C64 — [3.3 —- Judgement Day]


Early morning of the next day.

The slaughterhouse opened as usual, the meat pigs and poultry on the trucks still hissing miserably all entered the slaughterhouse in the direction planned, and the busy day began.


However, due to the diminishing clientele, the number of purchased pigs wasn’t much, and the workers were all listless.



The action of driving livestock was done very perfunctorily, anyway, no matter how they worked, it wouldn’t be deducted from the wages, naturally, they could be lazy.



The factory was full of yawning employees, only one person was different.


The tall and sturdy figure of Lu Yuan stood out in the slaughterhouse.



Today’s him didn’t seem to be much different from the past days, although his eyes under the bandages looked increasingly gloomy and seemed to hide many chaotic and repressed emotions, but not much expression could be seen on the surface.



One could only see that he was still holding the sharp knife in his hand, constantly cutting open the skin of the livestock with a clean hand.



It was a very skillful and good hand.


Even if there was no one to supervise him, he still did it meticulously, without slacking off.



“Very good job, hard work!”



Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind Lu Yuan, with a kind tone.


It was the new manager.



He was dressed in simple casual clothes, wearing the apron and gloves that must be worn when entering the slaughterhouse.



Looking at the pieces of meat on the slaughtering table that had been neatly cut by Lu Yuan, he nodded appreciatively.




Lu Yuan was startled by the sound, his pitch-black pupils trembled, and he looked towards Jiu Shu at his side.



This new manager had a pair of gentle eyes, which always carried a smile, making people subconsciously look lost in thought.



“Continue working, I’ll go to other places to take a look.”



The new manager didn’t seem to notice that Lu Yuan was lost in thought.



After encouraging the best employee, he walked towards other places.


It seemed as if he really was simply there to inspect the work within the slaughterhouse.



Behind him was the deputy director of the slaughterhouse, a middle-aged man with a shaved head.



From the time when the previous director was still around, the deputy director had always flaunted himself in front of the workers, always arrogantly towering over them.



But at this time with the new manager behind him, he changed and became as quiet as a quail.


Nodding and bowing, the flattering smile on his face made the other workers show a cold expression.


But this person’s performance made the workers understand, the young man walking in front of the deputy director must be the new director of the factory.


That big shot with extravagance, but with a clear mind.



It was said that when he bought this slaughterhouse, he spent no less than seven digits, but the psychological bottom line of the former factory director was only six digits. When he signed the contract that day, he was so happy that he laughed uncontrollably.


The former director was so happy that he smiled wide when he signed the contract that day. He gave the whole slaughterhouse and all the equipments in the factory to the new director very quickly.



And the identity of the new director also became a mystery in the eyes of everyone, until now it was finally unveiled.



So young and with such a pretty face, even more eye-catching than the movie stars in the cinema, most likely a second generation rich kid.

Born with endless money, casually leaking some from his fingers would be enough for them to enjoy for several lifetimes.



It was necessary to please him!



When the workers thought of this, they all became more and more energetic.



They also saw the scene of that silly guy being praised by the new factory director just now.



It was obvious that the new director appreciated Lu Yuan, or rather appreciated his hard work.


This made the other workers more or less timid.



After all, most of them were slacking off just now, and they didn’t know if they were seen by the factory director.



At the same time as they were scared for this, they couldn’t help but feel more and more resentful in their hearts.

Didn’t they say that guy was fired? Why was he still here?



He was actually praised by the new director!


Everyone was well aware that in the first few days of the new factory director’s arrival, it was most necessary to work hard to leave a good impression on the new factory director, in order to gain favor and not be laid off.

However, it was also strange that the new factory director hadn’t come down for the past few days, so they inevitably slacked off, thinking that the new factory director didn’t care about this slaughterhouse and didn’t intend to lay off employees.


Who would have expected that he would suddenly come for a surprise inspection this morning, they had no defense at all.


