“…… I,” Fang Lin made sure his voice wasn’t shaking from nervousness, but his voice still changed a little when he spoke again, “I didn’t …… not let you touch.”



“Is that so?” Duan Changke looked down at the cigarette held between Fang Lin’s index and middle fingers.



Fang Lin didn’t seem to be very good at smoking, he wanted to do it more skillfully the second time, but he sucked too hard, the spark fiercely flashed a little in the air, leaving a wobbly gray after it disappeared.



Fang Lin felt that he was close to being seen through.



That he actually wasn’t calm enough at all, snatching his cigarette over was also just using this action to whitewash this emotion.



But Duan Changke finally didn’t pursue the matter further.



His office was well-lit, and Fang Lin saw his and Duan Changke’s appearance on the reflection of the glass window.



“Smoking is not a good habit.” He suddenly said, “Don’t learn from me.”



He naturally took the remaining half from Fang Lin’s hand, but didn’t press it out, he only pressed the place where the other had just smoked, and gently held it with his lips.



Fang Lin looked at him in a daze.



It was as if he now felt the warmth of Duan Changke’s palm on his hair.



Duan Changke seemed to be very light on everything, his emotions, tones, and attitude towards him.



Fang Lin stood still, as if waiting for the next instruction, needing a pronouncement, or a choice.



But he just finished that cigarette and walked back up to Fang Lin.



Duan Changke’s eyes were also quiet, reminding Fang Lin of when he once saw the river flowing silently at night.



The night river had no sound, and what was hidden down the river surface was unknown.



He re-extended his finger and pressed it on Fang Lin’s lips.



Compared to just rubbing his hair and pinching his neck, Duan Changke’s strength this time was slightly heavier, but it didn’t Fang Lin uncomfortable.



His lips were light pink and soft, and they turned white briefly when pressed by the fingers, and then it returned to their original state when his fingers were removed.



If he leaned down to kiss him now, Fang Lin was also ready not to struggle, he was even ready to follow.



He felt Duan Changke getting closer and closer, and the tips of their noses were about to touch.



However, the kiss didn’t fall in the end.



Before Fang Lin could react, he felt a softness in his waist…



Duan Changke gently tugged him, placing his hand on his waist and half-embracing him with one hand.


“Okay.” His tone remained calm and composed, but his other hand patted Fang Lin’s back very gently, perhaps it was an illusion, but Fang Lin did feel a little reassurance from the hug that wasn’t quite a hug.



“Don’t be nervous.” He heard Duan Changke say.



It was actually Fang Lin’s first time doing such a thing, he felt he should be more obedient and understanding.


So he tentatively rubbed his face against Duan Changke’s jaw, and quickly moved away.



“I’m not nervous.”


A few moments later, Duan Changke’s hand withdrew, he also took a step back.



The sunlight shone in, Fang Lin squinted and the last bit of oppression from the other’s height disappeared.


“Hmm.” Duan Changke rubbed his fingers.



A knock sounded on the door, and only after hearing the reply did Duan Changke’s secretary, He Cong, walk in.



He greeted Fang Lin politely, with no intention of probing his boss’s relationship with him, and finished his work report without looking at him, and took out the document for him to sign.



Duan Changke didn’t have that sense of diffidence when he was working, he asked some key details one by one before continuing to approve the documents.



Fang Lin watched him sign, and was a bit lost in thought, remembering his “contract” that wasn’t a contract.



At that time, Duan Changke was also like this, like it was a project, he expressionlessly signed.



Duan Changke wrote, when he saw one of the documents, he paused, then he pulled out a piece of paper from it, and naturally handed it to Fang Lin, who was still dazed.



“Do you know this brand? They’re releasing a new fragrance,” he continued without raising his head, “If you’re interested, I can recommend you to be the promotion ambassador of a single product.”



It would be too high-profile to take all the endorsements of a whole brand, so Duan Changke thoughtfully asked him to take only one product, which would be safe and would have less negative impact on him.



He Cong, eyeing the situation, said, “Yes, I’ll go back and compile the information and send a copy to Mr. Fang.”



“This doesn’t count as Hai Lin’s project, it counts as a little friendship between me and the brand.” Duan Changke said, “As for what Hai Lin can give ……”



He Cong immediately handed the tablet to Fang Lin.


“This one, this one, this one, and this one,” he said, holding his glasses. “Recently, the company has been promoting and investing a lot in dramas and movies. See if you like them.”



“Of course it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, there will be a new one when the time comes.”



“……” Fang Lin now had no time to consider.



It was he who underestimated the ability of the golden backer.



He recalled Tao Le’s “What are you waiting for?” and gave Duan Changke a look.



Duan Changke didn’t know whether he had chosen or not, he just turned to He Cong after signing the documents: “Send Mr. Fang back.”



No one mentioned the ambiguity just now, and He Cong respectfully took Fang Lin downstairs, introducing him to the resources that could be given to him along the way.



