C91 —- [4.4 – The Shelter]

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On the operating table, a viscous liquid different from human bl*ood was spreading, staining the pure white research suit on Xi Han’s body.


Fingers covered in sterile gloves nimbly moved over a slice of sliced flesh and bl*ood until they revealed the internal organs in No. 275’s chest that were very different from those of a human.


Inside the cobweb-like slippery walls of the chest and abdomen was a beating, bulbous heart. With no other internal tissues, only the blo*od, a symbol of pain, gurgled and oozed out.


Each monster’s internal organs were different, but without exception, they weren’t the same as humans.


The inhibitor that could restrict the monster’s ability was extracted from these internal organs.


It was because of these inhibiting factors that humans were able to win the war against monsters in the end.


“The heart is beautiful.”


Xi Han blinked and sighed with a rare exclamation.


Praisingly, he looked into No. 275’s dead eyes.


It was as if the brutal slitting of the abdomen just now was just a perfectly normal greeting.


His smile was even more gloating and generally happy.


The movement of his hands didn’t stop at all, cutting off the tentacle limb of No. 275 that was about to attack No. 301.


It was best to cut off the legs of the disobedient spider.


The skin that had been touched was also the most satisfying when it was cut open.


No. 275, which had been injected with an inhibitor, was in a daze.


Lying on the operating table, it endured tremendous pain and realized that it was about to die.


It could only use its remaining strength to look at this terrible man in front of it.


Its spider eyes reflected the cold white face of Xi Han.


Whether it was the curved amber eyes or the smile at the corner of his mouth, it felt deep fear and resentment towards the human.


It wanted to speak out the resentment in its heart, but when it opened its mouth, only thick blo*od continued to gush out of the mouth that had its tongue cut out.


It clogged its throat, and even its moans were incredibly weak.


It didn’t understand how it became like this.


In its memory, it was clearly testing another human-looking kindred in the room one moment, and the next moment it was lying on the operating table.


There was a huge gap in its memory.


But No. 275 didn’t have the energy to think about the reason for its memory loss.


It was in so much pain that its body was spasming, and the upper half of its body that had been sliced open, along with the severed spider limbs, was conveying an unprecedented amount of pain to its brain.


It was simply powerless to struggle.


“Wanna talk?”


Xi Han regretfully picked up the tongue on the surgical disc and said, “Unfortunately, there’s no way to make a sound.”


There was also no way to show that same piercing smile it had when facing No. 301.


And yes, there were those eyeballs, which seemed to be extraordinarily tiresome when it looked at No. 301 as well.


“Doctor, uh, the internal organs are ruptured… and the brain; if we don’t extract the inhibiting factor, we’ll have to…”


Beside him, the assistant looked at the viscera pierced under the scalpel of Xi Han; his expression was tangled.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that this dissection was more like him venting his anger.


He didn’t want to preserve the valuable organs on No. 275 at all.

In the next moment, the assistant’s reminder came to an abrupt end after Xi Han crushed the spider-like eyeball of No.275 in a bored manner.

Realizing that he had said too much again, he was silenced and dared not say anything else.


Xi Han ignored his assistant.


He looked down at the several eyeballs that had been plucked out of his gloves.
He also looked at the thoroughly dying No. 275 on the operating table.


He suddenly lost interest in continuing the dissection.


So he somewhat tediously put down the scalpel.


There was indeed less fun after the absence of the screams and struggles of the limbs.


“You do the rest; just save the brain.”
The only thing that had the most research value in this psychic aspect of the shelter was the brain.


The previous reaction experiment was really a pure waste of time.


After saying that, Xi Han removed his gloves and left the operating table.
Only the assistant was left staring blankly at the mess on the operating table.


No. 275’s internal organs had already been stirred into a mess, and cleaning it up would be a disaster.


But as an assistant, he could only tearfully do as he was told.


Xi Han walked over to the cleaning area and rinsed his fingers.


Watching the stream of water wash away the blo*od on his arm, no emotion could be seen in Xi Han’s amber eyes.


He remembered the scene from the reaction experiment just now.


Including the feeling of panic that made his heart sick when he saw that No. 301 was about to be hurt by No. 275.


That was an emotion that shouldn’t belong to him.


It hadn’t appeared in the ten years or so since he became a researcher.


