C53 — 【 2.16 – The Rose Manor 】


“Ahhhh – monster! Monster!”


Julie’s scream broke the silence in the corridor.



Jiu Shu, who was wrapped in a large mass of translucent material, raised his eyes and saw that the entire corridor was occupied by the translucent soft thing.


It was said to be translucent, but in fact, it reflected external light and refracted moving colors under the light.

The whole corridor was wrapped in a dreamlike translucent liquid, emitting the damp smell of seawater.



It was just that Jiu Shu was in the interior of these substances, and through these jelly-like soft semi-solid substances, he could only see the semi-transparent outside world.



This kind of vision was quite marvelous.


Jiu Shu blinked, moved his arm tentatively, and moved his body in this mass of indeterminate material.




In the next second, the huge figure that had been frozen in place seemed to have finally recovered from its panic, and began to move as well.



His movements were a bit cautious, retracting the body that had originally swelled to occupy the entire corridor, slowly shrinking its size.



A few tentacles poked out from the soft body like playdough.



With an imperceptible trembling of fear and anxiety, He took Jiu Shu out of the body.



His platinum-colored hair was soaked by the humid breath on the surface of His body, spreading out on his cheeks, and his blue eyes became a little wet, as if he had been frightened.



Seeing this, the translucent tentacles holding his waist trembled, and the surface of his body rippled with colorful waves as his emotions fluctuated, and the color became increasingly dim, until it finally turned into a light gray.



I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…



It seemed that someone was apologizing continuously, but in the face of the lover who had already been frightened by Him, his apologies appeared incomparably pale.




Jiu Shu was hit on the cheek by a droplet of water falling from the ceiling, and the entire corridor became extremely humid, as if someone was crying in pain and sorrow.



The tears that could not be shed could only turn into even more humid air and condense on all sides of the corridor.


Jiu Shu raised his head thoughtfully, looked at the pale gray behemoth in front of him, and opened his lips.


Before he could say anything, Julie behind him first let out a sharp warning, “Don’t go near it!”


“It’s the old count! Run away Angus! Monster! The old count is a monster!”


Julie pointed at the bloated monster in front of Jiu Shu, looking horrified.



She recognized the monster as the same hideous and terrifying shadow she had seen earlier.



That shadow that had been following the old count had transformed into a solid body, and the old count had disappeared, so the answer was obvious, this monster was the old count.


And in the next second after Julie’s words fell, the bloated and bulky monster retreated back into the wall in a hasty fleeing posture as if it had been frightened.


Only leaving ripples on the damp, mold-covered walls.


Jiu Shu’s azure pupils shrunk slightly, and his outstretched fingers only touched His cold, wet skin, “Norman–”



Before the words fell, the wrapped corridor returned to its original appearance, and the monster completely merged into the wall.


Looking at the empty wall in front of him, he frowned with some headache.



And beside him, Julie was still shouting in terror, “Let’s go! Angus, come on!”



Julie really wanted to save this youth who was compelled by the old count.



However, when she reached out her hand to touch him, she only got another rejection.






Jiu Shu glanced at her coldly, and Julie revealed a hurt expression, but she didn’t dare to speak again.


“Please go back. You are not welcome here.”

Jiu Shu finished, no longer paying attention to the emotional heroine, knowing that she was only going to get very sick after she left here.



Being too close to the object of discipline was not a good thing for normal people, and hopefully it would teach her to be careful with her words.



Thinking this way, Jiu Shu looked down at his wet palm, as if the residue of the slippery soft touch he had just fallen into was still there, and sighed slightly.



Recently, it wasn’t easy to calm the emotions of the object of discipline to the level of a normal person, but that “monster” just now would only make everything go to waste.



The object of punishment, who was already extremely sensitive to his ugly appearance, faced the fact that he had become a monster in the eyes of others, he didn’t know what kind of painful emotions he would experience.

Perhaps he would feel even more inferior and become gloomier than before.



He hoped that his spirit wasn’t as fragile as he thought.



Jiu Shu suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and continued forward in the direction of the perceived scent.



And at this moment, in the corner of the underground manor.



On the dark and damp floor, the bloated and huge figure was dragging his heavy body and squirming on the ground.



Only after He yanked the last piece of body tissue out of the wall did He stop moving, and just quietly lay on the floor, motionless, as if He had already died.