Especially that freak, Lu Yuan, who had been acting so vigorously just now, it was obvious why he fell into the eyes of the new director.


Contrasted with him, they inevitably looked extraordinarily unmotivated.


And the truth was just as they expected.


After leaving Lu Yuan, the new factory director walked through every workstation in the entire slaughterhouse, never revealing a single smile again.



He looked very cold.


Exasperated, the deputy factory director squeezed his eyebrows behind the new factory director, urging the workers to hurry up and behave positively.



But the lazy and accustomed workers couldn’t match the skillfulness of Lu Yuan even if they tried harder, and could only watch as the new factory director’s face became more and more unsightly.


“I’m disappointed.”


“Is this what you told me about the workers being quite motivated to work?”


Jiu Shu glanced at the deputy factory director behind him who was wiping off his cold sweat, no emotion audible in his tone.


After saying that, he turned around and returned to his office.


The terrified deputy factory director could only quickly step after him, fearing that he would be laid off along with them.



Seeing this, the workers in the slaughterhouse all looked sad and worked with even less energy, not even bothering to complain about their grievances.



They only knew that they were afraid that they would be seen in a bad light.


If they were really laid off, they would have nowhere to go.


Inside the slaughterhouse in the distance, Lu Yuan also raised his head and looked at the direction where Jiu Shu had left, somewhat lost in thought.


In front of his eyes, it was as if the factory director’s smile had just surfaced again, so beautiful that it was moving.


Even the expression that was slightly thinly veiled with anger just now because of the workers’ laziness also had the same unique beauty, making people want to keep looking at him.



Thinking of this, Lu Yuan suddenly came back to his senses and withdrew his gaze in a bit of panic, not daring to look at that lighted office again.





All love and hate, all sentiments related to love and desire were sins, and were nothing more than a test from god.





Yes, it was only a test, so it must be repented of and kept away from.



Lu Yuan kept repeating that for a long time before he finally calmed down.


His expression also became more numb.



He shouldn’t have developed emotions like love and desire.


Because that was blasphemy against god, it was him betraying god’s teachings.



Lu Yuan’s pitch-black pupils slowly dilated as he looked at the dead pig under him and continued cutting it up in a bit of a trance.


He knew, he knew it all, that god didn’t allow any filthy emotions to appear, he was just misguided, perhaps he would be fine after a few days.



What was more, he was nothing at all to that new factory director of fine birth.


Those so-called sentiments of his might be as disgusting as gutter rats to that man.


Once his true face was exposed, he would show an extremely disgusted expression like others.



The blade of the knife with excessive force pierced through the body of the meat pig that was hanging upside down on the hook.


The taller butcher looked at his hand gripping the blade, and his movements were sluggish for a moment, as if he didn’t even know how he had exerted so much force.


He slowly pulled the knife away from the meat and began his work again.


Only this time the motion of cutting open the belly of the meat pig was still hard, so hard that it seemed as if he was venting something bordering on agitation.


“It’s all Lu Yuan’s fault! If it wasn’t for him acting so positively in front of the factory director, how could we have been criticized!”


And just at this moment, the voices of the workers suddenly rang out behind him.


They were looking at Lu Yuan’s serious working back with annoyance, wanting him to die on the spot, saving them from getting into trouble.



“If you ask me, I should go and tell the factory director about the disgusting things of this freak, let him know that he can’t just look at the appearance, sometimes the inside is more important!”



A worker with hanging triangular eyes said meaningfully, hearing the people around him leap to their feet.


This was indeed a way.


As long as the impression of Lu Yuan was messed up, the factory director wouldn’t care about their lazy behavior just now.



After all, leaders sometimes cared more about a worker’s character than work efficiency.


Especially for that freak, Lu Yuan, even the previous factory director Du only accepted him with his nose pinched because Lu Yuan was willing to work and was cheap.


“But which one to talk about?”


