Fang Lin thought that the other would at least have some other reaction after saying that.


As a result, Duan Changke’s face still didn’t show any emotion, and Fang Lin didn’t know if he had been expecting this answer, he just responded indifferently, “Okay”.


The situation was almost bizarre.


The two people with different status and almost no reason to interact were standing together, without even the basic courtesy, one person said he wanted, the other agreed.


It was so strange.


But the conversation seemed to stop there. Duan Changke gave him a look, and when his people came out, he said, “You can leave first.”


“Oh.” Fang Lin nodded, thought about it and spoke again, “Mr. Duan ……”


What did that sentence mean?



Don’t you think it’s strange that I directly agreed?


Duan Changke lowered his eyes to look at him, silently waiting for him to speak.


The breeze blew over inadvertently, the scent of residual smoke, and a very light male fragrance lingered in the air.


If it was before, he may have subconsciously explained or refused, saying something like “I will fight for this role”, “Thank you, Mr. Duan, it isn’t necessary”.


But Fang Lin only raised his head and smiled at him, swallowed all those words, and then politely said to Duan Changke, “I’ll leave now.”


The other hummed in response.


When Fang Lin got into the car, Tao Le was already waiting in the back seat with a nervous and gossipy expression.


“Duan Changke didn’t give you a hard time, did he?” Tao Le was nervous about how this would affect Fang Lin since he was caught talking about him behind his back, but he couldn’t help being curious, “What did you guys talk about?”


“Of course he didn’t care about that.” Fang Lin fastened his seat belt and said truthfully, “Oh, I just went to tell him that I want the role.”


As a result, Tao Le snorted with dissatisfaction, “You should at least be more truthful next time, and then remember to use a different excuse.”


Fang Lin smiled and didn’t say anything else.


In fact, when he thought about it, maybe Duan Changke was just asking him.



After all, although the dialogue between them was strange, from beginning to end, Duan Changke didn’t explicitly say “you said you want it, I’ll give it”, maybe he asked because he was the investor.


And he wanted it, it didn’t seem shameful to say it.


After thinking from a different angle, he felt a little reassured.


Either stop thinking about this role, or frankly admit his thoughts, no matter which one, it was better than his previous life.

He wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake again.


The next day Fang Lin didn’t think about this matter again, when he went to the office on Monday, his agent, Xia Qi, was organizing his files and information.



He pushed open the door and was a little surprised: “Brother Xia, you ……”


“You really plan to leave your job, huh?”


Xia Qi looked at him and nodded unobtrusively: “Did Tao Le tell you?”




Xia Qi smiled and explained, “I didn’t really want to stay here, it’s not much to do with you.”


The resources of the company were extremely unbalanced, and in order to tailor a new mode of operation for the group they selected, they specially poached an ace manager and artists like Fang Lin and stuffed several of them into Xia Qi’s hands.


Even if Xia Qi was well-connected, he was also responsible enough for the artists in his hands, but he couldn’t fully display his ability if the company didn’t do anything else.


Fang Lin was one of his favorite artists.


Xia Qi generously said, “After I expressed my desire to jump ship, I’ve been in contact with several other companies, but I haven’t chosen where to go yet.”


He sounded a bit emotional: “Do you want to renew your contract with the company? But whether it is renewed or not, I won’t necessarily be able to manage you in the future.”


In his previous life, Fang Lin was determined to renew his contract with the company, Xia Qi jumped ship and went elsewhere, and after he left the company, he was dragged around for a long time without a new agent. For a while, Fang Lin was speechless.


After all, Xia Qi had managed him for a long time, Fang Lin knew that he cared for him, even though his mentality was very different now, at this moment he still felt a little reluctance.


After all, if his contract wasn’t renewed this time, his future would be uncertain, and he didn’t know if he could still be his agent in the future.


Xia Qi patted his shoulder: “Anyway, you can still call me if you have any difficulties in the future.”


“Thank you, Brother Xia.” Fang Lin replied earnestly.


“Okay, let’s not talk about that,” Xia Qi said, “I heard from Xiao Tao that you came back from the audition yesterday in a good mood?”


Fang Lin nodded.

“Just be in a good mood, anyway, as I told you before, just try,” he sighed, “I did my best, I just didn’t expect ……”


Xia Qi’s words abruptly stopped.


Fang Lin heard something else.


It turned out that even the audition for this role was begged for him by Xia Qi, not the last resource the company gave him in good conscience.


“Meng Jinyu?” Fang Lin uttered a name and saw Xia Qi’s expression change.


Then he hadn’t guessed wrong.


It was this person that ended up getting the role of Jing Chuan in his last life.


Meng Jinyu was in a male group, although he wasn’t a top star, his popularity had been quite good, when his group disbanded, he began filming, notwithstanding his poor line reading, his acting skills were exaggerated, he never cried during crying scenes, but that didn’t prevent his die-hard fans everywhere from promoting the beauty of their brother, his fake tears squeezed out for a scene was blown up to the sky and described as ‘a fairy beauty shedding tears.’


During the first audition for “Gentle Moonlight” male lead number three Jing Chuan, Fang Lin didn’t even see him there in person, but as soon as the casting was announced, he suddenly passed the countless actors who had worked so hard to audition and appeared directly on the cast’s character posters.


So it wasn’t surprising that when Fang Lin mentioned his name, Brother Xia reacted.


“You …… know about it?”


“I vaguely heard that there is such a thing.”


“When I got you the audition at that time, I didn’t even think that the audition for male lead number three was actually watered down.” Xia Qi sighed: “I also just found out about it. I was afraid you would be upset, so I didn’t plan to tell you.”


