The hot search with Hai Lin’s name hung for most of the day before it came down.



But before the hot search went up, Fang Lin was discussing matters with people from the brand.



What Duan Changke gave definitely wasn’t simple. A brand that didn’t normally approach people, contacted personally. First, they explained their brand concept and then summarized their cooperation requirements.


Because it was still in the concept proofing stage, so there was still a long way to go before it was fully formed and marketed, it was set almost in time for the start of the drama.



All in all, although he only endorsed one of them, the contract showed more than that.



Finally the two sides agreed, Fang Lin put pen to paper to sign but he was still in a bit of a trance.


Fang Lin hadn’t seen Duan Changke for a while. Recently, it was Tao Le who volunteered, saying that although he had no resources and no connections, he could at least help out.


When Fang Lin recommended Tao Le to Duan Changke, he had no objection, then he told him to get an assistant he liked.



When they left, Tao Le followed behind to poke him: “You didn’t say that this was a fashion resource. Is Hai Lin so big that they gave such a big welcome gift?”



Fang Lin didn’t raise his head: “I don’t know.”



“Although I don’t really believe you …… I really can’t think of any other reason other than that, so I can only say that Hai Lin is really good to newcomers. Ah Lin, we are finally out of the sea of suffering.”



Tao Le continued joyfully, “From now on I am the assistant of a superstar!”



Fang Lin’s eyebrows jumped, his voice was too loud and embarrassing: “Can you keep your voice down?”



“Oh oh, Okay,” Tao Le nodded then went from good to bad, “You know, I even thought you had reached some kind of unspeakable and mysterious relationship with Mr. Duan ……”



Fang Lin finally looked back at him: “Then why didn’t you think so later?”



Tao Le sighed: “At least I’ve been with you for so long, don’t I know what kind of character you have? You don’t have a filter, but if you really wanted, your situation wouldn’t have been like that.”



“…… Oh.” Fang Lin responded vaguely.



It seemed like he did say the same thing to Tao Le a few years ago.



He turned his head back and stopped talking, originally he wanted to jokingly say something about him and Duan Changke, but now couldn’t speak.



And …… after he signed the contract with Hai Lin, Duan Changke never looked for him again.

Fang Lin also added the other on WeChat, he secretly checked but he found nothing, he didn’t post anything, the background was all black and white, it looked tedious beyond compare.



He couldn’t figure out the other’s mind, and didn’t know what the half hug that day counted as.



On one side, he enjoyed the bonus that he got because of this person, but he pretentiously couldn’t be completely at peace with it.



But he and Duan Changke really didn’t have anything in common, the other wasn’t really in the entertainment industry, so he didn’t have to deliberately avoid him, they wouldn’t cross paths much.



Fang Lin sighed and couldn’t help but slow down his steps a bit, and as a result, Tao Le hit his back with a “thud”–



“Ah ah ah ah Lin ah!



“Why are you screaming?”



“No, forget it, don’t look! Forget it, okay?”



Fang Lin didn’t know what made him so incoherent, he pulled out his phone while Tao Le continue to howl: “You’re on the hot search list!”



Tao Le quickly took a screenshot of the hot search list, then returned to the album to set this photo as a favorite, and even automatically backed it up: “Oh my God! My dream is to see your name on the hot search for once, not bought or manipulated, we did it!”



Fang Lin had finished reading the hot search headlines, with mixed emotions: “What you say is true, but it seems that there is nothing to be proud to the point of taking a screenshot ……”


But it wasn’t like he didn’t hear the emotion in Tao Le’s voice.




In his previous life, Tao Le always gave him a pep talk, when Hui Yao company had treated him as an outcast, and never pushed him, Tao Le always said he should try harder, and become more popular than those who bought numbers on the hot search every day, he was confident that he’d get popular to the point that netizens would tired of seeing his name.



It was a pity that he never had one until he died.


No matter what, no matter what the reason was, his name finally started to appear in the sight of strangers.



“But I think Meng Jinyu’s fans are completely offended.” Tao Le muttered, “It’s amazing, according to reason, we don’t really have a problem with him, suddenly two people who have no relationship suddenly became mortal enemies.”



Fang Lin recalled the Meng Jinyu he met at the audition that day, he frowned from time to time, seemed to have a bad temper, but also tried to argue, he didn’t seem to be a good person to get along with.



He wondered what he thought of him now.



After all, in essence, the two of them didn’t seem too different.

He looked at the huge number of discussions on his phone and belatedly realized that since he agreed to Duan Changke’s preposition on the first day, and finally signed the contract, behind all this, the other had given him a lot.



There was no point for him to go on being pretentious.



“If you’re offended, you’re offended.” Fang Lin logged off Weibo and lightly said, “it’s if we’re not the same.”



He wasn’t a good person himself, he thought.



Tao Le didn’t hear the last sentence and asked, “Ah Lin, what did you just say?”



Fang Lin had been purely emotional, in the end, he didn’t have the heart to repeat it, so he walked away.



The first script reading was a few days before the opening ceremony, the screenwriter also attached great importance, in order to help the actors better enter and understand the role, the original author was also invited.



All the actors were present, and Fang Lin also met several other main actors who he hadn’t met.


The lead actress was Lan Peirou, a former child actress, now she was a new generation of young stars whose acting skills were very good, she acted in a literary film, then won the best supporting actress award, she was now wanted by a lot of film dealers and directors.



Her features weren’t stunning, but the more you looked at it, the more stunning she became, which also happened to be very consistent with the persona of the female lead in the drama.



Chu Chen naturally came, and also bought coffee for the whole group.



