Fang Lin took two seconds to think about how to greet Duan Changke.



The two of them weren’t too close to each other, so if he deliberately walked over and said “Hello, Mr. Duan”, it would look a little strange.




Probably because he had a weak heart, Fang Lin quickly hid behind Tao Le, pretending to be very serious to prepare for his first scene.



The lines had been memorized very well, this scene wasn’t difficult, but Fang Lin still pretended to hold up the script to cover his face, without distractions, staring at the words that were underlined or marked.



After the preparations were done, the props and scenery were set up, and the scene manager started shouting to get in place with the scene notes, Fang Lin took the script off his face ……


Then saw a magnified Duan Changke.



Fang Lin: “…… Mr Duan good afternoon, goodbye Mr Duan.”



“Hmm.” The other gladly accepted his not-so-sincere greeting, and also thoughtfully opened his mouth to care about his artist, “Do well.”



It was over. Why was the golden backer still filming with the supervisor? Why didn’t Duan Changke leave? He wouldn’t wait for him to finish this scene, right?



Fang Lin began to mutter crazily in his heart, but his head went lower and lower, he quickly nodded : “Oh, oh.”





He looked like a small employee who was afraid to face his boss.



Duan Changke no longer said anything, but also didn’t go, the director team saw the situation and gave him a separate position, he stood with his arms crossed, as usual his face expression was indifferent and detached.



It was as if people like Chu Chen were naturally cordial and good-natured and got along with everyone, but Duan Changke, even if he was always polite and courteous to people and occasionally had a faint smile on his face, it would only make people feel distant.



Fang Lin carefully withdrew his gaze from Duan Changke, and after finding his place, he said hello to his male and female lead actors, and his first scene in this drama officially began.



The plot was very simple to summarize, and also looked slightly routine, Jing He, the hero played by Chu Chen, was a problem student that made teachers and schools very worried. On the way home with the heroine Ji Haiyao, Jing Chuan casually introduced them to each other. It was also the first time that Jing Chuan and Ji Haiyao met.



He had just met Ji Haiyao for a few days and thought that this little girl was really boring and affected his speed of going over the wall, but Ji Haiyao had to follow him, and for this reason, she also skipped the first class of his life and followed Jing He out of school.



But Jing He only wanted to get rid of Ji Haiyao and continued to play with his friends, so he met his good student brother on the way and hurriedly dragged him to get rid of Ji Haiyao for him.



Chu Chen wore a basketball jersey with exposed arms, sweat on his forehead, and walked over with a face loaded with the unique untamedness of a teenager of that age, with a sharpness that couldn’t be replicated.


Fang Lin walked in from outside the shot, but wrinkled his brow and walked with his head down, as if he was thinking about something.



“Brother brother brother-” Jing He saw him, looked back at Ji Haiyao who was still silently following behind him and called out, “Come quickly!”



Hearing Jing He’s voice, Jing Chuan raised his head and was just about to answer when he saw Ji Haiyao standing behind him, who was also looking at him at this moment.



A subtle, small emotion surfaced on Jing Chuan’s face, but he quickly averted his eyes and called out to Jing He, “Brother.”



Naturally, Jing He would not notice this expression, tugging on Jing Chuan’s school bag strap to keep him from leaving: “Brother ah!”



Then he used his tall figure to block Ji Haiyao who wanted to look over, and kept squeezing his eyes down to Jing Chuan to make mouth patterns: “I, want, to, go, play, ball -”



“Help, help, me -”



Although the two brothers had very different personalities, but they got along quite well, Jing Chuan immediately understood his brother’s meaning, “Oh”, he said yes.



Only then did Jing He turn to Ji Haiyao and coughed: “This is my brother, a little younger than us.”



Ji Haiyao smiled gently, she was interested in everything about Jing He, so she also smiled politely at Jing Chuan: “Hello.”



“My brother is very good-natured, he gets along with everyone and never blushes.” Jing He began to praise his brother, “Since he was young, his brain has been easy to use, so I can’t be blamed for my poor performance. The motor cells are here for me, and the learning cells are there for him.”


