C2—– Seeing Ghosts Directly


Mentions Of Su!c!de

Lu Wenxi had a small Weibo account.


After logging on to Weibo, he first went to check the hot search list, seeing that the first few weren’t about him, he breathed out a sigh of relief.


Many people dreamt of being on the hot search list, but people like Lu Wenxi, who was on the cusp of a storm, was afraid of being on the list, for the simple reason that as long as there was news about him, it would lead to a wave of scolding.


Clicking on a hot search, he saw someone’s post: “I heard that someone praised Lu Wenxi.” Such a comment was ranked first in the comment section.

He went to check the trending topics, #recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry # was still very lively. He didn’t look much, his fingers quickly moved over the screen, he looked for a while, and found nothing, he suddenly thought of something, was Yuan Yefu teasing him?


Clicking on the search bar again, he found it at once. Hot search number one: Ge Xinlong angrily criticized Lu Wenxi’s poor acting skills.


Liu Wenxi had to think for a while to remember who Ge Xinlong was, and then went in along the first point of the hot search to find out who Ge Xinlong was. A big fat man, in his fifties or sixties, he often played eunuch roles and treacherous court officials, he even did some walk-ins in TV dramas.


To Lu Wenxi, this Ge Xinlong was just a background actor, but in the eyes of the majority of netizens, he was an old-timer, which showed the strength of an actor.


Lu Wenxi was recently being severely criticized by netizens, so it instantly went to the top of the hot search list.


As he watched the video, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes, he threw his phone aside, laid down on the sofa and pretended to be a corpse, then he twisted his head, and saw a Ukulele sitting not far away.


He stared at Ukulele for a while, he suddenly sat up, brought his phone and logged into his Weibo account, then he quickly made a post.


Lu Wenxi: Going live in 5 minutes, I have something in mind to say. [sad] [sad] [sad]


After posting that, he stood up, took a look at the living room, it looked too messy, so he decided to go into his bedroom and put the phone on the selfie stand, his agent called, but he ignored it.


Then he took out his laptop from his bag and after opening it, he logged into the live stream and prepared to watch the comments on his laptop.


When he was ready, he opened the live room and immediately, a large number of viewers came in.


Lu Wenxi had been in the limelight lately, and fans were lining up to take a number plate and curse him.


The first ones were definitely “Weixi”, these were Lu Wenxi’s true love (face) fans, the comment screen was harmonious like a chat room where cute girls gathered.


Who am I: WENXI WENXI, calling out your name, your lips should keep smiling, love you, love you, BIUBIUBIU ~


Love me the most Wenxi: Wenxi, Wenxi, don’t be disturbed by those people, you are the best!


A second to smile and open up: Xixi, I will always support you.


He looked at the screen blankly.

Lu Wenxi’s clothes weren’t formal, but he still looked stylish. He was adjusting the angle of the camera, and seemed quite concerned about the lighting.


At this time, someone in the live room asked the burning question in everyone’s minds.


Cherry blossoms quietly blooming: Is Lu Wenxi responding to Ge Xinlong?


Lifetime anti-fan: #recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry#


Wave, hey, hey, hey: # Recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry #


When Lu Wenxi looked at the screen again, he found that the anti fans had started to dominate the screen, and the true fans started to fight with the anti fans, because there was no one to help him moderate the room, these anti-fans weren’t kicked out.


He just looked at the comments for a while, then finally, he seriously looked at the camera: “Alright, thank you all for supporting me in this situation, you’re all willing to stay with me, I’m grateful.”

Because there were too many people leaving messages, the comments moved at a faster speed, and from the computer, he could see that the comments were blocking his face, he immediately clicked on the blocking mobile comments function, now the comments only showed on the right side, after all, narcissists didn’t allow their faces to be blocked by other things.


Just when everyone thought he was going to start apologizing, he brought the ukulele from his side and spoke up: “I’m sure you all know that my single has just gone online, yes, it’s “Like Like You”, this song, I put a lot of effort into it, and it’s free to download …… ”


He introduced his new song, not a word about his acting, not to mention the intention to apologize, just when everyone was madly protesting, he had grabbed the Ukulele and started singing.


Don’t rush: He’s taking advantage of the popularity to promote his new song.


Lonely Heart: Lu Wenxi, you aren’t even ready to respond to Senior Ge Xinlong? His words are very reasonable, I hope you realize your shortcomings.


Thousands of miles: I took my pants off, and you show me this.


Six six: I came in to see the hilarity, the result, I actually listened to the song? Also unexpectedly …… it’s very good?


Acacia: Lu Wenxi, you sing so well, why do you want to act?


Lifetime anti-fan: #recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry# You’re disgusting!!!


Lifetime anti-fan: #recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry# You’re disgusting!


Lifetime Anti-fan: #recorded kissing scene, get out of the entertainment industry # You’re disgusting!!


At this time, the comments in the live room changed abruptly.


My Goddess: I wipe, wipe, the door behind Lu Wenxi opened by itself.


