C3— Dark Shadow

When Lu Wenxi arrived at the company, he was more relaxed.


He was an atheist and didn’t believe in ghosts and monsters, so he thought the timing was just a coincidence. Besides, it was just a stranger who committed su!cide, even if it was a peer, it had nothing to do with him, he felt no grief, at most, he was a little sorry.



After entering the company, he noticed that everyone avoided him as if he had the plague, feeling helpless, he took the elevator directly to the 7th floor. He quietly walked towards Han Fanming’s office.


His assistants stopped at the door and went to the adjacent lounge.


When Lu Wenxi entered the office, he saw that he wasn’t the only one who came, Yu Yan was also there.

Yu Yan was under the same agent as him. Unlike his overnight success, Yu Yan rose up bit by bit, and he got to this stage with the accumulation of his works.


Only one year ago, he transferred to Han Fanming and began to enjoy the company’s first-tier resources.


He couldn’t talk to Yu Yan.


Or rather, not many people could talk to him.



He walked in and sat down, Han Fanming sat diagonally across from him, still fiddling with his phone in his hand, he didn’t attention to him.


Yu Yan, who was sitting next to him, was also using his mobile phone, but instead of reading the news, he was playing a game similar to “Connected”. From time to time, his phone emitted a “biubiu” electronic sound.


He looked at them, a little hesitant, thinking whether to take out his phone and play a game, to follow the trend?


Han Fanming turned off his phone and put it aside, looking at Lu Wenxi, his gaze seemed a bit complicated. After a moment’s hesitation, he finally spoke, “Have you heard about it?”


“Heard about what?”


“Deng Xuanhan is dead.”


“I didn’t do it.”


As he sat on the side, Yu Yan couldn’t hold back his laughter.


Han Fanming was speechless. He didn’t say a word for a long time. He finally moved on, “Do you … have any thoughts?”



“Did you invite me to analyze the cause of death?”


“Are you really stupid or are you playing dumb? I’m asking you, do you have any feelings? I don’t want you to be attacked by fans then you get depressed and commit su!cide.”


Lu Wenxi looked him, “Look at it like this. For example, if you were as handsome as me and so rich, will you be willing to commit su!cide?”

Yu Yan held back his laughter until he started making weird noises.


Han Fanming glared at Yu Yan before continuing, “I wanted to scold you, but I was afraid to stimulate you and make you k!ll yourself too. But now it seems that I was overthinking, so let’s talk about the things you did last night, okay?”



“I was just promoting the new song.”


“I know you like to sing, and I also know that you entered the entertainment industry to be a singer, so I gave you a customized plan, but you never cooperated, in all my years of being an agent, I have never met an artist like you.”


Lu Wenxi liked to sing and disliked acting.



He was born in a businessman’s family, he once followed Lu Yushang to several dinner parties, watching people drink, toast, and say flattering words. At that time, he became disgusted with these greasy people, and secretly decided that he didn’t want to become such a person.


He didn’t have a passion, he just liked singing, so he signed up with the company and debuted, only to start receiving training for an acting career.



The script “The Patriarch” was received with reluctance and stubbornness, and Lu Wenxi really didn’t put much effort into acting. But when the overwhelming curses came, it still left him dumbfounded.


“Now the market isn’t the same as before, it’s still awkward, not many people will buy albums, most of fans still don’t want to spend money to listen to songs, the current state of simply being a singer, you can go and see for yourself.” Han Fanming said as calmly as possible.



“I’m not short of money.”


“Yes, you aren’t short of money, you want attention, right? If you have no fame, who will know your songs? If you put out a song, maybe it won’t even be as popular as anything an Internet star does. Nowadays, many new singers are participating in variety shows, reality shows, or acting in TV shows and movies.”


Lu Wenxi didn’t speak.


“Look at you, I found you the best resources, a good team, yet even a powerful director couldn’t save you, have you seen your angry expression in the film, was someone pinching your neck? You aren’t prepared to cherish the movie resources, I can’t let you participate in reality shows, with your temper, you can only participate in “Change X”.”


Liu Wenxi looked at the other side, and saw Yu Yan shaking with laughter.


Technically, he didn’t make a sound, but the phone’s “biubiu” sound was gone. Obviously, he hadn’t played for a long time.

He raised his hand and pointed to Yu Yan: “Why is he sitting here laughing?”

“He’s here to save the day.”


“What do you mean?”


“The contract for your next script hasn’t been decided yet, so there’s still room for maneuvering. You’re on the cusp of a storm and it was already pointed out that you’re a bit gangly, so the next script isn’t quite right for you, why don’t you just pass it to Yu Yan?”



Lu Wenxi’s next script was titled “For Justice”. The content of the movie was the same as the name, it was the story of a police officer.


The main character of the story, at the beginning, was a young man with passion, who had just become a police officer, he was obsessed with being a good police officer, saving victims and fighting against criminals. The main character wasn’t around when his mother died, and lost his first love, and finally got together with a female forensic scientist.


The story was very positive, the script was tear-jerking, the main character’s inner conflict, struggle, stubbornness all needed to be well acted.


The role Lu Wenxi was about to play, was the male lead.


