Xia Qi turned his head to look at him, and after a long time, he sighed.



“What’s wrong?”



“Thinking about the truth of what you said.”



“You can’t tell if it’s true or not?”



“Not really, but I think you’ve changed a bit in the past few days ……” Xia Qi was still trying to explain it, “Anyway, you’re different, you know.”




Fang Lin smiled: “So you really think I’m looking for Duan Changke because of this?”



Xia Qi sighed again and hesitantly replied: “You can’t …… at least you shouldn’t ……”




“Okay, okay, you really believed me.” Fang Lin decided to stop joking about it.



Xia Qi looked at him and suddenly walked over and whispered, “Then do you know that there is actually someone behind Meng Jinyu?”



He spoke vaguely, but Fang Lin still understood him.



“When I heard that Meng Jinyu didn’t get the role, my first reaction was that he had fallen out with his backer and the other wanted to teach him a lesson.” Xia Qi continued, “So… this kind of stuff is really hard to say ……”



Fang Lin was just about to say something when the makeup artist came over to rush him, so he stood up and smiled at Xia Qi, “We’re talking about this here, we should be a bit more cautious.”



“Okay,” Xia Qi patted him, “Go first, Xiao Tao will come over to accompany you, I need to see someone first.”



He knew that Xia Qi wanted to get more jobs for him before he left, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t moved, Fang Lin nodded: “Okay.”



There were two sets of photos, one of the main characters before they reached adulthood, and the other was for the second half of the drama. But this drama wasn’t just a pure teenage drama, the plot also had a little bit of plot outside of that, so the overall tone was a little more mysterious.




For the sake of shooting convenience, the actors shot the second set of the more mature style first, and when that was finished, the campus one would be simpler.



The female lead had another appointment, in order to avoid waiting too long his schedule was moved forward, several other people were also busy, so Fang Lin only saw the male lead of the drama, Chu Chen on set.



Chu Chen was a first-tier male star who had a stable career and no scandals. He had also made several films, all of which had performed well and were popular. He was a popular artist under Hailin Media.



Chu Chen had thick eyebrows, big eyes, a bright and sunny temperament, when he saw Fang Lin, he enthusiastically walked over to greet him: “Hello, Jing Chuan.”



“I like your role very much,” Chu Chen only called him that once, he quickly called Fang Lin’s name and greeted him formally, “I’m very excited to work with you.”



This wasn’t common, it felt good to communicate with fellow actors before filming started, not to mention that the other was very enthusiastic and also had the belief that they would work well together.



Fang Lin was a bit emotional, and also smiled at him in response.



How nice, he thought.



He really still wanted to act, he didn’t want to go to those boring and dry watered-down variety shows.



He talked with Chu Chen for ten minutes, then each went to take the final photos, the photographer was very demanding, he kept changing the requirements, so it took a while before Fang Lin finished the first set.



The makeup artist was still working on the others, so he went back to the lounge to wait.






“Chu Chen is really nice, you got along well with no pressure.” Tao Le brought in a small hair dryer and passed a bottle of water to Fang Lin.



“It was pretty good.” Fang Lin nodded in response. Although the two talked briefly, he gave the feeling of comfort.



“Is this how an authentic popular artist is …… he’s really good.” Tao Le whispered, “Hailin really knows how to sign people.”



“But we’re also the best.” He added another sentence.



It just so happened that Fang Lin changed his set of clothes, with the simple and clean white shirt, he looked a lot more youthful, plus his voice and temperament had always had a clear feeling, so there was no need to deliberately create it, he was born with a very youthful aura.



Tao Le held his face and widely smiled, as if Fang Lin had gotten the main lead role of a big movie.



In his eyes, Fang Lin would immediately soar after this and become popular.



Probably because his eyes were too intrusive, Fang Lin quickly pushed him: “Wake up.”



“Why should I wake up? I won’t wake up.” Tao Le replied, “Look, you got this, this isn’t a phenomenal drama, but with so many original book fans, the popularity will definitely not be low, with the announcement, there will definitely be curious passersby so it will start to go up, just …”



“I will be ridiculed by all kinds of anti-fans from the news.” Fang Lin answered wryly.