Waving everything: It really opened! It’s pitch black inside, it’s scary!


The light in the darkness: f*ck f*ck f*ck! The door opened by itself, not like it was blown open by the wind.


When Lu Wenxi saw that comment, he couldn’t help but turn around to look at the door, and the music came to an abrupt halt.


That was the door of the other room, it was closed before, he remembered that when he adjusted the phone, he had deliberately checked if the door was open, because it would affect the light on his side.


At first, he thought it was the robot sweeping the floor, so he took his mobile phone, turned the camera, as he explained to everyone: “Don’t be afraid, it should be the robot sweeping the floor… er, the robot sweeping the floor is in the living room? However, there is really no one else here, so it must have opened by itself. ”

Saying that, he took the phone to the door, turned on the light and pushed the door completely open.


The cloakroom was open, there was no cabinet door, all the partitions were clearly visible, there weren’t even clothes inside, it was an unobstructed view, making it impossible for anything to hide.



“Look, no one.” Lu Wenxi went back to his bedroom, “I don’t stay here often, I just came over two days ago, the living room is filled with express boxes, so it’s a little messy.”


After saying that, he nonchalantly closed the door of the checkroom, and then clipped the phone on the selfie rack, sat back on the bed and grabbed his Ukulele again.


When the live broadcast ended, Lu Wenxi’s song hadn’t finished, he had been logged out of his account.


Then he was bombarded with calls from his agent.


When he answered the phone, he heard Han Fanming’s angry voice: “Lu Wenxi, are you f*cking heartless?”


“It’s just to promote the new song.”


“The plans I made for you before were all said to the dogs, weren’t they?”


“I think if you enter the entertainment industry, your assessment would be even worse than mine.” Lu Wenxi replied somewhat helplessly, still holding the Ukulele in his hand and playing it.


He wouldn’t even scold Han Fanming, because he knew he couldn’t.


Han Fanming was panting on the other end of the phone, obviously angry. No matter which agent met such a disobedient person, he would collapse like him.

Lu Wenxi sang for a while before he spoke, “Do you think it would be better if I changed this section to this ……”


“Come to my office tomorrow!” Han Fanming hurriedly hung up the phone.


Lu Wenxi pursed his lips and lowered his eyes, he stopped concentrating for a moment, but he quickly readjusted and kept playing the Ukulele.


He kept singing.


To vent his emotions.


Lu Wenxi didn’t look at his phone again that night, he just sang until he was tired, then he washed up and went to bed. But he didn’t know, the hot search list and popular posts had changed.


The first hot search: Lu Wenxi live haunted house.


Hot topic: #LuWenxi house haunted


The first on the hot search list on Weibo was the video sent by a technology emperor. Liu Wenxi’s live video was replayed and intercepted when Lu Wenxi was singing and when the door opened, at normal speed, it seemed normal. But then the video was slowed down and zoomed in partially, and then the round door handle that was closed tightly seemed to turn before the door opened.


It was slowed down to the point that it gave people goosebumps.

Some people said in the comments that it was a targeted hype to try to suppress the hateful comments.


But more people chose to believe.


The reason was simple, from Lu Wenxi’s phone angle, thee was only one person in the room, with how fast the speed was, no one could disappear that fast, after all, the cloakroom had no other doors or windows.


The point was: Lu Wenxi’s acting skill was so poor, if he was really acting for others to see, it was impossible for him perform so naturally.


Because of this focus, everyone firmly believed that Lu Wenxi’s house was haunted, it wasn’t for show.


The person in question, Lu Wenxi, was lying in bed, sleeping particularly well.


He removed his makeup, his hair was unstyled, he looked cozy, lazy, and sleepy, he actually gave a kind of big brother next door feeling.

He turned over, then heard a loud noise from outside, as if something collapsed, which scared the sleeping man.


Half-asleep, he couldn’t tell whether the sound was from his dream or whether there was really a strange sound. After listening for a while and hearing no other movement, he soon fell asleep again and woke up in the morning, having forgotten about it.


When Lu Wenxi entered the bathroom to wash up, he heard the doorbell, he checked the time and knew it was his assistant who had come, so he ignored it.


After a while, his assistant opened the door himself and came in. The reason he rang the doorbell was to prepare Lu Wenxi mentally and not to let the others catch him in an embarrassing act.


Lu Wenxi’s team weren’t many, but it wasn’t little.


Two assistants, a makeup artist and costume stylist, an accompanying photographer, a bodyguard and driver.


Only one assistant came this time, another assistant had already arrived at the company ahead of time and was probably talking to his agent, so that Han Fanming could calm down before Lu Wenxi arrived at the company. Because it wasn’t suitable to post photos recently, the photographer took a vacation and didn’t come.


Entering the house, assistant Yin Hanwei looked at the dining room, noticing that one of the dining room chairs had fallen over and another was leaning against the wall.


“The boss wouldn’t have eaten secretly, would he?” Yin Hanwei asked, pointing to the dining room.