The workers scratched their ears and couldn’t think of how to discredit Lu Yuan for a while.


Although he had previously been described in their mouths as unforgivable, if they were to really talk about it, they really couldn’t think of a single thing that would be reviled as soon as it was told.


“Which other thing, of course, that his mom and dad are all homicidal maniacs who killed people and set themselves on fire and died, leaving a son who is still a murderous thing!”


Hanging Triangle Eyes had been in the slaughterhouse for a long time and knew a bit more about things.


He opened his mouth and began to tell the workers in detail about the family’s once-unheard-of reputation in the area.


Lu Yuan’s parents were once famous fanatical religious figures in the local area, enthusiastic about soliciting followers, and later even began to incite followers to self immolate.



This incident caused a lot of trouble at the beginning.


Because five or six people died, including Lu Yuan’s parents, it was considered big news in this remote city and state.



“Then they died, leaving him behind, look at his current appearance, fierce and vicious, all day long we doy know what kind of horrible things he’s thinking about, I’m afraid that in the future, he’ll be a lunatic just like his parents!”



Hanging Triangle Eyes’ tone was eerie, scaring the crowd, and the fear and resistance towards Lu Yuan deepened.


There were many people who simply didn’t know that Lu Yuan had this past history, and the expressions on their faces immediately became more disgusted.


“In that case, it’s perfectly fine to talk to the factory director, otherwise, if we leave such a murderer’s offspring here, our personal safety won’t be guaranteed!”



The more the crowd said, the more they were filled with righteous indignation, and they all waved their fists and were about to head upstairs in the direction of the factory director’s office.


If they wanted to expose him to the factory director, it was best to get out of here immediately.

No one noticed that behind them, in the slaughterhouse.


The man whose figure was so tall that it was almost horrifying had long since stopped the movements in his hands, and had been hanging his head down.


He seemed to have heard all the resentment of the workers.


Those words that were more hateful than the treatment of his father were enough to uncover the bloody scars buried in the bottom of his heart.


His silent face was wrapped in bandages, the upper half of his face hidden in the shadows under the slaughterhouse lights, revealing only his well-defined jaw.



He was obviously not uttering a single word, but there seemed to be a murderous intent filled with resentment permeating the room.


Zi zi zi…


A piercing tinnitus rang in Lu Yuan’s ears, and his temples throbbed violently, the pain spreading all the way to the depths of his brain.



However, he seemed to have gotten used to these pains and did not make any special movements.


He only slightly turned his head sideways, aiming his vaguely blood-colored pupils at those pigs behind him.



Those pigs in work clothes.

Each of them had a swollen body and head, constantly opening and closing their mouths like salivating pigs, making ear-piercing noises, ugly and dirty to the extreme.






The blood and flesh that kept spreading inside the slaughterhouse completely dyed the world in front of Lu Yuan’s eyes into scarlet red, and everywhere was writhing blood and flesh that let out shrill laughter.



They kept talking in Lu Yuan’s ears, making rustling strange sounds.



–Kill them!



–Kill them! Those dead pigs who only know how to talk nonsense should lie in the slaughterhouse!


god said to keep away from all love and hate, both hatred and desire.



– – Are you not afraid! They’re about to go to him, they’ll tell him everything, and then you’ll be sacked and abandoned ho ho ho ho


–You’ll be forgotten.



–After all, you’re just an employee he’s only met twice. You’ll never see him again.



–With nowhere to go you’ll remain forgotten until no one will care that you exist.




Amidst the cacophony of voices in his ears, the stocky butcher seemed to be in a fierce mental struggle and was silent for a long time.


His pupils trembled until they were finally completely dyed red with the color of blood before he slowly gripped the machete in his hand.


It wasn’t big, but it was enough to cut through every rib of the pig, splitting every inch of bone marrow until the blood-soaked internal organs were exposed.


And that was supposed to be the fate of pigs.


Even if they fancied themselves human.