Jing He boasted again and stopped when he felt it was getting too much. He coughed: “So, brother, you can give her a present today, and you can also discuss study and competition, and talk about other topics.”






On the contrary, Jing Chuan, who was praised by Jing He as “flexible in the head and also smart”, pursed his lips gently, thinking about something, and for a moment his expression was even a little dull, a little different from what Jing He said.



But this emotion quickly disappeared, he reappeared with a smile, the same as described by Jing He, humble, polite: “Hello …… sister Yaoyao.”



Jing Chuan curled his eyes and smiled, asking Ji Haiyao, “Then can I call you Sister Yaoyao?”



Ji Haiyao just nodded, Jing He took advantage of this time to slip away, before leaving he shouted at Jing Chuan: “Brother! Take good care of your big sister!”


“Cut.” Director Rong’s voice sounded, the scene also relaxed because of this sentence, “over.”



“Chu Chen had that scene. It’s great. Fang Lin is in a very good state. Continue looking for this feeling in the next scene. Pei Rou’s expression can be more smooth. Remember that this is the first scene of his first encounter, and pay attention to the next scene.” Director Rong said.




“Okay, director Rong.” Lan Peirou wasn’t a person who talked a lot, but seemed to be very good, she obediently nodded.



The next two scenes, one was a rival scene between Jing Chuan alone and Ji Haiyao, and one was a close-up of Jing Chuan alone.



Jing Chuan listened to his brother and didn’t rush home again immediately, but first sent Ji Haiyao back, and then came back alone.



Ji Haiyao probably wanted to know more about his brother, so from time to time on the road, she asked Jing Chuan questions, Jing Chuan sometimes answered quickly, and sometimes he thought about it before answering.



And Jing Chuan’s last scene was well timed, just in time for the best looking dusk in the evening.



He sent Ji Haiyao away, and only then did he walk back step by step in silence.



The expression on Jing Chuan’s face was light, but the sunset behind him was very thick.



The fiery clouds had a fiery and cruel beauty, tearing the canopy apart and rubbing it together, the light falling inch by inch, shining on Jing Chuan’s face.



The teenager wearing the simplest of shirts walked while a long time passed before he looked, as if thinking of something, towards the place where the two had just parted.


After another half a long time, he looked back, before lowering his eyes and smiling softly.



“Good! Group B, you’ve worked hard!”



“Wrap up today! Everyone go back and have a good rest!”



The set was instantly busy, everyone was cheering and ready to leave work, Director Rong was still watching a few segments of today’s CUT, while others packed up and dispersed one by one.



Fang Lin rubbed his face and let out a breath.

His makeup for this role was very light, the shape was also simple, now this time period was mainly towards the teenage arc, fortunately he was already young, so it didn’t look at all inconsistent.


It should …… be okay.


He walked to the monitor and watched with Director Rong. He was still a bit nervous and forgot what he had worried about for a while.



It wasn’t until he finished reading his part that he felt his mobile phone vibrate.



It was a text message from Duan Changke.



“Still not leaving?”


Only then did Fang Lin react, remembering that his golden master was at least half an overseer and was just watching from behind.



He fiercely began to look around for Duan Changke’s figure, the sunset had not yet fully set, his face with a little light makeup, really looked like a mindless and innocent 16-year-old student.



He tensed up, he shouldn’t have acted too badly just now.


At any rate, Director Rong didn’t say anything bad.


The mobile phone vibrated again. This time, it was a WeChat message.



“Don’t look for me, don’t you want to go back? You can come to the car.”




Fang Lin finally sent a shocked corgi emoji. Then he followed the address sent by the other and walked to a deserted place at the back door of the studio.



He told Tao Le that he was going home today, and the other party had already gone back to the hotel, while sending voice “ow ow ow ow Lin ah hello great” while starting to stuff things into his mouth.



Fang Lin walked over, a car was really parked there, standing next to Duan Changke’s driver.



The driver opened the door for him with gloves on, and Duan Changke was already in the back seat.



