C90 — [4.3 — The Shelter]

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The reaction experiment would soon begin.


Since the two subjects of the reaction experiment were both monsters with psychic abilities, the experiment was conducted in a sealed room.


The researchers wouldn’t be in close contact with them but would only observe the experiment through the monitor screen.


The room was equipped with testing equipment, which allowed the researchers to know the physiological changes and mental fluctuations of the subjects in the room even through the monitor.


“No. 301 has entered the room, and No. 275 is currently being injected with an inhibitor and will be sent into the room later.”


The assistant stood diligently next to the monitor, doing a work report.


He didn’t know what was going on; obviously, he had already acted as carefully as possible, but Xi Han still had a slightly cold expression; he was obviously not in a good mood.


The assistant hoped that he wasn’t thinking of firing him.


For this reason, he could only fawningly nod and bow, zooming in on the surveillance footage.


He hoped to make up for his mistakes.


Xi Han didn’t pay attention to the assistant beside him.


He just quietly looked down at the room on the monitor.


It was an ordinary laboratory room.


The whole room was covered with a cold, smooth floor, without any furniture, and the walls, including the ceiling, were all white, without any other colors.


Any normal human would feel a subtle depression and discomfort when entering it; it was specially created for monsters.


After staying for a long time, they would easily become violent.


However, in the room at this time, the No. 301 that was released into the room was exceptionally quiet, without the slightest trace of irritability.


In order for the experimental data to be more accurate, the constraint suit on No. 301 had already been loosened.


At this time, it could move freely.


Xi Han saw that No. 301 was originally sitting on the floor, but only after getting up did he reveal a white restraining suit.


In the one-piece robe, its smooth porcelain white legs were occasionally exposed, and it could be seen sticking to the pale instep on the floor as it followed the lines.


The appearance of No. 301 did indeed look like a human; it was more like a human than any other monster Xi Han has ever seen.

Although it couldn’t conceal its essence as a monster, whether it was its movement during walking or the thin, exposed wrist when lifting the eye mask.


It made Xi Han slightly lost in thought.


After a while, he lowered his eyes and frowned, no longer looking.


He must not have gotten rid of the compulsion just now.


No. 301’s ability was indeed very strong; he needed to be careful when dealing with it.


On the high-definition surveillance screen, No. 301, which had removed its eye mask, quieted down again.


It seemed to be aware of the overhead surveillance and glanced towards it.


The dark eyes were out of place in the bleak white room, but they also had a strange sense of harmony.


[How does it feel to be watched? Can you feel what I feel now, Jiu Shu?]


[I can’t.]


Jiu Shu’s answer was simple: he sat back down on the floor and looked at the system panel in front of him, no longer bothering with the system.


It was fun to tease it once in a while, but right now he was more interested in taking a closer look at the original film.


As a soft science fiction film, this world’s point in time was even further back than the last one, and the level of technology was also quite a bit higher.


But the complexity of the social conflicts was comparable.


The film used the conflicts between people and monsters to highlight the conflicts between social classes, each of which appeared to be very unresolved.


The object of discipline in this world, as an evil scientist who worked against the main character, had a miserable end but was really just a victim of all these contradictions.

The novel’s portrayal of the object of discipline was more on the side of the villain, but he was just one of the tragedies in the context of these chaotic times.

The real villains, those high and mighty people, hid behind the scenes.


In the novel, Xi Han was a very sick and paranoid scientist with a twisted and hypocritical character who treated monsters without mercy.


Once, in front of the male protagonist, he dissected the monster family he desperately wanted to save, using extremely cruel methods.


And Xi Han looked at the male protagonist’s desperate expression but laughed very happily and even said in a pleasant tone that he had reunited the monster family.


This character could indeed be called twisted.


Especially because, in Xi Han’s view, he was merely making the naive hero recognize reality and the unbridgeable gap between monsters and humans.


This kind of twisted character also led to the fact that Xi Han couldn’t understand his own heart at all.