Xi Han frowned slightly.


His fingers were clenched as well.


Now that he thought about it, that extreme change in emotion earlier was almost as if he had fallen in love with No. 301.


Even the actions in dissecting No. 275 were like irritated jealousy.


But that was impossible.


It was impossible for humans and monsters to love each other.

He wasn’t jealous at all, either.

It was just a whim to dissect No. 275.


It was absolutely impossible for him to fall in love with a monster.


A monster that was very different from humans.


It was as if Jiu Shu’s porcelain-white face appeared in front of his eyes again.


His general appearance wasn’t unlike that of a human; the skinny wrists that showed through the sleeves of his shirt were pale, and one could vaguely see green veins.


Its bright red lips looked softer than rose petals.


Xi Han’s movement froze for a moment.


Then, his overly forceful fingertips pierced deeply into the palm of his hand, and crimson blo*od dripped down onto the vanity surface.


It also roused Xi Han from his thoughts.




Xi Han let go of his hand and coldly looked at the bl*ood on his palm, and only after a long time did he take a deep breath and regain his composure.


The duration of the effects of No. 301’s ability was beyond his expectations.


It was still functioning until now.


It was good that this ability didn’t completely affect his will.


It would be best to stay away from No. 301 for this period of time and receive mental shielding treatment, and he should be much better off.



Turning the tap off, Xi Han changed into a brand new lab white coat, and his expression became calm.


The purpose of his visit this time was actually just for research, and now he had obtained the preliminary research data.


The purpose had been reached.


As for those emotions that shouldn’t have been there just now, it was just a small accident.


Thinking of this, Xi Han turned back to the side of the operating table and watched as the assistant put No. 275’s brain into the special specimen jar before placing his gaze on the other jar containing the eyeballs.


He remembered that the eyeballs of No. 275 had just changed from amber to their original color, and Xi Han guessed that this was probably the change caused when No. 301 compelled someone else.


Once compelled successfully, that creature’s eyes would turn amber.


But it was like the color of his eyes.

Xi Han’s touched the corner of his eyes, and his fingers paused for a moment before retracting.


After being compelled, No. 275’s aggression weakened.


These were all pieces of information that hadn’t been mentioned in No. 301’s profile.


It felt like there were more and more mysteries on No. 301.


The corner of Xi Han’s mouth turned upward, revealing an interested smile.


It was as if he had returned to his previous self, burying all those confusing emotions from earlier.


He was looking forward to the moment when all the mysteries were solved.


After that, it would probably be time to dissect No. 301.


At that time, he should be able to have a happier mood than now, when he was no longer compelled.


After all, he loved dissecting monsters the most.


Xi Han lowered his head and looked at the wound in his palm; his black hair that covered his eyes hid the emotions in them.


A few moments later, he looked at the watch on his wrist; it was already time for the noon meeting.


Xi Han was ready to leave.


But before leaving again, there was still the matter of arranging the next experiment: “No. 301 will be arranged to be in a separate sheltered room, so we can study it in detail.”


It wasn’t because he felt that the petri dish for No. 301 was too cramped; it was just to facilitate further experiments afterwards.


“Yes!” The assistant on the operating table was busy at his wits’ end, but in the face of Xi Han’s oppressive aura, he still fawned and hurriedly answered yes.


“Oh right.”


Xi Han, who walked to the door of the laboratory, suddenly remembered something and stopped. His thin lips moved, seeming to be somewhat hesitant.


But then it became normal, his voice carrying his exclusive, gentle smile like before.


“Take the heart of No. 275 to the holding room of No. 301.”


To show No. 301 the beautiful heart of its kind.


The assistant naturally responded respectfully.


This was Dr. Xi Han’s old habit.


Every time, he liked to scare the one shelter that survived the reaction experiment, which could only be described as Xi Han’s personal interest.


The assistant had thought that there wouldn’t be one this time; after all, he had already dissected one.

He didn’t expect Xi Han to be his usual self.


But he didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but he felt that this time, Dr. Xi Han’s tone of voice was a bit hesitant when he spoke, as if he were worried about something.


It must be his illusion; how could Xi Han possibly feel something like concerned worry towards a monster?


With a sigh, the assistant felt that he must have been too tired lately, but he had to keep working, tidying up the remains on the operating table.


