C107.2 — [5.2 — False Them]

Every day, he would go and collect the bodies of countless bionic people.



He took the abuse from those who were hurt by the bionics and the ostracizing taunts from his colleagues.



Often, he would also meet bionic people.

Then he’d get angry stares of his own kind.


As a bionic working for humans, this should have been his mission, but now he had become an alien who didn’t blend in with humans and bionics.



Neither side had ever accepted him as a combat-type bionic.

He was just a machine that would be scrapped sooner or later.

Even Zero Three himself thought so.

But even so, he shouldn’t be like Seven Two, who suffered from human delusions, sinking into fantasies that he couldn’t extricate himself from.



Closing the door, Zero Three sat down in the dimly lit living room like he was tired.

There was only a sofa in the house without much furniture.


The sky outside the window had flooded with white light, and the bright light spilled in, illuminating the empty, dark floor.



Without too many colourful decorations, the entire room was like a depressing cage; no human could bear to stay here for long.



Zero Three, however, had already been here for two years.

And his factory life span was only three years.

As a new model of bionic human, he had been injected with working memories that didn’t belong to him from birth, which had the sole purpose of allowing the bionic human to familiarize itself with the environment and enter the working state faster.



But the consequence of this was that the bionic man had no childhood, no so-called feelings, only loyalty to humans that had been inscribed on the chip from the factory.


To be precise, humans didn’t recognize that bionics had feelings.

But judging from the rebellious actions of those resistance groups, bionics had a desire for freedom.

Sitting on the sofa for a long time, Zero Three took out a card from his pocket.



It was a wrinkled support ticket.

He actually should have thrown it away, but as Seven Two said, this support ticket shouldn’t be considered cheap.

It was a shame to throw it away.


The higher-ups were probably going to ask him to search that bar again soon, and this support ticket might still come in handy.


Zero Three’s pupils flickered with a bright and uncertain light, seemingly hesitating about something before finally convincing himself and putting the support ticket away.


According to the usual practice, it was time to sleep and rest.


But right now, Zero Three wasn’t sleepy yet, so he took out his portable device and started surfing the internet.


After hesitating in the search box for a moment, he typed in the song he heard on the first floor today.


It was a very common old song with a gentle tune that told a sweet story about love.


In this era of extravagance and fast pacing, it had long been eliminated.


And yet that man had favoured the song so much.

It made him want to hear it again too.


The song’s intro soon started, and Zero Three listened to the song quietly, but his eyes looked a little indifferent.

Suddenly, he felt that the song wasn’t that good.


But for some reason, the song kept echoing in his ears.


It was as if it had magic powers.

Or maybe it was just because it was music sung by that person that it had this incredible magic.

Just like that, amidst the slow tunes, Zero Three fell into a deep sleep.

He had a rare dream.


Bionics that were created as humanoids were rarely dreamt; it only happened a handful of times.

Zero Three was no different.


It wasn’t that he hadn’t dreamed before, but his past dreams were chaotic and filled with a suffocating atmosphere; today’s dream was different from the past.


Broken neon lights flashed blindingly, and he saw the figure on the stage that had been keeping its back to him turn around, revealing bright red lips.



There was a smile on his lips.


Beautifully intoxicating.


Human smiles were never the same as the ones mimicked by bionics.

They were a race with souls, favoured by God.


The Bionic people, on the other hand, was loathed by their Creators.

Even seeing such a smile was a luxury.


In the past, Zero Three had also hoped to receive appreciation and smiles from humans and hoped that his efforts would be noticed.


So he worked hard and smiled at every human he encountered, but no one ever responded to him with a smile.

But in his dreams, Zero Three saw a smile for the first time.

A smile directed only at himself.

He was so gentle that it was as if he were gazing at his lover.

The sky quickly brightened up.


He quickly woke up from his dream, and Zero Three opened his eyes with a somewhat rare, dazed expression.

What did that dream mean?


Zero Three didn’t understand.

He clearly didn’t care about that human, yet he thought of him again and again.


Unable to figure it out, Zero Three could only lower his head, looking at the support ticket placed not far from his side and pondering for a while.


He was recalling the dream that made him feel unusually warm just now.



It wasn’t until the alarm clock rang and it was time to go to work that he straightened his clothes and prepared to go to work.


As bionics, they had no time off.


Even if they had done their work overnight last night, they had to go to work today.


After all, bionics weren’t humans.

There was no need for them to be cherished.


[The bionic numbered zero-three was sitting in the interrogation room being interrogated.



“Are you a bionic who is loyal to humans?”


“Do you believe that what you are currently doing is correct?”


“Do you feel hatred towards humans?”


“Would you feel sympathy for those of your kind who harm humans?”


Zero Three’s pale face had been devoid of any emotional fluctuations, and his eyes were pitch black.



He was a standard image of a bionic that completely obeyed human orders.