Tao Le wanted to respond, but Fang Lin now had light makeup, and his white shirt made him look clean and handsome. His face was young and his skin was white, so he looked like an obedient high school student.



An intense protective feeling bloomed in his heart, he happily spoke: “Hey, Ah Lin, you really look good.”




Fang Lin’s eyebrow rose: “…… you can’t speak properly.”



Tao Le grunted: “I’m stating the facts. This is an assistant’s appreciation of his artist.”



“Appreciation is appreciation, your tone shouldn’t be so base, it’s weirdly disgusting.”



Tao Le bristled: “You just insulted me, as an overwhelmingly straight man. You shouldn’t ……”



Fang Lin had always felt that his sexual orientation was absolute, and he also thought that he had fewer love cells, he had grown to this point yet he didn’t feelings for anyone.



He looked at Tao Le and asked half-truthfully, “What if I’m really gay?”



Tao Le was firm: “I’ll climb up Kongdong Mountain overnight.”



“And what if a thigh is interested in me because I’m gay?”



Tao Le was indignant: “What are you doing! Life in the world should be straight! Can you eat soft rice every day?!”



“Oh, what if, I mean what if, that thigh is Duan Changke?”



“?” Tao Le slapped his thigh and quickly responded, “What are you waiting for, go!”



Fang Lin summed up the conversation: “All day long, all you think about is selling me out.”



Tao Le was still immersed in this possibility: “If you follow Mr. Duan! What do you need a car for?! Let’s fly a plane! Go!”



Seeing that he was about to be overwhelmed, Fang Lin finally couldn’t stand it: “I’m talking nonsense, can you keep your voice down, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.”



“Can’t you let people dream ……,” Tao Le muttered.



Just as his words fell, there was a knock on the door of the lounge.



He thought it was a staff member coming to arrange a photo shoot, he immediately skipped and opened the door with a flourish: “Come on come on! Duan Duan Duan Duan–”



“…… Changke.”



He finished in disbelief.



Tao Le was stunned.



But it was the “as long as the chat was about Duan Changke, it’d 100% be heard by the other” magic buff.



But he didn’t even have time to think about how much Duan Changke had just heard and how to remedy the situation, he now only wanted to pray that his artist found good fortune.



The reason was that after hearing him call his name, Duan Changke just nodded towards him indifferently and made a gesture. Tao Le was still in a daze and mechanically moved his feet to let Duan Changke in –



Duan Changke’s long legs stepped into the door and smoothly closed the door behind him.



With a light sound, Tao Le was shut out.



But Fang Lin wasn’t much better.



Seeing the man who suddenly appeared in front of him, he began to seriously review why he had spoken.



Clearly he and Xia Qi were joking, and he was teasing Tao Le, yet he somehow had to mention this name.



It was over, this role wouldn’t be lost, right?



He was a little worried.



The room was small so the atmosphere quickly became tense.



Fang Lin couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at him.



He didn’t smell tobacco from Duan Changke this time, but a little light and dry cold fragrance, it wasn’t like perfume, it seemed like it was a scent that was lingering on him.



Duan Changke was wearing a complicated black suit again, but the collar clip on the suit was the highlight, he was tall, his features were handsome, the side line of his face was sharp and smooth. But his posture was very relaxed, as he stood there, he had a strangely relaxed yet reserved aura.



Fang Lin’s heart began to beat faster.



He felt a little bashful.



Although he opened his mouth on his own initiative last time to mention the role, anyway, it was Duan Changke who opened his mouth first, so he took the next step.



It was one thing to frankly say that he wanted a role, it was another to be heard.



And now ……



Even if he was completely different from before, he still felt awkward, especially after hearing the other’s next words –



“Fang Lin,” Duan Changke’s voice was low and a little amused, it wasn’t like a mere inquiry, but as if it was a deliberate test, “you just said ……”



“You want to follow me?”



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