“I know that many comments online are overly aggressive, but there is no need to care too much, it is expected that the director chose you, because you are really suitable for this role.” The staff in the distance began to prepare, Chu Chen then patted Fang Lin’s shoulder, “act well, this drama will slowly get better later.”



Fang Lin stood in the same place, holding the drink bought by the other in his hand.



The phone in his pocket vibrated, he took it out, it was a message from Duan Changke.


The other replied with a “hmm”, nothing else.



It was a reply to his morning message about going to the set.


Fang Lin stared at the phone screen for a long time, until his eyes were a bit sore.



Was it really because he acted well?



He didn’t know.


He could feel Chu Chen’s goodwill, but was too timid to respond.



He wanted to tell Chu Chen that he didn’t choose section A because he was completely unprepared after coming back from rebirth and gave up and chose one that looked a bit easy?


And him getting the role wasn’t based on strength, the night he slept with Duan Changke for the first time, Rong Jiu said half of what he said.



If there was no Duan Changke, he might still be struggling now, just like before.



Fang Lin lowered his head and smiled faintly.


The first scene of the day would soon begin, Tao Le walked over to get his phone for him.



The little fatty ate the cake that Chu Chen bought and smiled so much that he couldn’t see his teeth, he didn’t know what was going on, he only felt that the little artist he had been with for a long time was going to be popular and was happily dreaming.



Fang Lin handed him the phone for safekeeping and didn’t hold back, he reached out and gently hit his forehead.



Tao Le jumped, reflexively took two steps back, and turned back discontentedly: “What are you doing?


Fang Lin coughed: “Nothing. Itchy hands.”


That’s it, he thought.



Anyway, he got it, it didn’t matter how.


Why should he always feel guilty, what did he do wrong?


If he didn’t act well, he’d get scolded, if he acted well, he’d be praised.



Anyway, it was all his.


Just now Chu Chen said that Director Rong wasn’t in a good mood these days, Fang Lin didn’t understand, but as a result, he understood after the first scene.


Jiao Ze, male lead number two, didn’t perform satisfactorily when he read the script last time. This time, he had a lot of scenes with Lan Peirou, so he was inevitably nervous when he was in position



Director Rong came dressed casually, his hair was also a bit messy, seeing Jiao Ze standing aside, he also went up and patted his shoulder reassuringly: “Xiao Jiao don’t be nervous, Just act out what he told you that day. If it’s a big deal, just practice more.”



But Jiao Ze didn’t seem to be comforted, he just nodded: “Okay, Director Rong.”



Fang Lin didn’t have a scene now, so he stood aside and watched.



As a result, in less than ten minutes, Rong Jiu’s voice rang through the set.



“Jiao Ze! What’s the matter with your feelings? Let your eyes be affectionate, don’t act like you hate the female leader! Cut! Do it again!”



“Don’t look at me! Look at the heroine! The heroine! Cut!”



“Why are you so stiff? She doesn’t know what happened back then! You are an unknown admirer! Are you going to give the audience spoilers?! Cut –”


“Be affectionate but restrained! Be restrained! Don’t be so oily in your expression management! Cut!”


Director Rong casually took a piece of paper and rolled it up, so anxious that he went straight to them: “Look at me! Imagine that I am the person who saved you! Imagine that I was the one who saved you! Alas, why do you look at me so well? ”



At any rate, Jiao Ze was also selected in a serious audition. He was trained in public and his face turned red. He was somewhat embarrassed, but he still cooperated obediently. He was satisfied after taking ten shots and cut to the next scene.



The next scene was Chu Chen’s, who looked him from the other side of the room. Although his performance was better than Jiao Ze’s, he couldn’t avoid being yelled for a long time when some details we’re answered properly, although his performance was better than Jiao Ze, but he didn’t get some details right and was inevitability yelled at by Ring Jiu.



Even Lan Peirou wasn’t spared, she was an actress after all, and she managed to keep her temper for a long time, but she wasn’t vague about the details. As long as she met the requirements, no one said anything.


Tao Le looked at her and felt that everything in his hands was no longer fragrant. He carefully pulled down Fang Lin’s clothes and said worriedly, “Ah Lin, if you’re scolded later, don’t take it personally. Don’t be affected by your mentality. If you are nervous, your performance will be worse…”


“Don’t you trust me?” Fang Lin looked at the nervous Tao Le, he was very calm, even a little excited.



He didn’t care much about face, he just wanted to act.


