C87 — [3.26 – Judgement Day (End)]

The sky in the city was still a bit gray today, but it was the best weather in recent times.


On the straight highway running through the city, the yellow sand on the mountains no longer fluttered, becoming quiet and calm, and the air was a bit fresher.


The huge road sign beside the highway read, “Welcome to F City.”.

But the signboard had rusted, and the spray-painted graffiti sketched haphazardly on it made the signboard look even more shabby and desolate.


The sparse houses along the highway signaled the city’s crumbling economy.


Only an extensive slaughterhouse was still barely alive with the noise of people.


Li Qi stopped outside the slaughterhouse and looked up with a somewhat complicated expression, at this familiar yet unfamiliar slaughterhouse.


The slaughterhouse in her memory was always rusty, blo*ody, and muddy.


Now the slaughterhouse was a normal business, and there was a vibrant atmosphere everywhere.


It was very different from the post-Apocalyptic slaughterhouse.


This stunned Li Qi a little.


She still couldn’t believe that the end had really disappeared.


Before she finished looking for the cards, the Flesh and Blo*od Capital disappeared, and so did Doomsday.

After that day, everyone in the city of H was treated for temporary insanity, and there was a panic like it was still the end of the world.


Luckily, they were cured soon after.

But after that, the entire city became fervent believers in the god of doom, claiming that they had once been possessed by the god of doom and had been forgiven by the god of doom, forgiven of their original sins, and returned from the land of judgement.


These people made a number of large-scale sacrifices in the city, alarming the government and also attracting the eyes of the global followers of the god of doom to make a pilgrimage in this place.


All of them really believed that god had come here.


Of course, there were some people who had become extremely afraid of the god of doom, including her former boyfriend, Li Sheng.


Originally a fanatic, he was now completely hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and couldn’t get out.


He was paranoid all day long, thinking that the god of doom was trying to k*ill him.


On the other hand, since the disappearance of the Flesh and Blo*od Capital, Li Qi’s mental condition had improved to the point that she was no different from a normal person, and she had already been discharged from the hospital.


The government’s investigation into the strange situation in H city was still underway.


But it seemed that during the investigation they encountered some uncontrollable events, and the research results were not disclosed to the outside world. The information was completely blocked, resulting in the outside world not knowing that a terrible, strange event had occurred in H city.


To date, it had been more than half a year since the storm gradually subsided!


In fact, things should be able to end here.


Her mission had been completed, and she could no longer come in contact with those things.


But for some reason, she still came here.


She came to the place where the butcher was from her memory.


Perhaps it was because she still wanted to see that man again.

Li Qi remembered the youth she had only met a few times, the young boss named Jiu Shu.

She wanted to thank him in person for his help in the flesh and blo*od capital.


Li Qi understood that the disappearance of the Doomsday’s definitely had something to do with Jiu Shu; he knew a lot of things she didn’t know and wasn’t as soft as she had previously thought.


Instead, he was a very tough and powerful being.


Taking a deep breath, Li Qi prepared herself to see the butcher again and entered the slaughterhouse.


However, when she told the workers that she wanted to meet Jiu Shu, she only received regretful expressions from the workers.


“The boss isn’t here; the boss left ages ago, leaving only hired managers to look after this slaughterhouse; after all, our boss is more or less a billionaire, I heard it from others; the boss is very rich and doesn’t even have just this one asset.”


It was then that Li Qi learned that Jiu Shu had returned to the slaughterhouse a few days after the events in H City and had stayed for over a month before leaving.


“It seems like he went on a trip, taking his favorite employee, Lu Yuan, with him.”


One of the more nosy workers whispered to Li Qi, watching furtively as he did so, as if he were afraid of being discovered.


“Don’t say it’s me who said it; in fact, everyone dares not say it, but in their hearts they all acquiesce; the two of them are going on a honeymoon.”


The young worker finished, waiting to see Li Qi’s shocked and unbelieving expression, but found that her expression was unusual.

