C89 — [4.2 – The Shelter]

Xi Han soon arrived at the experimental area.


This was the area where the sheltered creatures were kept.

Generally, they had to be observed for a certain period of time to ensure that they didn’t have any more dangerous characteristics before they were assigned to each supervisor’s lab for further research.

“What happened to the previous number 275?”


Xi Han only took a brief glance at the information about the new shelter and then switched the flat screen to the last shelter.


There had been a lot of shelters being shipped in lately, and he, being a known research nut, would check out almost every one of them.


He would mark the ones he was interested in and follow their changes over time until he was finally able to dissect them with his own hands.


One of the many shelters he visited last time was number 275, which interested him a lot.


However, he was busy with other projects at the time, so he didn’t take it over.


He finally had some time to spare.


“No. 275’s mental state wasn’t good; it was very aggressive and is currently dormant; Dr. Lena returned it.”


Dr. Lena was the research supervisor in charge of studying No. 275.


She had a lot of work on her hands, and giving up on this difficult shelter was something to be expected.

Especially since Dr. Lena’s main research direction was the monster’s strong body, favoring the physical side.


This #275’s ability, on the other hand, was a mental attack ability, which didn’t match well with her research direction.


“Really, it’s just right.”


The interest in Xi Han’s eyes grew a little more intense, having already thought of a series of research programs.


It just so happened that he had recently been interested in the evolutionary direction of monsters’ psychic abilities, and these two shelters, whose abilities were both biased towards the spiritual side, might give him a surprise.


“No. 275’s ability is very compatible with the new No. 301; later, transfer No. 275 to my name. I want to put them both together to do a reaction experiment.”


The so-called reaction experiment was to place two shelters in the same room and observe their changes.


Although there would be occasional cases where the shelter would k*ill another shelter, in most cases, it would advance the research progress.


This was also the most common research method used by Xi Han.

Apart from dissections, what he liked to see the most was the way in which the shelters k*illed each other.

The flying of limbs, the splattering of bl*ood and flesh, along with the screams of the monsters, excited him to no end every time.


It should be said that whenever the monsters showed their pain, he would feel very excited.


“Yes, Doctor.”


The researcher’s assistant busily agreed and operated the tablet in his hand.


And Xi Han had already finished reading the dossier for No. 301.

His pale and slender fingers traced across the smooth surface of the tablet, pausing slightly.

With regard to the information on these shelters sent in by the outside world, Xi Han had actually long since become less interested in the format of their contents, and he knew the format of their contents even better.

Most of them would only introduce the origin and physical characteristics of the shelter, as well as a rough guess of its abilities.

More specific information would require more in-depth exploration by the researchers in their experimental bases.


Only this time, there was something strange about the first information; it was all textual narration without a single photo.


It wasn’t quite the same as the usual information format.

“It’s like this, Doctor; this shelter was taken in by the second experimental base before it was sent here, but something seemed to have gone wrong there, which is why it was sent to the third base with a better security system.”

“It was also because of the Second Base’s request that all the photos and videos be removed from the data.”


The research assistant hurriedly explained the reason to Xi Han.


And transmitted the more detailed information to Xi Han.


He had forgotten to transmit it just now and hoped that Dr. Xi, whose temper had always been quite good, wouldn’t get angry just because of that.


He was just one of the many assistants under Xi Han, he didn’t have much research talent, but by virtue of being an assistant to a higher-up, he was also able to get a good salary package.


It was also decent in the base, and he was respected by many of the lower-level researchers.


However, this status was only achieved by relying on the supervisors and could easily be withdrawn if anything went wrong.


Dr. Xi Han was already the best supervisor on the base to get along with; he didn’t have too many quirks.


If he lost the job, he’d regret it.




Xi Han nodded noncommittally and received the new file.


Unlike his ferocity when facing monsters, he was always extraordinarily forgiving when dealing with humans, and he wouldn’t take it personally even if there was a mistake.


Then, looking at the information on the tablet, Xi Han raised his eyebrows slightly.


[Number 301: Had been temporarily sheltered for a week in the second experimental base, escaped the shelter area during the failed shelter incident of 045, and was sent to the third experimental base after being re-housed]


The data also contained records of Number 301’s experiments in the second experimental base.


The researcher in charge of No. 301 was Claire, a female research supervisor whom Xi Han had met.


She had now been sent to a mental hospital for treatment.


At first, the second experimental base didn’t completely announce the reason for her mental disorder, and Xi Han didn’t pay special attention to it.

It was only now that he realized that the female supervisor probably went insane because of No. 301.