Someone would stare at every detail and keep helping him improve to make it better; instead of being ignored.



Fang Lin stood in front of the set, waited for the field note board to fall, and began acting——



The place where this happened was in the school, which seemed ordinary.



It was still the same classroom that hadn’t changed much from before the scene where Ji Haiyao met Jing Chuan by chance when she was leaving school with Jing He. The difference was that this was the second time Jing He had experienced such a scene.


His life was played backwards, everyone passes by him like a template and a passerby, while he had to start over again and again to find a way to break the curse.



The last time he was a stubborn, headache-inducing problem student, this time he panicked like he had lost his soul, couldn’t believe that time had started over, and blocked Ji Haiyao directly on the way to school.



Chu Chen’s face was filled with teenage trepidation and uncertainty. He still couldn’t adjust to the fact that he had already finished his graduation exams yesterday, and he had only quarreled with Ji Haiyao, so how did time rewind to a year ago?


But he didn’t know if Ji Haiyao’s time had also been rewound, so he could only walk over to the other side, curtailing his first flamboyance and communicating with her almost a bit carefully – the ending, of course, was that he was the only one trapped in time.


The post-production would edit this segment into an overlapping flashback with the trio’s real first encounter, both deepening Jing He’s persona and enriching the overall plot setting.



Later, Jing He would experience more than one such “first encounter”, his state of mind would change step by step, from the test, struggle, discouragement, breakdown, to finally he just stood here, and began to weep.



This part needed to be shot for a long time, which was a great test for the actor’s acting skills. For Ji Haiyao and Jing Chuan, it was only necessary to respond to each change of Jing He.


Apart from Jing He, this was still the first time Jing Chuan and Ji Haiyao met. It seemed that neither of them had changed. Jingc Cuan, like the first time, called her “Sister Yao” shyly and expectantly.

Chu Chen was the main character in this scene. In some aspects of expression and movement control, Rong Jiu had been picking up details again and again. If he wasn’t satisfied with Rong Jiu, he would stop directly and tell him to start again. When he was talking about the play, Lan Peirou was gentle and Fang Lin was also listening. After a long time, he also talked about the two of them in passing. After confirming that they were all absorbed, he continued.



So the shooting time was stretched to a long time, in order to pick up the line of editing and makeup, when it all finished, it was evening again.


In the evening there were night scenes, according to the plan they could rest for two hours before continuing, the crew had also long prepared dinner, the actors could eat as soon as their scene ended.



Fang Lin was afraid of getting his clothes dirty, so he asked Tao Le to bring a thin coat and put it on. Then he took his own food to eat.


Because the night scenes were still just the three of them, they just got together for dinner. Chu Chen’s personality was compatible with everyone. Lan Peirou was also easy-going and not tired of getting along. Female stars were always very strict with figure management. Fang Lin watched her nibble at the vegetables, she hardly touched the others.



When Lan Peirou finished eating, she raced against the clock to pick up her mobile phone and read novels.




As soon as Rong Jiu left the monitor, he was like another person. First, he regularly comforted Jiao Ze, who had been scolded by him till he almost doubted his life. Then he came to Chu Chen and said that his overall performance was good today, and encouraged him to continue doing well in the evening.



Finally, he stood in front of Fang Lin and looked at him with an appreciative eye: “Today’s performance was very good, I thought I would spend some time on you, but the result was unexpectedly good.”



It’d been a long time since Fang Lin was praised so bluntly by a director, he originally prepared to be scolded instead he was given a pile of flowers, he was a little uncomfortable: “Thank you, thank you Director Rong.”



Chu Chen on the side followed by joking: “Director Rong, praise me too!”


Rong Jiu looked at his words and said, half jokingly and half seriously, “OK, let me praise first. If there are too many NGs tonight, I will take them back even more?”


Chu Chen hurriedly asked him to forget it, he couldn’t afford such praise.



Director Rong smiled and looked at him, and when he turned around, he saw Fang Lin who was dazed.



He was originally a straightforward person, he thought of what to say and addressed him again: “I didn’t have time to communicate with you before. In fact, I noticed you when you were auditing. There were not many candidates at that time, and I and the deputy director agreed that you were suitable for this role. Now it seems that we made the right choice at that time.”



“Ah?” Fang Lin couldn’t think for a moment. “It’s not…”


If Duan Changke didn’t find him, would he still get the role?



But he couldn’t say such a question, so the long praise seemed to change to him.