In the end, he fell in love with the male protagonist, was unable to win his favor, and was used and discarded.
Although later in the story, Xi Han has learned to curb his aversion to monsters as much as possible, that level of expression still didn’t allow people to forgive him for his previous brutal demeanor, and it even made people think that he was just making a superficial gesture.


After all, Xi Han was a scientific madman who continued dissecting monsters in front of the protagonist, even after expressing his love.


His love for the male lead didn’t seem to compare to his loathing of monsters and his desire to ki*ll them.


Rather than being in love with the protagonist, most of his love for the main character was due to the fact that he was a human being and had excellent scientific research talent, which could help him better study monsters.


After all, throughout the film, Xi Han was indeed devoted to humans.


He agreed to everything that was good for humanity, and ki*lling monsters was part of that.


His distaste for monsters was so deep in his bones that he couldn’t change it, but if it was for the sake of protecting humans, he could also spare the monsters in front of him.


For example, in the film, there had been a case where the monster side had taken a hostage and used the human to bargain for the release of a certain shelter.


As the research director of that shelter, Xi Han, who had always regarded shelters as his private property, agreed without hesitation.

Although in the course of the transaction afterwards, Xi Han didn’t surrender and used despicable means to capture the hostage-taking monster and dismember it for public display using a method of countless cuts.


He then became a despicable and hypocritical evil scientist in the eyes of everyone.


But in the end, Xi Han only cared about the benefit of mankind; from his point of view, there was no mistake in what he did.


The so-called despicability was just a difference in stance.


And for that reason, he was always a little more tolerant of his fellow human beings.


But in the end, the ones who betrayed him and caused his tragic death were also humans.


Even though the novel depicted him as a villain with a tyrannical demeanor who k*illed many monsters that shared the same emotions as humans, he was considered an evil villain.


He fulfilled his duty to the end, voluntarily giving up everything for the benefit of humanity.


At least from the standpoint of humans, he was considered a hero who did his duty.


Even though his fellow humans had betrayed him.


Jiu Shu flipped to the second half of the film, where it was near the end, describing the scene when Xi Han died tragically.




The entire underground base shook.


Invisible seismic waves swept through this base, walls, corridors, and even the floor below, all collapsing and disintegrating at a visible speed.


This former third experimental base, where people used to come and go, looked incomparably desolate at this moment.


Luckily, the personnel inside the base had almost finished evacuating.


Only one man remained by the console without leaving.


His long fingers kept flipping over the console, sending out a string of commands that opened an escape route for the base personnel and closed the valves in the holding areas as much as possible.


Even though he had realized that someone had cracked the code of the holding area and released many of the sheltered.


To him, keeping one would be one less danger for the outside world.


He seemed to be stubborn until now, when the monsters were a threat to human existence.


“You’re too stubborn!”


In the call interface, Duan An rushed at Xi Han with some disappointment.
He had reached beyond the base by now, releasing most of the shelters within the base.


They were surrounding him to thank him, which made Duan An very pleased.


But there was still a small portion of weak shelters that couldn’t escape in time, and by doing this, Xi Han had undoubtedly closed the last door of escape for them.

And Xi Han just gave him a bored look and ended the call.


Then, looking at the explosions and fires spreading inside the base, as well as those screaming and wailing shelters, he revealed a smile that was as pleasant as usual.


His laughter was extraordinarily pleasant, not caring at all about the explosions that were getting closer and closer outside the operation room.


“That’s more like it.”


Xi Han stopped and held his cheeks in amusement, wiping away the blo*od that spilled from the corner of his own mouth.


It was as if the sharp pain in his abdomen from the spreading toxin didn’t even exist.


That was the intense poison brought by one of the shelters who hated Xi Han; it stabbed his abdomen as he fled.


He didn’t care about the poison that was destined to drag him to his death and hummed his favorite classical music softly as he watched the monitor screen.


Eventually, in the midst of rushing flames, the main operation room was reduced to a sea of fire.

