C98 — [4.11 — The Shelter]

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On television, in a shaky picture.

The bloo*d-stained scalpel and the pale fingers holding the scalpel flashed one after another.


There was also a pleasant smile at the corner of the man’s mouth.

It was also the first time that Xi Han saw himself so clearly in front of the operating table.

Pale, sickly, horrible.


In the next image, someone was asking the man in uniform in front of the camera why he enjoyed dissecting monsters.


“If I have to say, the feeling of cutting open a monster’s chest with my own hands is mesmerizing, and the crushing of the internal organs is intoxicating. There are so many reasons…”


The man wrinkled his brow in thought, the slightly troubled expression on his face giving the impression that he was just talking about a trivial matter rather than a bloo*dy dissection.


–Wouldn’t you feel sorry for monsters in human form? They look so much like us.


“But aren’t they still monsters?”

In the picture, the man’s amber eyes looked over, and the smile on his handsome face gave off a sunny feeling.


It inexplicably sent a chill through the cold light of the image.

— Even if they were formerly humans?



The man couldn’t help but burst out laughing, as if he had heard something extremely funny and couldn’t control it.


It took a long time for it to stop.


Then he began to talk in an expectant tone, “Dissecting the monster that the person in your mouth has turned into may feel better compared to a simple monster?



“But there might not be any difference; after dissecting it and revealing its innards, it would all be just as disgusting.”



“Don’t those guys in society who talk about monsters being pitiful and want to give them a hug really feel disgusted?”



They aren’t disgusting.


They’re even pitiful!


The person outside the screen refuted the man’s disparagement.



And in response, the man just looked at the camera nonchalantly, his voice calm.



“…… It looks like you’re the kind of person who would cuddle up with monsters, but it’s still disgusting.”



“Whether it’s you or the monster, it’s all disgusting.”





The picture on the TV was paused.


It was Xi Han who paused the TV.

His pupils trembled, not daring to turn around to look at Jiu Shu’s expression.


He wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain.


The person in the video was indeed him.


Every word was also from his own mouth.

This irrefutable evidence was seen by his lover.


Each scene was filled with his extremely derogatory portrayal of monsters.


“It’s not like that…”

Xi Han’s face was a little pale; he tried his best to explain, “That was when we weren’t together yet.”

To be exact, it was a year ago when the trend of protecting monsters in society was rising.

At that time, many of the scientific research supervisors on the base’s side were pulled by their superiors to give media interviews in an attempt to salvage the base’s reputation.


After all, there were a lot of rumors on the outside world’s network at that time.


Describing the third experimental base as a dragon’s den, saying that it was filled with some terrifyingly dangerous scientists.


The interior of the base was filled with human remains, and the scientists were all stained with human blo*od.


It was said that they were not serving the interests of humans at all but were only secretly conducting all kinds of human experiments for the interests of the plutocrats.


Turning humans into monsters and using monster research as an excuse to numb the masses.


They even talked about how horrible they were.

There were a lot of people who believed it.


During that time, every hidden entrance to the third experimental base was found by the citizens.


And they kept coming in groups to protest.


Forced by the situation, the base side could pull them all out to accept media interviews in an attempt to calm the public’s anger.

But the base didn’t even consider that they were just a group of scientists who usually didn’t contact outsiders.


They had no sense of public relations, and they were all very rude when they faced the media.


It was easy for them to say that dissecting the monsters was a commonplace thing, and it did nothing to appease the public.


Xi Han was just one of the more vicious ones.


Others even showed the remains of the monsters on the spot, trying to convince the public that what they dissected were indeed monsters.

They weren’t as horrible and brutal as rumored.


The result was an outcry from the media.

The public never cared about the truth; they just wanted to vent their sympathy, which had nowhere else to go.


Faced with that blo*ody wreckage, they not only deepened their suspicion of the third experimental base but also became more sympathetic to the monsters.


Xi Han didn’t expect that they would have kept that interview video, and now it has even been seen by Jiu Shu.
“It’s not disgusting; I’ve never found you disgusting.”


Xi Han walked over to Jiu Shu, his voice trembling.


He was denying what he said in the video.


As he spoke, Xi Han knelt on one knee by the sofa and took hold of Jiu Shu’s palm that was resting on the edge of the sofa.


Putting Jiu Shu’s soft white fingers completely into his hand, he refused to let go of it by the slightest bit.


He was afraid of seeing Jiu Shu reveal an expression of disgust, and he was also afraid that Jiu Shu would leave him as a result.