It was as if it were a normal thing for Jiu Shu and Lu Yuan to go on a honeymoon.


This time it was the worker’s turn to be stunned, so he could only laugh sarcastically and continue chatting about the gossip.


“At that time, the boss came back very suddenly; we were all caught off guard; we were bumped into when we were slacking off; we almost thought that we were going to be sacked; good thing the boss just came back to get something and quickly left.”


“But at that time, we all saw that there was no bandage on the face of ‘Lu Yuan’ who was following behind the boss.”


The worker still remembered the feeling of disbelief at that time.


It wasn’t just because Lu Yuan had removed the bandage uncharacteristically, but also because Lu Yuan, as someone who had been burned by flames at a young age, had no scars on his face at all.


“Although I didn’t dare to look up at the time, I could vaguely see that he had a fairly handsome face, but of course it still doesn’t compare to our boss’s.”


Saying that, the worker revealed an even more regretful expression, really not understanding why the boss would favor Lu Yuan so much.


But the truth was just like that.


A good number of people had expected that after the traveling process, the boss would cool down after experiencing that not-so-good character of Lu Yuan, but they didn’t expect the relationship between them to become even closer.


“I had guessed before that the boss had other thoughts about Lu Yuan, and the others didn’t believe it until that day, then they were sort of convinced.”


And he became sincere and fearful.


After all, most of the people in the slaughterhouse had watched from the sidelines as Lu Yuan was mocked, and if they turned over old scores and Lu Yuan whispered to the boss, none of them could escape.

With the current economic downturn, losing this job would lead to its downfall. Like those who were laid off before, they still hadn’t found a job, and their lives were in dire straits.


However, the good thing was that Lu Yuan didn’t care about them; his eyes were focused on the boss on his side.


The worker still remembered the day he last saw them.


“At that time, everyone saw that the boss and Lu Yuan were holding hands, and both had a ring on their hands. After that, he even renovated Lu Yuan’s family’s house. You don’t know that shabby house of theirs; it was beautifully decorated, but they didn’t live there, soon they went out traveling.”


“Our boss is really generous in his actions. Everyone envies that Lu Yuan can be liked by the boss, and it seems quite serious. He really fell in love with him.”


The worker said this, revealing a somewhat envious gaze.


“I used to think that the boss was just enjoying momentary freshness, but during that time I once saw the boss gazing at Lu Yuan, and all of a sudden I felt that they were indeed in love.”


“Lu Yuan is really lucky; after he came back from the business trip, although he didn’t look so scary anymore, his aura was still quite intimidating, but he was still looked at by the boss.”


He seemed to have become taller as well, and when the boss stood beside Lu Yuan, he looked like a half-grown child.


Coupled with Lu Yuan’s strength, he really didn’t know how the boss’s bed could stand. Ahem, the worker naturally didn’t dare to say it out loud.


He cut off the conversation and smiled, he looked at the good-looking girl in front of him and asked if she was looking for the boss for something important.


If so, maybe she could go upstairs and ask for the manager; he might have the boss’s contact information.


“No, I just wanted to know where they went.” Li Qi looked a little dazed.


She should have been happy to learn that Jiu Shu and Lu Yuan were happily together, but instead she felt despondent.


“That’s unknown; they didn’t stay long before they left; it was just the two of them; no one else knows where they went at all.”


Li Qi sniffed with a lost expression and left the slaughterhouse after saying thank you.


Standing on the road outside the slaughterhouse, she looked out in the direction of the end of the road.


When she passed by the petrol station earlier, she also found that the family, who were very friendly, had been arrested and brought to justice by the police; it seemed that all the old friends in her memory had gone far away.


This made Li Qi’s mood even lower.
However, the ogre family deserved what they got, so she didn’t feel much regret, but she felt more regret about not being able to see Jiu Shu again.


Lowering her head, Li Qi looked at a photo in her hand, hoping that all was well with Jiu Shu.


The photo had been taken by a young reporter, and although the government had once demanded that it not be released to the public.