The original translucent color also gradually turned into the same pitch black as the surrounding darkness, and a liquid that smelled like the sea continuously seeped out of His breath-like bulging skin.


It looked like tears.



The floor became more and more muddy, and the walls began to grow black mold spots.





A low cry from nowhere echoed through the room, eerily eerie.



Click-click-click- When the crying faded away, it was replaced by an even more bizarre chewing sound, like someone was viciously chewing on the flesh and blood on their body.



It was filled with hatred and madness.


Snapping – large chunks of chewed black flesh and blood were discarded on the damp floor, gradually melting into a ball of black liquid that swam back into the bloated and huge monster.



The surface that had been chewed up for most of its body and had become uneven was instantly restored to its original shape.



In the darkness, the monster stopped its chewing movements.



The mouth full of sharp teeth that grew out of its body was almost as wide as His body, ferocious and terrifying.



Now it also slowly closed, reverting back to its original smooth and moist surface.



It seemed to have finally calmed down.



But this calmness lasted for a short time, and only a few moments later, the chaotic crashing sounds began again in the room.


Thump thump thump!!!



It was the monster’s body that began to expand continuously, He seemed to hate this ugly body beyond measure and wondered how he had become like this.



And so it grew countless black tentacles from within its soft and amorphous body, swinging wildly around the room as if out of control.



Until he smashed a big hole in the wall, he only quieted down a little.



Can’t attract attention, can’t be seen.



He couldn’t be seen in his current ugly state.





But what to do when it was already known?



As if that shrill “Monster–” was ringing in his ears again, his already fragile sanity instantly disappeared, and he once again let out a suppressed cry.



It seemed that after turning into a monster, His emotions had also become extraordinarily volatile, and His usual composure and calmness had completely disappeared.



His mind was constantly replaying everything from before.


Whether it was the bewildered expression on Jiu Shu’s face or the panicked mood when he wrapped him up, it was all being repeated over and over again.



The moment His true identity was revealed, He cowardly fled, not even daring to look back.


Not daring to look at the expression that showed on the face of His beloved young man.



For He knew that it must be a mixture of disgust and repulsion.


No one would like a horrible monster.


Especially when faced with this ugly, bulky body.



Obviously He had just turned into a shape that matched the young man, and a happy future had just been within reach, and moments later he became this dirty and ugly appearance now.



The monster’s trembling tentacles twitched subconsciously on the floor, as if it was having trouble controlling itself due to excessive agonizing emotions.



He looked at his current bloated and loathsome appearance and swelled in agony, his massive body rippling as if it were a black liquid swimming in this spacious and humid basement.





In order to alleviate the pain within, He began to tear apart His body over and over again, revealing the semi-solid strange flesh and blood within, black blood flowing continuously.



Until the entire body became a piece of broken flesh, which gradually merged back into its original form.



The dark and lightless room was filled with the strong smell of the sea that was only found in the deep sea, the smell of His blood.



This body organization that was completely different from that of a human caused Him to fall into complete despair.



He kept tearing at His body, seeming to completely collapse, and even began to try to use His own flesh and blood in an effort to piece together His original appearance.



In the end, however, only a strangely shaped humanoid flesh and blood was pinched out.



There were no features, all there was was just a soft, boneless shell that fell limply to the floor.






The heavy tentacles slapped this extremely disgusting flesh and blood to pieces, and the monster in the room once again became incomparably violent.



He seemed to be continuously emitting a thin sound, as if it was a curse or a sad prayer.



Why had it become like this now?



He didn’t understand.



He hadn’t even made the thousand roses He was going to give to His beloved, and He hadn’t even gotten His beloved’s forgiveness yet, so why had He suddenly become like this now?



The monster recalled everything that had come before, only remembering the thin sound of prayers that echoed in his ears at that time, and the sound of his own agonizing cough.



Overly eager to retrieve the rose, He ignored his heavy and painful body to chase after the hateful thief, but unknowingly, because of his over-excited emotions, he was completely assimilated by the shadow behind him.



And now, it had come to the point of no return.



He had completely changed.



Those days of being happily snuggled up with the love of his life could never return.



In the gloomy basement, the sound of weeping seemed to resound once again.


Only this time, the voice coming from that huge and horrible body became even more agonizing and desperate.