An emotionless k-illing machine.

“Did Lian Qi give you any information about the resistance’s location before she left?”


“Do you regret what you did?”


This time, Zero Three didn’t answer.

The interrogation ended quickly.

Behind the double-sided glass of the interrogation room, the serious-faced director looked at this bionic inside the interrogation room and sighed.

He was Zero Three’s immediate superior.

This time, the incident where Zero Three disobeyed orders and took Lian Qi away had likewise caused him to be chastised by the higherups.

But now, looking at this bionic, who was already covered in scars and had only three days of life left, the chief just felt helpless.


He was one of the rare humans in the police department who didn’t really hate bionics.

In the past, he even felt that bionics were more reliable than many of the human police officers under him and thought about promoting them.


But bionics were like that, with many advantages over humans and fatal disadvantages.


Obsessive in character.

Completely different from humans.


The director actually didn’t quite understand why he would risk so much for a star.

Even after giving his life for this, the bionic had a cold expression.

He didn’t seem to care at all about so much useless effort on his part.

“He seems to be talking to himself.”


The police officer next to the director suddenly spoke out, pointing at Zero Three in the interrogation room.

Zero Three had his eyes downcast, his thin lips moved slightly, but his eyes were empty and numb.

He was saying that humans didn’t need bionics.

The bionic, however, loved humans.]

Looking at the original content in the system panel, Jiu Shu gently furrowed his brows.

Although the object of discipline in this world appeared to be an emotionless machine on the surface, in reality, he still had many unrealistic fantasies about humans.



He fantasied that he would get human attention and recognition instead of living in constant solitude.


But in the end, it only confirmed his loneliness.

Unlike humans, a bionic’s thoughts seemed obstinate and unchanging, but in essence, they were always simple.


They wanted to be cared for by humans, and they would always strive for that.


Even if they kept denying what was in their minds so that they didn’t care about humans, it didn’t help.

It was easy to see from the original story that before receiving that email, the object of punishment had been aloof, never disobeying the orders of his superiors.

But when a moment came when he was needed by humanity, even if he would pay a heavy price for it, he would do it without hesitation.

Engraved in the genes of a bionic was loyalty to humans.


Humans, however, were incredibly hostile to them.

Compared to these bionics who were loyal to humans, perhaps those bionics who had rebelled in the midst of extreme oppression would survive to the end.


Jiu Shu glanced out the window at the sky.

The sky? The colour was getting darker.


It was time to work at night again.


In fact, Jiu Shu felt that this kind of working time was a bit too irregular, and it wasn’t good for the body to have the days and nights reversed.


However, the original owner’s body had gotten used to this kind of work and rest, so it was indeed a little difficult to change.

Sitting in front of the computer, Jiu Shu opened the original owner’s personal account and saw that it was still filled with the angry comments of the fans.


Even though several months had passed since the time when the photo first exploded, the fans still refused to let him go.

The initial cause of the incident was the original owner’s words: he openly abused a popular star in the live broadcast room.

He was just a small anchor, and usually no one would care.


But it just so happened that the person he insulted this time was a female anchor, Lian Qi.

A popular female star.


Her fans had always been crazy, a huge contrast to her own mildness.

The original owner suffered because of this.

When the matter became a big deal, the power behind Lian Qi simply raised his hand and blocked him completely.


However, these things happened because of the original owner insulted someone for no reason in the first place.


Although what was said was basically actual scandals that were online, as a public figure, it was indeed a bit too indulgent.

Clicking on the account and looking at the various words of abuse in the comment section, Jiu Shu’s expression was calm.

Most of them were scolding him for his poor character and ugly looks.

“Why don’t you go to hell? Ugly bi-tch!”

“If I were you, I would have k-illed myself long ago!”

“It’s good that you’re banned! You cheated me so badly! I spent so much money on you!”

Jiu Shu scanned through these comments, then closed the comment section and opened the button for the holographic live broadcast.

In order not to go to the pub directly, the original owner shelled out a large sum of money to purchase holographic equipment just to not show his face when he appeared in the pub.


After the online netstorm, the original owner had completely developed a shadow, he couldn’t reveal his real face.

Touching his much smoother cheeks, Jiu Shu agreed with this idea.


One really did need to keep a lower profile in order to be good.

Especially recently, with the replacement of the soul, this body had also gradually changed its appearance.

Although the features were generally similar, there were subtle changes in the details.



Jiu Shu didn’t feel much of a difference after getting used to seeing it, but in the eyes of outsiders, the change seemed like a lot.


Luckily, the face could be blurred out during the holographic projection, so no one would notice the change.

Seventh City.

Lower City.

Phantom Bar.

The stage on the first floor of the bar had already been set up.

A new performance was about to start, and there was already a full house under the stage.


The underground idol named Jiu Shu had gone from being unpopular at first to being the most popular singer in the bar today after only half a month.



