“And then what happened?” He asked.


In the script, Ji Haeyao finally realized something in an exchange with Jing He, and even though she found it unbelievable, she followed her intuition bit by bit to go deeper and find the truth.


It turned out that the gate where they used to separate was the intersection of time, Ji Haeyao went forward, Jing He went backward.


Their time progress wasn’t the same, Jing He repeated their days on campus more than once, but no matter how many times they repeated, they could not find the end each time.


Later the hero and heroine still got together.


But that wasn’t life.


What would happen later?


Why would they regret it?


Was it because of family and friends, or because of the company’s work, or personal feelings?


Since there were such emotions as regret, the “do-over” itself was just a vision. Fang Lin didn’t know what the point of asking this question was, but he thought of him, so he spoke up.


“Did you let go afterwards?” He added, “What was it like?”


Last night was too much, his voice was still mute, so his voice subconsciously lowered a little, it seemed softer, like a kind of tentative inquiry.


He knew that he was now a little out of line, being overly concerned about the life of the golden backer wasn’t a good thing.


But he had just been so badly affected by the golden backer, a little bit of advancement shouldn’t hurt.


But Duan Changke didn’t answer him, he just paused, and continued the movement of his hands.


Fang Lin wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t feel embarrassed, smiling heartlessly at Duan Changke: “Forget it if you don’t want to talk about it, you can pretend I didn’t ask.”


He was originally nestled in the sofa in the study, using his jacket as a thin blanket over his legs, he thought about it and turned down, standing barefoot in front of Duan Changke: “I’ll go warm up another glass of milk for you, do you want it?”


“No.” Duan Changke finally looked back at him, “I don’t really like milk.”


In fact, the reason for drinking last night was that Fang Lin smiled sincerely, so he couldn’t brush him off.

“Oh.” Fang Lin responded briefly, not discouraged, “What about coffee?”



“No,” Duan Changke clamped the collar clip. His appearance was almost the same as when they first met, and his tone was the same. “I will go out soon. If you want to drink, you can get it yourself.”



“Fang Lin.” He continued, “As I said, our ……”


This time he paused a little longer.


Fang Lin was already thin, and his clothes were loose. He had just sat on the sofa, holding the script. When he stood up, he showed half of his shoulders. He looked younger than his actual age. Although he was very light, his body lines were soft. He could imagine the feeling just by looking at it.


Sensing that Duan Changke was looking at him, Fang finally got closer along his line of sight.


“Forget it.” He heard Duan Changke say.


“Take what is given to you, you deserve it.”


“I know.” Fang Lin understood the other party’s meaning and said for him, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


He saw Duan Changke pursing his lips.



“The matter of regrets ……” he looked at Fang Linyi very seriously this time, and also answered his previous question, “In fact, strictly speaking, it’s not a big deal.”


“I should say, it has nothing to do with me.”


He didn’t expect the other to answer, Fang Lin was stunned and looked at him.


” I’m conflicted, I don’t think this constitutes a definition of regret,” Duan Changke’s words were ambiguous, “but like you said, if I were to do it all over again ……”


Duan Changke looked into his eyes, “I don’t seem to have done well.”


Fang Lin opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak.


The other person’s words almost gave him an illusion, as if this regret had been corrected.


However, he didn’t know Duan Changke, and he couldn’t even speculate.


“President Duan, I don’t understand.” He said truthfully.


Duan Changke didn’t speak again, but walked towards him.


Fang Lin stared at him blankly.


He felt that Duan Changke’s expression had changed a bit, but he couldn’t tell what it was.


But he probably wasn’t so cold anymore –


He saw Duan Changke lean down slightly and open his arms to hug him.


The other didn’t hug him last night, but now he did.


The scent of his body was really good, and was different from when trapped in desire. Fang Lin was a little confused, but he still let the other hold him gently without moving.


This was a very shallow embrace, like it was ceremonial, it wasn’t personal or emotional, and it wasn’t reminiscent of those charming intoxicating nights, just a simple gesture.


It was as if it was just confirming something.



“It doesn’t matter.” Duan Changke said.


He didn’t intend to explain what he said before.



Fang Lin thought Duan Changke was caught in some bad memories. Although it wasn’t good to meddle with the gold backer’s business, the hug was too soft, and he couldn’t help opening his mouth.


“I used to have a lot of regrets too.” He moved in Duan Changke’s arms, stretched out his trapped hand, grabbed the other side’s suit jacket without a single wrinkle and smiled, “But now I don’t want to regret it, I’ll do whatever I want, I’ll be happy.”


He was really very happy, he didn’t lie.


Duan Changke whispered: “So you think coming to me made you happy?”


Fang Lin was embarrassed by his question, but quickly admitted frankly: “Yes, anyway, Mr. Duan has a good temper and good skills, so I earned it.”


A soft laugh rang out, Duan Changke wasn’t angry: “You are quite frank.”


Fang Lin’s face was a little red, but the good thing was that he was being held, the other couldn’t see: “I have thick skin.”


The hug was short, Duan Changke quickly moved away, but also gently patted his back with his hand: “Okay.”


The cell phone on the table vibrated, Duan Changke picked it up and looked at it, Fang Lin knew he was leaving.


This hug was like a sign that the two of them could finally face each other and the relationship more honestly. Duan Changke nudged his chin: “Just be happy. Contact me if you have something.”



Fang Lin said “OK” with a smile, and boldly arranged his tie: “Mr. Duan.”




“I’ve already received enough benefits. If there’s anything else you like, just let me know,” Fang Lin said, “I’ll do as I’m told.”


“Okay.” Duan Changke simply responded, saying without much concern, “You too.”






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