Zhu Qing’an’s brain hurt even more, like a bubble of boiling water boiling inside.

“I’m not sure what happened between me and you in the past. But now you are my lover, although I have amnesia and cannot fully assume the identity of a lover. But I do my best to be responsible for you and for this relationship.”

Qin Hengyi’s handsome face reflected the golden morning sun, he had a kind of indescribable beauty.

His serious and ambiguous words made Zhu Qing’an’s cheeks turn red, he almost mistook himself as his lover.

Zhu Qing’an hung his head and muttered, “Mr. Qin ……”

“How are you going to compensate me?” The man looked at the coy and shy teenager and smiled, but the jealousy in his heart didn’t dissipate.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

Zhu Qing’an: “How about I give you a kiss?”

The man hesitated but still nodded.

Zhu Qing’an was happy and was about to lean over and gently kiss the man’s face. But then the man spoke again: “I want you to kiss me on the mouth.”

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

He had never been in love, not even with the idea of it.

Not to mention kissing.

But as he faced Qin Hengyi at this time, he felt no resistance.

Somehow, his mind went blank, he closed his eyes and approached the man’s lips like he was being controlled, and gently kissed him.

His lips had a very nice taste. He inexplicably liked it.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”

His heart was beating extremely fast, the kiss was imprinted in his mind.

“Qin, Mr. Qin …… I’m done kissing.” The teenager was so ashamed that there seemed to be white hot air bubbling above his head.

He paid so much …… his lover persona, he should be able to redeem it, right?

Qin Hengyi wanted to continue to tease him, but saw that he looked shy enough to cry, and then stopped.

Zhu Qing’an was also embarrassed to stay any longer, it felt unnatural sitting on the other’s tail, he pleaded: “Mr. Qin Qin …… I want to go back, can I?”

Qin Hengyi glanced at him and nodded his head.

After Zhu Qing’an left, Qin Hengyi didn’t leave, he licked the place where the teenager had kissed, the taste of milk lingered.

–This kid ……

He had to watch him more in the future.

Qin Hengyi laughed lightly, his eyes inadvertently swept over the fishtail that the teenager had sat on.

But when he glanced at the delicate black scales, he froze violently.

The …… scars on the scales disappeared a lot.

His mind suddenly recalled the teenager …… buried under his tail, licking his tail deeply in a seductive manner. From time to time it made his lower abdomen tighten.

He also wondered why the teenager, who had always been shy, would do such an ambiguous thing.

So ….. He was trying to cure his tail?

The teenager who loved him endured a great deal of shame, went against his own preferences, and even endured his hot and confused eyes.
Just to cure the wounds on his tail.

Qin Hengyi gave a low laugh.

The sea that had been in the dark, he didn’t know when it began to dawn.

There was a place inside him …… that seemed to be less lonely and cold with the appearance of sunlight.

It wasn’t because of the sunshine.

He guessed that it might be because of Zhu Qing’an.

This teenager who suddenly appeared in his life.

At the same time, he also felt that the teenager getting along with that mermaid might have another hidden agenda, just like the tail licking incident.

Zhu Qing’an took off his helmet.

Even after exiting the game, his cheeks were still too red to be true.

Rounding up a bit, he just really …… gave his first kiss.

He clearly remembered the taste of the man’s lips, similar to the taste of seawater, very fresh and nice.

The touch of the kiss …… left in the corner of the man’s lips, he also remembered.

Coupled with all the things Qin Hengyi had done to him before, and Sami’s words, he couldn’t treat Qin Hengyi as an ordinary virtual game character.

He clutched his helmet and fidgeted on the bed.

Now the game …… pushed them to kiss.

Then the next step ……

He suddenly remembered the system’s previous prompt – Qin Hengyi’s rut was coming.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

There were some romance games on the market that did have that kind of storyline.

False Love was very likely to be no exception.

Zhu Qing’an forced himself to forget about it.

He glanced at the time and found that it was already dawn.

He had to leave and follow the Imperial Police Department to the lab crime scene so that he could adopt the special pups that would be rescued in the first place.

Zhu Qing’an followed the message sent by the other and packed his things one by one.

Snacks to lure the little cubs, small blankets, small cages, small toys ……

He also didn’t forget to change into warm-colored clothes that weren’t intimidating to the pups. The beige sweater, gray pants, his white neck was also covered by a thin white scarf, he looked unusually warm and soft.

Those little cubs stayed in the cold laboratory, they were most likely forced to do various experiments, they would be very afraid of people and would show aggression.

It was inevitable that the police department had to call Zhu Qing’an directly to the crime scene, to calm and pick up the pups.

He carried a large bag and went out to the base.

Outside the base there were already people from the police department arranging vehicles.

The person who came to pick up Zhu Qing’an was a young man.

The two of them were silent as the vehicle drove quietly to its destination.

The laboratory involved in the manufacture of illegal artificial creatures was located in a remote hill, a small white building.

The small building was surrounded by a blinding yellow cordon, it could be seen that their artificial biological experiments wasn’t simple.

Zhu Qing’an thought about how he had to adopt the pups as a result of the experiment, he inexplicably felt little panic.

He followed the police officers out of the car.

Zhu Qing’an walked to the door of the small building, the white door of the small building was tightly closed, giving a sense of oppression.

At the same time, he also glanced at the sign next to the small building.

Imperial Science Laboratory – Wing.

Zhu Qing’an pupils suddenly shrank and his heart trembled.

He searched for news about this lab when he searched the game cheats about False Love on Starnet.

He couldn’t remember the details clearly.

He only remembered that the news mentioned “intelligent AI science laboratory”, “transferring consciousness” and other terms ……

The time of the news release was three hundred years ago.

The contents of the lab, and even the case, were clearly irrelevant to him.

But he was a bit obsessed.

As if learning the truth would reveal something very important to him.

Zhu Qing’an put down his things and found the person in charge of this case. It was an old detective.

He pulled the other man’s coat and asked respectfully and politely, “Sir. I would like to ask if there was a laboratory called ‘Wing’ three hundred years ago, what did they do? Is there a relationship with this current lab ……”

The old interrogator froze and looked at Zhu Qing’an with a complicated expression, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

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