But some magical religious people still got hold of it and managed to wash out these photos that supposedly captured the true face of the god of doom and distribute them.


The photos were now widely circulated, at least among the god of doom’s sect.


The photo in her hand was of the back of a tall man with the upper half of his body wrapped in bandages, and the snow-white wrists of the youth exposed in front of the man could be vaguely seen.


Intimately leaning into the bandaged man’s arms, it made it impossible to see his face.


But Li Qi could recognize that it was Jiu Shu.


Putting away the photo, Li Qi took one last look at the slaughterhouse and left the place.


And at this time, somewhere in the country.


Jiu Shu was looking at the travel magazine in his hands.


“The equipment for tonight’s camping trip is all ready.”


Behind him, the man with a tall build gently approached, his eyes gently looking at the youth sitting on the sofa.


Sitting beside him, his palm stroked his snow-white, soft cheek.


Compared to the silent man of yesteryear, he had now learned not to overly repress his love.


He wanted to be intimately attached to Jiu Shu every day, not separated for a moment.


He knew it was morbid, though, so it was just a matter of kissing and touching every day.


Jiu Shu rubbed his face against Lu Yuan’s rough palms and raised his eyes to reveal a smile.


The curved eyebrows were moving, his lips were red, and his teeth were white.


Lu Yuan’s gaze darkened, and he couldn’t help but approach closer, kissing his lover’s temples lightly.


Jiu Shu leaned into Lu Yuan’s arms, flipping through the magazine. “Where are we going next?”


They had been traveling everywhere for the past six months and had already visited many places. He really couldn’t figure out where to go next.


“Anything is fine.”


Lu Yuan wrapped his arms tightly around the love of his life and obeyed Jiu Shu’s words.


Jiu Shu smiled. “Alright, then next time, let’s go to the rainforest and take a stroll.”


It was actually because he wanted to take a break that he came to travel; given the mental state of the object of the punishment, he was afraid that he would be affected in his old environment, so he traveled around as a way to ease his mental stress.


In terms of practical effects, it didn’t seem to be as useful as spending more time in bed.


Thinking about this, Jiu Shu realized that the feeling of being pecked at his cheek had started again, and not resisting, he followed suit and kissed Lu Yuan’s cheek.


It was just that as Lu Yuan’s emotions grew agitated, his hands also began to be unsteady, and there was the feeling of something else swimming around.


“This is not allowed.”


Jiu Shu ripped off the tentacles wrapped around his waist.


Lu Yuan had a somewhat apologetic expression: “Sorry.”


He didn’t mean to; it was just that he got like this when he was emotional, and it seemed that it started after the fusion.


Jiu Shu looked at him for a while until Lu Yuan subtly avoided the line of sight; only then did he somewhat helplessly stop picking at the tentacle.


In fact, he knew it was intentional; after fusion, Lu Yuan became much more cunning.


On the surface, he was very honest, but in reality, he always wanted to play some tricks. Jiu Shu was initially fooled, but now he has gradually become accustomed to it.

But looking at Lu Yuan’s silent and lost appearance, Jiu Shu felt somewhat helpless.


“Well, it’s not impossible, but it won’t work when we camp tonight.”


Jiu Shu made a concession.


He kissed Lu Yuan’s lips, breathing against them.


Lu Yuan’s breathing gradually became more rapid, and his gaze was tinted with a burning color, a hopefulness that was very similar to that of the god of doom.


After the fusion, the object of discipline became truly more complete and mature, and at the same time, he had the greed and eagerness of a lover when faced with love.


Lu Yuan kissed Jiu Shu’s cheeks and earlobes.


Until his earlobes were flushed with a brilliant red.


The flesh and bl*ood on Jiu Shu’s waistband had also increased; they intimately entwined together until they tightly wrapped around his beloved lover.


It was just like when Lu Yuan first met Jiu Shu, the flesh and blo*od clung meekly to their lover, sticky and wet.


