Fang Lin didn’t know when he woke up.



Probably because the air conditioning was too low, after it was over, he seemed confused and felt cold, his body subconsciously shrank.



He felt a heat source approach him and quickly leave again before he was wrapped up in the covers and regained warmth.



This time he finally slept well, so peacefully that he didn’t even dream.



By the time he woke up a second time, it was just dawn.



He took a few seconds to review what had happened a few hours earlier.



Duan Changke’s encroachment was like a mountain fire that wouldn’t burn out, Fang Lin was caught in it, falling into a hopeless abyss wrapped in crimson sky and pungent smoke, he had no room to resist, tilting his neck to breathe heavily, only he could let him seize the oxygen to survive.



But this mountain fire wasn’t all torment.



Fang Lin tried hard to make his first performance not so raw, but then he also had fun, some of the original pretend response gradually began to change, like a moth, he fell into this mountain fire, burned his wings to ashes, and was no longer under his own control.


He also began to tentatively cater, in the quiet early hours of the morning, making some sounds that made him blush.


So that was why when Duan Changke came back, he didn’t push him away even though he was exhausted.


Fang Lin rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up.



The hotel bed was large, and the temperature around him had long since become cold. Fang Lin hugged his knees under the covers and yawned with red eyes.



The meeting area and the bed weren’t far apart, not far from the light is on, he went over and saw Duan Changke sitting at the desk fully dressed, he already started working.



The rustling of the quilt probably attracted his attention, Duan Changke followed the sound and looked over, then he also reached out to dim the lights a bit.



“Duan ……” Fang Lin wanted to call him, he let go of the hands wrapped around his body, but the quilt fell down with his movement, his self considered wretched appearance was exposed in front of Duan Changke.



He wasn’t wearing any clothes except the chest full of marks left by the other, Duan Changke was very careful, he even deliberately avoided his neck and shoulder.




Fang Lin’s skin was delicate and white, it was extremely easy to leave traces.




Therefore, a small pinch mark that was irrelevant to ordinary people could stay on his skin for a long time.




He was very thin, but not just alarmingly thin, his body lines was good-looking, especially the waist that still held Duan Changke’s fingerprints.



And compared to Fang Lin, Duan Changke had cleaned up properly, his clothes were changed, and he was back to his usual appearance, as if the person who silently left traces on his body last night wasn’t him.



What was even more frightening was that with his movements, there was suddenly a strange feeling below.



Seeing Fang Lin’s frozen expression, Duan Changke’s eyes didn’t stay on him more, he was still calm, he just slightly inclined his head: “You fell asleep last night so I couldn’t touch you, I didn’t clean up.”



“No, it’s fine,” Fang Lin gritted his teeth, casually pulling a piece of clothing to hastily cover his body and stood up, with a red face, he went past Duan Changke to the bathroom.



Fang Lin stayed in the bathroom for a long time, so long that Duan Changke also politely came over and knocked on the bathroom door, asking if he needed help.



His gentlemanly attitude at this moment was in stark contrast to a few hours ago, and thinking about it, the tip of Fang Lin’s ears even turned red, he quickly shouted while getting it out, “I’ll do it myself!”



Duan Changke didn’t insist.



Another twenty minutes passed before Fang Lin dawdled to open the bathroom door and peeked out from inside: “That, Mr. Duan ……”





Fang Lin looked at the shirt that he had bitten and was crumpled, he couldn’t help but remember what Duan Changke did last night: “Do you have any extra …… clothes ……”



He wanted to call Tao Le, but if he did now, there would be no need to explain at all, he would know everything.



Although Tao Le had always made jokes, if he found out about it abruptly, he may immediately shout and jump down from the building because he had never been serious about that.



Duan Changke understood, he asked him to wait, then he returned a few moments later, holding clothes that were his size: “Earlier I asked someone to send clothes, along with the approximate estimate of your size, take a took.”



“Thanks.” Fang Lin took it.



Duan Changke was probably really busy, Fang Lin doubted that he always slept for an hour or two before coming out to work.



And it seemed that his secretary must have been here. Fang Lin thought of He Cong, Duan Changke’s secretary. Every time the other looked at him, he had a clear but unspoken look. It made him feel guilty.



Besides these, he had other things to say and ask.