In the shelter room, Jiu Shu was looking over the system panel.


With No. 275 sent away, he was now the only one left in the room and was happy to be left alone.


However, remembering the change in the color of No. 275’s eyes just now, he lightly furrowed his brows and looked in the direction of the overhead camera.


This world’s object of discipline was somewhat difficult to deal with.


Not only was there opposition between their positions, but there was also the ability of the object of discipline to influence the shelters.


Jiu Shu could see that No. 275 had been possessed by the mental energy of a certain being.


Most likely, it was because of the object of discipline, Xi Han, who had been watching him in the monitoring room.


And looking at the blank, empty expression on No. 275’s face after he was possessed, Jiu Shu guessed that Xi Han himself might not even know about this ability of his.


Maybe he would blame it on his compulsion ability.


Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze from the camera.


The second part of The Shelter revealed that there were many humans who had also been affected by 001.


However, they didn’t turn into monsters but rather became more brilliant researchers than ordinary humans, and all of them had a deep aversion to monsters.


Xi Han was one of them.


And he was one of the more deeply affected.


Basically, it was equivalent to being possessed by 001’s consciousness.


At his inception, he was a teenager with no memories, only a sense of disgust towards monsters.


After being discovered by the human camp on the battlefield, he was only thought to be a frightened child, and his true identity wasn’t discovered.


It wasn’t until the second film that greedy and powerful people used the bodies of many affected humans to create a body that could accommodate the descent of a god and found that Xi Han was the one with the best results from their experiments.


So they resurrected Xi Han.


And Xi Han, who had been revived from death, had become a monster that he hated the most.


Jiu Shu casually looked at the content of the original work, then went back to the segment in the first part that reflected his disgust towards monsters.

[No. 239 desperately protected its lover, tears flowing from its eyes that occupied most of its face, and its trembling spine looked thin and dull.


“Oooh, let us go. She and I will run away to a place where there are no humans. We won’t hurt humans; we really won’t! Me and 252 have never hurt a human before.”


239 raised its head timidly and gathered the courage to speak, “We just want to live in peace; we’re beings just like you!”


239 embraced its lover No. 252, two pairs of its alien eyes filled something similar to humans, the desire for life.


Even though their lower bodies were disgusting limbs like insects, they became pitiful thanks to those tears.


Duan An put down the gu*n in his hand with impatience.


These monsters similarly possessed feelings.


To humans, if others possessed feelings, wouldn’t they be the same as their own kind?


Duan An didn’t want to see them continue to be hurt.


That was why he chose to stand in front of these two shelters that had escaped the base, facing Dr. Xi Han, who wasn’t far away, with a tough look on his face.


“Doctor, I beg you to spare them.”

“It’s true that there has never been a record of them harming humans in their data, and they have no desire to harm humans; they just want to live a peaceful life.”


“Please take a serious look at them! How are they different from us humans?”


“The same feelings, the same tears—why can’t they be spared?”


Duan An’s eyes were red.


Together with the two shelters behind them that were crying hoarsely, some of the nearby researchers, who were already a little shaken, looked at them and lowered their heads, their faces showing sorrow.


It was true that these two shelters hadn’t harmed any humans along the way, and even when they were being chased and hunted by humans, they hadn’t moved in any bad way.


They weren’t quite the same as any of the shelters they had taken in before.




Across from Duan An, Dr. Xi Han’s face didn’t have much expression.


His eyes under his glasses glanced at No. 239; his gaze swept over the tear tracks on its face, his eyes flickering before he lowered the g*un in his hand and sighed.


Hanging his head low, his palms covered the upper half of his face as if he were hiding his tears.


The always-cold and unfeeling Xi Han was finally touched by the sincere affection between the shelters.


“Doctor…” Duan An said with a hopeful expression.


No. 239 and its lover, 252, were even more joyful.


They saw the hope of survival and a happy future with each other.


However, in the next second, all this hope was shattered like a fleeting mirror by a sharp surgical knife.


The blade of the knife pierced into No. 239’s spine, and black bl*ood instantly gushed out.


No. 252, beside him, let out a scream in response, clearly in agony and despair to the extreme.


In contrast, there was a pleasant laugh.


“…… Pfft–” Xi Han let go of the palm covering his cheek, revealing a smile on his face.