Seen from the surface, the ever-collapsing Experimental Base No. 3 became the beginning of a movement to liberate the monsters that was about to sweep the entire planet.


In the last moments of the object of punishment’s life, the person who was conscious that he died to protect humanity must have been very happy.


Looking at the contents of the film, Jiu Shu looked again at the second part of the film in the system panel.

In this one, the object of punishment also made an appearance and had quite a bit of scenes.

Only this time, he couldn’t be as pleasant as he was when he died in the first part.


It was because he was turned into the monster he loathes the most.


Jiu Shu flipped through the original content of the first part of “The Shelter” to the end, watching the hero Duan An liberate many monsters, seemingly reaching the perfect ending of humans and monsters living in harmony.


But they ignored the undercurrent underneath the conflict.


Although he investigated that some of the monsters were artificially transformed into monsters, he failed to notice how those monsters that initially swept the globe came to be.


This also led to the social conflicts that intensified in the second part.

Jiu Shu’s fingertips gently rubbed the edge of his lips, turning them brighter and brighter red, which was also clearly visible on the surveillance screen.


Inside the surveillance room, someone frowned even more fiercely and looked away.


It felt as if No. 301 was deliberately seducing him.


Jiu Shu wasn’t paying attention to anything in the outside world.

He was just going through the films.


Getting to the second part, the truth was revealed.


In the second part, the male protagonist finally found out that those monsters in the beginning weren’t transformed into humans, but rather because of a secret hidden by the upper class.


A shelter numbered 001, the sleeping god.


All those monsters were created by 001’s contamination.




Was it going to be two objects of punishment again?


Jiu Shu guessed with a slight bitterness and frowned.


And just in the gap of his distress, there was a commotion from outside the room; it was the researchers pushing No. 275 to enter the room.


The experiment was about to begin.
Jiu Shu raised his eyes and looked towards the door of the room.


A half-humanoid monster in a cage was soon seen entering the room.


As the researchers retreated, the only two shelters left in the room were Jiu Shu and No. 275.


Jiu Shu calmly looked at No. 275.


No. 275 was a shelter with a human upper body and a spider’s lower body.


Its facial features were similar to those of a human, except that it had three pairs of eyes that were different from those of a human, which were distributed on both sides of the nose.


The cage door had already been opened at this point, and No. 275, which possessed adult human intelligence, quickly fumbled its way out of the cage.


Only it appeared a bit drowsy and seemed to be wobbling like it hadn’t fully woken up from sleep.


Compared to No. 301, who was sitting on the side, its tall size was particularly horrifying.


“The preparations before the experiment on No. 275 are all the same as my arrangements, right?”


Inside the monitoring room, Xi Han inquired as if nothing had happened.
Caring only about No. 275, he didn’t seem to care about No. 301’s death or life.


“Yes, five times the dose of inhibiting factor has been injected as you instructed.” The assistant wiped his cold sweat and replied cautiously.


Although he really didn’t understand the reason why Xi Han ordered this, after all, doing that to No. 275 was basically equivalent to it having dementia and no ability to fight.


It was completely not in line with the twisted personality of Xi Han, who used to watch the excitement and never cared about the bigger picture.


But anyway, he was just a small assistant; he just had to do as he was told.


Xi Han sat on the chair, his slender fingers tapping lightly on the chair, his expression easing a little.

But the next moment, his expression became not so good again.


“Didn’t you inject five times the inhibiting factor? How can it still move?”


Looking at No. 275 on the monitor, who was slowly walking towards Jiu Shu, Xi Han’s voice seemed a little cold.


“Uh, that I don’t know.” The assistant was on the verge of tears.


As an expert in researching shelters, if Xi Han didn’t know, how could he know?


“…… ” Xi Han glanced at the assistant and didn’t say anything.


Instead, the fingers resting on the chair tightened slightly, and his gaze went straight to the monitoring screen, not moving away for a moment.


