The actors’ rooms weren’t together with the assistants’. Fang Lin came out of Duan Changke’s place and sent a text to Tao Le with his head down.



Duan Changke seemed very busy, he asked Fang Lin to remember to eat something, but he didn’t say anything else.



The “what is bad” topic also wasn’t mentioned again.



But in the moment when Duan Changke asked the question, Fang Lin had the illusion that his well-acted calmness was seen through.



The question seemed to be baiting to ask him, if he felt bad, what kind of “bad”.



Fortunately, Duan Changke just asked a casual question.



Fang Lin got off the elevator, it was still early, the hotel restaurant was serving breakfast, as he walked to the door, he smelled the aroma of delicious food.



This aroma stimulated his empty stomach, he realized afterwards that he drank a lot of wine last night, but didn’t eat much.




Fang Lin first took a cup of hot milk, drank a small sip and felt that something was missing, and returned to add a little sweetener before relaxing.




He finished his plate of fried eggs and sausages, and was thinking about whether to get another piece of cake or go back to the room, when he heard someone call his name, and looked up to see Chu Chen.




After all, he was the leading actor, and his part in the drama was very heavy. Many of the first rehearsals were focused around him. Today, the first day of shooting, he had to run with Group A first, and then go to Group B without stopping.





He seemed surprised to see Fang Lin: “You’re up so early?”




Fang Lin went to get a piece of cake, as he ate it, his mood also brightened up: “I woke up naturally, I originally thought to sleep but I was hungry, so I came to eat breakfast.”



Chu Chen nodded and took two bites of his chicken brea-st: “I really envy you guys that eat this kind of dessert. If I eat openly, I’ll be scolded to death by my manager.”


Fang Lin remembered that Xia Qi had asked him to eat more. Seeing Chu Chen, who was now painfully fat reducing, the cake in his mouth suddenly tasted better: “It’s OK, my manager… my former manager doesn’t care about this.”



Xia Qi had left Huiyao. It was said that he wanted to find a good company this time, so there was no exact information yet.



Chu Chen looked at the cake in his hand again.



Thinking of something, he asked, “Hey, you didn’t sleep here last night? I didn’t hear you come back.”




Fang Lin looked very relaxed as he nodded: “Yes, I went back yesterday, but I came early.”




Chu Chen naturally didn’t know anything about it. He noticed his clothes, looked at them a little more in surprise, and then looked away.


Fang Lin didn’t intend to go back to his room to sleep, so when Chu Chen finished eating, the two went down together to watch the first scene. After all, he hadn’t been with a crew of this size before, he surprisingly felt a little bit of emotional timidity.


On the first day, everyone attached great importance to Director Rong. Director Rong had a good temper in private, but he changed completely after switching to a working state. Sometimes when he became excited, he was often regarded as the mu-rderer.



The actors and actresses weren’t familiar with each other, there was no excessive friendship or interaction in today’s scheduled show. Most of them were just daily dialogues and script readings.


Male and female leads, female and male second leads.



After that, there was his and Chu Chen’s.



The timeline of “Gentle Moonlight” was interspersed, and the first episode was simple, a casual interaction between the hero and heroine at the beginning.



Chu Chen’s image was very good, Lan Peirou’s acting skills were also very natural, basically they passed in one take.



Seeing that everything went smoothly, the staff relaxed a bit.



As Fang Lin watched their performance behind the monitor, his complex emotions also subsided.




Tao Le sat next to Fang Lin, and kept taking deep breaths.



Fang Lin looked at him as he acted like he was on the brink of death and was a bit amused: “Why do you look more nervous than me?”



“It’s that obvious?!” Tao Le looked back at him, “Hey, I can’t tell why I’m so nervous, anyway, on ……”





Fang Lin used to get small characters, all of whom were ruthless tool people with imperfect backgrounds. It wasn’t difficult to act.




But even so, Tao Le didn’t leave him to go to more popular artists. He just kept thinking that he would become popular.



Tao Le smiled proudly, “Well, I’m not nervous. I’ll be an assistant to a popular artist later. Tell you, I’ll hold onto your autographs until they realize the importance of those papers!”



“By the way,” Tao Le thought of his business, “you are in group B right? The two days shooting progress shouldn’t be rushed, so while you’re still in the city, you still have to sign that contract at Hui Yao company, even if it is really to release all relations.”



“Oh.” Fang Lin nodded casually, “I’ll go later.”



Tao Le looked back at Fang Lin and finally found something wrong: “Wait, what’s wrong with your clothes?”



Fang Lin said dryly, “New clothes, what’s wrong?”


He also subconsciously dodged back a little, so that Tao Le didn’t accidentally pull the clothes and see something.