So he only dared to lower his eyes and look at Jiu Shu’s fingers, hiding the fear and uneasiness in his eyes.

In the past, he did loathe monsters and never thought that he would fall in love with one.


He even said those words, which seemed incomparably hateful in retrospect.


But the current him was different from the past.

Really different.


Xi Han’s amber eyes continued to quiver for a long time before he heard Jiu Shu’s reply.

His heart felt like it had fallen into a bottomless abyss during this brief silence.


It wasn’t until Jiu Shu took hold of Xi Han’s palm back that he broke the silence that was suffocating him.


A warm, soft touch lingered on the palm of Xi Han’s hand.


“I believe you; don’t worry.”


Jiu Shu’s voice was still gentle, like it was full of honey.


It was so soft and intimate that it gave people a feeling of unreality.


Xi Han raised his eyes and looked at Jiu Shu’s porcelain-white face, stunned for a long time, before reaching out and hugging him.


He tightly embraced the love of his life in his arms.



He should have felt ecstatic, but in a place where Jiu Shu couldn’t see, Xi Han’s eyes were filled with confusion.



Was it really forgiveness?



Xi Han, who was originally ready and planning to give a long explanation to Jiu Shu, was a bit bewildered.


He was a little confused as to why Jiu Shu would forgive him so quickly.

It was as if looking at those images didn’t surprise him at all.

Did he really not care?


Or did he simply not care about him as a person, so it didn’t matter what kind of person he really was or what kind of true colors he had in private?



“Great, you forgive me.”

After a short silence, Xi Han tightened his embrace, and the bewilderment in his eyes was covered with love.


It didn’t matter.


It didn’t matter what the truth was.


What mattered was that Jiu Shu was still in his arms right now, and that was enough.




Jiu Shu glanced at Xi Han and sighed silently.


Well, all the effects of the time spent calming him down were gone.

He had become afflicted with self-hatred again.


It seemed that the inferiority complex of not being able to believe that he would be loved was carved in his bones.


Jiu Shu felt somewhat helpless, so he had to pull out the paper rose that had been held in Xi Han’s hand.


Although Xi Han had been too emotional since he entered the room, he still hadn’t forgotten that he was still holding the flower he was going to give to Jiu Shu in his hand.


He had been subconsciously restraining his strength, not letting this fragile rose be crushed.

“Because I like the gift you gave me so much, I’ll forgive you this time.”


After saying that, Jiu Shu lowered his eyes to look at the paper rose in his hand.


The rose made of paper was delicate and beautiful.

Gently pinching the branch and turning it, each petal would swing along with the centrifugal force, cascading down.


The color was moving and delicate.

More delicate than a real rose.


In this world, he seemed to have more dexterous hands as a researcher skilled in surgery.


It was also more beautifully made, and one could tell that a lot of thought had gone into it.

Because he liked the rose?


Xi Han put his eyes on the rose in Jiu Shu’s hands, and looking at Jiu Shu’s appreciative gaze and loving look, his tight heart was finally a little better.


Being forgiven because of roses was at least a good excuse.

He would make more roses.


That should make him like him more.

Even just a little bit.


Jiu Shu looked at Xi Han and moved closer, his beautiful pupils fascinating Xi Han a little.


“I’m not going to loathe the present you just because of what you said in the past.”


“People change, don’t they?”


He was sure that Xi Han wasn’t the same as the old one, who blindly hated monsters.


“I love you; that will never change.”


After hearing Jiu Shu’s soft words, Xi Han instantly replied in a bit of a panic.

He thought that Jiu Shu was questioning his heart.


Jiu Shu couldn’t help but look at Xi Han’s extraordinarily serious expression.

“I know, because I do too.”

“I just wanted to say that I believe you’re different from what I saw on TV.”


“For example, in the past, you might have seen humanoid monsters and only wanted to put them on the operating table; do you still think that way when you look at me now?”


He should have become empathetic towards monsters similar to humans.


At least not as indiscriminately as in the original work, where he was also full of disgust towards humans transformed into monsters.


“…… ” Xi Han was originally becoming bright-eyed because of Jiu Shu’s confession.


However, after hearing Jiu Shu’s words, he suddenly paused and avoided Jiu Shu’s gaze somewhat evasively.




Seeing this, Jiu Shu raised his eyebrows slightly, and after a moment of silence, he helplessly held his forehead.


So was it that seeing him now made him fantasize about him lying on an operating table?


“Well, I just wanted to say that I’m sure you won’t hurt me.”

After saying that, Jiu Shu came up to Xi Han’s ear and laughed softly.