The bar owner had originally planned to sack this unprofessional mongrel, but he didn’t expect a huge transformation in just a few days’ work.

Although he was still performing through a hologram, he clearly looked more spirited than before.

The upper half of his face had a black mosaic covering it, but it inexplicably had an appealing glamour that made people unable to move their eyes.

Not to mention his voice.

It was almost as if it had magical powers, no matter how difficult a song was to listen to when it came to his mouth, it became enchanting.


The bar owner was also baffled, because his voice was still pretty much the same as before, but the skill in handling tones was more than a little better.



He could only secretly rejoice that he had really made a fortune.

The number of customers in the bar had skyrocketed by more than 30% in the past few days.

Yesterday someone even recorded a video and put it on the internet, and it was said to be an instant hit, and today he attracted countless listeners.


Even the official residents of the uptown area came over.

Such a scene was indeed a surprise for the bar owner.

“Zero Three, you’re really lucky today; you’ve actually been sent here from above to keep an eye on the place. Xiao Tiantian will be here in a while!”

Seven Two rubbed his hands together in joy.

Today’s Zero Three, however, appeared to be a bit distracted.

He looked in the direction of the first floor of the bar.


Would he still come to the bar today?

Usually, he would, right?


“Why are there so many people upstairs? Oh, I remember, it’s Jiu Shu, right? I haven’t gone to see him yet. Anyway, Xiao Tiantian is going to take a while; why don’t we go and take a look?”


Having stayed with humans for a long time, Seven Two had also contracted the habit of loving to watch.

Coupled with the order given by his superiors to keep an eye on the suspicious people in the pub this time, going to a crowded place to keep an eye on them was indeed a natural choice.



Zero Three didn’t say anything and walked straight to the first floor.

Seven Two didn’t react fast enough, so he had to hurriedly follow.

When he went up, it was just when the performance started.

There was an extra figure sitting on a high chair on the stage.


Short black ear-length hair, the upper half of his face was covered by a mosaic of black paint, but he appeared to have a handsome silhouette, and his complexion seemed fairer.



The colour of his lips was bright red and intoxicating when they were slightly open.

What he sang was still an old song that had been discarded in today’s era, but it had its own unique charm that fascinated people.

Zero Three’s gaze skimmed over the crowded audience on stage and landed on Jiu Shu.

This human lowered his head and sang close to the microphone.


The clear voice was out of place with the woozy sounds of the bar.

And yet, it only made him more and more enthralled.

His pale fingers were bony, and when he held the microphone, his fingertips were slightly white, even if his grip wasn’t quite hard.

He was fragile.


He was a human that was much more fragile than a bionic.

Zero Three could see Jiu Shu’s weakness.

His body must have just had a major illness, and even with his face covered, it carried a hint of heartbreaking exhaustion.

He clearly wasn’t considered happy and joyful.

Why wasn’t he happy as a human?

Zero Three suddenly wanted him to be happy.

He didn’t want to see him so weak and powerless.


“He is so good-looking, even better-looking than Xiao Tiantian.”


On the side, Seven Two suddenly said in a daze, his cheeks flushed a thin red.


Although he boasted that he had always loved Xiao Tiantian, no one could deny the beauty of the human idol in front of him.

Zero Three glanced at him in silence, the fingers resting on his side subconsciously tensing.

Those spectators under the stage all shared Seven Two’s face of infatuation.

Zero Three didn’t know why, but there was an inexplicable feeling of anxiety in his heart.

“So, Zero Three, do you still have the support ticket from before? If you won’t use them, can you give them to me?”



Seven Two looked at him for a while before suddenly twisting his head and squirming.


Zero Three furrowed his brows, his reticent nature making him seem extraordinarily apathetic.


“Lost it.”

He didn’t tell the truth, and he wasn’t sure why.


Perhaps he just didn’t want to see Seven Two’s condition continue to worsen.

“Huh? It’s too much of a waste!”

Seven Two was extremely regretful, regretting that he had casually given the support coupon to Zero Three yesterday.

He should have known that this Zero Three guy would not hesitate to throw away the trash in his car.


He just didn’t think he’d have a day when he’d need the support ticket.



Zero Three didn’t say a word, his eyes still on the young singer on stage.


The singer had reached the end of his song, and as if he had sensed his gaze, his lips rose.


A hint of a smile lingered.


It was countless times more beautiful than the one in Zero Three’s dream.

Clenching his fingers, Zero Three’s heart was beating rapidly again.


He guessed it was probably because that song was so good.


He was indeed wrong yesterday.


This person’s singing voice was much more melodious than the others.


Yes, it was just because of that.


Lying about losing the support ticket was also because of that.

It wasn’t love at first sight; he wasn’t having fantasies about a human.



Yes, it is, yes you are 🌝.

See ya tomorrow ✌️

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