“Tell us a little more about the rest later, geez, just make up a little bit, the factory director will know that this guy isn’t a good guy once he sees that he caused a lot of anger, it doesn’t matter even if he fictionalized a little bit of the content appropriately-”


Hanging triangular eyes stood on the steps, talking to the workers in the plant.


Not paying the slightest attention to behind himself, the tall man who gradually walked out from the slaughterhouse.


As well as the machete he held in his hand.


Stained with crimson blood.




The blood and flesh were still diffusing as they slowly wrapped around the limbs of the Hanging Triangle Eyed man.



The originally soft flesh suddenly became extraordinarily sharp, like a sharp knife that was about to pierce the Hanging Triangle Eyed man’s skull.



Right at this moment, an unexpected voice suddenly rang in his ears.



“What are you doing?”


It was the new factory director, Jiu Shu.



With a document in his hand, he stood on the stairs and looked in surprise at the crowd gathered downstairs.



“Since you’re all gathered that’s good, so I don’t have to go and call people, so let’s get started, I’ve already compiled a list of layoffs, in a moment the vice factory director will read the list out, and those whose names are read out will be able to go and receive compensation.”



“Then just pack up and leave.”



Jiu Shu’s voice was light, and his light expression was as if this list in his hand was not deciding the livelihood of many employees, but was just a trivial decision.






The people who were originally still filled with righteous indignation were stunned speechless by this sudden news, all of them didn’t expect that the new boss would suddenly lay off employees without even a notice beforehand, leaving people without any ideological preparation.


“Factory, factory director, this is, too sudden!”



The deputy factory director was also covered in cold sweat, not knowing what exactly this rich second generation factory director in front of him wanted to do.



He seemed to have completely overridden his own power, even the matter of layoffs wasn’t discussed with him.



“…… Read it.” The young boss’s beautiful eyes glanced at the deputy factory director, and the awe-inspiring aura was enough to make people ignore the face that was beautiful to the extreme.



The deputy factory director shivered in fear and didn’t dare to say more, so he respectfully took the list and began to read the names.




It was only after this reading that he realized that the entire factory had almost been laid off, and only a few people had not been laid off.


They were all stuffy people who usually didn’t like to talk and hadn’t offered him any favors, and they were the group he had wanted to quit the most.



The new director had obviously only just arrived a few days ago, yet he already knew the entire slaughterhouse incredibly well.


Hanging triangular eyes was among the list.



He stared wide-eyed and let out a shrill, unconvinced should: “Director, how come Lu Yuan hasn’t been sacked, are you unaware of his life, he is a murderer’s child-”



“I know.”


Jiu Shu calmly interrupted his words, his gaze sweeping over the object of punishment at the back of the crowd.


Lu Yuan didn’t notice Jiu Shu’s gaze.



He just hung his head down, and the arm resting on his side was trembling unnoticeably, as if he was holding back overly strong emotions.



Those loves and hates that should have been far away from him were intertwined, and the resentment and unwillingness of the flesh and blood that kept echoing in his ears was confusing his entire brain.



–Kill them oooh, discovered! Discovered!



–You’ve failed, you’re going to be abandoned.


Lu Yuan’s pupils slowly dilated, and he didn’t even dare to look up for fear of seeing any negative expression on that head that was the only beautiful one in his eyes.



That would break him completely.


He was just thinking in a trance that perhaps, he should have killed those pigs earlier.



“Those weren’t the terms I was considering, I didn’t really care because I just needed a competent employee, and Lu Yuan is very competent.”


“As a reward for him, I’ve decided that I’ll give him double pay all the time after that, as a reward for his hard work.”



Jiu Shu said, revealing a smirk.


It was as if he was really just happy that he had gotten a competent employee.



Downstairs, Lu Yuan, who was originally still immersed in killing intent and resentment, raised his head upon hearing Jiu Shu’s voice and stared blankly at the man standing on the stairs.