It wasn’t that he was concerned about No. 301’s well-being; he just thought it was strange that No. 275 still had the strength to move around.


In the room, Jiu Shu looked at No. 275, who was carefully approaching him, and raised his eyebrows slightly.


Ever since coming to this world, these shelters that were regarded as flood beasts by humans seemed to be extraordinarily friendly towards him.


However, Jiu Shu had attempted to communicate and knew that they weren’t the object of discipline, but more so, they were just subconsciously friendlier to him.


Jiu Shu guessed that it was because of 001; after all, most of the shelters were infected by 001.


Some of the deeply infected ones with nearly transparent amber-colored eyes would be even more obviously friendly towards him.

So Jiu Shu wasn’t really too worried about the shelters harming him.


On the other hand, his current power wasn’t exactly weak, and he would be able to deal with No. 275 without any trouble.


There was still confidence that he wouldn’t be harmed.


“Hiss-” No. 275 didn’t seem to be able to speak.


It approached Jiu Shu warily, sniffing him lightly, and its expression slowly became a bit friendlier.


Still, its drowsy brain made it choose a tentative attack to defend itself.

Although this tentative attack wasn’t very strong for it, from the image, Jiu Shu’s thin body was almost pierced by its sharp tentacle limbs.


It seemed like it was going to die under surveillance the next moment.



Inside the surveillance room, the knuckles of Xi Han’s palm almost yanked the chair handle down as hard as it could.


His amber pupils dilated, and cracks appeared on his otherwise calm expression.


He felt like he was unable to breathe, and his fingers, which had never trembled when he was performing surgery, trembled uncontrollably.

An almost panicked emotion overwhelmed Xi Han.


To Xi Han, this was a mood swing that shouldn’t be there.


Monsters being injured or even dying in front of him should have been something that excited him, but now he inexplicably felt his heart thumping.


He couldn’t control this panic and didn’t know what was wrong with him.

All he knew was that he didn’t want to see No. 301 get hurt or even bleed.

Almost at the same time, in the camera, the spider’s legs that were about to attack Jiu Shu stopped.


In its place was No. 275’s mental fluctuation, which rose violently.


Was it using a mental attack?

No, it wasn’t right.

Xi Han, who subconsciously stood up, frowned slightly, showing a rare, puzzled expression.


His temples were even vaguely throbbing, as if he had overused his brain.


In the room, Jiu Shu looked at the No. 275 in front of him, whose three pairs of eyes turned amber at the same time but whose expression appeared empty and lifeless and seemed to sigh softly, rubbing his brow.


This shouldn’t be considered a split personality, right?

Realizing something like that, Jiu Shu glanced in the direction where the surveillance camera was.


The object of the discipline was there.

“Doctor, the data from this experiment is indeed surprising; it’s too incredible; No. 275’s mental energy has actually risen by that much!”

The assistant looked at the data displayed on the instrument next to him, his face showing surprise.


This was indeed a surprise.


As expected of a research supervisor, he was just more farsighted than him; he was actually able to foresee that this change would occur when No. 301 and No. 275 were put together.


Next to the assistant, Xi Han, who had always been very interested in the experiment, was somehow not half as excited as the assistant this time.


He was still looking at the monitor screen; his black hair covered the upper half of his face and hid the panic that was gradually dissipating from his face.


He clenched his fingers, feeling like he was overreacting a bit; it was just a monster.


Even if it was very beautiful,.


In the image, no longer in danger, Jiu Shu was reaching out and teasing No. 275 like a puppy.


And No. 275 also obediently put its tentacle limbs into the palm of Jiu Shu’s hand.


It even stuck its head out in front of Jiu Shu like a pet.


Jiu Shu smiled and stroked its furry head, his thin white fingers looking whiter between No.275’s soft hair.


These two shelters of vastly different sizes got along unexpectedly well, without any sign of fighting.


So close that it was a little prickly to the eye.

“…… ” Looking at the monitor, Xi Han didn’t sit down for a long time for some reason.


“Too close.”

