Fang Lin thought he had heard wrong.

He was stunned and subconsciously licked his upper lip, tasting a bit of the chocolate he had just eaten.

He didn’t even have time to think about the strangeness of the question, only had time to collect the surprise in his eyes and speak to the man.

“Boss Duan.”

The man gave a slight nod, his face expressionless.

It was a bit strange for two people to stand by the door and talk, and even though Fang Lin wasn’t known, his appearance definitely stood out in the crowd, not to mention the man in front of him whose aura was so compelling that he was attracting everyone’s attention.

  But they barely had time for the awkwardness to linger, when a voice rushed over –

  ”Quickly take your milk tea, it’ll spill -”   Tao Le rushed to Fang Lin with a bag on his back while carrying a cup of milk tea in one hand, and handed the cup to Fang Lin, “I was so touched by you. You’re actually willing to taste the beauty of this world. Try this one.”

  ”Ah, oh, sorry.” After Tao Le quickly completed this set of actions, he finally saw who was next to Fang Lin. He was shocked, his chubby belly tightened, “Duan, Duan, Duan, Duan, Duan…”

Before he could finish, the assistant next to the man opened the door for him again. After being interrupted, the question was somewhat awkward, so he didn’t seem to have the intention to speak anymore. He only glanced at Fang Lin for the last time and silently entered the hotel.


Tao Le finally completed the word.

The two left the hotel entrance and walked outside, Tao Le finally turned his head with a palpitating heart and said to Fang Lin: “Ah Lin.”

  Fang Lin: “Hmm?”

“I didn’t see wrong. Just now, that was Duan Duan Duan Duan …… Duan Changke?”

  Fang Lin: “You didn’t see wrong.”

“He, he, he was talking to you?”

Fang Lin pondered for a moment, he did call his name just now: “It seems so.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys I couldn’t see what was going on from afar…… what did he ask you?”

Hearing him ask, Fang Lin wanted to have a little fun so he said truthfully: “He asked me if I wanted to get the role I auditioned for today.”

  Tao Le opened his mouth but couldn’t make a sound for a long time, and only after a while did he speak, “Who are you kidding? The fact that Duan Changke can remember your name is quite amazing, how can he ask you that?”

Knowing that Tao Le didn’t believe him, Fang Lin didn’t try explaining, he used a straw to poke open the side of the milk tea, the rich fragrance of milk was heavy in the air.

Tao Le used the taxi app, while he bit his straw and listened to Tao Le rant.

He knew why Tao Le didn’t believe it.

Because even he himself didn’t believe – or rather, he was just reacting to what Duan Changke had said.

  After all, that was Duan Changke ah.

In his last life, Fang Lin and he barely crossed paths, but thanks to the company, his name had always been like a thunderclap.

His company was Huiyao Entertainment, which made its fortune from Internet stars. Typically, it was able to push two big groups to popularity. Huiyao, who tasted the sweetness for a while, wanted to take the opportunity to expand its territory and go to the film and television industry.

The result was certainly not as expected.

Huiyao Entertainment did know how to do variety shows, but for other places, they had a few people who were outstanding in appearance but couldn’t act or sing.

Especially after taking on the big head of the industry, Hai Li Media.

  The company was a very orthodox film and television company, which was directly affiliated with the Hai Li Group. Compared to Huiyao, which started out halfway and had more capital than resources, Hai Li Media not only had the strongest capital backing, but also had more than one grade of resources in the industry.

What made the situation even more troublesome waa that the two companies had been minding their own businesses, but in recent years, the Prince of Hai Li Group came directly to take over the company. From then on, the relationship that had been barely harmonious, began treading on thin ice.

The trainees who emerged from the company had several times stronger resources than Hui Yao, which caught Huiyao off guard, not to mention the various movies and TV series projects that were still steadily passing them, putting them in a dilemma.

  The prince of the Hai Li Group, the decisive hand of Hai Li, was Duan Changke.

Tao Le called a car and the two stood in front of the hotel and waited.

Maybe Fang Lin had a good personality and no airs, and Tao Le cared about him enough, so he couldn’t help but ask carefully: “Ah Lin! You’re in a good mood today? ”

Fang Lin nodded his head while chewing the handful of pearls in the cup.

“It’s okay, I’ll tell you, I’ve discussed it with Brother Xia. Anyway, now the company focuses on the top-level stars. If you couldn’t get this role, it’s passed. It just happens that I haven’t officially signed a formal contract, and Brother Xia has long wanted to jump ship. We can  end your contract and find a way in another company.”

There were basically no resources behind Fang Lin. On one hand, Huiyao preferred to bet on their stars, and they didn’t dare bet on such a little actor. On the other hand, in recent years, Huiyao had been really hard pressed by Hai Li, so some people would be abandoned.

Fang Lin later thought, since Hai Li as the producer of “Gentle Moonlight” could give Fang Lin an audition opportunity, it was considered as a “parting gift” from Huiyao Entertainment to him.