Before he moved, they helped Lu Wenxi clean up the rooms, and the dining room tables and chairs were neatly arranged. Lu Wenxi, a person with almost no life skills, couldn’t have cooked and used the dining room table, which could only mean he ordered take-out or something like that.


Artists needed to control their diet, Lu Wenxi was no exception, a few more bites made him look swollen, as long as he looked fat, it couldn’t be hidden from the camera.


Makeup artist Lin Xiao took a look and turned Yin Hanwei, “Just pretend you don’t know, the boss has been under a lot of pressure lately.”


“Boss …… is this place really haunted?” Yin Hanwei murmured, while looking around, “Just now, when I opened the door, a big gust of abnormally cold wind blew out, I thought the windows were open, but it wasn’t.”


“You’re also in the entertainment industry, how can you believe that?” Lin Xiao laughed and began to open her makeup case and take things out.


Yin Hanwei deliberately dodged a little bit. He remembered the last time he was forced to stop by a paparazzi, Lin Xiao’s cosmetic case fell, and Lin Xiao cried miserably holding the cosmetic case. Later, according to statistics, Lin Xiao’s loss after such a fall reached at least hundreds of thousands, with a wave of his hand, Liu Wenxi gave Lin Xiao 500,000 yuan to buy it again, and Lin Xiao was a little better, but she became more careful.

That was only for travel, all of Lin Xiao’s cosmetics together, could probably be a down payment for a house.


When Lu Wenxi wiped his hair and came out, he took a look at the dining room chairs and couldn’t help but frown: “Why did you guys come and make such a mess in the room?”


It had to be a fight to get the chairs like this, right?


Lin Xiao immediately changed the topic: “Boss Lu, I’ll leave you a few beauty instruments for night use, this one is for the eyes.”


Lu Wenxi casually glanced at it, “hmm”, then he sat in front of Lin Xiao, and let Lin Xiao apply his makeup.


During that period, the driver, Brother Liu called, Yin Hanwei directly put it on loudspeaker, “Driver Liu, what’s wrong?”


“Don’t come down yet, there is a bit of chaos downstairs, it’s filled with reporters.” When he spoke, he also blew a breath into the phone, with Lin Xiao’s understanding of him, he was probably smoking outside.


Yin Hanwei quickly moved to the windows, looking at the battle downstairs, he couldn’t help but stare: “What’s going on? Our location was exposed? Maybe they came to see the haunted house?”


“It’s not for the boss.”




“I heard that an actress living in this neighborhood committed suicide, she’d been dead for a while, but she was found in the morning. The police has started controlling the scene downstairs, I don’t know the specific situation.”


Lu Wenxi was still trying to stay in place, when he heard the news, he couldn’t help but freeze, he immediately remembered someone – Deng Xuanhan.


On the day he came to live here, he bumper into Deng Xuanhan. They weren’t familiar with each other, but they were in the same industry. When they looked up, they saw each other, so they greeted. Deng Xuanhan mentioned that since he was her neighbor, she’d visit when she was free. She asked which unit he lived in and the floor, he answered. After the two separated, Deng Xuanhan didn’t come to say hello.

Only a day or so had passed, Deng Xuanhan committed suicide?


Yin Hanwei and Liu Xiao asked about the situation, then they made a quick decision: “Lin Xiao, give the boss a mask and a jacket, I asked Brother Liu to drive the car to the underground parking garage, once we get out of the elevator, we’ll immediately get in the car. The news of the actress committing suicide is very big, soon this place will be surrounded, we won’t be able to get out.”


Now, there were many policemen downstairs, and only a few journalists. It was estimated that they had been following Deng Xuanhan for a long time, so they happened to be ahead. It was only a matter of time before more reporters arrived.

Lin Xiao immediately nodded, Lu Wenxi also stood up, went to the living room, put on a black jacket and a hat, and wore his mask, he was ready to leave.


Lin Xiao hurriedly packed her things, they quickly walked to the elevator that led directly to the underground parking garage, as the elevator door opened, Brother Liu was parked not far away.


When he entered the car, Lu Wenxi took off the mask and let out a sigh of relief.


Taking out his phone, he wanted to log into his Weibo account, then he remembered Han Fanming changed his password, he sighed and logged into his backup account.


Sure enough, the news of Deng Xuanhan’s su!cide occupied all the popular pages, and no one was paying any attention to him anymore.



He roughly scrolled around and found that the latest news showed that Deng Xuanhan had died at about 7 pm yesterday, the way she died was sl!tting her wrists in the bath tub, still wearing the dress she wore at the award ceremony, but there were no photos, people could only photograph the hem of her gown.


Last night at 7 pm, he was unpacking the packages ……


Suddenly, he had goosebumps all over his body.


The visual intercom was an electronic screen that shows the time, and at the time he was harassed by the doorbell, he deliberately looked at the time, it was 7:37 pm.


Did Deng Xuanhan come to look for him?

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