Because of the many points that needed to be handled and paid attention to, it took almost all morning just to reorganize the characters, not to mention the screenwriter had to uncover one detail after another.



The official start was late in the afternoon, the indoor air conditioning was turned on sufficiently, and with Chu Chen’s coffee, everyone was trying to move past the sickly summer day.


Lan Peirou deserved to be popular. She had a good set of lines and rhythm when dealing with such a quiet character like Ji Haiyao. She could make people quickly immerse themselves in the scene.



Needless to say, Chu Chen was loved by thousands of people, he naturally wasn’t worse.



The only thing that was a bit problematic was probably the second male lead.



He was a new actor, called Jiao Ze, his acting experience wasn’t rich, the reason why he passed the audition was because the casting director saw the character’s temperament in him.


But who would have thought that his first time reading the script would be like this.



The director saw that he couldn’t say his lines fluently, and after holding back twice, he spoke softly, “Jiao Ze.”



“Didn’t you read the script properly before coming?”


Jiao Ze himself looked very guilty, he apologized repeatedly, and promised to pay attention next time.



After all, they couldn’t always waste time at one point, and after a while it came to the rivalry scene between Chu Chen and Fang Lin.



Fang Lin played Chu Chen’s younger brother, so after knowing his brother’s relationship with the female lead, while keeping their secret, he silently hid all his emotions from anyone.



Probably because of Jiao Ze’s stumbling, the assistant director looked at Fang Lin’s resume, also a small actor with little experience, and couldn’t help but incline his head and say something to the director.



The director’s expression didn’t change, he simply said two words, probably to reassure the assistant director.



After all, he was only the third male lead, as long as he didn’t pull them down too much, there was no big problem.



As a result, in all the scenes of Jing Chuan that needed attention, Fang Lin’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectation.



Not only were the lines smooth and error-free, he seemed to be able to get into the role when he picked up the script, even though it was only a peripatetic reading, but in some places where there were few lines, his expressions and speed of speech reflected the turn of emotion and change.



All in all, the peripatetic reading wasn’t bad, and the worried expression on the assistant director’s face was a little better.



The next day was the opening ceremony, the film and television industry was very superstitious, incense and worship of God was essential, all the cast and crew were present, this time Jiao Ze bought everyone’s afternoon tea, said it was an atonement for yesterday’s performance.



The crew was very efficient, accommodation arrangements were made in a nearby hotel, in accordance with the AB subgroup rooms, after the opening ceremony, they’d be ready to start shooting.



Fang Lin didn’t like this kind of occasion, in his opinion it was better to nestle in the room assigned to memorize the script.



But he also knew that it wasn’t good to be separated from the group all the time, so he arrived at the ceremony on time.



The weather was hot and the location was outdoors, so Fang Lin started to feel hot before he took a few steps, and was about to ask Tao Le to get him a small fan when a glass of cold mineral water was handed over.



“Thank you.” Fang Lin was stunned and took it from Chu Chen’s hand.



“No need.” The other smiled, “Your room is very close to mine, originally I wanted to ask you to go with me, but it seems that you came first, so I brought you some water by the way.”


Chu Chen was really likeable, Fang Lin walked while chatting casually with him for a few minutes.



“Your performance yesterday was really good.” Chu Chen raised his eyes to look at him, “To be honest, I’m impressed.”



Fang Lin smiled, after all, in his previous life he valued this role too much, even if some time had passed, since he studied thoroughly, the feeling could still be easily recovered.


“You’re good, too.” He took a sip of water, “I’m excited for the scenes.”



Chu Chen smiled brightly and called Fang Lin by his character’s name: “Good talk, brother Jing Chuan.”


After the opening ceremony, Fang Lin and Chu Chen chatted so much that they both arrived at the hotel door before Chu Chen received a phone call saying that the evening was scheduled for a full group dinner, so how come they both disappeared?



“Ah sorry,” Chu Chen said, “I really didn’t pay attention to this matter, I thought we didn’t need to attend, so just …… sorry, sorry we’ll be there soon.”



Fang Lin watched Chu Chen hang up the phone, and saw his helpless expression, he suddenly felt understood.



“So you also don’t want to go ……”



Chu Chen sighed: “I didn’t mean to. I thought that we could just sneak back into our rooms without notice, but it didn’t work.”


“They said that the director and the producer are there, so we can’t not go.”


Chu Chen smiled and looked back at Fang Lin: “Let’s go together? I heard that the investor is there, we can’t offend the golden backer.”


Probably because of his recent relationship with Duan Changke, Fang Lin was extra sensitive to the word golden backer, even though he knew that Chu Chen was only describing the investor of this drama.



Wait, the investor of this drama ……


His eyebrows jumped a little.


The sky was already dark when Chu Chen and Fang Lin arrived.



This was a restaurant with a strong Chinese atmosphere, exquisite and elegant. The outside looked unremarkable, only after walking in would you find something else.



Probably in order not to let others disturb, the crew temporarily booked the restaurant, in and out were all relevant personnel.



“I didn’t want to come, mainly because I don’t really want to drink.” Near the door, Chu Chen whispered to Fang Lin, “I hope I won’t drink too much tonight.”



As soon as the carved wooden door opened, the eager atmosphere was revealed.



The room was elegantly decorated, and the lighting was also warm, and the main table in the middle was already full.



Because they had just entered, everyone naturally gave a polite welcome.


Fang Lin lifted his head–



Sure enough.



As the investor, Duan Changke was sitting in the most conspicuous position in the room.



He couldn’t avoid it and collided with Duan Changke’s relaxed gaze.




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