Originally, the fans and anti-fans who were fighting never thought of this happening.

The key was that the crew of the drama deliberately picked the time when they were fighting the most, as if they wanted to hit their faces, so it wasn’t hard to think that there might be a connection between the two.


The “Gentle Moonlight” cast was so unexpected that it didn’t need to be buy popularity, and soon the #GentleMoonlight cast topped the front row of the hot search list.


The male and female leads were both first-tier stars, and their fans had come running over to scatter conpliments in anticipation, while behind the first few popular comments, the one with the most replies and the most noise was still the battle between passersby and Meng Jinyu fans.




“What does this mean?”


“It means that it has nothing to do with your brother, can’t you see?”


“Impossible ah, there are big fans who got the news, they even said he passed the second audition, how did ……”


“Meng Jinyu never officially said he was going to star in the drama, did you brainwash yourselves?”


“Meng Jinyu’s fans are getting ready to fight with the anti-fans, I’m really scared.”


“Seriously, your brother isn’t in it, look at the cast, is he their match?”


“Upstairs, remember to turn off the reply function.”


Due to the previous momentum, regardless of their attitude, there were indeed many people who thought Meng Jinyu would play Jing Chuan.


So the quarrel only intensified.


“Meng Jinyu didn’t get the role. Why do I feel a little refreshed?”


“This kind of two-party argument ended so unexpectedly, it’s so cool.”


“Borrowing this post, although I didn’t remember who this person is at once, it’s too bad, he took a role only to be blocked because someone else, I want to pity him.”


“I moved to Baidu encyclopedia, the information is too little so I’ll casually summarize it – Fang Lin, 24 years old, an artist under Huihui entertainment, starred in …… forget it, anyway i’ve never heard of them, the only one that was a bit more popular was the one that was taken off the shelves a few years ago.”


“Huihui artist, ah, not surprising.”


“Second to understand. What a tragedy.”


“Huihui Entertainment is now holding the few internet stars they have in their hands, and all the other artists below them are just making the wedding clothes for them.”


“Did something happen to Huihui Entertainment?”


“Although I don’t know him, I really like his face! I suddenly want to be his fan.”


“Sister, you want to be a fan of a Huihui artist? Why do people torture themselves, do you want to see the star you like end up being suppressed into a passerby?”


“I like him too! Although the final photo isn’t yet out, this face somehow looks very compatible with Jing Chuan ah!”


“I’m okay, but I inexplicably want to protect him, after all ……”


“Oh, some people are so good at using people for popularity. Meng Jinyu’s new EP is in sale next month, let’s pay more attention to good things, thanks.”


“Oh, isn’t this Fang Lin an eighteenth tier actor? The drama is just small cost web drama, right, maybe it’s just for money laundering hehehehe.”


“Here they come, here they come! Control comment hate speech, although it’s a little late.”


“They are anxious, they are anxious, they are anxious.”


“Don’t worry, no matter how anxious you are, your brother won’t get it.”


“How can a small star be compared to a big star, this small star is really miserable.”


“I need to thank the crew! I was worried about that pot of rat sh!t getting chosen, now I’ll happily jump into this pit.”


“Jump +1, I’ll join.”



“I’m happy again. ”


“Cheering for the small star!”


Compared to the online uproar, Fang Lin was a bit confused.


He didn’t have many friends in the Industry, and his Weibo page was left to Xia Qi, so when Xia Qi called him urgently to come to the company, he found a few “congratulations” posts scattered on WeChat, then he checked Weibo and saw a series of posts, only then did he understand what was happening.


Half an hour later, Fang Lin and his manager, Xia Qi, were sitting in the conference room staring at each other.

This audition was originally gotten by Xia Qi, but he didn’t expect much. He didn’t expect him to be chosen, the company also knew about it and had asked Xia Qi to tell Fang Lin to seize this opportunity.


But they still didn’t intend to help, they told Xia Qi to wait and see.


“The crew is very efficient, in a couple of days you’ll go for the makeup trial and then take the first set of photos.”


“Oh,” Fang Lin blinked and nodded, “Okay.”


Xia Qi was obviously still in a state of disbelief as well.


“First of all, I definitely don’t mean anything else,” he continued after a pause, “but those big fans gave the right information, and I later confirmed that Meng Jinyu would join.”


What was more, Meng Jinyu didn’t attend the audition, but he passed the second audition. In fact, the meaning was already obvious. Moreover, it was just male lead number three. It wasn’t obtrusive to use a backdoor. The team could also use this to build momentum. Everyone in the industry was tacitly aware of things like that.


“But no matter what, getting the role is a good thing.” Xia Qi gritted his teeth, “These days on …… don’t look at Weibo. Meng Jinyu’s fans are angry, they’re probably digging around to find your black history.”