Originally, Han Fanming had a good plan, Lu Wenxi would first star in a popular film as the main supporting character, get some fame, and then take the lead to become a film’s male lead. In this way, the exposure would be enough, maybe he could get a wave of fans and become famous at once.


The result was that he made such a mess, he was a little afraid that when Lu Wenxi finished acting, he would be scolded for ruining the image of a police officer.


Lu Wenxi finished listening and turned his head to look at Yu Yan.



Yu Yan didn’t look at him, and continued playing his game, as if he was just a bystander.


Yu Yan was a person with very personal characteristics, with deep and three-dimensional facial features, he looked he was mixed-race, and he had a tall figure. Because of long-term exercise, his figure was also kept well.


Many people had mentioned that Yu Yan was a walking hormone.


He was very manly and handsome, he was really in line with the positive image of this film.


“The main character is a weak chicken.” Lu Wenxi retorted.


Han Fanming was stunned.


“The protagonist was very weak at first, and he was almost transferred to civilian work. It was all supported by his will. His size … is suitable for being a security guard.”

“It’s not easy, you actually read the script in advance.” Han Fanming replied mockingly.


“I don’t want to be scolded all the time.”


“Then what do you think?” Han Fanming asked him.


Lu Wenxi didn’t respond.


Han Fanming didn’t wait for him and continued, “I transferred Sister Xia to someone else.”


Lu Wenxi was stunned, “Why? She didn’t make any mistakes, and I was the only one home last night.”


“That team of yours is too indulgent and they let you run amok all day long. She was the oldest yet she didn’t try to stop you, instead she came over to plead for you, so I transferred her to someone else, she can try to be an agent.”


Sister Xia wasn’t young, she was already 33 years old this year.


She was Lu Wenxi’s life assistant from the beginning of Lu Wenxi’s debut, and Lu Wenxi’s relationship with her was good. Lu Wenxi felt a bit uncomfortable, he wanted to say something, but he remained silent.


To be an agent, it was good for Sister Xia, right?


Han Fanming was only 31 years old this year, but he was already an established agent, Sister Xia and Han Fanming had no difference, education, means and contacts, Sister Xia had also accumulated a lot.


Sensing that the atmosphere wasn’t very good, Yu Yan paused his game, got up and organized his clothes, “I’m going out first.”


“Go and have breakfast.” Han Fanming responded.


“Mhm.” After saying that, he left Han Fanming’s office.


Han Fanming watched Yu Yan leave, and only then did he speak again, “Let’s talk about your new project, I’m going to train you again, this time, you absolutely can’t disgrace me again, at the very least, you have to try.”



Lu Wenxi walked out of the office more than half an hour later, and as soon as he went out, he saw Yu Yan leaning against the door, still playing his mobile game, looking like a bad student who had been punished by the teacher.


He looked at Yu Yan sideways and didn’t make a sound.


Yu Yan glanced at him and spoke up first, “My schedule is full until next May.”




This sentence was quite straightforward, Yu Yan was telling Lu Wenxi that his schedule was full, he had no time to take over Lu Wenxi’s script. Han Fanming called Yu Yan over mostly to scare Lu Wenxi.


“You …… just went along with him?” Lu Wenxi looked at Yu Yan, he was a little puzzled, after all, he was gay, there were times he suspected Yu Yan was secretly in love with him, or he was in love with Han Fanming.



“Turn.” Yu Yan raised the corners of his mouth as he looked at Lu Wenxi.


Liu Wenxi was cooperative. He turned a circle in front of Yu Yan, he couldn’t let Yu Yan stand as punishment for half an hour for nothing. If he wanted to see, he should enjoy it.


He had liquid foundation on his face, his hair wasn’t styled, and he was wearing a simple black jacket and ripped jeans.


Yu Yan looked at him for a while, then he put away his phone, moved his shoulders, and turned his head to the lounge and knocked on the glass door, soon his team members came out of the lounge and followed Yu Yan out.



Yin Hanwei and Lin Xiao had just learned that Sister Xia’s salary for the month was held back by Han Fanming because she helped Lu Wenxi plead for mercy, and she was then sent to be a newcomer’s agent, so both of them looked a bit dejected.


This time Han Fanming was determined to teach Lu Wenxi a lesson, so there was no room for maneuvering.


Assistants and agents, many people felt that agents were more noble, and the basic salary of agents were twice as high as that of assistants, but in fact, they also followed the artists.


To be the agent of a newcomer, the artist’s share of the bonus was pathetic, the agent could only grit their teeth as much as possible to promote the artist.


To be Lu Wenxi’s assistant, the end of the year artist bonus, was worth a few years of wages. In addition, Lu Wenxi was rich, during the New Year, he always gave them a generous red envelope, so their income was very substantial.


So they didn’t know whether to congratulate Sister Xia, or feel sorry for her.


Sister Xia was like a grandmother, she had really spoilt Lu Wenxi.


Leaving the company, Brother Liu drove his car to Lu Wenxi’s main apartment.