“And I don’t mind those fantasies of yours either.”


The tips of Xi Han’s ears were colored scarlet and gradually reddened to the roots of his ears.

His hand holding Jiu Shu trembled, and his emotions seemed to have some uncontrollable violent fluctuations.

But in the end, in order to maintain his good image in front of his lover, he still pretended to calmly explain, “No, I just want to remove the locator on the back of your neck after a while.”


In order to facilitate management, all housed shelters would have locators inserted behind their necks.

It could only be removed through surgery.


Xi Han had wanted to do this surgery for a long time now; he didn’t want a locator remaining in his lover’s body that could be controlled by the base at any time.


So it wasn’t that he was fantasizing about Jiu Shu’s cheeks flushing as he laid bound as a shelter on the cold operating table.


Nor was he fantasizing about Jiu Shu’s snow-white arms wrapped around him, his breathing unsteady.


Nor did he fantasize about Jiu Shu wearing a thin disposable surgical gown, his waist hidden, and his white calves swaying with the movement on the operating table.


He was a very trustworthy and upstanding lover.

He wouldn’t be so monstrous after only a few days of being in a relationship.


“Really, I guess I misunderstood then. Sorry, I was going to say it’s okay to really do it.”


Jiu Shu replied as if he were sorry.


At those words, Xi Han’s throat knot rolled for a bit, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.


There was a long silence before he muffled a hum.

Jiu Shu looked at the paper rose in his hand, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but reveal a smile.


What a twisted fellow!

But even though Xi Han was appeased, the changes in the outside world still couldn’t be stopped.


Jiu Shu looked at the paused TV screen next to him.

Although the plot development was a bit different from the original, for example, this speech by the male lead, Duan An, was supposed to be held to awaken the public’s sympathy for the monsters after liberating the shelters in the base.


Instead, it was now turned into encouraging people to fight against the experimental base.

The video that Duan An had put up didn’t only contain footage of Xi Han alone, but also footage of the experiments of many of the ordinary researchers in the experimental base, all of which had been deliberately cropped into the most bloo*dy and brutal footage.


However, it seemed to be extraordinarily hateful to Xi Han, deliberately using a lot of footage that focused on him.


It seemed that Duan An, the main character, who wasn’t trusted in the base after his identity was exposed in advance, was ready to find another way out.


He probably wanted to use the public opinion of the outside world to force the experimental base to step back, numbing them to relax their vigilance.


Then he’d use the remaining members of the organization within the base for internal and external cooperation.


The plan was simple and easy to deal with.


However, in this federal country with universal suffrage, it was really difficult for the base to deal with the public opinion pressure from the public.

If it was only up to the base itself, then there was a high probability that the hero’s plan would work.


But this time, the male lead might not be able to release all the shelters so smoothly.


Jiu Shu narrowed his eyes and thoughtfully looked at the computer beside his bed.


This base’s experimental system was still very easy to hack into, and he was already prepared to intercept all commands to release the shelters when the time came.


At least it wouldn’t be a repeat of the original’s ending, where the base exploded and was buried in rubble.


“Do you want to continue watching?”
Jiu Shu asked out loud as he looked at Xi Han, who had been hugging him and not letting go.

Xi Han’s amber eyes flickered, and his voice was careful.

“Can we not watch it?”

“Of course.”

Jiu Shu switched off the TV.

Xi Han watched his pale face on the TV, his nerves finally less tense.


Then, looking at Jiu Shu turning off the TV and then looking down at the rose in his hands, he hadn’t let go of the paper roses. The corners of Xi Han’s mouth rose.


A childlike, pure satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

As long as Jiu Shu could forgive him, it would be fine.


As for the fantasy about the operating table that was missed just now, it was okay.


It really didn’t matter.

And at that moment, the assistant in the office saw the speech come to an end.

After showing those brutal dissection images, Duan An finally spoke out his true purpose to the crowd densely packed under the lectern.


“We want to protest; we want to get an apology from the experimental base; we want them to release those innocent shelters, especially those humanoid shelters.”

“They are beings like us, with the same right to live!”

The cheers from the stage were deafening.

The assistant looked on in dismay.


He didn’t know what on earth these people were thinking; how could they have been drummed into this state by Duan An’s words?

They actually wanted the base to apologize to the shelters.

Not to mention that the supervisors, who were the top brass of the base, wouldn’t agree; even he felt uncomfortable with such an idea.


Those were man-eating monsters!

The assistant looked at the footage as it swooped away from the screen.