  It was a pity that he didn’t see it clearly at that time and didn’t know that the role didn’t belong to him in the first place.

  But what did Duan Changke’s words mean?

  Fang Lin carefully thought back, he really didn’t have much encounter with this high and mighty president in his previous life.

If there had been any opportunities to meet, there was only two. Once was when Fang Lin went to guest star in a small variety show, and when he left, he heard the staff mention that Duan Changke would come to the celebration party tonight, and once was after he renewed his contract with the company, Hai Li suddenly came to Huiyao to talk about cooperation, and only on that occasion did the two officially meet – a formal handshake and introduction only.

But now, he hadn’t renewed his contract with the company, and was unlikely to renew his contract with the company, so it was reasonable to say that the two hadn’t even formally met, but Duan Changke could still remember his name ……

Fang Lin bit several tooth marks on of the straw. Was this a business tactic, knowing yourself and your enemy? To the point that he knew every artist of Huiyao Company?

How could he do that?

  But anyway, the milk tea tasted good.

  He took a bite of another pearl.

  Tao Le reached out and poked him: “Really, don’t be sad, it’s not like you can’t find your next home. Don’t be afraid.”

  Fang Lin saw sweat seeping from the corners of his forehead, probably because he was afraid of him waiting so he ran all the way here. Now he said, it’s okay, we can find a new home.

  Hearing Tao Le say so, he was touched.

  In his previous life, Tao Le had also said the same thing after his audition was unsuccessful.

  But he had decided to do so since last night, the regret of his previous life couldn’t be carried over. Fang Lin blinked: “Oh, then where do you think we’ll sign next?”

His tone wasn’t like a small star but a big star that all companies were scrambling to sign.

Tao Le was amused by his blindly confident tone, but he cooperated: “Okay, then we’ll join Hai Li, the first step is to take this role, and then refuse the trashy web dramas and variety shows and rise to the top ……”

  Fang Lin smiled and looked at him mockingly.

 ”Don’t laugh ah! Didn’t you just say that Boss Duan threw an olive branch to you!” Tao Le spoke casually while looking down at the taxi app, and he even began to bury their company, “as long as you get a nod from Boss Duan, what does Huiyao count for, you will be …… ow- ”

  He was pinched by Fang Lin.

  Tao Le raised his head, and was immediately silenced, his face became pale-

  After all, there was nothing more embarrassing than being caught by person you were gossiping about.

  Duan Changke didn’t stay in the hotel for too long, and soon came out, he was still wearing that sharp suit, there was no one else around, but without the cigarette at his fingertips, he looked a little less stern.

  Tao Le felt like his soul was going to fly away in the next second, he apologized with a taut expression: “Sorry Boss Duan, we didn’t mean anything else, it was my mistake, you shouldn’t have any other opinions about my Family’s Fang Lin …… ”

The phone rang, the driver had arrived, and was calling him.

Tao Le had a bitter expression, Fang Lin gently patted him a hand “it’s okay”, and gestured for him go to the car first and wait for him.

The other nodded apologetically, the driver’s phone couldn’t be left unanswered, and then Tao Le picked up the call.

Only Fang Lin and Duan Changke were left at the entrance of the hotel.

“Mr. Duan.” His tone was much more natural than Tao Le’s, “My assistant was casually talking, I’m sorry, I’ll apologize too.”

Duan Changke looked at him, he didn’t mention the joke, instead he asked a rhetorical question, “Do you want to refuse trashy web dramas and variety shows from now on and pick scripts that’ll make you rise to the top?”

  ”……” Fang Lin didn’t expect him to even hear this sentence, “It’s not……”

“Then you don’t want to?”

Of course he did.

In fact, Fang Lin still didn’t know why Duan Changke remembered him, and why he asked that just now.

Even if it was a joke, after Duan Changke’s rhetorical question, he refused to dodge again.

Maybe this was a new trick of Hai Li.

Maybe Duan Changke had other thoughts.

But for the moment, even though he knew the role didn’t belong to him, it didn’t mean that he didn’t want to fight at all.

Fang Lin laughed softly, compared to some teenage debutantes, he was actually not too young, but his youth clearly showed.

It turned out that what happened when he was reborn wasn’t exactly the same.

So there really was this kind of pie.

Then why couldn’t he grab it?

“Mr. Duan.” He raised his head to look at him, “Does that statement you made earlier still count?”

He didn’t directly ask, if Duan Changke wanted to backtrack, that was a way out.

But apparently Duan Changke didn’t misunderstand him.

“The choice is yours.”

  It seemed that if Fang Lin said he wanted it now, he could really get the role.

  Fang Lin smiled again, a very natural and pure smile, much cleaner than the attentive or flattering smiles Duan Changke had seen all day.

  It was as if Fang Lin hadn’t lost sleep over this drama, and hadn’t worked hard to figure out the role.

Duan Changke asked, he also followed his heart to answer, that was all.

“Then I want it.” His response wasn’t hesitant, “Mr. Duan.”

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