On the way, Lu Wenxi received a phone call from Lu Yushang. When the old man spoke, he liked to use an official accent, and he spoke to Lu Wenxi in the same way: “Son, have you been wronged? Don’t be a star, come home, dad will give you 300 million, start your own business, OK?”


“I’m fine.” Lu Wenxi replied.


“Then I’ll add another 100 million, dad will send you a few experienced seniors to help you, to make sure you won’t lose money.”



“Dad, I know a man like you who doesn’t have a mistress or a wife has money to spend. But money is a good thing, save it for something else, don’t break the capital chain and collapse all of a sudden.”


“Little brat! Is this how to talk to your old man.”


“Well, since you’re so lively, I’m relieved, okay, I’m hanging up.”


As he hung up the phone, Lu Wenxi was a little sad.



Leaning in the armchair of the car, he suddenly felt helpless, but he knew it was mainly mental fatigue.


Han Fanming asked him what he was thinking, he couldn’t answer because he didn’t know, his mind was a bit confused.


There were times when he looked at the Internet and felt that he didn’t have the talent to be an actor, he wanted to try singing, but when his new song came out, the response was mediocre, it was a bit of a blow.


Doing business like his father? He really didn’t like those kinds of social occasions.


After driving around the apartment, Brother Liu turned the car around and headed for the house in the suburbs.



With the news of Deng Xuanhan’s su!cide in the limelight, there were still reporters stationed near Lu Wenxi’s residence, and a large number of fans gathered nearby. The last time Lu Wenxi’s car went in through the entrance, someone smashed the car with an egg, and then his fans fought with the anti fan who threw the egg, the scene was a spectacle.

It was better to avoid it, so Lu Wenxi intended to hide again.


If one more egg was thrown at him, he would get out of the car and go fight, and then the public opinion would be even more terrible.

When they arrived at Lu Wenxi’s house in the suburbs, Yin Hanwei asked, “Boss, do you need any food sent to you?”


“I don’t want to eat.”


“You haven’t eaten all day.”


“It’s okay, there are apples in the room.”


Yin Hanwei hesitated for a moment then he tried to comfort Lu Wenxi: “Actually, boss, you don’t need to pay too much attention to that old guy’s words, a group actor has a salary of a few tens of thousands at most, to criticize a lead actor with a million-dollar salary, that doesn’t even need to be taken seriously.”


“I already know, you can go.” He immediately remembered something, “Transfer 500,000 to Sister Xia, tell her that the year-end bonus is being paid in advance.”



This money, which was to compensate Sister Xia for her salary, was also considered an apology.


“Well, I also have to go meet Sister Xia to sort things out, during this period, I’ll keep an eye on things and find you another assistant.”




“Also, don’t eat indiscriminately to relieve stress, we cleaned up the table.”


“……” Lu Wenxi looked at Yin Hanwei, a little puzzled, he wanted to ask, but Yin Hanwei had already left.



After everyone else left, Lu Wenxi sank down on the sofa for a while, then stood up, entered the gym and started working out, which lasted from 1pm until after 4pm.


After catching his breath, he walked to the dining room, poured himself a glass of water, and waited until his sweat was almost dried and the water was almost warm, then he drank it all.


The whole house was silent yet he vaguely heard the sound of the wind.


Yes, in the room without open windows and air conditioning, he heard the sound of the wind. He looked around suspiciously, but saw nothing unusual, and he didn’t care, so he turned on the floor sweeper, and went to take a shower.


After eating an apple, he went straight into the bedroom and went to sleep.


Lu Wenxi was woken up by hunger, his stomach grumbled uncomfortably. As he laid on the bed, he stared at the ceiling, then took out his phone to look at the time, it was only 9 o’clock in the evening. He put the phone back under the pillow, he hesitated for a bit before he took it out.


Turning the screen on, the light from the phone illuminated the bedroom, then he turned his head and looked over at the bed.


The curtains were covered, and the only light in the room was from the phone, so there couldn’t have been any other shadows, but he distinctly saw a figure crouched beside his bed, with two hands on the side of the bed and its chin was on the back of its hand, looking straight at him.


It was just a black shadow, like the black shadow of a suspect in Detective Conan, it didn’t have eyes, but he was able to determine that the blurred black shadow was looking at him.


Afraid, he felt a chill go down his back, his body instantly stiffened, he didn’t dare move.


His heartbeat suddenly accelerated, it was almost echoing through his eardrums, his eyelids seemed like it was beating with his heart. There was nothing around him, but he felt surrounded by an evil spirit.



Strange things were happening one after another, he could no remain longer calm ……



He remembered what the young man said again, and then suddenly had a guess.


An evil spirit rang his doorbell, he couldn’t see the evil spirit, so the visual intercom didn’t show anything, as a result, when he opened the door to look out, he may have really let something in, that cold wind, maybe it was the evil spirit that came in.


After that, the little Taoist priest who chased the evil spirit came after him and tried to drive the evil spirit away, but he was driven away by him.



Stunned, he subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, in order to show his courage and disdain for the black shadow, he slowly raised his right hand and raised his middle finger towards the black shadow.



The black shadow froze.


After a moment, the black shadow suddenly got up, and quickly lunged towards Lu Wenxi.





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