In the manor castle, Jiu Shu, who had been looking for the object of punishment for a long time, stopped and looked at the faint morning light outside the window of the corridor.


It was already early morning, and the endless mountains outside the estate were shrouded in a layer of smoke in the gray sky, faintly visible.



Jiu Shu frowned slightly, wondering if the target of punishment might have gone down the underground passage to the foot of the mountain range.



However, when he opened the system panel, the location information displayed was still this manor.



This was strange, he had already searched all the rooms and none of them had His scent.


Jiu Shu somewhat helplessly rubbed his throbbing brow, and after some thought, he returned to his room.


Taking out several thick occult notes that he had made earlier.


He flipped to one of the note pages that recorded several formations.


It wasn’t actually that he didn’t anticipate that the object of discipline would completely mutate, he just didn’t expect it to be so fast, it seemed that just being emotionally stable wasn’t enough.



He looked at the formations on the page, his pupils condensed with faint contemplation.

It was a note he had created before, in order to deal with the various scenarios that might arise when the target of his punishment became god’s heir.



It might come in handy now.



But it was still necessary to find Him.


Flipping open the system panel, he opened the original content of Blood of Madness and scrutinized it once again.


In the original, there wasn’t much about the old count’s life.


However, combining the two literary works, Rose Manor and Blood of Madness, it seemed that the old count was not as happy as he wanted to be during his lifetime, so after his death, he harbored malice towards the entire world.



That was why he shrouded his entire territory in a thick fog after his death, refusing to allow anyone to approach him.



It seemed that ever since he had taken the form of a god’s heir, the old count’s consciousness during his life had been nothing but hatred.



Then it was likely that the same would happen to the object of discipline that had also turned into that form now.



Luckily, he had already prepared for all possible scenarios, so it didn’t matter even if only the hate consciousness was left behind, it could be resolved just the same.


However, judging from the object of discipline’s unhesitating fleeing behavior just now, he should still retain his human consciousness now.



Or at least recognize him.



Otherwise, he wouldn’t have run so fast out of fear of being exposed for his true face.


Thinking of Norman, who had just disappeared in the blink of an eye, Jiu Shu shook his head helplessly.



He couldn’t guarantee whether He would completely lose His human consciousness in the future, so he could only try to find Him as early as possible.



At the same time, he also had to start preparing for any unexpected situations that might come up afterward.



That way even if he did lose consciousness, it could still be resolved.


Now, for example, it was time to take some precautions.



With this in mind, Jiu Shu took out the envelope that had been prepared long ago and placed the several formations and detailed descriptions that had been transcribed from his notes inside.



He lowered his blue eyes and wrote the envelope address information to be sent to the magazine.



As an up-and-coming figure in this empire’s well-known occult newspaper, his article would be published as soon as he sent it in, and this information that documented the real sacrificial spell formation would also be published under the public eye.



Judging by the extent of this world’s pursuit of the occult, it wouldn’t be long before people started experimenting with these formations.



Jiu Shu knew that the object of the punishment had been awakened because of the spell formation and the breath of those who belonged to the children of the gods within their bodies.



Then to unring the bell, these reverse spell formations should be able to slightly curb the process of Him constantly being assimilated by those breaths.



Jiu Shu picked up the envelope and walked out of the room, quickly mailing it.



Then began to look around the castle again for the object of the punishment.



His instincts told him that the object of discipline should be in this castle.



Perhaps in a basement somewhere.



After all, he had just searched all the empty rooms, except for those hidden basements.



“Show me the basement here.”


Jiu Shu looked at the butler behind him who was bending over respectfully.



“Yes, yes.”



The butler wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and led the way in front more and more respectfully, he knew this castle better than Jiu Shu and knew that there were many basements here.



But he didn’t know why Jiu Shu, the old count’s heartthrob, suddenly wanted to go the basement alone.


Looking around, the old count who loved to stick around Angus was surprisingly nowhere to be seen.



The pale-faced butler looked at the walls that were so wet that they were a bit muddy today, and remembered the chaotic sounds that he vaguely heard in his sleep at night.



As if realizing something, he suddenly lowered his head, his body trembling slightly, not daring to look around anymore.



“Stop, please help me open the door to this basement.”


Jiu Shu seemed to have sensed something, and he turned his head to a floor that reeked of dampness, his gaze seeming to penetrate the wooden planks to see the bloated figure within that was wailing in constant despair.