Fang Lin was afraid of being seen, so he hurriedly sat up, and looked out the window when he closed the door.



“Mr. Duan.” He said, “You’ve been waiting for a long time.”


“It’s just by the way.” Duan Changke didn’t want to say more, signaling the driver to drive the car.


Seeing that Duan Changke didn’t say anything, Fang Lin also stopped asking.


He was actually still a little nervous, probably because he hadn’t acted properly for a long time, he pretended to be calm, but he also wanted a little affirmation, or praise.


The praise of Director Rong was different. His happy appearance was almost suppressed on the set.



Now this desire for affirmation had been transferred to his golden backer.


Fang Lin didn’t know how long Duan Changke slept today. He was probably busy before he woke up. At this time, he got on the car and began to close his eyes.


His eyelashes were long and fluttered at the eyelids at such times, giving a layer of fluffy fog on the indifferent temperament that he was born with.



Against the burning sun outside the window, there was a kind of handsome haze.


Fang Lin continued to mutter in his heart.



He wasn’t sure if Duan Changke watched, if he did, as a no editing no background sound, he didn’t know how he felt after watching.



But Duan Changke wasn’t an actor after all, he was just a cold smashing money investor, his concern was only how to make more profit, that was all.



So he shouldn’t ask him.


Fang Lin sighed in his heart and intended to take his eyes back.


At this time, Duan Changke opened his eyes without warning.


Fang Lin didn’t expect to be caught peeking, he opened his mouth but he couldn’t say anything.


Of course, he didn’t know if he could call his name, so Fang Lin said “Mr Duan” and politely shut his mouth.



Duan Changke looked at him for a long time, seemingly finding him interesting, then he reminded him: “You haven’t told the driver the address.”


“Oh oh oh ……” Fang Lin was embarrassed and was just about to speak when he heard Duan Changke continue, “Or do you want to go to my place?”


Duan Changke’s driver drove the car very steadily.


But still, he quietly pricked up his ears.


“Ah, huh?” Fang Lin was stunned for a second, “Tonight how-”



After digesting what Duan Changke had said, he shut his mouth violently.



Duan Changke looked at him squarely and waited for Fang Lin to “ah” a series of times before he gave a light laugh.



This light laugh made Fang Lin’s goose bumps rise.




“Duan Duan Duan Duan ……”


Fang Lin bit his tongue, how could he stutter like Tao Le?


“Then, then today.” Fang Lin coughed, he seduced him to define the relationship, so there was no reason to be shy again, “but I have to leave tomorrow morning, I have to go to the company to sign a document.”



A few moments later, Fang Lin calmed down, tentatively, moved his hand with some hints towards Duan Changke.


He came running, so his voice was still a little breathless, his forehead was a little sweaty, he was still wearing clothes that hadn’t been changed in time, and his whole body was full of a juvenile aura.



At this time the teenager licked his lips and raised his eyes to look at Duan Changke.


Duan Changke cooperated by allowing him to squeeze his five fingers into his own fingers, waiting for him to finish hinting before he faintly spoke to the driver and said an address.


“Ah,” Fang Lin said dryly, “Mr. Duan so you want to go to my house ah ……”



“I’ve said it’s on the way. I’m just dropping you off on the way back.”


“Oh ……”


So what did he mean by that before!?


Fang Lin kind of wanted to grumble and glare at Duan Changke, but before this action could be made, he corrected his position and decided to indulge the capriciousness of the golden backer: “Oh, okay.”



Duan Changke looked as if he was satisfied.


Only his driver shrank back his ears in disappointment.


When he almost reached the downstairs of Fang Lin’s house, he finally remembered to take his fingers back.


Now this looked oddly ambiguous.



But in all fairness, in fact, Fang Lin wasn’t repulsed.



He paused, “Then, Mr. Duan, today ……”


Can you give a clear indication of your choice?


Duan Changke faintly swept a glance at the now high school student dressed Fang Lin, he lazily withdrew his line of sight.



“Forget it for today.” His thumb pressed on the corner of his mouth, the lip line was still flat, but his voice sounded a little different, “I don’t do underage.”




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