The base also realized the danger of No. 301 and found that its terrifying compulsion couldn’t be completely eliminated even after injecting the inhibiting factor.


So much so that they lost an experienced research director.


The data showed that anyone would be affected by some kind of mental aspect by just looking at it.


Although observing it through mediums such as photographs and images would reduce this influence, looking at it for a long period of time would also lead to an inexplicable liking for it.


Therefore, before the Second Base sent No. 301 here, it deleted its images from various materials to avoid spreading this influence that could be called a viral infection.


“… fell in love with No. 301, and as a result, indirectly led to the failure of No. 045’s internment.”


Xi Han looked at the tablet with downcast eyes and softly read out the line of text on the profile, suddenly smiling after a pause.


He was becoming more and more interested in No. 301.


To actually be able to make a battle-hardened research director defenseless, it seemed that it was indeed not to be underestimated.


It needed to be taken more seriously.
But despite thinking so, Xi Han didn’t have the slightest hint of fear on his face, and his smile instead grew bigger and bigger.


The amber-colored eyes behind the lenses were already filled with excitement, as if they couldn’t wait to see No. 301.


The researcher’s assistant beside him couldn’t help but shiver as he watched Xi Han’s almost morbidly excited expression.


Even though he had been following Dr. Xi Han for a long time, he was still somewhat unable to adapt to Xi Han’s obsession with monsters to the point of sickness.


Although Xi Han treated his subordinates in a friendly manner, he was known to be brutal towards the shelters.


Sometimes when he saw bl*ood, he couldn’t help himself, and even if he had already completed his experiments, he would still brutally ki*ll the monsters that were screaming in agony.


Just to feel the monster’s bl*ood splashing down on his body.


The assistant still remembered to this day when he first saw Xi Han experimenting.


The originally gentle man pierced the scalpel through the skin of the sheltered creature, sliding it continuously along the texture and cutting every inch of muscle with precision.


Even though it was purposely not injected with anesthetics, the monster’s struggles splattered his body with blo*od. He didn’t care; instead, his smile grew wider and wider.


It was a far cry from the gentleness he showed to his subordinates, and he was completely engrossed in it.

This was considered a quirk among the many supervisors at the base.


However, to humans, this kind of quirk wasn’t bad.


Those who saw it only sighed that Dr. Xi really hated monsters with a passion.


“Regarding the basic ability of No. 301, the information has already been written in detail; there is no need for more testing; why don’t we start the reaction test in a while?”

Xi Han looked at the information in his hands and suddenly spoke.


“Erm, this doesn’t seem to be quite in line with the base’s regulations.”

The assistant sniffed and immediately looked embarrassed.

Reaction experiments were generally only conducted when a shelter was completely researched or when the research was bottlenecked.


Right now, this shelter had just been sent over, and a more complete examination had yet to be done, so there was a certain amount of risk in doing so.


It would most likely lead to the death of the shelter before more research value could be discovered.


Although Dr. Xi Han was a researcher of relatively high status within the base now, basic rules still had to be followed.


Especially since Xi Han had already k*illed several shelters that hadn’t been fully researched a month ago, many research projects failed to produce results.


The base had already expressed its dissatisfaction.


Da Da da-

On the smooth base floor, Xi Han’s footsteps paused.


The assistant raised his head in some confusion and was met with Xi Han’s gaze.


Compared to the tall Xi Han, the assistant’s height of 1.7 meters was a bit short, and when walking next to him, it was extremely oppressive.


Especially when the smile on Xi Han’s face was no longer gentle, those amber-colored eyes looked particularly cold.


“I’m just informing you.”


Xi Han’s voice was calm.


The assistant seemed to feel immense pressure, and cold sweat oozed from his forehead.


“Yes, yes, yes, Doctor, I’ll inform them to bring No. 275 here.”


The assistant’s hands were trembling as he held the tablet. It was his fault; he had been slightly more indulgent today as he saw that Xi Han seemed to be in a pretty good mood.


He even dared to go and mention his opinion to the doctor.


As an assistant attached to the research director, his main duty was to fulfill the orders issued by the director, and the orders from the base side were only for reference.


Still, the assistant couldn’t help but show a bitter expression.


After all, the director’s value was much higher than a small assistant at the bottom like him, and the base couldn’t directly blame the director when something went wrong, and in the end, the one who was criticized was still a small employee like him.


“It’s right here, Doctor.”


The assistant warily led Xi Han to the outside of the holding facility where No. 301 was being held.


Xi Han was still flipping through his tablet, and he stepped inside without lifting an eyelid.


Behind the main gate was the holding area where the sheltered creatures were being held.