“…… Okay ……”



The butler standing beside him blanched at the words, as he looked at the damp wooden board, he seemed to be keenly aware of the abnormality.



His brain was constantly sending him warnings, and if it weren’t for the fact that his sanity was still intact, he would have almost gone limp on the spot.



Still, compelled by the situation, he carefully took out a set of keys with a trembling hand.



He walked over to the door and fumbled a few times, his fingers shaking like chaff, it took him a long time to unlock the door panel of the basement.



And just the moment he opened it, that moist scent instantly disappeared.



It seemed as if someone had reintegrated into the walls after giving his lover one last look.






Jiu Shu stepped through the narrow entrance and descended into the spacious, damp interior of the basement, his gaze skimming over the wall that had a large hole.



It took a long moment before he withdrew his gaze, his voice calm.



“Never mind, let’s go.”


Jiu Shu said and left the basement again, as if he hadn’t noticed the sea-smelling air inside the basement as well as the walls with ripples left behind.



It seemed He needed to calm down for the time being.


Jiu Shu lightly furrowed his delicate brow and stopped his search once he had the butler close the door panel back up.



Inside the room, He looked at the butler’s miserable face and curved his pretty blue eyes.


“Norman, he has had some business recently and may not be back until a few days later, I hope that nothing that shouldn’t be rumored is spreading around the manor these days.”



“Yes, yes.”


The butler could feel that his voice was colder than usual, a far cry from the Angus who always wore a smile in front of the old count.


It became even more terrifying.


The cold sweat on the butler’s forehead increased even more, and he could only keep wiping it off with a handkerchief, nodding his head and answering yes.


Jiu Shu didn’t pay any more attention to this butler who was obviously eating out of his hand, and returned to his own room with a pale expression.



He also remembered the journal that was revealed in Julie’s pocket, which seemed to be the one that the butler carried on a daily basis.



It seemed that the heroine was able to enter the castle because of the butler.


But never mind, these things were no longer the point now.


He was now more concerned about the safety of the object of discipline.


There was no telling when He would be able to calm down, so perhaps he could really only wait until those sent out formations took effect.



Sitting in the room, Jiu Shu looked at the notes on the table, fell into deep thought, and began to keep writing and scribbling on the notes again.



It wasn’t until late at night that he stopped and rubbed his brow, deciding to rest early.


Getting up, Jiu Shu shuffled around a bit before lying down on his bed to rest tiredly.



Today had indeed been a bit of a tiring day.



The outside of the manor was soon plunged into a deep darkness, the cries seeming particularly bleak.




There seemed to be a fine sound coming from within the walls of the room, and the blonde-haired youth sleeping within the soft bed seemed to notice something and frowned slightly.



The strange rustling sound instantly became much smaller.



In its place, circles of ripples began to spread across the floor of the room, and a large, expanding shadow appeared on the floor beneath the bed.



It was as if the blonde youth was sleeping in a small boat floating on the surface of the sea, and at the bottom of the boat was the huge monster that was gradually poking out its ghastly limbs.





Sticky water sounds came out from under the floor, and it seemed that something gradually spread onto the bed.


The white cheek of the sleeping blonde youth was gently touched by a soft pale gray substance, all careful and apologetic.


He looked at his lover, who had fallen into sleep, and his bloated form seemed to begin to expand and contract involuntarily again, oozing moisture.


Looking around at the increasingly damp walls, He hastily controlled His body, not daring to startle His beloved.



Daring only to reach out with tiny limbs to gently caress His beloved’s tired brow, as if this would bring out the pain in His heart.


I’m sorry-


The monster whispered his apologies in a voice that humans couldn’t hear, and stayed quietly by Jiu Shu’s side for a long time.



It was only in the latter part of the night, after he had fallen asleep more soundly, that He dared to gently approach and wrap his soft limbs around his lover’s palms.



His beloved’s long, slender fingers subconsciously curled slightly within the translucent limb, the gentle movements seeming to touch the heart.



The monster paused and leaned in a little closer.



He had no lips, and could only gently touch on his lover’s cheek with a cold, wet surface.



It was as if they were still as close as they always were, instead of the tragic never-to-be-seen-again ending they had today.



In the dimly lit room, the monster with its massive and ghastly form seemed to make a sound that was as sad as the sound of a human crying.



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