Zhu Qing’an’s announcement of his donation to a children’s charity, as well as a surveillance video of him clarifying his bullying of the children, circulated across the Internet at a high rate of speed…

It was obvious that the person who took a sneak peek of Zhu Qing’an in the surveillance was a young star, Li Tianqiu, holding a small camera, sneakily hiding behind the bushes and aiming at the children and Zhu Qing’an, raising the corners of his mouth to make his sharp-cheeked features even uglier.

It was easy to imagine what Li Tianqiu was doing when the fake video of “Zhu Qing’an bullying children” suddenly appeared on the Internet.
The truth of the matter was obvious.

The incident of Li Tianqiu’s greed for resources and his attempt to deliberately get close to Xiao Ruiyu, the movie star, had already made him infamous. He had already gained notoriety. Add to that the smearing of Zhu Qing’an, and his fate was unthinkable.

On the other hand, Zhu Qing’an did not focus on Li Tianqiu.
Instead, he noticed his five million coins donation to a children’s charity and the anonymous user who posted a clarification video on Weibo.

His bank didn’t show any debit information.
And …… where he talked to the two children, the camera was broken. That was why the Variety staff, after he was smeared, didn’t come out to clarify.

The only thing that could do these things ……
Only Qin Hengyi.

Qin Hengyi not only delivered two couriers from the capital but also sent an unimaginable group of luxury cars to pick him up.
He was very powerful and very mysterious ……

Zhu Qingan’s heart could no longer remain calm, and he closed his eyes, the cold face of a man and his red eyes floating in his mind over and over again. He restlessly turned on his light computer and had a look at the familiar “False Love” icon, hesitating whether to click on it.

Previously, he had helped him in the form of objects whose value could not be accurately estimated.
But this time, the man had indeed donated ten million coins in his name to help him resolve the slander.

Ten million.

Zhu Qing’an’s eyebrows were lowered and his expression was complicated.

He did always keep a calm and collected mind about his difficulties.
This mentality did not come out of nowhere.

Zhu Qing’an had been living on his own since he was a child. When he had difficulties, he was the only one to solve them, and no one ever helped him.
Over time, he also developed the mentality of being as calm as water about difficulties.
He knew that it was useless to be angry and sad and that no one would sympathize with him. The only thing he could do was to calm down and face the difficulties honestly.

But this time ……
But Qin Hengyi suddenly appeared in his world, silently shielding him from the sand and lighting up his path.

The emperor’s capital, luxury car, 10 million …… Qin Hengyi was by no means a simple virtual character.
Zhu Qing’an looked at the icon of False Love, and gradually had a change of heart about the game.

Zhu Qing’an rubbed his confused head and opened Weibo.

Zhu Qing’an’s donation and surveillance clarification had reached the hottest stage, reaching the coveted number one spot in all celebrities’ hot searches.

The entire internet was supporting him and criticizing the culprit of the incident, Li Tianqiu.

[I’m sick of the name Li Tianqiu. How dare you slander my AnAn and bully children like this? He donates so much money to children’s charities that he doesn’t need to bully children for fun? And the surveillance video also revealed the truth emm]

[Li Tianqiu roll it. An is the best! Come on! Our Poor Chasing Boy!

[Our poor boy is the best! The most dirt-cheap! The poorest! [Dog Head]]
[Today, our chasing poor teenager is still chasing】

The poor Zhu Qing’an’s facilities built by sleeping in cartons and picking up garbage had already snapped loudly and broken into powder.

  Zhu Qing’an: QAQ
The glass was knocked to the ground, splattering glass shards everywhere, and a crisp, piercing sound resounded throughout the dark, gloomy hut.

Li Tianqiu’s hands were shaking, and his face was pale as he looked at the holo screen.

He thought he had done everything right, that the slander against Zhu Qing’an would never be revealed, and that Zhu Qing”an would always be marked with the black mark of “bullying children”.
Xiao Ruiyu, whom he wanted to suck up to, would also be disillusioned and even disgusted with Zhu Qing’an, who was a bully. That would give him a chance to get on the good side of the ownerless Xiao Ruiyu.

But ……
The paper didn’t catch fire.

The truth of Li Tianqiu’s slander of Zhu Qing’an and all the bad things he had done since he entered the showbiz world was put in front of the netizens like a floodgate had been opened.
It was as if he had been stripped naked and left naked on the street, to be pointed out and spat on by others.

With trembling hands, Li Tianqiu swiped Weibo again and again.
He prayed desperately that Xiao Ruiyu would not see ……, otherwise, not only would he not want to be with Xiao Ruiyu, but he would also not want to get involved with anyone.
He knew that Xiao Ruiyu was never on Weibo.

However, the next Weibo post that came up in the next second still made his eyes go blank.

@XiaoRuiYuV: [@ZhuQingan. Thank you very much for your unconditional donation to charity.
That dilapidated and poor neighborhood is where I grew up. I met many poor orphans and homeless children there who wanted to be happy, and I know exactly how they felt.
The next project I’m going to donate money to will include the children in this neighborhood. But for now, Zhu Qing’an has done a perfect job for me.
Not only did he help that community, but he also helped the children’s charity of the Empire.
At the same time, it has also helped me…
Let me know that there is another person in the world who wants to be simple and realistic, but who wants all the children in the world to be rich and happy.
I’m always running around for money and reality, and I’m not as virtuous as Qing’an.
Go for it, my poor chasing boy. [Rose][Heart]]]

Li Tianqiu’s head went blank and his ears buzzed as he stared at the confession-tinged tweet.
At the same time, his light computer rang with a communication ringtone.
He connected, and his agent’s phone rang: “Li Tianqiu, you’ve been fired by the entertainment company because of recent events. You’ll also have to pay two million in damages, and it’s likely that someone will sue you ……”

It’s over
Li Tianqiu said.


