After Duan Changke left, Fang Lin continued to read the script in his apartment. He had a good memory and had read the original work, so many scenes with large lines could be firmly remembered after several times, so the whole afternoon went well.



In the middle, Duan Changke sent him a message asking if the aunt should come to cook dinner for him and tidy up the house. Fang Lin wondered if she would mind. Of course, Fang Lin wouldn’t embarrass Duan Changke so he agreed. It didn’t take long before the aunt arrived.


The aunt was as well trained as the driver last time. She didn’t ask him who he was and why he was here, nor did she show curiosity. She just politely said hello to him, and then calmly began to clean the bedroom.



Fang Lin’s face was a little red, fortunately he slightly organized the bedroom, otherwise even if he was thick-skinned, he wouldn’t be able to face her.



Duan Changke didn’t tell him when he would return, Fang Lin also didn’t ask, he ate dinner. After washing up, he climbed into the bed in the guest room and fell asleep with his mobile phone in his arm.


He took a look at Weibo for a long time, and found that even now he hadn’t even delivered any new works in front of the public, after climbing the hot search list, the number of his fans still rose a lot, and every day there were private messages sent from time to time. There were pure passersby who were curious about him, Meng Jinyu’s iron fans who tirelessly mocked him, Meng Jinyu’s anti fans who kept sending protection over, and there were also onlookers who started commenting, saying that since such a little-known star could get such resources, they prayed to get the offers they wanted.



Fang Lin felt a little amused, a person who got resources by holding a thigh, actually became a koi in the mouth of others.


[TN: Koi —— Lucky Fish]


Fate was really amazing.



He started to get sleepy after a while, his fingers also pressed on the screen randomly, finally he failed to overcome the sleepiness, his hand relaxed, and he fell asleep without changing his clothes.



Fang Lin began to have strange dreams very soon. All the feelings in the dream weren’t real, and they floated in the air. Tao Le cried as he wondered why Fang Lin wasn’t. Meng Jinyu proudly snatched back his role, and his grandmother’s warm hands said again and again that Linlin was a big star. He seemed to replied but he seemed to have said nothing.


He dreamed a lot but slept lightly, so when a sound came from the doorway, Fang Lin opened his eyes in a daze.


Duan Changke was standing in front of him, still wearing the clothes he had left in.


He had probably just returned, he was neatly dressed, but there was another smell on him, probably from socializing or something else, anyway, Fang Lin could smell it.


“Did I wake you up?” Seeing that he was awake, Duan Changke didn’t come closer, but stood not far away.



Fang Lin sat up, his mind still dizzy, and shook his head: “No. What time is it?”



“Eleven thirty.”



“Oh ……” He sleepily rubbed his eyes, “It’s so late.”



“How did work go?” Duan Changke asked him, like a casual conversation.



Fang Lin smiled smugly: “I memorized it all, so I’ll be able to pick up any scene.”


“Okay,” Duan Changke also stopped at that point, “then go back to sleep.”


Fang Lin yawned, then sleepily reached out and grabbed Duan Changke’s sleeve, creating a little wrinkle, “So we’re not doing it tonight? If you really want to, wait for me to ……”



Hearing him say so, Duan Changke asked with some amusement: “I am so thirsty in your eyes? ”


“I’m not doing my duty.” Fang Lin justifiably muttered, “Solving your problems.”


The smile at the corner of Duan Changke’s mouth hadn’t dissipated, he teasingly replied, “That’s fine, go and lie down on the side.”


Fang Lin didn’t fully wake up so he didn’t understand what he was saying. He hummed then slowly lifted the quilt away and put his hand on the edge of his pants. He looked at Duan Changke drowsily: “I’ll go to the bathroom to prepare…”



As a result, his pants were lifted up by the other, and he was pushed into the bed and the quilt was thrown back on him.


“Stop.” Fang Lin heard Duan Changke’s voice and pressed himself against his chest, “Don’t bother. Go to sleep.”


Fang Lin was still struggling with this matter: “Do you want me to warm the bed?”



“……” The person above him was silent for a moment, “It’s 28 degrees today.”



“That’s fine.” Fang Lin closed his eyes and muttered, “Anyway, you think I can’t kiss.”


Hearing that, his lips gently pursed: “So vindictive?”


Fang Lin groaned, he didn’t know what he said: “I’ll practice more.”


“Yeah.” The finger on his lips increased in strength, but his voice became lower, as if he wanted to force him to respond, “You want to practice?”


What wasn’t asked was how he’d practice, and with whom he’d practice with.


“……” Fang Lin didn’t speak.



Duan Changke came a little closer and found that Fang Lin had fallen asleep halfway through his sentence.


He sighed, but he was also glad that the other didn’t answer his somewhat stupid question.