It was so much that Fang Lin’s face began to burn red: “It’s better to slow down first ……”


After all, if he suddenly got so many projects at once, netizens would first scold him.



It was too straightforward.



But Fang Lin looked at the contents of the file ……


“Oh, this, you don’t have to worry.” He Cong said, “it won’t be too abrupt when Gentle Moonlight airs. If it doesn’t work, Hai Lin’s PR is top-notch.”



His tone was very certain, as if he had already foreseen that the drama would be a hit: “Mr. Duan said so, he said he believed in you.”


Fang Lin was stunned for a moment.



He sometimes thought that maybe Duan Changke really didn’t want anything with him.



For example, even after he had asked and hinted so much, he was able to gently dismiss it, and after giving him so many benefits, he gently let him go back, and didn’t even take one more look when the office door was closed.



As if he was really just doing charity, or even disdained to go further with him.



But Fang Lin also knew.



When he thought about it, he had already humbled himself to the point where he had only the last bit of leverage left.



But now Duan Changke actually said he believed in him.


His mind was in turmoil, he originally thought he could be a little more sober after being reborn, but now it seemed he wasn’t.



A week later, the cast of “Gentle Moonlight” released the final photos of all the important characters.



The most eye-catching ones were naturally the male and female leads. Fans on both sides started to revel, and the companies were busy striking while the iron was hot, and all the hot searches were on three at once.



The most common marketing tool was to buy a number on the hot search list, if it was good enough, it would earn praises, if it wasn’t, netizens would revolt.



People were beginning to distinguish which of these hot searches were bought and which were real, but as long as there were hot searches, there were always really curious passers-by that checked.



This led to a new topic getting popular.



“Da-mn, is this the one that only had a few pictures on Baidu Encyclopedia the last time I checked, Fang Lin?”


“Ah ah ah ah! He had a first love face when he was younger.”



“The key is that I have now began to like him.”



“I have to say the role he got is really good.”



“Hey, pure roadie, didn’t you say before that Meng Jinyu got this role?”



Some words were like a fuse.



“Oh, he’s been unknown for so long, now he suddenly has this kind of resources, I heard people say it seems he also began to contact a big brand, he definitely sold himself.”



“So scary.”



“Is this company going to go bankrupt? They found this kind of artist.”



“Alas, maybe he just tried his luck and got the role, hee hee.”


But the funny thing was, maybe it was because Meng Jinyu’s fans bit too fiercely or someone deliberately bought bo-ts, after all, from all aspects, Fang Lin was still considered a weak party, gradually some passers-by got disgusted and began to pity and even help him speak.



“They’re doing it again, they’re doing it again!”



“A certain actor’s fans began to brainstorm again? Either your brother gets the job or the winner sold himself to the top?”



“Their idol couldn’t sell himself so they started biting others without evidence?”



“Ouch, think about it, it is your brother that isn’t good enough, it’s a pity.”



“Early in his career, Meng Jinyu met a wealthy real estate developer alone, or do you have selective amnesia?”



“If I remember correctly that boss’s child went ……”



“Don’t ask.”



“Oops your brother didn’t pick well.”



Today’s hot search was particularly lively.



In addition to #Gentle Moonlight Makeup Photo #, # Chuchen #, # Fairy Photography Award #, a # Meng Jinyu New EP #, # Ugly # came out quietly.



Then, as if to join in the fun on purpose, Hai Lin Media’s official page, which had been jokingly called “A Lurker”, sent a new post.



“Welcome new member @Fanglin to the Hai Lin family, let’s work together in the future, cheers! Wish the new drama well in advance!”



Then a peculiar topic finally appeared in the hot search list.





“Wow, Hai Lin.”



“Hahahahahahahaha this topic is funny.”



“Tsk tsk Meng Jinyu has two hot searches a day now, i’m tired.”



“Don’t be a wimp. If you want to bring Hai Lin up, you’d better change the word Hai Lin to that name.”



“It is known that Boss Duan doesn’t like his name on the hot search list, the gossip page isn’t bold and dare not take the risk. It can only be replaced with the company.”



“Oooooo, I don’t care what Meng Jinyu, what Fang Lin, I just want to say that the Prince of Hai Lin is too good!”



“Maybe he hugged Boss Duan’s thigh.”



“Who doesn’t know who Hai Lin’s boss is? Although I don’t have any feelings about this little star, Meng Jinyu’s fans’ hysteria is too terrible, isn’t it?”



“Laughing to death, I’m laughing to death, Duan Changke has been dragged in.”



“Wow, according to the words of Meng Jinyu’s fans, getting the role of male lead number three is by selling himself, getting a certain product endorsement is by selling himself, him getting into the Hai Lin is also gotten by selling himself.”



“Please I’m begging Meng Jinyu’s fans to get some brains, check who the boss of Hai Lin is, what identity he has, and then come back to battle.”



“I would call it the funniest thing I’ve seen today.”



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