For example, how about yesterday’s experience? It depended on Duan Changke’s thoughts.




Fang Lin straightened his position and found that only the last of the above questions could be asked.


Finally he walked out of the bathroom wearing the clothes prepared by Duan Changke, without saying a word.



Fang Lin walked back to the bed and sat down, he sniffed the air, then he stood up again and silently moved to the side of the sofa.


He opened his phone, he was in group B. It was still early so there was no rush.


He was a little thirsty and his throat was on fire, so he yawned and walked to the small refrigerator on the side to find something to drink.



There were many things in the small refrigerator, and the variety was abundant. Fang Lin was thinking about what to take when he heard Duan Changke’s footsteps and casually asked, “Mr. Duan, what can I get for you?”


“Ice water.”


Fang Lin picked a bottle of iced water with the most modern-looking packaging and handed it over, while he took a can of bitter coffee.


Duan Changke saw what Fang Lin was holding when he took it and raised an eyebrow, “This might not be too good to drink.”



“It’s fine,” Fang Lin opened it and took a sip, it was nearly being bitter to the point of frowning, “the other ones in the fridge are too sweet.”


Duan Changke faintly looked at him and didn’t ask again.


His cell phone rang, Fang Lin heard him answer then hang up.



This call made him belatedly realize that he actually shouldn’t stay here for too long.



If the relationship between them was unclear a day ago, he should set his position and thoughts straight now.


After all, it was him who was sitting on the fence.



They didn’t have to be like normal couples who separated s-ex from love, didn’t have to think about being sincere or fake, didn’t have to worry about something nebulous, and didn’t have to sympathetically hold and warm up to each other and say either sed-uctive or ridiculous love words.



“Mr. Duan,” Fang Lin cleaned himself up as well before he spoke to Duan Changke, “Then if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to my room first.”



He smiled openly, and there was a very pure innocence in his smile, as if the wreckage on the bed and carpet had nothing to do with him, he just watched it all with cold eyes, and didn’t feel the least bit shameful about his own initiative to seduce.


“Fang Lin.” Duan Changke called out, “Do you feel relieved now?’


He didn’t say it explicitly, but Fang Lin still understood it quickly.


“Well, thank you, Mr. Duan,” his voice was relaxed, “I got what I wanted.”



Fang Lin walked towards the door under Duan Chanke’s watchful eyes.



His footsteps seemed quite steady, but when he turned around, his steps were just a little bit bigger, and he stumbled and fell to the ground, and a dull pain in some parts came up, causing him to hiss.


Duan Changke reached out to help him, the expression on his face finally changed a little.



After all, he was at least the one who caused Fang Lin to almost be unable to walk.



“Thanks.” Fang Lin turned back, pressing his waist, which was a bit sore and soft because of the twist, and he even joked with Duan Changke, “Don’t worry, Mr. Duan, I’m not that delicate.”



“But I suddenly remembered, the relationship has been confirmed, so now you are at least my real golden backer?”



This question was a bit strange, but Duan Changke still hummed in response.



Duan Changke glanced at Fang Lin with some uneasiness, he did it too hard yesterday, he wasn’t without responsibility: “If you really don’t feel well, take a day off first.”



Not to mention that yesterday he also drank so much wine.



Fang Lin, on the other hand, continued to smile at him with his head tilted: “It’s okay.”



He sounded light and carefree.



“By the way.” He put his hand on the door handle and asked Duan Changke jokingly before leaving, “That part that always made me so miserable ……”



He blinked as he asked him, his expression was exactly the same as yesterday when he asked him for “s-ex”.


The deliberately frivolous tone, and clear and clean voice.



“Will you be nice to me after I’m with you?”


The word “nice” was accented.



But Duan Changke didn’t answer immediately.



He seemed to be thinking about something, and only after a few moments did he raise his eyes to look at Fang Lin and meet his eyes.



“Then what is considered ‘bad'”?


Fang Lin was stunned for a moment, probably not expecting Duan Changke to ask this question.



It seemed that he needed to explain the definition of “bad”.




He didn’t know how to answer for a while.



But Duan Changke seemed to be just asking casually, and when he didn’t say anything, he smiled lightly again, came over and rubbed Fang Lin’s head like he did in the office.



“Forget it,” he said, “go down now, don’t let anyone see you.”



“I will be nice to you.”




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