Most of the holding areas in the third experimental base were very spacious, which was specially designed to better hold large monsters.


However, later on, most of the monsters weren’t that large anymore, and for the small and medium-sized monsters, these areas were much larger.


The base then placed experimental equipment in the free areas so that the researchers could conduct research at any time.


As far as the eye could see, the entire holding facility was littered with all sorts of instruments.


Surrounding them were the researchers responsible for maintaining the equipment door and doing preliminary research work.


In the center of the room was a huge cylindrical glass enclosure, which housed the newly-arrived shelter.


However, at this time, there was no light illuminating the glass enclosure in order to prevent the employees from being affected.


The whole thing was dark, and only a figure with a quietly hanging head could be vaguely seen.


Lush strands of hair floated slightly within the glass enclosure filled with nutrient solution.


“How long will it take for No. 275 to be delivered?”


Saying that, Xi Han somewhat boredly closed the tablet and raised his eyes to the cylindrical glass enclosure that imprisoned No. 301, not far away.


Sweeping his eyes over the shadow that was backlit, he could only see the bound figure soaked in a transparent nutrient solution, his long hair reaching his waist and suspended in the liquid.


It appeared to be ink-colored hair.


“It’ll probably be a few more minutes.”


The assistant wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, not daring to say any specific time for fear that being late would incur the doctor’s displeasure.


But usually this kind of imprecise time would also make Xi Han a bit unhappy, so he would often sarcastically talk about his lack of time awareness.


In response, the assistant could only wait fearfully for the doctor to continue the arrangement.


But for some reason, this time, Xi Han didn’t reply to him.

Xi Han, who was originally looking forward to the arrival of No. 275, seemed to have lost interest in it all of a sudden, and uncharacteristically, his gaze stalled on the glass cover for a long time.


The assistant quietly raised his head and could only see the side of the doctor’s face.


And the slightly tightened contour lines at his lower jaw.

Black hair hid the upper half of his face, giving no indication of emotion.


“Turn the lights on.”


Xi Han’s magnetic voice startled the assistant, who was carefully speculating on the meaning of Xi Han’s words.


He hurriedly answered and jogged to the operation desk that controlled the lights, signaling the other researchers to put on their blindfolds in time before turning on the lights.


Although it might not be a big problem for the strong-willed Dr. Xi Han to look directly at No. 301, it was still prudent for the other researchers to be cautious.


Soon, the lights were switched on.


The other researchers also put on their blindfolds and moved away from the glass enclosure.


Only Xi Han, who was standing not far away, raised his legs and walked closer to the glass cover.


Until he could see the whole of No. 301.




Inside the glass cover filled with transparent liquid, the young male wearing a straitjacket raised his head.


Revealing the upper half of his face that was covered by a black eye patch.


The beautiful lower half of his face looked almost porcelain white, and his full lips were bright red like blood, like a carefully carved porcelain doll.


Even if his whole face couldn’t be seen, one could instantly realize that this was a man with unparalleled beauty.


It had the same appearance as a human male, with long black hair falling behind him and a white straitjacket wrapped around his tall and slim body.


His hands were caged in front of his chest, revealing only his snow-white wrists.


Outside the straitjacket, electrodes for measuring heartbeat were attached to his neck, and an infusion tube for delivering nutrients seemed to be attached to the back of his neck as well.


Faint traces were left behind when they were stuck into the skin.



Xi Han’s amber pupils widened slightly.


As a scientific research madman who loved nothing more than to see the wailing of the sheltered objects, the first thought in his mind at this moment was actually if it hurt when the needle was stuck into them.


This shelter, which looked more fragile than a glaze, must be afraid of pain.


Xi Han’s fingers holding the tablet subconsciously tightened, as if the image of No. 301 being roughly tied up and stabbed with various needles and instruments appeared in front of his eyes, and his heart actually felt a strange throbbing pain.


Inside the glass cover, No. 301 didn’t make a sound.


It cocked its head slightly, as if it had sensed Xi Han outside the glass enclosure.


Xi Han’s gaze traveled from 301’s bound wrists to his waist and finally stopped at his reddened wrists.


Its skin color was pale, showing off green veins.


Being bound for so long must have been hard on its wrists.


“Doctor? No. 275 has arrived.”


Behind him, the attentive voice of the assistant interrupted Xi Han’s outburst.


He was stunned and snapped back to his senses.


He lowered his eyes, no longer looking at No. 301 in the glass enclosure, and also suppressed those strange emotions he had just felt.


This No. 301’s ability was indeed even more powerful than he had anticipated; it actually caused his mind to falter just by gazing at him.