The window screen covered everything in the living room, leaving only a few suppressed gasps.


It wasn’t until late afternoon that Jiu Shu was carried out of the bathroom, somewhat exhausted.


Lu Yuan familiarly dressed Jiu Shu.


For his part, Jiu Shu looked at the red marks on his wrists and sighed. That was why he thought the tentacles were too much.


It left marks every time.

It had been a long time since they had missed camping time, but luckily they had already brought all their equipment, so they just needed to leave now.


Jiu Shu was lazily carried in Lu Yuan’s arms, carried like a useless person to the car.


“I always feel like my limbs are about to be disabled; what if I become even lazier?” Jiu Shu was pressing against Lu Yuan’s side, his voice holding a smile.


“It’s okay; I can hold Jiu Shu for the rest of my life.” Lu Yuan glanced warmly at the love of his life at his side.


He kissed his lover deeply before starting the car, concentrating as he drove.


Jiu Shu watched as the vehicle drove towards the campsite that had been booked earlier.


It was a very famous campsite in a lush forest nearby, where it was said that one could see the stars flourishing at night.


It was a famous mecca for couples.

Jiu Shu had also decided to camp here because he was really tired of idleness.


Of course, there was also the pushback from Lu Yuan.


As soon as he heard that it was a must-go holy place for couples, although Lu Yuan remained silent on the surface, secretly, he couldn’t wait, as if every must-go place for couples had to be visited once with Jiu Shu in order to prove their intimate love relationship.


“Here it is.”


Jiu Shu got out of the car, stretched his back, and was ready to start setting up the tent, but due to the fact that Lu Yuan’s hands-on ability was really too strong, he couldn’t intervene at all.


In the end, Jiu Shu could only sit with his cheeks on the soft cushion specially prepared for him, watching him set up the tent.

He would be kissed by Lu Yuan from time to time as the price for being forced to be lazy.


Jiu Shu lost some of his smile as he was kissed again and touched the well-behaved flesh and blo*od tentacles beside him.


They weren’t this well-behaved in bed just now.


The tip of Lu Yuan’s ears slightly reddened, and the corner of his mouth subconsciously hooked up.

At this time, the night was gradually getting darker, and just as the two were working like this, one watching the other, screams seemed to come from the depths of the forest.

Those were a few young men and women who looked at the excited-looking rich boys in a few nearby SUVs in horror, trembling with fear.


They were young couples who had come here to travel and camp and spend a nice night, but they didn’t expect to come across a group of per-verted rich families engaging in a live hunting game here.


“Hahaha! Look at their expressions; it’s so funny! It’s so funny!”

“Cry again for Master! Hurry up!”

“I can’t wait; hurry up and let them start running! My g*un is loaded!”

Being rich, the rich gentlemen were obviously having a good time in this era of economic depression. Tired of playing ordinary amusement activities, they were now playing per-verted ki-lling games.

This was already the fifth time they had played; the previous times were enjoyable, but this time they wanted something a little different.


That was why the hunting range was expanded to the entire forest.

“Just let them run around; there’s plenty of time anyway!”

After saying that, the couples scattered in all directions under pressure and fear.


“Hahaha! Run, ah, bang bang!”


Every time a g*unshot rang out, someone would fall, and soon there were only two couples left.

Fearful, they desperately ran forward until they reached the forest near the outskirts.


At this point in the campsite, Jiu Shu looked at the stars in the sky and didn’t find them all that interesting.


He felt a little tired; the afternoon had tired him out.


“I’m going to rest for a while. Call me when it’s time to start making the barbecue.”


Jiu Shu yawned, and Lu Yuan kissed his dear one on the cheek, moving gently to carry Jiu Shu into the tent.

A very soft mattress had been specially laid out, and as soon as Jiu Shu laid down on it, he felt sleepy.


He closed his eyes and fell into sleep.


The tentacles also quieted down and zipped up the tent for him.

There was just the smallest of sounds in the forest at night.