For a moment, he really thought he had gotten this role on the basis of his ability.


Fortunately, Rong Jiu just felt the emotion and didn’t continue to speak.



About the afternoon scene warmed up the field, the night scene was a lot smoother, even Jiao Ze’s performance was better than before, they originally planned to shoot till the early morning but they finished the scenes early.



Chu Chen and Fang Lin’s rooms were close to each other, so they went back together.



Because it was a modern drama, they didn’t need to go to the film city and other places, but this area still had a lot of film and television drama sets and shooting locations, the nearby hotels were also chartered by various drama groups.



Chu Chen walked while checking his phone, then he spoke: “I almost forgot, let’s follow each other on Weibo. Anyway, we’ll take you with us for the follow-up promotions. I’ll add you first.”



Before Fang Lin hesitated, Chu Chen continued: “Don’t worry about other things. My fans are gentle. They are different from… and you can rest assured.”



Fang Lin knew Chu Chen was talking about Meng Jinyu.


Chu Chen suddenly thought of something and stopped walking: “Speaking of Meng Jinyu, I heard about it when I came today, he seems to have a drama to shoot over here in the past two days ……”


He started out as an actor, so he didn’t have much to do with online stars. He didn’t know Meng Jinyu’s origin, but he preferred Fang Lin. Therefore, under the online public opinion, he subconsciously wanted to stand by him: “When I was auditioning for Jing Chuan, I saw that he had a second try, I followed him, and unexpectedly…”



“It’s good that you were chosen.” Chu Chen wasn’t familiar with Meng Jinyu after all.



After Fang Lin and Chu Chen reached their destination, he said goodbye and went back to his room to take a shower, unexpectedly he couldn’t sleep, so he took out his phone and opened Weibo, staring at his new list of mutual friends.


Some people had already found out that the two followed each other, and Chu Chen’s fans really came over to say hello and celebrate, and also asked Fang Lin to take care of their Chen Chen by the way. Fang Lin aimlessly checked Weibo for a while, glanced at the hot search list when he was about to exit, and really saw what Chu Chen said just now.


Meng Jinyu really took on a new role and temporarily joined as a gust. Now he had joined the group. It seemed that he may really be next door to him.



He remembered the Meng Jinyu he met that day, in fact, he didn’t seem bad, he just had a bad temper.



Not to mention that in the end it was him who got the role, it was normal for the other not to like him.


Fang Lin laid in bed, thinking about everything that happened today.



Chu Chen said he was rare, and Rong Jiu boasted that he had talent.



It was as if …… his life should have gone on like this from the start, he auditioned for the role on merit and made like-minded friends.


But only he knew that it wasn’t.


If there was no Duan Changke.


If there was no Duan Changke ……



He was also curious about how Duan Changke talked to Rong Jiu about the role he wanted to play.


Was it possible that Rong Jiu didn’t look at Duan Changke’s face, but really appreciated and recognized him sincerely?



He tossed and turned in bed. Finally, he couldn’t help but pick up his mobile phone and send a text to Duan Changke.



Without waiting too long, Duan Changke called.



This time Duan Changke’s background sound was a little noisy. He probably hadn’t returned to the apartment yet, he was probably at a social gathering.


“Mr. Duan.” Fang Lin listened to Duan Changke’s breathing for a while and asked, “When you offered me this role, what did you tell director Rong?”



Duan Changke didn’t seem to expect him to ask this, and asked back, “What?”



“I ……” Fang Lin hesitated, “I’m just curious.”



“You want to know?” Duan Changke’s background became a little quiet, he probably walked to some place where no one was.





“Fang Lin,” Duan Changke suddenly changed the topic, “Do you still remember, the night of the gathering?”


Fang Lin was silent for a moment.


Of course he remembered, during the dinner Rong Jiu said to Duan Changke, “I really want to thank you for coming on the day of the first audition”, so he was convinced that it was indeed Duan Changke who gave him the role he wanted, so he simply left the table early to buy something and sent himself to the door as a reward.



Duan Changke’s voice sounded a bit helpless: “I gave you the room number at that time because I wanted to explain what happened.”


Hearing this, Fang Lin bit his lips.


“It may be useless to say this now,” said Duan Changke, who was probably smoking had a little fog in his voice, so he sounded a little sloppy.



Fang Lin gripped his phone tightly and listened to Duan Changke’s last sentence.



“So, from the result, you really beat all the other candidates for this role and got it by yourself.”






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