Among the many heads of livestock, only this young new factory director had an extremely beautiful human face, as beautiful as his most unrealistic fantasies.



Looking at Jiu Shu’s smiling face, Lu Yuan’s gaze was blank and dismayed.



He never expected that the new factory manager had already known about his past and had personally said that he didn’t care about his origins, the sins that his parents had committed.



He didn’t treat him at all like a madman who was going to become a murderer sooner or later like everyone else.



Nor did he ostracize him and fire him as he thought be would, instead he even said he was a competent employee.



He was, well, competent.



A scene from the past floated before his eyes.



After his parents died, he survived on his own, trying to go to work, but every time his identity was discovered he was driven away by his boss, like they were driving away some incomparably dirty and filthy existence.



No one would ever tell him in an appreciative tone that he was good and competent.




The machete held in Lu Yuan’s hand slowly relaxed, and his constantly throbbing temples became quiet, the scarlet world in front of his eyes gradually faded, and he seemed to have finally calmed down.



However, his expression was still wooden, as if he was somewhat afraid to believe what was in front of him.



He had long been accustomed to being ostracized and loathed time and time again, and this exception instead made him feel overwhelmed.


So much so that he could only stand frozen in place, not moving at all.



As for the crowd beside Lu Yuan, the crowd that was still clamoring was dumbfounded after hearing Jiu Shu’s words.

They were also clear that Lu Yuan did work hard, but he was a freak ah!

Did the new boss actually not mind?



Jiu Shu indeed didn’t mind at all.



He even walked down the stairs, walked over to Lu Yuan, and patted his strong and sturdy arm that was well suited to be a butcher like a tolerant and generous boss.


Lu Yuan’s body stiffened slightly, and under the cover of his black hair, the tips of his ears flushed a thin red color.



“I believe everyone has seen Mr. Lu Yuan’s efforts, and I hope that everyone who stays behind will learn from him in the future.”

Hearing these words, his pitch-black pupils looked towards Jiu Shu on his side, the fingers placed on his side curled up somewhat nervously, no longer having the vicious killing intent from before.



Instead, he appeared a little shy and formal.


Jiu Shu was smiling and praising the hard work and diligence of Lu Yuan to workers around him.



Between the polite templated words were all criticisms of the employees who did not work hard, but instead wanted to complain.



With a standard capitalist stance of eating people without spitting bones, he smiled lightly and asked the defiant man with hanging triangular eyes and other dismissed employees, “When it’s time to work, you leave work, you doze off, and you like to discuss others privately. Do you think this is a place for charity?”


And then he said that if they didn’t leave now, when he forced eviction, the compensation would be gone.



Behind Jiu Shu, security guards who had already been arranged were surrounding the place in order to prevent a riot.






The factory was silent, looking at Jiu Shu, the new factory director who had a kind face but spoke coldly, once again recognizing the arrogance of the rich.



He was really worthy of being a rich man who ate people without spitting out bones, speaking forcefully but not letting people find words to counterattack.



Although the crowd wanted to refute.


But they couldn’t do anything about Jiu Shu.



In this world where money was the most important thing, the rich man was the one who stood at the top of the dominator, and these poor workers who were about to drink the northwest wind couldn’t fight with him at all.



Hanging triangular eyes also resentfully closed his mouth, he didn’t dare say anything and completely lost the vigor of a moment ago.



In this time of economic depression, in fact, many factories gave direct layoffs, not even compensation.



The new factory director was generous enough to offer compensation in accordance with the law, which was already considered very good.



In this way, the employees who were laid off in the factory all received the compensation and left in silence.



Before they left, they all looked at the tall Lu Yuan, with complex expressions.



They really never dreamed that the new boss actually looked so favorably on this freak, so good that it was as good as looking at him.



Surprisingly, he asked everyone to learn from this monster who didn’t know how to rest when doing work, simply even more per-verted than the previous one, that factory director Du.