Lu Yuan glanced at the bird that was chirping by the forest lake.


The next moment, the bird was thrown far away.


Jiu Shu needed a quiet environment to rest.



The young girl fell to the ground, her ankle caught in a trap and bleeding.


“Leave me here; just go!” The young girl looked at her boyfriend, tearfully asking him to run faster.


The crazies behind them were close to catching up.

“I’ll hold you up; come on!”


The boyfriend, however, didn’t give up on the young girl, picking her up with one hand and trying to hobble forward.


But they were too slow, and were soon caught.


“Pfft, look at these two; they’re still doing the deep love thing! Laughing my arse off!” The man with dyed yellow hair laughed his head off.


A couple of other men with gu*ns also laughed wildly as they slowly walked up to the two and kicked the boyfriend down before watching the young girl huff and crawl towards him.


They got even more excited and stomped on her injured leg, crushing it hard.


“Ahhhh…!” The young girl almost fainted from the pain; her wound was exposed to the bone.


“Come on, ah, crawl, crawl to the place, and I may not k*ill your boyfriend…”


The men glanced at each other, their eyes filled with amusement.

The young girl, however, took this at face value; she was cold and sweaty, trying to hold on and not pass out, trying to crawl forward against her trampled and injured leg, almost every centimeter of which was a cone of pain.


Until she finally crawled to her boyfriend’s side and watched as his arm was pierced by a long knife, which was about to go to his head right after.


“Ahhhh,” the boyfriend convulsed in pain.

“Didn’t you guys, didn’t you say…?” the young girl gaped, while the men looked on in amusement.


“Hahaha! You actually believed it!”


“Don’t be afraid …… it’s okay ……” The boyfriend also tried to calm the young girl, barely lifting his head, wanting to beg these people to let his girlfriend go, but in the next moment, he suddenly froze.


His expression was dull.

Then he immediately covered his girlfriend’s mouth beside him and curled up into a ball himself.


“What are you looking at?”

The rich man with a long knife in his hand looked at the boyfriend’s appearance, and with an impatient expression, he raised his knife and was about to chop off this pauper’s head downwards.


In the next moment, he suddenly disappeared, and all that was left on the spot was a long knife that had fallen to the ground.

“What’s going on?”


The several people in the off-road vehicle not far away had a stunned expression, not understanding what was happening at all.


“Hey..! Is it you guys who are messing with me?” The yellow-haired man sat up straight and ferociously aimed his gu*n at the young girl and her boyfriend.


Pfft-bblo*od spilled, and the same yellow-haired man disappeared from the spot.


This time the crowd panicked; they started the car to drive away, but the car refused to start.


“What’s going on? Quickly start, ah! Fu*cking rotten car!!!”

The man was so anxious that his face broke out in a cold sweat.

He couldn’t help but loudly and angrily curse the damn SUV.




Only the last rich man, the man with dyed blue hair, was left in the SUV.

He looked around in terror at the pitch-black surroundings, not daring to move for fear that he would be k*illed by the unknown monster hiding in the shadows.


He looked at the couple not far away who were curled up in a ball without making a single sound; they seemed to have realized what was going on as well and covered their mouths.


The monsters hunted through sound.


The blue-haired youth realized this.


But he didn’t know how that couple knew; they actually kept quiet from the start.


He could only stare at them with a resentful gaze, secretly vowing to wait until things passed to ruthlessly torture these two who caused his brothers to lose their lives.


Time passed extraordinarily slowly at this point, and even the sound of sweat dripping down seemed extraordinarily harsh.


In the fierce gaze of the blue-haired youth, not far away, the huddled boyfriend suddenly raised his head and looked at him, revealing the same gaze full of hatred.


Then, the boyfriend slowly reached out his hand and touched a stone beside him.


The blue-haired youth frowned tightly, not knowing what this pauper wanted to do.


The boyfriend looked coldly at the man who had ki*lled several of his best friends, his eyes looked over the woods where the blue-haired youth couldn’t see, and his breathing slowed down.