Xia Qi looked at him with an apologetic expression, feeling sorry as he tried to comfort him.


“Brother Xia,” Fang Lin looked at him and smiled, “I’m not as fragile as you think, it’s okay.”


The two were talking when Xia Qi’s cell phone suddenly rang, he looked at the caller ID, he was surprised for a moment before he answered the call, and after hearing what was said on the other end of the phone, he looked up at Fang Lin with wide eyes.


Fang Lin waited for him to end the call, before he could ask, Xia Qi put the file in his hand aside, with incredulity in his voice, and some relief and joy: “They called me for you to prepare for the second audition for ‘Gentle Moonlight’.”


The second audition was improvised by the director’s team providing random clips, there was no requirement to wear makeup, after all, it was an urban drama, the only dress code was for them to dress close to the character’s temperament.


And the second audition would screen out a few suitable actors on the spot, and then more auditions would be done, the director’s team’s decision would be based on these auditions.


Fang Lin didn’t come to the scene early this time, he didn’t prepare more, and didn’t bring Tao Le. When he arrived at the designated location, he saw a person surrounded by three assistants in the corner.


It was Meng Jinyu.


The company attached considerable importance to him, street photography, airport service, nothing was left behind, even to an audition, he brought three assistants, he was like their precious baby.


Compared with Meng Jinyu, who still had delicate makeup at this time, Fang Lin took a look at himself without makeup, and suddenly felt that it wasn’t without reason that he was popular.


It was probably because he looked a little too long, one of his assistants whispered something, Meng Jinyu frowned and raised his eyes to Fang Lin’s direction.


It was too late for Fang Lin to dodge, so he simply looked over openly.


In all fairness, Meng Jinyu was good-looking enough to be a sophisticated model that many female fans would scream at today. Fang Lin smiled at him, Meng Jinyu froze, as if he wanted to frown, but because of his popularity, he reluctantly smiled back.


In his previous life, Fang Lin had a long period of depression when he lost this role, although he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that the role of Jing Chuan was his, he had seen Meng Jinyu’s acting skills, he didn’t think he would lose to him.


And now, he didn’t know who Meng Jinyu’s backer was, but they really worked hard.


There was nothing to complain about, even if this time Meng Jinyu got the role, he wouldn’t be lost again.


For the second audition, Fang Lin chose the farewell scene.


The emotions of this scene weren’t complicated, the teenage Jing Chuan buried all his thoughts, so the audience couldn’t see it at all.


Whenever he saw the female lead, he would wave to her, smile and say, “I’ll go first.”


But this time, he took too long to leave.


Fang Lin felt that he acted easily. Strangely enough, when he didn’t have so many worries in his heart, he was able to convey the emotions he wanted to express more naturally.


After the second round of auditions, he saw Meng Jinyu’s name in the third round of the list of those who stayed for additional auditions.


It seemed that even if he made it to this round, it probably wouldn’t be that easy to change the ending.


Fang Lin thought to himself while he was waiting, what if he had been more frank with Duan Changke that day?


At the same time, he didn’t know where the news came from, but it seemed that Meng Jinyu’s pre-arranged male lead number three role was exposed online.


The bloggers certainly weren’t likely to let go of this opportunity, a variety of posts came up in time.


“I heard that the third male lead of “Gentle Moonlight” is set, it’s Meng Jinyu.”


“There is only one thing to say, his face meets my expectations for this role, but his acting skills …… Ha.”


“Although it’s only male lead number three, the production of this drama is definitely not bad, I want to ask, how does he get such good resources?”


“Yes, I don’t deny his singing and dancing strength, but his acting skills are too awkward.”


“I’m not convinced, how did he get the role.”


“Don’t, this drama production is good, why did they have to add a b*stard to it, if it’s really him, I don’t want to see it again.”


“I’ll wait and see, after all, it was my favourite book, and the male lead number three wasn’t mentioned much, if the main actor is good, I can still tolerate it.”


But the comments of passers-by were quickly brushed off.


“Thank you for casting him. Reading posts is so tiring, it’s better to enjoy the tears of the fairy beauty [picture].”


“I’m melting, I’m melting, I’m the drop of tears.”


“Another round of silly mindless comments? Look at the work before you speak [picture].”


“My brother has been shortlisted for this year’s Qianqiu Award, it’s well known.”


“Keep my brother away from your mouths, the official announcement hasn’t come out. Don’t take advantage of his popularity for attention ~ or you’ll get burnt ~”

“All-round ACE Meng Jinyu [heart] invincible soprano Meng Jinyu [heart] thousand autumn shortlisted Meng Jinyu [heart] popular star Meng Jinyu [heart]”


“Look at the handsome man [picture].”


Meng Jinyu’s team was very good at making a persona and also very good at buying hot searches, so every time there was a topic related to him, it was always lively and powerful, it also showed that his popularity wasn’t weak.


However, as the fight between the fans and anti-fans was incessant, the drama crew that had been quiet, suddenly registered an account for the drama.


Soon, the official page of the crew posted the first content.


“TV series Gentle Moonlight: Nice to meet you, may we walk together into the gentleness washed by the moonlight.”


It was followed by a string of creators in order, from the director to the scriptwriter to the male and female leads and supporting roles. Since the final photos weren’t yet out, and it was only an official announcement, a light and gentle accompanying picture was posted, with the names and division of labor of the production team and the cast team written on it.


In the position of male lead number three, it was written: [Fang Lin] or [Jing Chuan].

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