The dense crowd spread from the city center all the way to where the camera couldn’t reach—vast.


The scene was truly frightening.

Looking at everything on the flat panel, the assistant couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.


He knew that the base had been fretting about these things, and they must have been as anxious as ants on a hot pan by now.


After all, Duan An was indeed an employee that they hadn’t fired yet, and the credibility of what he said must be very high in the eyes of outsiders.


Coupled with those videos that were obviously secretly filming the internal situation of the base and the data and information stolen from the base, Duan An had enough capital to completely plunge the base into a sea of public anger.


Maybe they really couldn’t hold on and would have to apologize to the shelters.


If such a thing did happen, Dr. Xi Han would definitely be the first to have a grim expression.


No, it was also possible that he would just ignore everything; after all, he was already mesmerized by No. 301 right now.


He was sure he didn’t care about anything anymore except for things related to 301.


As the assistant thought of this, he saw that on the tablet, Duan An was still speaking.

He was telling the crowd how innocent the humanoid shelters he had seen were.


“The other reason I came forward this time was because I witnessed a young man, who is similar to humans, being held captive.”


“This is a picture I preserved with great difficulty.”

“I hope to save him this time.”

Even if he had to plan ahead for this, he had to save him.


There was absolutely no way that Duan An would watch this innocent man die a horrible death at the hands of Xi Han.


Using the pressure of public opinion now would at least ensure that 301 wouldn’t be ki*lled for the time being.

Soon, a photo appeared on the big screen.

It was a photo with dim light and shadows.

The youth, who had just been rescued from the room, was putting on a lab technician’s white coat.


The skin on the white wrists exposed by the sleeves was so thin that blue blo*od vessels could be seen, and his side face vaguely looked pale under the shadows.


His lips were full and bright red.

Under the neckline of the collar, the collarbone line was clear.

Just one glance made people unable to move their eyes.




The assistant stared at the photo in a daze.


On the flat panel, the countless people under the lectern followed suit and were silent for a while before coming back to their senses.


And yet, they still couldn’t take their eyes off the photo for a long time.


Looking at the amazement on the faces of the people on the tablet, the assistant instantly covered his eyes as if he had realized something.

Did this guy, Duan An, even know what he was doing? Didn’t he know that 301’s ability was to compel?


He actually dared to release the photo in public!


The assistant really suspected that Duan An was a spy sent by the monster camp.

Although the ability of 301 may not be as strong as direct contact after being diluted by photo media, it could still have an impact on people’s mental states.


If they watched it for a long time, there would be big trouble!


The assistant covered the tablet up and shivered, not daring to look at it again.


Sure enough, in the days that followed, a big mess did occur.


Photos of 301 began to circulate widely on the internet, and people frantically reposted them on social media platforms, constantly spreading the influence of Duan An’s speech.


The assistant felt that this might also be one of Duan An’s purposes.


Borrowing the influence of Number 301, the effect he got from that speech was more than a few times better.


It even had a huge impact on a global scale.


However, since that photo came from a shelter with an extremely high danger level, the base side also had an excuse to suppress the influence of the speech.


However, even though the base reported to the higher-ups and deleted most of the information on the network, there were still leaks that continued to circulate in the darknet.


The vicinity of the third experimental base even started to have people constantly stepping on the spot in a vain attempt to break into it and see that shelter in the photo.


The extremely beautiful youth, who had almost become a legend on the internet.


He was said to be the creation of mankind’s beauty to the extreme, an innocent person who was brutally tortured by evil scientists.


The evil scientist who tortured him the hardest was called Xi Han.


It was the same per-verted scientist who appeared in the speech with a gloomy smile while dissecting the shelters.



Xi Han seemed to have become an object of public hatred overnight.


Everyone was calling for the base to set 301 free.


The assistant looked at the messages on the social media platforms on the tablet and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking that it was fortunate that Dr. Xi Han didn’t like to play with social media software.


Recently, he had also gone deep into simplicity and had no interest in attending the base meeting, missing out on the debate about Duan An’s speech in the meeting.


Otherwise, if he knew about these troubles, he would be extremely angry.



“What are you looking at?”


Xi Han passed by and looked at the assistant’s face, which was wrinkled into a ball, his face showing suspicion.


The assistant hurriedly hid the tablet and flashed a heartfelt smile at Xi Han.


Xi Han glanced at him without looking deeper; he just told him to continue working carefully.



Then he returned to his seat and started folding paper roses with a serious expression.


While telling him to work hard, he played around!