When he arrived, Fang Lin wasn’t sleeping well, it was probably a nightmare, his brow was wrinkled, and he woke up at the slightest movement.


But now it was better, he seemed calmer.


Duan Changke didn’t turn around, he just reached out and turned off the light.


Fang Lin didn’t dream in the second half of the night.


When he woke up and was alone in the apartment, he thought back a little and confirmed that Duan Changke had really come last night.



He seemed to have said something, but he was too sleepy to recall, so he reassured himself that Duan Changke wouldn’t care about such details anyway, and didn’t take it to heart.


The breakfast on the table was still hot, Fang Lin sat alone at the table and ate, he thought for a moment then he sent a message to Duan Changke: Thank you, Mr. Duan, I’m going out.


He didn’t reply, he was probably busy.


Fang Lin had no intention of exploring the other’s work and routine, but he also began to try to accept the current situation with peace of mind. He dialed the number of the driver given by Duan Changke and made an appointment to go to the set in one hour.



The other reasonably considered some details, and arranged a very ordinary and low-key car for Fang Lin, which also avoided some unnecessary troubles.



Tao Le had already arrived and was joking with the staff, when he saw him coming, he started waving towards him, his tone excited: “Just now Brother Xia called me, he said he can continue managing you, is it true?”




Tao Le became even more happy: “Hai Lin really has good eyes!”


Fang Lin looked at him.


Tao Le was unaware of it and continued to express his excitement: “Mr. Duan, the eternal god!”



Fang Lin was about to speak, but decided to hide it if he could: “Yes.”



Despite his cold reaction, Tao Le was still happy and even felt so happy that he was going to invite the whole group to afternoon tea in the next second.


But afternoon tea had already been prepared.



The two groups of actors and staff came one after another during the conversation, and Chu Chen’s assistant smilingly carried two large bags of things and handed them out one by one, Fang Lin said thanks and took one.



The field recorder was always the busiest person, and had already started to coordinate various departments without getting a chance to relax.



When Chu Chen came over with his coffee, Fang Lin greeted him: “How was Group A’s work these two days?”



The two days he didn’t come were mostly the male and female leads scenes.


Chu Chen nodded: “Director Rong is more careful about details after those two days. Sometimes one scene was cut more than ten times, which made him a little angry.”


Fang Lin remembered when Rong Jiu praised him. He couldn’t imagine his anger: “Ah, Director Rong?”



“Yes,” Chu Chen sighed, he came up to him and said in a low voice. “You’ll know later. Anyway, it’s OK to just act your scenes well, his temper comes and goes quickly. If it’s a big deal , you’ll be told something. Don’t take it to heart.”

Knowing that Chu Chen was comforting him because he was a newcomer, Fang Lin gratefully responded. Chu Chen seemed very good to everyone, he was warm and patient, and didn’t take his fame seriously.



Apart from Tao Le and Xia Qi, Fang Lin had no friends. Artists of his time were more popular than him, but he had no such person. He had to take care of his grandmother from time to time. He wasn’t very sociable, so he had hardly met anyone in recent years.


Chu Chen was the second person to show him kindness since his rebirth, he wasn’t the same as Duan Changke, this was a gesture to make friends, it was simple and sincere.



The other looked at the busy set from above and put his hands on the railing, he didn’t look at Fang Lin, but he still talked to him: “In fact, I think you’re very good.”


Fang Lin looked over at him.



“When I first started my career, I was a fool. I was narcissistic and I felt that I could defeat most people because of my professional background. Many times I didn’t listen to others and felt that what I understood was the best.” Chu Chen smiled a little sheepishly. “I couldn’t see anything that came out as a result.”


“When I was studying, I was superficial. Later, I decided to act well and began to observe those who act well in the group. At this time, I found that skill is one thing, talent and empathy are another. Some people haven’t been trained, but they can play any simple role. I realized my narrowmindedness at that time.”



“There is also that kind,” Chu Chen said after thinking about it, “their strength itself is really good, but as soon as it doesn’t get good, the person collapses, their aura and ability can no longer be found. I was lucky, since my debut was quite smooth, there was always scripts for me to pick, but those people didn’t.”



“That’s why I think it’s hard for you.” Chu Chen stretched out his hands and made a gesture of surrender, he quickly continued, “First, I don’t mean anything else, and I’m definitely not being complacent-”


“I admit, I read your resume, the fact that you still held on after all these years is not easy in itself,” he continued as he tossed the paper cup away, “not to mention your talent makes me think you’ll be a good actor in the future.”


“By the way,” Chu Chen said, “I watched the clip of your first audition.”



“At that time, many people chose a strong conflict scene, only you chose a simple clip of very light emotions, the key point was perfectly displayed, I thought at that time, if you finally got the role, I must make friends with you.”


Chu Chen said a lot.




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