The two of them were very close to each other, and in the interval when Duan Changke was looking at the pen, Fang Lin smelled a little bit of his scent.



He didn’t know why he took the initiative, he was nervous but wanted to do something like this to show that he was light-hearted and unconcerned.



This relationship was supposed to be like this.



When Duan Changke didn’t answer right away, Fang Lin was a little embarrassed, he bit his lip and took a step back.



He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to finish his cigarette, and then walked in front of Fang Lin.



Duan Changke called out his name, “When will your contract with the company end?”



Fang Lin froze, not expecting him to change the topic, but still said truthfully, “There’s almost a month left.”



“If you want to come directly, tomorrow I’ll have the company draw up another artist contract with the terms I’ve just mentioned.” Duan Changke said.



“No…… you don’t have to.” Fang Lin felt a little apprehensive, “I’ll just wait until it’s time to terminate the contract. There is no need to spend more ……”



“Except the role you just got, do you have work next?” Duan Changke suddenly asked.



Originally, there was, that was, the company found out that he had gotten a role and sent him another, but it had been rejected by him.



Fang Lin shook his head honestly.



“There’s no need to pay the breach of contract, it’s just a few weeks.” Duan Changke said with certainty, “You can deal with the company for the next few days and say that you have no desire to renew your contract, the steps are not complicated.”


Fang Lin looked up at him, a little puzzled.


The other party wasn’t part of the company. How could he be so clear about its operation?



But this was no longer something he should worry about, he didn’t ask more questions, “Okay.”



“Fang Lin.” Duan Changke suddenly called him by name again, “you’re so obedient.”



It was already a little late, and Duan Changke’s apartment had a large terrace where the setting sun shone in, wrapping the greenery outside in a gentle orange fluff.



The location and height of the building was good enough to look through the floor-to-ceiling windows and see half of the city that had become so small.


Fang Lin once felt that he had little sense of belonging to any city.



The pace of this city was so fast that he could only keep running all the time, yet he always had to worry about being left behind.



He looked at Duan Changke after hearing these words, and also looked behind him as the sunset went down little by little, bustling with the lights of thousands of families.



“Ah.” He froze for a moment before responding with a single syllable that made little sense.



Interrupted by Duan Changke, Fang Lin’s initial question was overshadowed.


“All right, go back.” Duan Changke propped one hand on the window and turned to Fang Lin, “I’ll ask the driver to take you.”


He immediately shook his head, “No need.”



“What, are you afraid of being seen?” Duan Changke said carelessly, “It’s okay, whatever you want.”



“I’ll call you when you need to sign the artist contract in a few days.”



Duan Changke walked out of the city’s bright and smoky atmosphere and turned on the lights.



Fang Lin actually had a lot of things he wanted to ask.



Why was he letting him leave? They hadn’t ……






He saw Duan Changke loosen his tie with one hand, casually resting on the sofa and tugging on the collar.



Without the tie’s restraint, he had a more relaxed aura, revealing his throat knot and a small patch of healthy skin.



It seemed that whether he signed this agreement or not, it wouldn’t have any effect on him.



Fang Lin hoped so too.



There was still some time before he went to the location, the script reading hadn’t yet started, and because Fang Lin was the third male lead, the crew was divided into two groups according to the role script, group A and B, Fang Lin was basically with the B group, he didn’t have many scenes.



He rested at home for three days, so he didn’t see anyone, and didn’t talk to anyone.



It wasn’t really isolation, but just an inexplicable desire to escape for a few days.



Fang Lin had a good memory and recalled the events of these days.



He still remembered how he had an accident.



As the saying went, if you have bad luck, you will be unlucky, that day he came out of the hospital in a daze, just after a second, the accident happened.



There were millions of accidents in the world, and he just happened to be in one.



But from the day he finished the audition and pushed open the hotel door, the life that he had experienced once completely changed.



This didn’t seem to be a problem, at least it was all good.



So meeting Duan Changke should also be an accident.