“What black history do I have?” Fang Lin laughed mockingly, he was a little surprised, but he wasn’t afraid of being hated.


In fact, he went to Weibo to check after learning about it.



After all, he wasn’t even popular, being hated wasn’t a big deal.


Xia Qi continued: “It was said that Meng Jinyu’s team even finished the publicity posts, but as a result …”


“Brother Xia.” Fang Lin suddenly interrupted him and asked a question that seened unrelated, “Can you contact Duan Changke?”


“Huh?” The topic was so different that he was speechless for a moment, “Duan who?”


But soon he reacted to who Fang Lin was talking about: “Duan Changke? Who do you think you are? With what identity? He’s not something we can find if we want to.”


Xia Qi looked over in confusion: “But why do you suddenly want to find him?”


Fang Lin was stuck: “Because ……”


Was he going to say that this role may have been given to him by Duan Changke?


If he were to say that, he would have to recount the situation that day.


Fang Lin recalled that day, but didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, he only remembered the faint smell of smoke and his deep eyes.


It was as if Duan Changke had simply and seriously asked a question.

All the evidence pointed to this simple conversation, but that day, their chat was really vague, in case it had nothing to do with him, if he took the initiative to confess to Xia Qi, it’d be too embarrassing.


Fang Lin thought about it, “It’s nothing.”


“You’re not going to start looking for a new agency before your contract is up, are you?” Xia Qi took the initiative to advise him, “Next time, keep your voice down, at least don’t talk about it in the company.”


Fang Lin nodded obediently.


Xia Qi broke down his schedule again, because he had always felt that Fang Lin deserved to receive a good role, he was happy for him. He even planned to go with Fang Lin for the photoshoot.

After all, he still had contacts, when the time came, maybe he’d be able to pull a few more good jobs for him before he left.


The scheduled time soon arrived, there was no problem with the makeup trial, Jing Chuan was originally a very clean and simple role, the crew also said that if Fang Lin was willing, he could bring the clothes he thought were suitable for the role.


The crew also paid attention to the lounge prepared for each character that needed to be photographed.


Fang Lin came early, so the lounge was still empty, Xia Qi walked beside him: “I just inquired, the investor is very invested in this project and came to see the director once today. Guess who the investor is?”


He didn’t wait for Fang Lin to answer before continuing, “It’s the ‘Duan Changke’ you were thinking about the other day.”


“No,” Fang Lin interrupted him, “I wasn’t thinking ……”


“Anyway, he hasn’t left yet, if you still want to see him as soon as possible.”


A few days had passed since he was selected for the role, and Fang Lin had calmed down, so he was hesitant: “Forget it, let’s not talk about it.”


“Okay, then I have something else to tell you.” Xia Qi gave him a browse through his work schedule, “Although their current focus hasn’t changed, the company heard that you got a role in a drama. According to your schedule, several small announcements were inserted in the gap. Have a look.”



He handed it over, and there were some small-cost variety guest appearances on it, which were the kind of announcements that wouldn’t be popular or familiar to most audiences.

Moreover, the program groups itself was perfunctory, and it would very tiring to follow the schedule step by step.


Simply put, the company gave him some “handouts”, meaning, he couldn’t ask for too much.



In the past, Fang Lin would have taken it, after all, he had refused to give up any little opportunity for exposure.


This time he took it, under the gaze of Xia Qi, he didn’t think for a long time, and shook his head: “I want to refuse.”


Xia Qi’s mouth opened wide.


“Xiao Tao mentioned it but I didn’t pay too much attention, you’ve really changed.” He re-measured Fang Lin and said bluntly, “You don’t want to be popular anymore? Don’t want to make money?”


“I know these announcements aren’t so good, but one of them is a live broadcast with products,” Xia Qi explained to him. “So in fact, from the long-term perspective of artists, I personally don’t recommend you to accept them. But the problem is, you don’t have exposure now.”


“This is what you said back then, don’t give up on any opportunity, in case it works out.”



The words were his, but when he fought for those opportunities, it wasn’t much use.


Fang Lin sighed silently.


“It’s nothing,” Fang Lin inclined his head to look out the window, his voice wasn’t loud, “I just suddenly felt a little bit like salted fish.”


Xia Qi frowned: “Then why didn’t you say you want to lie down and collect money?”


Fang Lin answered him with a smile: “Who doesn’t want to?”


“You might as well say you want to find a backer to adopt–”


“It’s not bad,” Fang Lin continued to joke with him, “It’s time to find a thigh.”

“If you can, it’s better to be find one of those cold and ruthless bosses for me.”


Xia Qi was amused by him, “Then why don’t you go find Duan Changke?”


Fang Lin nodded solemnly. “It makes sense.”






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