It seemed that he was also a picky person who could ignore everything in order to squeeze a little bit of work efficiency.



It was better not to do this job anymore.



The workers consoled themselves in their hearts, but they still couldn’t hide their loss and didn’t know how to live in the future.



Jiu Shu sat in the office, looking out the window at the crowd of people walking away, hiding the coldness in his eyes.


It was in the original that the object of discipline was laid off in the slaughterhouse closure a few months later.



At that time, he had suffered from the taunts of his fellow workers, and at one point, he had fallen ill, and in the end, he was kicked out without even receiving his compensation.



Without a job and without a place to return to, he could only stay in his dilapidated old house, living a life that no one cared about.



Although he barely had enough to eat, the mental torture was the most unbearable for him.



Although the object of discipline appeared to be quiet on the surface, in fact, he was terrified of being alone.



Especially not even having a kindred spirit around him and being left alone.



The object of discipline, who was already on the verge of a mental breakdown, was thus driven mad by the feeling of loneliness, and was completely caught up in his own tragic end.


Now was just the first step towards change, gaining recognition in social status.



The next step was to solve the loneliness that could drive him crazy.


“Would you like a cup of tea?”


Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze to the object of discipline sitting across the desk, a smile returning to his face.



A gentle smile that was completely different from the one that faced the others.



Looking at Jiu Shu’s smile and the pair of white plush rabbit ears that quivered pleasantly above his head, Lu Yuan froze for a while before saying with a blush, “…… Okay.”



Then, he picked up the black tea that Jiu Shu had poured for him in front of him until he drank it all in one go, and only then did he begin to think about why he was sitting here in a bit of a daze.


It seemed that after dismissing those people just now, he went to his office at the invitation of the young boss with a beautiful smile in front of him.



After entering, the young boss even locked the door to his room.



He wasn’t sure what he was going to talk to him about.


But he shouldn’t be sitting here.


The closer he got to Jiu Shu, the faster his heart would beat.



This was against god’s will, a sin, an evil thought that shouldn’t be there.



He had sworn to god before to repent of all his sins.


He had already almost committed the evil thought of hatred just now, and now he absolutely could not touch those thoughts of love and desire.


Absolutely not.


Jiu Shu poured him another up of black tea.



“Do you want sugar?”


Jiu Shu liked to add sugar to black tea.



Saying that, his thin white fingers had picked up the sugar cube in the sugar jar.



“…… Okay.” Lu Yuan subconsciously and obediently took the sugar cube.



Then, in silence, he watched the sugar cube slowly dissolve and dissipate in the black tea.



But with his mind made up, he didn’t drink the cup of tea.


He looked up, wanting to tell Jiu Shu that he should go, that his heart was beating faster and faster, and that those love-hate-desire thoughts that he shouldn’t have were starting to swirl around in his head again.



That was why he needed to get away from him, away from the love and desire that represented sin, until those desires that shouldn’t be there were gone for good.


But he was a little speechless when faced with Jiu Shu’s eyes that were so beautiful that they mesmerized him.



It wasn’t until a few moments later, when he finally gathered the courage to raise his head again, that the world in front of him turned into a scarlet world of flesh and blood again.



Everywhere was writhing flesh and blood, disgustingly hideous.



Only the beautiful youth in front of him remained unchanged in the slightest.



And those ugly and slippery flesh and blood slowly wrapped around Jiu Shu as if it had found its prey until it was completely wrapped.



Even reaching out like tentacles of flesh and blood, like a kiss.





“What’s wrong with you?”



Jiu Shu looked with some curiosity at the object of discipline who suddenly knocked over the black tea on the table and fumbled with his hands.



Lu Yuan lowered his head without saying anything, the roots of his ears hidden in his hair were already red.



It seemed that he was afraid to face the flesh and blood that represented his fantasies.




It reached out to his lips.



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