The bright light from the surveillance screen hit the side of Xi Han’s face, reflecting his thin lips that were slightly pursed.


“What? Do you have any orders, Doctor?” The assistant was so excited that he didn’t hear Xi Han’s words for a moment.




Xi Han’s voice was calm, his gaze retracted from the monitor screen, and his expression turned back to its usual mildness.


“Send No. 275 to the autopsy room in a moment; I want to personally dissect it.”


Dissect it and then cremate it with his own hands.


It would definitely be interesting.

The corner of Xi Han’s mouth hooked up in a smile; it was clearly a warm smile as usual, but at this time it inexplicably looked a little twisted.

“Ah but…” This was just the first result, ah!


It was still an unusual-looking result; wouldn’t it normally be necessary to study it carefully and do more detailed experiments before considering an autopsy?


Especially since No. 275’s current abnormality had never been seen before, it was even more valuable for research.


Even the assistant, who wasn’t really fanatical about research, felt excited, feeling that there was finally a breakthrough in the research of psychic powers.


He had thought that Xi Han would be more excited, but he didn’t expect to hear the order to send No. 275 to be dissected.


The assistant was instantly surprised.


The next moment, Xi Xi Han glanced at him, his voice calm. “Do you need me to ask you to send it again?”

Wanting to dissect No. 275 was by no means because he had been compelled.


Nor was it because the two of them were too close.


He simply wanted to dissect this extraordinarily ugly-looking monster without any other explanation.


There was no need to explain too much to the assistant.


“Ah, no, no, I’ll do it right away; please wait a moment, Doctor!” The assistant, drenched in a cold sweat, quickly left the monitoring room.


Leaving only Xi Han in the monitoring room to stand in place, he looked down at No. 301 on the monitoring screen, his face expressionless.


This No. 301’s smile was too piercing.


Especially when it was directed at No. 275, the smile was so bright and piercing that it made him a little annoyed.


It was probably compelling No. 275.

Just like it compelled him before.

But to still be able to smile so brightly at No. 275’s dirty, ugly face.


It was really incomprehensible.


It didn’t seem picky.


It hadn’t smiled like that at him yet… In No. 301’s opinion, was No. 275 better than him?


Thinking so, Xi Han felt the irritation in his heart increase.


This feeling of irritation was only slightly relieved when he walked to the autopsy room and saw No. 275, who was put on the operating table.

No. 275 had been injected with the inhibiting factor again and could only be tied up on the operating table at this time.


Facing the cold light of the operating table, it seemed to have no emotion of fear and lay quietly with its three pairs of amber eyes open, unaggressive.


“Doctor, are you preparing for a complete dissection?” The assistant asked cautiously, still somewhat reluctant to part with the very research-worthy data from earlier.


He wanted to understand, so he speculated that he may only be dissecting a part of the limbs so that the research could continue.


“Or else, should you get dissected instead?” With a habitual smile on his face, Xi Han looked down at No. 275 and paused at the words, glancing at the assistant.


The assistant immediately turned pale, not daring to say anything else.

Today’s Dr. Xi Han was so strange. It was the first time he easily got angry.


Completely unlike the doctor, who usually managed to crack a joke every now and then.

Xi Han withdrew his gaze, and the movement of the knife wasn’t delayed.




Looking at the muscles that were cut open by the scalpel, a pleasant smile finally appeared on his face.


He really liked the cutting sensation of slicing through the monster’s flesh in staccato.


The moment the bloo*d gushed out, it had a much more slippery feel, which was equally mesmerizing.


Hissing: At the intense pain, No. 275’s original amber eyes quickly faded back to their original pitch black.


A hissing sound of pain was emitted.


Xi Han looked at No. 275 under the scalpel, gently wiping the blo*od splattered on his cheeks. He revealed a slightly troubled expression: “Can you be quiet for a moment?”

Then, after cutting out its tongue, No. 275 was much quieter.


Xi Han revealed a satisfied smile.



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