He gripped the scalpel in his hand and laughed so hard that his chest shook.


The long black hair that fell down his chest trembled with it, sweeping over the Senior Researcher badge on his chest.


Stab — The scalpel that had penetrated 239’s spine slid down hard, tearing the skin of its thin back in two comical halves, revealing underneath its insect flesh and blo*od that was nothing like a human.


“You really believe that?”


Xi Han smiled broadly, looking at the sheltered creature that kept screaming under the scalpel, his head cocked in a way that looked incredibly friendly.


With a smile that was as gentle as usual.


But at this moment, it looked exceptionally ghastly.


Looking at No. 239’s miserable state, the surrounding fellows who were still shaken originally also shuddered with empathy and turned pale.


“It’s true that monsters that can speak human words are rare, but isn’t it still a monster?”


Xi Han bent down seriously and met No. 239’s eyes, which were wide open from the pain.


He couldn’t stop laughing as he watched 239’s unconcealed fear and wariness to the point of near shock.


“Too funny, it’s just too funny!”


Amused, Xi Han’s gaze went back to the lover, No. 252, next to No. 239.


His handsome eyebrows and eyes curved as he smiled; his smile remained gentle, but his amber eyes sparkled with a chilling light.


“Monsters will always be monsters, and their only fate is to be k*illed.”


“Isn’t that so?”


Xi Han stood up straight and asked Duan An, who had a shocked expression beside him, with a smile.


It seemed like this was the most normal thing.


There was no room for refutation.


Jiu Shu watched the scene and blinked.


The two shelters in this scene were innocent at the time, but they did eat people in the second film for survival issues, and humans and monsters couldn’t fully coexist after all.


Xi Han’s concerns about monsters eating people were shown to the fullest in the second film, but by then, even he himself was a monster.


Getting back to the point, Xi Han’s distaste for monsters was obvious, and there were quite a few other similar scenes in the film, most of which involved Xi Han torturing the sheltered creatures through various means.


This included, but wasn’t limited to, giving the other hope of escape before personally crushing them.


Xi Han’s greatest interest seemed to be seeing monsters in unbelievable pain.


This personality was indeed twisted and vicious.


Especially when Xi Han was now in the same monster status.


But that was also why, when he turned into a monster in the second film, Xi Han seemed incredibly crazy—so crazy that it was almost pathetic.




Suddenly, the ringing of a bell outside the room interrupted Jiu Shu’s thoughts.


He looked up and saw an additional tray in the room where food was placed.


Jiu Shu got up, walked over to the tray, lifted the lid, and looked at the bulbous heart that was still vibrantly beating in the middle of the tray.


Black hair was strewn across his porcelain white face, revealing dark, beautiful pupils.


Only after a long time did Jiu Shu put the lid back on.


Was it here to scare him?


Jiu Shu guessed.


But he wasn’t scared at all.



Putting the tray aside, Jiu Shu began to study the film again.


And at this moment, deep inside the base, inside the large conference room.


Xi Han was thinking somewhat out of his mind about the heart he had ordered to be sent.


Would No. 301 be shocked by that heart?


Although he would quite like to see the expression on its face, that incredibly fragile-looking shelter would probably be scared to death.


What should he do if he gets scared out of his mind?


“……” Xi Han’s fingers, which were playing with a fountain pen, paused and slowly exerted force until his grip was so hard that the tips of his fingers turned white.


No, it was none of his business if the monster was scared.


It was irrelevant.


Xi Han lowered his head with a somewhat ugly expression, forcing down those strange thoughts in his mind.


“…… The recent shelters are all a bit strange; many of them possess the ability to communicate with humans. My suggestion is to conduct a conservative type of research on them for the time being, or at least not to dissect them randomly anymore.”


Inside the conference room, the others were giving speeches.


A supervisor, Jack, who had always had a soft heart, then added, “They need to be treated in a more humane manner.”


As he said that, he even gave Xi Han a special look.


Xi Han was the supervisor in this base who enjoyed dissecting the shelters the most, and although the other supervisors also treated the shelters in a brutal way, the number of dissections was far less than Xi Han’s.


Xi Han looked up at him, his pale, handsome face looking even more cold-bloo*ded in the cold light of the conference room.