The stone in his hand, however, got tighter and tighter.




The boyfriend slammed the rock into the blue-haired youth’s car, it crashed against the window and door with a violent thud.


“!!!” The blue-haired youth’s eyes instantly widened in fear; unable to curse the man in time, he disappeared in the next moment.


The young girl who heard the commotion forced her eyes open in fear, only to be signaled by her boyfriend not to make a sound.


The young girl looked at the dead forest and wondered what had happened until her boyfriend pointed to the top of her head.


She raised her head, and under the gradually brightening moonlight, she saw that there were some dense spiderweb-like things entangled among the dense canopy above her head.


The rich men who had been arrogant and domineering just a moment ago were all hanging on the spiderweb; their expressions of horror were sealed in place, and they were unable to struggle.


The young girl stared blankly and suddenly realized that those were not mere spider webs.


Rather, it was some flesh and blo*od that was even scarier than cobwebs, densely arranged like bl*ood vessels.


On each bl*ood vessel, there was an eyeball.


Deadly staring at them below the woods.

“……” In response, the young girl could only cover her mouth with all her might, tears flowed more and more, but she didn’t dare to make a single sound at all.


“It seems like there was a sound.”


Suddenly, a youth’s soft voice came from the other side of the forest.


The young girl closed her eyes tighter; she wanted to remind him, but she simply couldn’t do so.


Once she made a sound herself, then she would also die.


But surprisingly, the veins above her head didn’t move.


“It’s okay; it’s a couple.”


The young girl opened her eyes and saw a tall figure in the distance that seemed to glance towards her, its pitch-black pupils growing more and more gruesome under the moonlight.


After retracting her gaze, she could only hear the tall man’s gentle voice: “Did you rest well? Are you still tired?”


“Mm, I rested well, thanks.”


The youth responded with a soft smile in his voice.


It was out of place in this horrible forest.


Then the young girl knew no more.


She fainted and woke up again to find the police searching.


“You mean you saw spider webs that looked just like veins?”


The teenage girl nodded dumbly.


The investigator on the other side looked at the transcript in his hand with a somewhat complicated gaze.


He recalled H City from half a year ago, when those pictures he saw seemed to have some ghastly tentacle-like veins in them.


It was said that that was the essence of the god of doom.


Was that really possible?


The god of doom appeared in another place.


The investigator put away the record book and still passed the information to his superiors, but all he got was a non-committal reply from his superiors, telling him that he didn’t need to continue the investigation.


It was because the higher organization already had a result.


The investigator knew that that so-called higher organization was actually just a religious organization controlled by plutocrats.


They saw the hope of the real existence of the god of doom in the events in H City and longed for eternal life.


For this reason, they had done an unknown number of sinful things, and now he didn’t know what they were doing anymore.


Probably some bloo*dy experiments that attempted to replicate the events of H City.


The investigator remembered the information he had received earlier: that those people were said to have been given some bloo*dy water mixed with some flesh and bloo*od of unknown origin.


They were trying to make a god.


Trying to have the god of doom come down again and grant them eternal life.


It was simply delusional.


The investigator had deeply understood the horrific nature of the god of doom after this period of time; it wasn’t something that humans should touch.


Thinking of the insane words of the man named Li Sheng, the investigator shuddered.


That god, who had no feelings for humans, should never have appeared again.


It was already lucky for humanity that He spared them now.


The so-called creation of a god would only lead humanity to another doomsday.


However, the investigator was just a humble investigator and could do nothing about it at all.


However, he had been watching them, following every move of those people.


The city that hid the experimental base seemed to be in S city.


He hoped they wouldn’t really succeed.


The investigator hoped so.


Half a year later, inside the underground base in the city.


In the huge petri dish at the center of the research base, there was an additional grotesque body of flesh and bloo*d.


The upper half of the body was a human form twisted from flesh and bloo*d, while the lower half was veins like plants.


The way His eyes were closed was generally the same as in the photo.


“We did it!”


