Old Wu was the Duan family’s chauffeur, he’d served the Duan family for decades and watched the young master grow up.



Duan Changke had been outstanding since he was a child, and he had been responsible for being his driver, he had never made a mistake in coming in the wind or going in the rain, he was always extremely professional.



He also knew that people sometimes had more fetishes than normal people, which was nothing, compared to those who spent all day being playboys, Duan Changke was really excellent.



So when he saw Duan Changke let a small star into his back seat, he was only surprised for a few seconds and didn’t think much of it.



Until Duan Changke said that sentence.



Old Wu knew that curiosity wasn’t needed for this job, so he only kept his ears open to hear the development.



This boy that looked very young, was actually …… underage?



He was shocked, how could young master Duan be so confused?




It was a sin ah.




As a result, the “minor” heard this sentence and obviously froze for a moment: “Mr. Duan …… you ……”



He could feel his confusion, so a moment later he tried to say: “Your …… it’s so high? ……”




Duan Changke’s playful voice rang out, “Yes.”




After teasing, he raised his voice, “Old Wu, send him back first.”



Old Wu immediately went from the “so not underage” “so he has this fetish”, his thought immediately cut back to work.





Young master Duan really knew how to play ah.




Duan Changke didn’t tease him any more. He was frightened, ashamed and angry. He thought that the driver had listened to their conversation, so he couldn’t enjoy this free ride.



When Fang Lin came downstairs, he finally glanced at Duan Changke, “Then, I will go back first.”



He pulled open the door and got out of the car, he just continued walking, then heard a “wait”.



Duan Changke seemed to think about it and finally got out of the car and walked up to Fang Lin.




“Student.” He looked at the student-like teenager and deliberately spoke louder, “Hold on.”






He held a salve in his hand and put it in Fang Lin’s hand.



Fang Lin’s family lived in the corner of the old city, compared to the surrounding high-rise buildings, his house was so ordinary as to be left behind by the fast-paced city.



The street light wasn’t too bright, Fang Lin silently took it. Now there were only two people, so he didn’t worry about being heard, Fang Lin whispered “Thank you for being willing to send this minor back”.




After saying this he felt he was talking too much and sighed: “Forget it, Mr. Duan, just pretend I didn’t say that.”



Duan Changke didn’t bother with him and nodded, “Okay.”



He called Fang Lin’s name again, and when Fang Lin looked over again in confusion, he asked, “Is there anything else you want?”



Fang Lin was stunned for a moment then he understood what Duan Changke meant.





“I have an apartment nearby, I don’t live there often, if you like it, you can stay there first.”



He sent Fang Lin an address and a phone number on his phone and added, “This is Old Wu’s phone number, the driver, you can also call him if you have travel needs, he will arrange it for you if he isn’t available.”



Fang Lin stood still and looked at him.





Sure enough, after a minute, Duan Changke finally pulled out the ultimate prop of a backer.



“My card.”




The thing in his hand was light yet heavy.



Originally, he could accept taking those resources without changing his expression, but somehow, when the most straightforward things fell into his hands, he actually felt a little hot.



Fang Lin wanted to hand back the card that Duan Changke had slipped over: “Mr. Duan, this isn’t necessary ……”



“Take it.”



Duan Changke’s voice sounded no different than usual, like he was just stating a fact: “Isn’t that what you said, having s-ex is putting the relationship in place?”



He looked down at Fang Lin, but the other party’s expression seemed a little dull, which was rare.



Duan Changke spoke again, “The first time seducing someone, not much experience.”



The tone of voice was the same as when Fang Lin said in his room “first time seducing, not much experience”.




Hearing him say this, Fang Lin finally raised his head and didn’t push the card towards Duan Changke again.



“Got it.”



“Hm.” Duan Changke nodded, “Let’s get in touch then.”






The voice-activated lights in the hallway went out, and the darkness fell without warning.



“Let’s go.”




In a shadow that melted into the night, he heard Duan Changke whisper.



Duan Changke’s voice wasn’t loud, so even the lights didn’t startle.



Fang Lin subconsciously turned his head back and could only see a straight back, but it didn’t seem real.




He couldn’t have a stubborn character and refuse coldly. He had nothing, so he just broke the tension and took it without any sense of shame.




Fang Lin woke up the lights in the corridor with one foot, and returned home after the other’s back disappeared.





To be fair, Duan Changke was considered the most qualified and excellent backer.



If it was a couple, in an ordinary scene like this just now, they might say a few words, kiss, or hug, and count it as a farewell.



But they crossed these directly to the last step, at such a time it seemed a bit funny and awkward.



Duan Changke’s temper was good, but he didn’t seem to be someone who would lose his temper just because of some whim of a bed partner.



Fang Lin thought, “That’s right, otherwise he wouldn’t be the boss.”



–The word “boss” wasn’t very appropriate, but it applied to Duan Changke.



But he felt that he wasn’t wrong.



He almost forgot, no matter how to say, the most essential relationship between the two now, was to take what they each needed, not to mention that Duan Changke was still the one who earned more…



He had to be a better-behaved lover.



He used the day to throw away the shame of having climbed into someone else’s bed, and the discomfort in his body became better because of the ointment that Duan Changke gave him, and after relaxing for a few days, Fang Lin felt that he was now truly well.