When he finally went out on the fourth day, he went straight to the office.



The first thing he did was to contact Xia Qi and tell him that he had no desire to renew his contract, he sounded more excited than him, and then said that he had submitted his resignation and was waiting to hear from him.



The company’s building was still as magnificent as before, but he no longer felt oppressed.



After learning that he didn’t want to renew his contract, the company really didn’t give him a hard time, probably thinking that he couldn’t provide much value anymore, so it was better to just part ways openly and peacefully, so that neither side would look bad.



The process was quick and no one gave him a hard time or cared where he would go from there.


Probably they also thought even if Fang Lin left, he wouldn’t have a better development.



After all, people outside the industry always looked at the glitter and glamour here, but wouldn’t know exactly how many people were trapped in the mire, no matter how hard they tried, they wouldn’t be noticed.



In addition, Tao Le was the happiest.


He took the initiative to help Fang Lin pack up his things, while urging him: “Quick, quick, let’s quickly find the next home, ah ah ah my Ah Lin is going to be famous! I’m so excited!”



Fang Lin squinted at him, some words couldn’t be said for the moment, but he still selectively mentioned: “No need to look.”





“I’m going to Hai Lin.”





Tao Le’s eyes instantly widened.



“You talked straight to Chief Duan in the lounge that day?! He didn’t give you a hard time, right?!”



“……” Fang Lin felt a bit helpless, “Not really.”



“That’s fantastic.”



“How is that fantastic?” Fang Lin said, “But I did take the initiative to mention it, so ……”



“That’s not right,” Tao Le shook his head and began to seriously analyze, “The news that Duan Changke just took over the banner of Hai Lin is still very sensational, all kinds of magazines are writing about it.



“I was looking through a lot, including a variety of seven or eight articles, he doesn’t have any scandals, let alone gossip about his preference for men……” Tao Le excitedly came over to stare at Fang Lin. “Although I think you look particularly good, I especially hope you get popular.”



Fang Lin raised his eyebrows, waiting for his next words.



“But right, because of you, Duan Changke suddenly changed his orientation all of a sudden ……”



“?” He didn’t wait for Tao Le to finish, he interrupted this strange string of words, “Did you pass the college entrance exam language?”



“Ah, I passed, I also got a hundred and four in mathematics,” Tao Le didn’t feel the slightest bit wrong, he continued, “…… isn’t so realistic.”


Duan Changke’s attitude was a little dissociative. Sometimes Fang Lin felt that he was really like the living Buddha in Tao Le’s words, offering help in times of need. But when he gritted his teeth and told himself that “it’s no big deal” and signed the other’s seemingly serious contract, the other simply withdrew and didn’t take the next step.



Fang Lin couldn’t figure it out, but he was the beneficiary. Finally, he could only glance at Tao Le, “Maybe he likes helping poor people.”



“As expected of a new generation of outstanding young people, a respectable entrepreneur.”




How to say it …… he was actually not entirely wrong.



He finished the formalities and received a call from Duan Changke on the next day.



He didn’t ask him come to his apartment this time, probably because he was very busy with work, he directly told him to come to Hai Lin.



Fang Lin thought he would meet many of his peers in the Hai Lin building, but when he arrived downstairs, Duan Changke asked his secretary to bring him up, and he didn’t take the general staff passage, so he didn’t meet anyone familiar.



Duan Changke’s secretary was called He Cong, and when he saw Fang Lin, he enthusiastically called him “Mr. Fang” and respectfully invited him to the 33rd floor.



He Cong seemed to be a very smart and clever person, he didn’t ask questions that he shouldn’t ask, and closed the door very thoughtfully after taking him into the office.



Fang Lin didn’t know how many people around Duan Changke knew the relationship between them …… that wasn’t right, he didn’t even know what the relationship was.



Duan Changke hadn’t answered him.



Duan Changke’s office was very large, Fang Lin went in when he was signing documents, he saw him come and put down the pen, placing another contract in front of him.


Everything was a bit similar to the time in his apartment.