The researchers cheered.


And at this time, within the city of S.


Jiu Shu was sitting on a lounge chair next to the swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel, and beside him was Lu Yuan, who was in deep sleep.


He had just fallen asleep and only woke up now.


The warm daylight was hypnotic.

Even Lu Yuan was hypnotized.

He usually woke up before him every time.




And just a few seconds after Jiu Shu opened his eyes, after a huge boom, he saw a huge hollow appear in the ground of the city center.


It seemed that an underground base had been razed to the ground.

And what appeared in its place was a very familiar flesh-and-blo*od monster.




Jiu Shu glanced at Lu Yuan beside him.


But he was still sleeping.


The sky darkened and was covered in the color of bloo*d.


The entire city of S was quiet, and Jiu Shu’s eyesight was good enough to see that people in the entire city disappeared one after another.


The city also quickly twisted and distorted, returning to the flesh and blo*od city.


The flesh-and-blo*od monster in the city center also grew bigger and bigger, until finally, it was even more exaggerated than the height of the original two-story building.


The huge eyeballs moved and locked eyes with Jiu Shu.




Jiu Shu felt slightly out of place.

He nudged Lu Yuan, but he still didn’t wake up.


He also looked at the flesh and blo*od monster that had already run near the hotel and fell into silence.

The flesh and blo*od monster looked at Jiu Shu in silence for a moment before reaching out its hand, but it didn’t dare touch Jiu Shu; only the densely veined hairs on its head reached over carefully.


Intimately rubbing against Jiu Shu’s cheeks and body.


It even wanted to rub under his clothes.


And before Jiu Shu had the chance to stop it, his cheeks flushed red because of those familiar movements.


Looking from afar, one could only see the appearance of a huge flesh and bloo*d monster leaning against the hotel building with its hand outstretched to touch something in the endless blo*od-colored metropolis.


Through those thick veins, one could see a smile on His face.


Jiu Shu didn’t know how long it took before he was finally able to sit up.


“Lu Yuan, did you do it on purpose?”


Jiu Shu spoke softly, seeing the eyes of the flesh and bloo*d monster in front of him move and shift away a bit.


It looked as if it had a guilty conscience.




Jiu Shu looked at the marks on his body without much expression, but the smile on his face seemed to have a threatening connotation: “You won’t do it for the rest of your life if there’s a next time.”


The flesh and bloo*d monster seemed to cower for a moment; withdrawing its hand, its figure gradually dissipated, turning into a flesh and bloo*d tentacle beside Lu Yuan that kept shrinking and withdrawing its body.


“Don’t play dead.” Jiu Shu tugged on Lu Yuan’s ear, his tone eerie.


Lu Yuan opened his eyes; his pale face looked pitiful.


“Um, okay.” He replied seriously.

Jiu Shu glanced at him and turned around to go back to his hotel room.


Lu Yuan followed suit.


Since he had gone too far this time, Jiu Shu consistently ignored him.


It was only after Lu Yuan was commanded by him to cook a table of food and massage him for a long time that Jiu Shu reluctantly forgave him.


Finally forgiven, Lu Yuan sighed in relief, hugged Jiu Shu, and refused to let go.


He seemed afraid that Jiu Shu would get angry again.


Jiu Shu could only kiss him helplessly in response: “Alright, I’m really not angry anymore.”


Lu Yuan was finally relieved as he hugged Jiu Shu tightly, feeling his lover’s forgiveness.


He wished he could stay like this forever.

Live happily ever after.


“I love you.” Lu Yuan kissed his lover’s cheek.


“I love you too.” Jiu Shu caressed Lu Yuan’s cheek and smiled, rubbing the tip of his nose.


Lu Yuan gave an insatiable look.


“Where are we going next time?” Jiu Shu’s voice was still lazy and warm.


Lu Yuan hugged his lover like he was holding his whole world.



Wherever Jiu Shu was.


This was a journey he hoped would never end.