“More humane?”


Xi Han rested his cheek against his palm in a playful manner. “Is Dr. Jack treating them like humans?”


“They can now communicate with humans, and although they are not humans, any empathetic being should feel sympathy for them.”


“…… Sympathy?”


The smile on Xi Han’s face deepened. “If you really are so sympathetic, then why don’t Dr. Jack personally spend some time alone with them face-to-face and see if they will have empathy for you?”


It was well known that the current batch of shelters was more human-like than the previous ones, but they were equally uncontrollable.


Attacks on the researchers would occur from time to time.


Sometimes an inattentive human would be gnawed away by the shelters.


Several similar accidents have already happened this year.


“You! This is just a proposal; please don’t be so paranoid.” Dr. Jack was a little disgruntled.


“Could it be that you don’t even have a bit of empathy when dealing with a shelter that has a similar appearance to a human?”


Listening to Jack’s serious tone of questioning, Xi Han’s fingers holding the fountain pen tightened slightly.


Seemingly remembering something, his expression suddenly became a bit gloomy, but then a smile appeared, his tone unusual: “Of course not.”


Xi Han smiled and arched his eyebrows; his smile was vaguely tinged with the smell of bl*ood. “I would only want to dissect them out more meticulously, to study the differences between them and humans.”


It was the only way to better deal with the ever-evolving monsters and preserve the interests of humanity.


Yes, that was all.


All that so-called heartache and panic were just a momentary illusion.


It would be foolish to really take it seriously.


“Hmph! That’s because you’re too cold-blo*oded.” Jack seemed to be choked for a moment, and there was really no way to refute this; after all, it was the most favorable point of view for humans.


He could only drop a harsh word before sitting back in his seat.


No longer paying attention to Xi Han, the known scientific madman.


This madman, who was full of nothing but thoughts of anatomy, had no idea what was meant by human empathy.


Xi Han glanced at him and withdrew his gaze.


He continued to play with the fountain pen between his fingers in a bored manner.


As if this would completely bury the images that had just popped up out of nowhere.


Whether it was the way No. 301 raised its eyes to the monitor or the face that slightly tilted its head in the liquid.


Or – the way the bright red lips hooked up.




Click—the pen accidentally snapped.


The research supervisor next to him glanced at Xi Han in horror.


He was secretly amazed. Just now, he didn’t seem to notice anything about Xi Han’s appearance, so he thought he didn’t react much to Jack’s words.


Unexpectedly, he was actually quite angry.


But he was so angry that he broke the pen.


Xi Han didn’t pay attention to the thoughts of the people beside him.


He lowered his head; his long, soft black hair fell over, covering his pale face, and he could only see his childish way of playing with a pen.


His pale and slender fingers were well-boned, the fountain pen twirling between his knuckles.


He seemed not to care that the pen had been broken by him.


So there was silence until the end of the meeting.


Xi Han followed the flow of people who dispersed the meeting and left the conference room, looking at the outside world’s flowers and plants simulated on the corridor screen with a bored expression.


After thinking about it, he opened his tablet, wanting to see what No. 301 was doing right now.


But remembering the heart he had sent earlier, his fingertips stopped again, and he was actually a little afraid to click on it.


He didn’t know how long it took before his fingertips finally descended and clicked on the surveillance of No. 301’s holding room.


On the screen, there was still a large area of pure white space.


No. 301’s long, pitch-black hair was draped over its body; it was curled up in a tired manner, only revealing half of the side of its face on its knees.


The pretty eyes were tightly closed, and even its rosy lips were much lighter.


It looked as if it was really frightened.


Otherwise, it wouldn’t look so shriveled.




Xi Han stood in place, his amber pupils remained slightly dilated for a long time before he lowered his eyes.




It was only after a long while that he closed the tablet with some annoyance and paced back and forth in the corridor.


There was a complete lack of his usual laid-back manner.


It must have been because he hadn’t dissected it yet; that was why he was so agitated.


Xi Han stopped pacing as he came to a conclusion.


So he was going to continue to dissect.


Whichever shelter it was would be fine, as long as it would temporarily calm his current abnormal mood.


Xi Han rubbed his throbbing temples and walked down the corridor with a not-so-good look on his face, making the peripheral passing fellows more scared.