Those thoughts just now—heartache and such—were definitely not his true thoughts.


He was just being compelled by No. 301.


Xi Han’s expression lost its usual gentleness and became expressionless for the first time.


He turned around a little stiffly, and his droopy-eyed expression actually looked a little eerie.


“Doctor, er, are you alright?”


The assistant, a little warily frightened by his appearance, quivered as he inquired.


“Of course I’m fine.” Xi Han’s voice became cold.

His gaze toward the assistant also became impatient.


He was fine and had already recognized No. 301’s compulsion.


“That’s fine, then.”


The assistant smiled sardonically, not daring to continue angering Xi Han.


Facing this rare side of the doctor, who had become somewhat gloomy, he felt ashamed.


He could only continue to nod his head attentively.


While urging others to hurry up and prepare the things for the reaction experiments of No. 301 and 275, he stood beside Xi Han and waited for orders.


Xi Han’s expression grew more and more gloomy at this time.


He touched his heart, which was inexplicably beating harder, wondering what was going on with him that he was so easily affected by No. 301.


Obviously, No. 301’s eyes, which were said to be the most capable of compelling people, didn’t even show.


It was important to know that he hadn’t been negatively affected by a shelter since the base’s inception and could even claim to be immune to the shelter’s abilities, especially the mental ones.

Xi Han had always maintained an excellent experimental record, and no shelter had ever escaped from his hands.


In comparison, the other research supervisors were replaced somewhat quickly, and every other year there would be an incident of a failed shelter.


Xi Han had lost track of how many supervisors he had sent away to be finished off by the shelter, and he didn’t really care about those things.
All he cared about was that he could continue experimenting in the shelters.


Of course, this excellent record-keeping was also a point that made him quite proud of himself.


But he didn’t expect it to be in the gutter now.


The good thing was that the impact wasn’t that big.


It could only be considered that he had taken this shelter lightly.


It was true that he had been a bit impetuous recently.


Xi Han closed his eyes, and his expression returned to its usual calmness.

He raised his eyes and looked towards the glass enclosure, which was not far away.


Now that the lights were once again extinguished, the exquisitely beautiful silhouette of No. 301 could no longer be seen; only his floating hair could be seen, seaweed-like and thick but not messy.


Even without being able to see his face, one could feel his calm and beautiful aura. He was just as described in the experimental records: very quiet, so quiet that he didn’t look like an imprisoned, sheltered object.


More like a human.


No, not like a monster was just a monster.


Xi Han’s fingers clenched together, his eyes settling with unknown emotions under his glasses as he withdrew his gaze.


Though no longer under the influence, Xi Han had slightly changed his mind about the experiment after this; perhaps the reaction experiment could be slowed down a little.


After all, this No. 301 looked fragile.


Its research value hadn’t been completely drained, and it would be a shame for it to die now.


It was only out of consideration for the research value of the shelter, never because he had been affected by No. 301.


“Doctor? Are you really alright? If you were affected, you can stop the reaction experiment first.”


The assistant looked at Xi Han’s pale face but still saw fit to persuade Xi Han to stop the reaction experiment.


He didn’t want to be chastised by the base.


“I’m not affected.” Xi Han immediately denied it.


With that, he also realized that he had answered too quickly.


Xi Han’s expression sank, his amber-colored eyes glanced at his assistant, and his voice became increasingly cold: “The experiment continues.”


It seemed that this was the only way to prove that he was indeed unaffected.


There shouldn’t be too much sympathy or heartache towards these non-human strange beings; only the most bl*oody experiments could achieve the most complete results.


Even if this No. 301 was very fragile,.

However, if the preparatory procedures for the reaction experiment hadn’t yet been completed, it probably wouldn’t matter if it was delayed for a few moments.


Xi Han remembered that the assistant usually took a long time to prepare everything.


This time was probably no exception.

“Doctor, everything is ready!” The assistant’s attentive and flattering voice interrupted Xi Han’s contemplation.


Probably to make up for the sin of persuading Xi Han several times just now, fearing that Xi Han would hold a grudge, this time the assistant was extraordinarily active in his preparations, and in no time at all, everything was ready.

He even joked to the doctor, “Doctor, you see that I prepared everything quite quickly; it’s all because you cultivated me well.”


Usually, such jokes would ease the tension and make the doctor overlook his mistakes.


“…… ” Xi Han’s footsteps lurched. He slowly glanced at the assistant, his voice calm as he responded, “Yes, very good.”


The assistant who was looked at by this gaze stiffened and turned pale.


He didn’t know how he offended Xi Han again; he even said good words, yet he still didn’t have a good expression.



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