Above the hotel, the blue-colored sky gradually dissipated, returning to its original sky-blue color.


And the people within the city of S were shocked to discover that a large explosion had actually occurred in the center of the city at some point.


It blew up an entire underground base.


And they actually didn’t know when it happened.


This matter caused a huge sensation.


The government failed to cover it up, no matter how they tried.


It was said that the interest group behind the underground base was also implicated; not only were they exposed to all kinds of horrific human experiments, but they all became mentally deranged; they were said to have been punished by the god of doom.


They were in a state of delirium all day long and only knew how to pray for forgiveness from the god of doom.


The investigator, who had been paying attention to this matter, looked at the report in the newspaper with a somewhat grateful expression.


He knew that they had failed.


And as a result, they became fearful of the god of doom.


That would be the best outcome for humanity.


Thinking this way, the investigator picked up another photo next to him—a photo with a vaguely human appearance.


It was said to be the god of doom’s beloved.


He didn’t believe it, but again, Li Sheng was so convinced.


This made the investigator a little suspicious, and he had been tracking it down recently, but there had been little result.


“You don’t believe it?”


Li Qi sat in the cafe, looking at the investigator’s questioning look, and smiled. “Whatever, it’s fine if you don’t believe it; they probably don’t want to be known.”


After saying that, Li Qi looked out at the street outside the cafe and seemed to see something. She moved as if she wanted to do something but ended up doing nothing.


“I’ve looked away, and I hope you can let go soon as well.”


Don’t go near the god of doom again.


Li Qi withdrew her gaze, as if she hadn’t seen the silhouettes that flashed past from the end of the street.


The tall man and the beautiful youth were snuggled together intimately.


Li Qi hoped they would be happy forever.


That would be the happiest ending for humans.


Then, without paying any more attention to the puzzled-faced investigator, she left the place.


The investigator watched her back as she left for a long time before withdrawing his gaze, unsure if he should continue his investigation.


His curiosity was strong, but perhaps it was also time to stop. The god of doom was indeed not something that humans should approach, and what difference was there between these actions of his and those of those of those greedy plutocrats?


Putting away the logbook full of notes in his hands, the investigator sighed and sealed all the information away.


Even after the number of strange events in the world gradually increased later on and he had become a veteran in dealing with such events, he still set all the stuff about the god of doom as the information with the highest level of secrecy in the organization.


It wasn’t until one day after his death, when an inexplicable tremor rippled around the world, that these documents were finally unsealed in order to investigate the cause of the tremor.


Among them were many blurred photographs and many written records.


The records spanned decades.


Apparently, during the period of sealing the information, the investigator still couldn’t help but keep investigating until the moment he was closest to the truth, then he stopped.


[Number 001, god of doom]


[Don’t investigate any further. I was wrong; he does exist.]


[god doesn’t people, he only loves a  human.]


[I only hope that after the short years of humanity, the god of doom won’t go crazy over this; after all, he’s already gone crazy once.]


The crowd was a little creeped out as they looked at the contents of the file.

No one knew who the investigator meant by “he,”  but only that the god of doom had a human lover who had died.


The god of doom was the god with the highest number of miracles in the world today, and if he really existed, as the archives said, then it was very likely that this world-shaking noise was due to him.


What did the god of doom, who had lost his lover, want to do?


To once again appear as the Flesh and Blo*od Armageddon from the records?


Amidst the tremors on the ground, people waited with pale faces for the final judgment.


But the tremors, which lasted for three days, soon stopped, and the people crawled out of the crumbling buildings to find that the end had not come.


The god of doom hadn’t gone mad.


The people who survived later added a note to the archives.


It was a record of magnetic field fluctuations in the earth.


The chaotic magnetic field fluctuations changed from the intensity of the global shock to an unprecedented calmness.


It was like a person’s brainwaves, from the initial emotional excitement to the final calm slumber.


At the end of the file, there was only one warning.


[god is in deep sleep; never wake Him up.]



Onto the next arc 🏃‍♀️

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