Fang Lin didn’t really look at the contract very carefully – he had sold himself anyway, and such things as artist contracts weren’t too important when it came to such a juncture.



He quickly browsed through it and wrote his name on all the places where he needed to sign: “Mr. Duan, it’s all done.”



“Mm.” Duan Changke answered.



He stood up and lit a cigarette, “Come here.”


Fang Lin quickly walked over and heard Duan Changke say something similar to that day.


“So obedient.”



The weather was still hot, he didn’t drink water when he came, and he felt his throat was a little dry: “…… hmm.”


“Chief Duan.” He opened his mouth, his voice was a little quiet.



“I asked you last time, what exactly is the relationship between us?” Fang Lin looked at him, “I still want to know.”



He seemed to smile for a moment, and then again, he didn’t.



“Want to know so much?” He flicked off the ashes of his cigarette, Duan Changke always seemed to be good at answering a question in four different ways, or asking rhetorically, “What do you think our relationship is?”



Duan Changke was dressed simply today, just a black shirt that outlined his figure well.



He was the naturally superior person everyone envied, standing at the top of the pyramid from the moment he was born.



He had the best education and had the best things always.


And now he was leisurely standing in front of him, asking him, what relationship he wanted.



Fang Lin took a deep breath, it was seemingly his choice, but he knew he was actually on mediocre terms, and he didn’t even have the leverage to negotiate with Duan Changke.



His eyes were bright and his voice wasn’t loud but it was clear: “I thought that we have …… that kind of relationship.”




“Is that so?” Duan Changke lowered his fingers, and Fang Lin smelled the faint smell of smoke on him. He meaningfully repeated, “That kind of relationship.”


“Fang Lin,” a moment later, as if to implement his words, Duan Changke asked, “Have you ever been kissed?”



Fang Lin didn’t answer, but only looked down at Duan Changke’s hand.



He always felt that many of Duan Changke’s questions were not like questions, but a compulsion, or a test.



He didn’t know what he wanted from him, and he didn’t know what kind of relationship would best suit the situation they were both in at the moment.



But it couldn’t be any worse, much less a big deal.



He wasn’t impulsive, he just wanted to confirm this relationship in general, Fang Lin wanted –



The next second, regardless of the approach, without saying a word, he grabbed the half smoked cigarette in Duan Changke’s hand.



He took it and took a drag and tried to sophisticatedly spit out the smoke ring.



“…… now I have.”



Fang Lin didn’t look up as he spoke.



Duan Changke lowered his eyes to look at him.



Fang Lin lifted his finger again and took a second puff, and only then did he fix his eyes on him.



The meaning in the action was self-evident.



“So that’s how it is.”



Duan Changke meaningfully replied, and then slightly leaned over, the distance between their eyes lessened.



His fingers cupped Fang Lin’s neck.


“Like this?”


Fang Lin’s blo-od felt frozen, and his muscles subconsciously tensed, but he didn’t have the slightest intention to retreat or recoil.



It was one thing to think, it was another to feel the burning temperature of the other’s fingers.



He still had a cigarette in his fingertips, and a little wet touch on his lips, still wrapped in a mouthful of smoke that he wasn’t able to exhale.



He wasn’t very good at smoking, feeling a little panicked, he subconsciously swallowed.



Fortunately, the taste of Duan Changke’s smoke wasn’t harsh, so Fang Lin didn’t cough.



“You want to know our relationship and also grabbed my cigarette.” Fang Lin heard Duan Changke speak, but he didn’t sound as sharp as when they first met.



He was nervous, but tried to cover up that nervousness.



All his attention was focused on how to hide himself, so he didn’t notice the undertone of laughter in Duan Changke’s voice, he only felt a little warm.




Duan Changke’s hand was very hot, but it fell on Fang Lin’s clean, soft hair, and very lightly ruffled it.



“You ask me so much ……” Duan Changke’s palm was very large, but it wasn’t heavy, “but I’m not allowed to touch?”





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