The assistant wanted to vomit bl*ood as he watched.

Recently, Xi Han was obsessed with folding paper roses.


All day long, he sat at the table folding paper, even putting aside his work, with an extremely obsessed look.


Occasionally, looking at the folded paper roses in his hands, he’d also reveal a blushing smile.


The more he looked at him, the more he looked like an innocent girl in love.


However, a young girl in love was also the most emotional.


Thinking of this, the assistant wiped away the cold sweat and felt that he must hide the matter of the photo very tightly.


It was fortunate that Xi Han didn’t often come into contact with outsiders and didn’t find out about Duan An and the photos, which were the most talked about in the base recently.


However, the assistant always felt that he couldn’t hide it for much longer.

Perhaps he should give the doctor a precautionary shot before the matter was exposed.


Lest he wouldn’t be able to bear the stimulus and become furious, the one who would be unlucky would be his little assistant.


“Doctor? You seem to be going to 301’s room a lot lately, hahaha!”


As soon as the assistant opened his mouth, he knew he was in a bad situation.


The way he said it, it was the same as suspecting that the doctor was having an affair with number 301.

While it was true that they had an undisclosed relationship, it wasn’t his place to say it.


Xi Han stopped what he was doing and looked at the assistant.


The assistant wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and with a racing heart, he said as politely as possible, “Doctor, I think, I think, monsters probably won’t fall in love with humans.”


“Monsters will only fall in love with monsters, just like humans won’t fall in love with animals.”


“So, doctor, you still need to be prepared.”


Be prepared that 301 would be rescued and would still leave him when the time came.



When he finished speaking, the assistant looked at Xi Han’s furrowed brow and instantly turned pale.


He didn’t know what was wrong with him; he panicked when he stood in front of the doctor and couldn’t keep his mouth shut at all.


Originally, he wanted to be a bit more euphemistic.


As a result, this was close to saying it outright!

The assistant really wanted to hug his head and cry.


In Xi Han’s cold line of sight, he felt that he was going to be stabbed to death by Xi Han in the next moment.


But fortunately, Xi Han just narrowed his eyes, and his voice was calm: “Get out.”




Like a survivor of a disaster, the assistant rolled and crawled away, scared out of his wits.


Only when he saw the assistant leave did Xi Han redirect his gaze back to the rose in his hand.

How could the others understand the feelings he shared with Jiu Shu?

After this period of time, Xi Han slowly believed in this relationship.

He wouldn’t be able to fool around so easily anymore.

What monsters would only fall in love with monsters?


Jiu Shu simply wouldn’t fall in love with any other being besides him, and monsters were even more unlikely!


Thinking of the smile that appeared on Jiu Shu’s face every time he gave him roses recently, Xi Han’s eyes softened a lot.

But even though he said on his lips that he didn’t care, Xi Han still hesitated for a moment and turned on the surveillance.


Right now, only he could control the surveillance in Jiu Shu’s room; no one else could spy on it.


Every time he missed Jiu Shu, he would look at it.


Now it was for the same reason.

It wasn’t that he was disturbed by the assistant’s words.

It really wasn’t.

After turning on the monitor, the corners of Xi Han’s mouth instantly turned up as he looked at his lover sitting on the edge of the bed.


The feeling of being able to see his lover anytime, anywhere was really fascinating to Xi Han.


However, the book said that lovers needed to respect each other, and Xi Han, who prided himself on being an excellent mate, made up his mind.


He wouldn’t easily spy on his lover in the future, and this was the last time.


Because they loved each other, he didn’t need so much suspicion to spy on the other.


Jiu Shu only loved him and would love no one else, nor any other monster.



A strange calling sound suddenly came from the screen.


Xi Han’s gaze was stunned to see Jiu Shu, who had kept his head lowered, raise his hand, revealing a translucent shelter held in his hand.


The shelter was climbing over and over in Jiu Shu’s hand, intimately and happily sticking together with Jiu Shu


Jiu Shu also looked at it with an indulgent expression, revealing the exact same smile he had every time he faced him.



Just like what the assistant said, monsters truly loved each other and were only false to humans.





Jiu Shu cupped the suddenly leaking 175. He paused and looked at the monitor.


“Are you sad?”

Jiu Shu used the computer to communicate with Xi Han.

While saying that, he soothed No. 175 that kept leaking water in his hands.


“Of course not; I’m fine.”


Oozing– As the words fell, No. 175’s translucent body rose up and rounded as if it were trying to hold back tears.


After a moment, the leakage only worsened and kept flowing incessantly.





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