Zhu Qing’an was completely unaware of Li Tianqiu’s situation.
As usual, he was shrouded in a cardboard box, wearing a small, tattered blanket, and carrying a light computer.
He looked dazed and confused.

The poor children of the empire were greatly helped by his donation. Of course, he was happy, that was one of his wishes.
He wanted all the suffering little beings in the world to live happily and carefree. Not like when he was a child.

But was the paper man …… the game maker, treating the 10 million as …… waste paper? It all came crashing down on him, and he could even hear the crackle of money falling on him.
He was just a humble, poor man.
In reality too.
He should not have to bear such wealth and affection.

Zhu Qing’an’s head was filled with his paper man.
His cheeks burned hot, and he never dared to face the man.

Zhu Qing’an desperately rubbed his head, his arm unintentionally touched a soft object.
It was a delivery from Qin Hengyi, which he had pitifully ignored for a long time.

He didn’t even know what the man had sent him yet……

Zhu Qing’an carried the package and carefully unwrapped the shiny gold express package.
He prayed that Qin Hengyi …… could give him something cheaper and poorer, so that his heart could be a little more balanced.

He opened the package, and what caught his eye was a brown cowhide parcel with a large character printed on it: [cheap second-hand clothes 3.3 parcel].
Zhu Qing’an “……”
It’s okay.

The paper man finally came to his senses.

These clothes suited him as a poor teenager!

He happily unpacked it, but the clothes placed inside made him frown slightly.
The clothes were a three-piece winter, summer, and fall suit, very business-like. But the material and accessories of the clothes made him think at first glance that it couldn’t be sold for three dollars and three cents.

He lifted it up, and there was a sign on the corner.

Zhu Qing’an quirked his eyebrows, opened his light computer, and searched the brand of clothes the paper man bought for him.

–This brand was very unpopular, and only a little bit of information could be found on the entire Star Network.
The information was very complicated, but Zhu Qing’an could understand a little bit.

Pharos, a high-class manufacturer specializing in making clothes for people at the level of emperor and marshal and above.
The price of the most ordinary clothes started from at least a million.

As the workmanship of the garments was the most exquisite and perfect in the whole empire, it was absolutely impossible to find counterfeits in the market.

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

Qin Hengyi was afraid that he would receive an expensive delivery and have a burden on his heart, so he used a cheap and inexpensive bag to deceive him?
Pretended that these clothes, which cost at least a million dollars, were bought at a second-hand market for 3.30 coins?

He didn’t know if Qin Hengyi didn’t know what the tag was, or if he thought Zhu Qing’an wouldn’t be so smart to check it.
Still, the merchant tag was revealed through the corner of the coat.

Zhu Qing’an was a little helpless.
The paper man really resented his desire to play the poor boy.

He shook his head helplessly but somehow felt …… that the paper man was a bit cute.

Zhu Qing’an carefully put away the clothes.
These clothes, which he couldn’t afford even if he sold them, he certainly wouldn’t wear them casually.

On his way to fold the clothes, he accidentally glanced at something pink that seemed to be hidden under the clothes.

He tugged at it.
A pink bunny ear suit was revealed to him.

The color of the fabric was a soft pink. There were also a pair of realistic rabbit ears and a small tail sewn on, also pink and tender. It also came with a red carrot pillow.

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”
Qin Hengyi’s intention was clearly to make him wear it.

His eyebrows furrowed, but he slowly loosened them.
…… The other party helped him with so many things.
Only one small request was made ……
It shouldn’t be too much.

Zhu Qing’an rubbed the soft clothes and felt very warm, and it would be nice to wear …… as pajamas.

Zhu Qing’an carefully put on this shirt.
He cowered in the cardboard box and clicked on “False Love” with a magical twist.

Lovers’ room.

Qin Hengyi half squatted, helplessly looking at the two little chicken pups in front of him.

The two yellow and tender chicken pups, placed in a small cardboard box being raised by a man.

“Squeak …… squeak!” The little chickens were very noisy, and the cries of the young ones sounded in the man’s ears from time to time.

The little chick’s head was poked by Qin Hengyi.

Did the youth really like these things?

He raised his head and took a look at the room Zhu Qing’an had gotten for him. Pink bed, rug, dolls ……
It was full of warmth, cuteness, and pinkness.

Zhu Qing’an …… was indeed quite fond of these lovely things.

Qin Hengyi was very sure of his own thoughts.

He spent a lot of money in the mall to buy a “face-slapping set” and some clothes that were not too expensive and gave them to Zhu Qing’an. He also bought a cartoon suit of the weeping rabbit. He thought that Zhu Qing’an would like it very much and must be very surprised …
He liked this kind of thing.

Qin Hengyi chuckled self-satisfiedly, his fluffy blond hair and calm, slightly cold look making him look a bit cute.

In the next second, the pink screen in the corner lit up.

–The teenager appeared in the rabbit-ear suit he had given him.

Zhu Qing’an had fair skin, beautiful features, and long eyelashes covering his watery eyes.
He was sitting softly on the ground with a pair of delicate rabbit ears on his pink hood, softly pulling on his head. The round, furry rabbit tail behind him looked like a milk candy.

The teenager didn’t seem to know how to wear such clothes. The hem of the garment was not done properly, revealing a thin, white waist halfway down. The legs, which were not covered by the fabric, were long and thin. Thin white hands held a carrot pillow.
The young man’s face was very red, very red, and his lips as well.

–His whole body looked like a cloud of little strawberry-colored sticky rice gnocchi.
Just a little poke ……

The sweet, soft, glutinous strawberry juice inside would drip out.

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