Never before had they seen Xi Han even lose his smile; he really looked a bit scary.


“Doctor? You want to dissect a shelter again?”


The assistant hadn’t finished working on No. 275 yet, and when he heard what Xi Han meant at this moment, he suddenly looked sad.


“But now there are only five shelters left under your name. I understand. I’ll go and arrange it now!”


The assistant instantly froze the moment he saw the look on Xi Han’s face, nodded his head very sensibly, and trotted off to make the arrangements.


Xi Han’s amber-colored eyes always looked extra cold when he wasn’t smiling.


The wan glances he sent over were especially shocking.


He looked at the tablet in his hand with boredom and walked into the nearby lab.


Today’s new researcher, Duan An, was familiarizing himself with the environment in the lab, and when he saw Xi Han come in, he hurriedly followed his seniors and greeted him respectfully.


Xi Han ignored them and swept her gaze over the shelter No. 330 in the lab that was originally only here for its body to be tested.


“No need to choose; that’s it.”


So many eyes, so similar to No. 275.


It was equally repulsive.


“Ah, this… is.” The assistant’s entire face wrinkled with worry.


This was a shelter under research, and dissecting it now would be even more regrettable than number 275, as it would mean that all of the previous research data would be scrapped.


An extreme waste of research resources.


However, he was powerless to resist as a small assistant and could only resign himself to his fate.


Soon, No. 330 was placed on the operating table.


The furry No. 330 was a shelter with a canine appearance; only the lower half of its body had human paws, which looked a little weird.


Its head also had nine neatly arranged eyes, each of which appeared to be watery.


Although it was a typical monster, unlike the common creatures, it still looked cute.


Duan An wanted to speak, somewhat unable to bear seeing No. 330 being dissected.


But he was just a new researcher, and he couldn’t say anything at all in front of Xi Han, a high-powered research director.


Xi Han slowly and methodically put on his gloves, and the scalpel in his hand showed its sharpness under the light.


No. 330 looked at the scalpel in horror, every eyeball overflowing with tears, and the canine-like mouth even let out a human baby-like sob.


All of this challenged Duan An’s sensitive nerves.


Although this shelter didn’t look like a human, its eyes were filled with the same fear as a human’s.


Duan An couldn’t hold back.


He spoke out before Xi Han could lay down the knife: “Dr. Xi, it, No. 330, doesn’t seem to be at the point of being dissected yet.”


The scalpel in Xi Han’s hand paused, and his cold eyes looked towards Duan An.


The face that originally still had a smile on it was expressionless at this moment, and his brows were slightly furrowed.


Duan An hesitated at the gaze, tried to gather his courage, and continued, “I’ve read the information, and it still has research value.”


Duan An wanted to use this to make Xi Han stop the dissection.


“You’re sympathizing with No. 330?”


After a moment of silence, Xi Han seemed to have read Duan An’s small mind and inquired gently.


The tone of his voice couldn’t be read.


“I… yes, at least now No. 330’s sins aren’t to the point of being dissected.”


Duan An hesitated for a moment before choosing to speak from the heart.


He believed that anyone with empathy would have such thoughts.




Xi Han suddenly burst out laughing.


The gentle smile dispelled the coldness on his face.


Duan An stood in place somewhat uneasily, not knowing the meaning of this smile from Xi Han.


He could only guess in a good direction that it was Xi Han agreeing with his thoughts.


But in the next moment, Xi Han slowly approached him; his amber eyes looking down at him were incomparably cold.


Bony fingers tugged at his collar, strangling him to the point where he could barely breathe.


It was clearly the opposite of what he had guessed it meant.


“Sympathy for it? And who’s going to sympathize with the humans who were killed?”


“Have you ever witnessed soldiers on the battlefield who have been gnawed at until their abdominal cavities are empty but are still conscious?”


“Do you sympathize with the populace who were attacked by monsters that chewed on their bodies, inch by inch, chewing the bones from their thighs all the way up to their upper bodies, and could only watch as they went into the mouths of the monsters?”


“And the men who ki*lled their wives and children with their own hands after being compelled by the monster, and when they came to their senses, they were in so much pain that they wanted to commit sui-cide, but the monster deliberately swallowed off their limbs, and they could only crawl on the ground.”