“It’s so precious that I’m not allowed to touch? How come I haven’t seen you wear it? No, not this problem,” Tao Le came closer, confirming what he was wearing, “you don’t have so much money. This is a JP custom model, right? You’re ……”



Many big brands would have contacts with artists and take the initiative to cooperate when new products were released, so that both sides could mutually benefit and be happy. But if you wanted to get those products, it wasn’t just a matter of money, it was more of a channel, Tao Le didn’t think Fang Lin would squander a large sum of money to buy clothes.



Knowing that he misunderstood, but Fang Lin couldn’t say the truth, so he simply bit the bullet and didn’t answer.



The deposit given by the crew contract wasn’t much, Tao Le only muttered such a sentence, but he didn’t interfere. During the break, Fang Lin looked at the logo inside the cufflinks, and his thoughts couldn’t help but drift elsewhere.



He didn’t know what Duan Changke was doing, if he was gone, if he was still around.



He felt that Duan Changke was very contrasting in some ways, at a glance he looked very reserved, making people reluctant to talk to him because of his aura, but after a brief exchange, he didn’t think so.



He looked indifferent but he wasn’t indifferent.



This was a very awkward definition.


However, he couldn’t say clearly where there was a problem.



Just thinking like this, his phone vibrated and a strange message popped out.



“This is my private number.”



Fang Lin stared at that message for a long time.



It turned out that the number given by Duan Changke before wasn’t even a private number.



He tried to reply.


“It’s saved, Mr. Duan.”



He ignored it.


It seemed that he probably didn’t want to waste time on useless social replies.



But Fang Lin’s heart itched, or maybe Duan Changke’s smile was too gentle in the morning, so he started typing again.



Sending text messages was a little weird, and as habit would have it, Fang Lin cut to WeChat and started sending Duan Changke emojis.



It wasn’t crossing the line to just ask a normal question anyway, he thought.



“Have you gone back yet?”


“Not yet.”


“Are you still going back today?”





“So are you busy today?”




“Sorry, Mr. Duan, I won’t bother you!”



Fang Lin felt quite bored, but then he was curious about what his golden backer looked like when he used emojis.



He found that he wasn’t sad now.




Since they had confirmed the relationship.



Then enjoy it and lie down happily.




He wouldn’t cross the line, not having to think about it was quite good.




Duan Changke didn’t reply for a long time. Just as Fang Lin was wondering whether he was wrong about Duan Changke and he was actually a president with a bad temper, his phone rang.



The number was still the same private number that he just texted him with.



Fang Lin was shocked and thought to himself, “Is this relationship going to end so quickly?



He hurriedly stood up and looked for an empty corner.



“Fang Lin.” Duan Changke’s background was quiet, like he was in a room or in a car, and his voice didn’t sound angry or impatient, he just asked a very straightforward question, “Is your body okay?”



“…… quite, quite good,” he couldn’t tell if Duan Changke was really concerned for a while, he could only answer truthfully, “Thank you.”



If he had known, he wouldn’t have texted him so much.



“What do you want?” Fortunately, Duan Changke also just asked a question.







He was on set, he felt a little emotional so he sent a text.


Of course, Fang Lin couldn’t not respond.


He casually responded, “That is… I will go back to the city later. I wanted to ask if you can drop me on the way.”



As a result, Duan Changke agreed simply: “OK. When?”


Fang Lin said, “Tonight? I have an evening scene. I can go back after it. I need to do something tomorrow.”






“Thank you, Mr. Duan.” Fang Lin thanked him respectfully and waited for him to hang up.



As a result, both sides were silent for ten seconds, and no one spoke.


Fang Ling felt a little embarrassed, but there was a little smile in the voice of the cold president. The natural coldness disappeared somehow: “Why, what else do you want?”


He never thought that Duan Changke interpreted his failure to hang up as a need to say something else, and even though he knew that it was a call, he began to shake his head: “No, no, no, no! See you later!”



At the moment he hung up, Fang Lin suddenly felt sublimated.



Oh my God.



He actually dared to hang up on the golden backer!



Fang Lin was in a good mood all afternoon, just when he was called by the make-up artist to get ready, he was still wondering why Duan Changke hadn’t given him the driver’s contact information, and how he could contact him later.



But when he came out of the dressing room and just walked to the venue, he suddenly saw a tall man standing next to the director’s monitor.



After all, the investor came to inspect, even if there were only one or two scenes left before closing, the atmosphere on the set was very active, they probably wanted to show that his investment was worth it.



But Fang Lin still felt his eyes on him.



It was again different from the stare-off across the seating area a day earlier.



He looked over from a distance, although he and Duan Changke still didn’t communicate much, and he also didn’t know him well enough, but there was always an unspoken subtlety between the two.



Duan Changke looked over with little change in expression, Fang Lin’s side also had a lot of people, behind him was Chu Chen, on the right was the female lead.



But Fang Lin just felt that Duan Changke was here to see him.



It couldn’t be.


He just hung up the call.


It wasn’t so …… personal that he came to the door, right?




He definitely wasn’t that free.





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