At first he was a bit bereft, then self-loathing crept up on him, the non-resistance to temptation, and the untruth of enjoying the resources.



But now it was quite good, although the deal wouldn’t be absolutely fair, but he now had truly a different mentality from his previous life.



On the other hand, it was good.



He went to the office in high spirits, signed and stamped the last signature in the eyes of his former colleagues who were either surprised or inquisitive, and left the office amidst the disgruntled eyes of the legal department.



While waiting for the elevator, Fang Lin also met the former company’s receptionist, she looked embarrassed as she spoke, “I heard you are now shooting with Chu Chen, can you help me with an autograph?”



Fang Lin didn’t promise, and didn’t add the little girl on WeChat, he only used “because he probably wouldn’t come here in the future” as a refusal.



There were too many people waiting for the elevator, Fang Lin was in a good mood, he felt like he could do anything, so he decided not to waste time and simply hummed a song as he went down from the staff channel safety exit stairs.



When he was almost down to the last few floors, he suddenly heard a sound from the entrance of the stairs, a figure wearing sunglasses scurried in, patting the dust rubbed on his body, turned his head –



And they collided head-on.



He had seen this person before.



Fang Lin was still hesitating whether to pretend not to see and continue walking, but the other seemed to react more than him, standing frozen in place, blocking Fang Lin’s way.



Then he’d just say hello, it didn’t matter.



Fang Lin waved at him.



He probably didn’t expect his reaction, after two seconds, he took off his sunglasses, revealing a very delicate face.



It was Meng Jinyu.



Since that audition, Fang Lin had only heard of him on Weibo and in other people’s mouths, the two of them still hadn’t exchanged a word, and at this moment they were alone, it was a bit awkward.




Meng Jinyu looked at him with a little hostility.





After all, Meng Jinyu was a person who depended on his face to eat. He was beautiful. Although his company had created a “brother next door who is full of sense of innocence” for him, there were some photos and specific variety shows that showcased that, but his offscreen personality was extremely different.




Fang Lin didn’t want to stand still. Anyway, he had said hello, so he lowered his head to continue walking.






When he passed by, Meng Jinyu called out to him.



Fang Lin stood still at the sound of his voice, and the line “I don’t need your hello” inexplicably flashed through his mind.




So he looked at Meng Jinyu with amused and expecting eyes.



Unfortunately, Meng Jinyu didn’t know what he was thinking: “Your name is Fang Lin, isn’t it?”



It was a very bad question.



Fang Lin looked back, unhurried: “Isn’t my name tied to yours on the hot search list?”



“……” Meng Jinyu ate a defeat and looked at him discontentedly, “It’s not like my company bought it.”



Fang Lin fervently continued to nod: “Sure, your company would not be stupid enough to buy a bundle that includes Hailin company.”





Meng Jinyu’s expression became more ugly.




He was all dressed up in a sophisticated way, compared to the casual Fang Lin, the two looked completely different.



Meng Jinyu looked a bit unsure of what to say, and after holding it for half a day, he simply spoke directly: “How did you get that role?!”




Fang Lin was surprised, it was finally here.



Meng Jinyu’s voice held resentment and dissatisfaction, plus his tone was a bit high, he hatefully gritted his teeth: “It’s not that you have a backer right?”



Fang Lin looked at him and wanted to laugh.



Meng Jinyu hadn’t been on the scene for long, and he was also young, before after the talent show and variety shows, there were anti-fans that said he wasn’t very good tempered, and was a bit capricious.



Now it seemed to be so.




Pleasure and anger, discontent would come straight out of his mouth, he didn’t care about the consequences.



Fang Lin’s body still vaguely hurt in certain places, there was a bruise on his waist, if he wasn’t wearing long sleeves and Meng Jinyu looked a little more carefully, he could find a little ambiguous marks.





As Meng Jinyu looked at him, his expression got a little worse, Fang Lin could see his obvious anger.



Indeed, according to the direction of the previous life, Meng Jinyu got the role, despite his acting and stiff expression throughout, the whole drama still had a very high degree of discussion, although since then he had a lot more anti-fans, but it still raised his popularity up by a level.



Because of this drama, Meng Jinyu took advantage of the heat to take the lead role in two more idol dramas.



Only now the direction had changed.





At the moment Meng Jinyu was still glaring at him with his big eyes.



Fang Lin decided to give him good guidance.



He cleared his throat, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”



“Who told you that I have a backer?” Fang Lin opened his eyes wide, “I was obviously chosen step by step for the auditions.”



“Impossible! If not, you ……” Meng Jinyu said halfway and closed his mouth.



After all, he still had a brain, if he said more, his own thing may also be exposed, so he could only indignantly glare at Fang Lin.



In the end, he wasn’t too old, there still a bit capriciousness and arrogance in his bones.



“Xiao Meng ah,” he was obviously only two years older than him, but Fang Lin pretended to be old and mature with a more mature tone of voice, and patted his shoulder seriously, “don’t think about those things all day long.”



Meng Jinyu looked at him with a “are you sick” expression.



“Act well and sharpen your acting skills, okay?”



“As long as we work hard, we will all have a better tomorrow.”




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