“The little child who had his face torn off and could only wear a mask for the rest of his life, the old woman who had lost her eyes…”


“Have you seen all these people with your own eyes? Do you sympathize with them?”


“Or do you just hypocritically sympathize with these monsters with beautiful disguises? Just because they have beautiful skin?”


“What do humans really mean to you?”


Xi Han’s eyes met Duan An’s trembling pupils.


His voice was low, with his characteristic magnetic voice.


It was clearly not a high-pitched tone, but it was as if it could penetrate the heart.


It was just that at the end of this paragraph, he didn’t know whether he was speaking to Duan An or to himself.


It was as if that number 301 with the beautiful skin flashed before Xi Han’s eyes.


He tightened the palm of his hand that was holding Duan An’s collar, veins showing at the back of his pale hand.


Yes, just because of its falsely beautiful appearance, it wasn’t true love at all.




Xi Han denied it in his heart.


But the more he denied, the more the unknown feelings in his heart were suppressed, until the end, when they would inevitably be like volcanic lava, difficult to relieve.


But at least after burying it, the struggles and tangles in his heart dissipated a lot.


Duan An didn’t notice Xi Han’s abnormality at this moment.


In the face of the terrifyingly imposing Xi Han, his eyes widened in fear, and it was only after a long time that he spoke, his voice trembling, “But that’s already a thing of the past.”


It had already been twenty years ago.


The w.ar between humans and monsters has long since ended.


Those who had experienced the disaster and the current newborn generation were already different.


Those human deaths and cries were long gone, and Duan An could only get a glimpse of the past from the documentary, but it was nowhere near as real as witnessing the pain of the monsters with his own eyes.




For the first time, there was murderous intent towards humans in Xi Han’s eyes, but it faded in a moment.


He let go of his hand and let Duan An fall to the ground.


His expression was cold.


“It seems your brain is still underdeveloped.” With a sarcastic tone, Xi Han returned to the dissecting table and continued his dissection.


As his scalpel slashed down, it revealed the sharp teeth hidden inside No. 330.


Enough to strangle a human into mincemeat.


And indeed, it had done so once, and the man’s screams still remained in Xi Han’s ears.


Without Duan An’s noises, the dissection went smoothly.


Xi Han quickly finished the dissection and was in a better mood than before.


He didn’t care after the dissection and directly left the silent lab, completely unconcerned about Duan An, who was frightened by his earlier actions.


The assistant could only shake his head and continue to go up to clean up the mess, while advising Duan An not to be so impulsive in the future.


“It’s good for young people to have compassion, but it should be used in the right place.”


Obviously, the assistant was also on Xi Han’s side.


Listening to these words, Duan An’s face paled, and without responding, he turned around and left the place as well.


He couldn’t stand these unsympathetic colleagues anymore.


The assistant looked at his departing back and sighed helplessly, so he could only continue to deal with the wreckage.


Then, after everything was processed, he looked at No. 330’s heart, which had been fully dissected, and fell into distress.


Although the doctor hadn’t arranged it, it should be sent to Scare No. 301 as usual.


As the right-hand man beside Xi Han, the assistant thought that he knew Xi Han very well and felt that he should do this correctly.


So he sent this heart over as well.


On the other side, after Xi Han’s irritation got much better, he started to resist the urge to open the surveillance again.


He had basically talked himself into it now; he was just a little shaken because he was compelled, but that wouldn’t stop him from continuing to study No. 301.


By now, No. 301 should have calmed down.


Not that he cared about it, but he just wanted to see how his test subject was doing.


With that in mind, Xi Han opened the monitor and saw that the black-haired No.301 in the camera was really in better spirits.


It was casually walking around the room.


The movement of it striding back and forth was a bit cute.


Xi Han looked at Jiu Shu, a little out of focus, and only after a long time did he withdraw his gaze.


It was indeed a bit too much before; perhaps No. 301 has started to hold a grudge against him in its heart now.


Thinking of this, Xi Han’s heart throbbed a little for some reason, and he frowned.


Forget it; this shelter was so fragile that it would be better to treat it carefully in the future.


However, the next moment, Xi Han saw No. 301 walk to the door and pick up a dinner plate.


Inside was yet another heart.


The top of the dinner plate was even engraved with the emblem symbol unique to Xi Han’s lab.





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