C103 —- [4.16 — The Shelter]

The assistant crouched outside the laboratory with his head in his hands.


He had already been locked up for a day and was already in shock, and now he was too scared to even crawl.


He closed his eyes, shaking like a sieve, not even daring to look at the situation inside the laboratory.

Especially after No.301 entered the lab just now, the lab was quiet all of a sudden, so quiet that it made him feel fearful.
The assistant had thought that No. 301 had already been dissected by the doctor and had been having a hard time in his heart for a long time.

As a result, he didn’t expect 301 to appear in front of him properly, but instead, the Doctor had turned into this ferocious and violent appearance.


He didn’t understand this kind of stimulation.
The assistant recalled the calm expression of No. 301 when he entered the laboratory just now, and a trace of coldness inexplicably rose in his heart.


As the assistant beside Dr. Xi Han, the assistant understood that all the changes started with No. 301 entering the base.


The doctor became more and more strange, fell in love with the once hated shelter, and now also began to take action against strangers who were also human beings.
In the past, Dr. Xi Han had seen himself as the staunchest defender of human interests and had been a radical protector of the human race who would never do anything to harm them.



In this kind of weird situation, the calmness on No. 301’s face was unusually out of place.

One couldn’t help but wonder: Was this all a conspiracy by 301?

Behind it may be a huge monster camp that came to the base with the purpose of destroying the country’s largest shelter research base from the inside.

After all, 301’s compulsion was obvious to all, and there was still a large group of 301’s obsessive fans lingering outside the base.



Compelling Xi Han, one of the highest-ranking supervisors at the base, into such a crazy state now was to be expected.

The conspiracy theory in the assistant’s mind became more and more true.


He had suspected it before, thinking that the only ending between the Doctor and No.301 was the Doctor being compelled or No.301 being ki*lled by the Doctor, due to their love-hate relationship.



Now, it seemed that No. 301 was really better than him and compelled the Doctor to the point of madness first.
“Go and treat him first.”



Inside the laboratory, there suddenly came a soft and moving voice with a youthful texture, sounding like a clear spring.



The assistant felt his mind relax, and when he looked up, he saw that it was No. 301 who came out of the lab.



No.301 removed the mask from his face. His delicate eyebrows and eyes were beautiful; just one look at him would make people unable to move their eyes.



Not to mention the fact that at this moment, he was gently staring intently at the scaly man at his side with a gaze that was enough to make people feel intoxicated.



The assistant couldn’t help but look, dumbfounded.



But in the next moment, he felt a few eerie lines of sight fall on him, and he instantly jerked and came back to his senses.



He found that it was from Dr. Xi Han and Xi Han B beside No. 301.


These two had just fought to the death, the scalpels cutting each other’s skin to the point where the flesh was separated from the bone.


The blo*ody scene directly made him vomit.



Now it had become very quiet.



Walking behind 301, the expression on their faces was even a bit of a blank, bordering on resignation.



Giving off an illusion of harmlessness.



But where 301 couldn’t see it, their gaze at the assistant was exactly the same gloomy one.



The assistant saw what they meant.



It was a warning to stop putting his eyes on 301.


The assistant withdrew his gaze with a pale face.



Not only because of their frightening eyes, but also because of the sight of the scalpel between all of their fingers with their backs to #301.



The tips of their scalpels were aimed at each other.



They suppressed their anger; their fingertips clenched so hard that they turned white.



They were ready to see blo*od at any moment.



“Don’t try to k*ill each other where I can’t see.”



The assistant heard No. 301 suddenly speak out.



At those words, the people beside him paused.


As if their thoughts had been poked through, their movements stiffened up a bit, the scalpels behind their backs simultaneously retracted, and they nodded their heads, agreeing in a very docile manner.



Their behavior was very meek.



But the assistant knew that they were in no way meek; it was just a brief false appearance.



But 301 seemed to believe it and said nothing more, assisting Xi Han C as he headed out into the corridor.



“Does it hurt?”


Jiu Shu glanced at Xi Han C, who was only barely able to walk with his assistance by his side.



“It doesn’t hurt.”


Xi Han C gave a strong smile.



The upper part of his amputated arm was still twitching involuntarily.



There wasn’t a single piece of good flesh on his body right now except for his face, and his arm was even more brutally broken, leaving only a blo*odied, severed area.



Even though a simple hemostatic bandage had been done, it was still painful to the point of near-numbness.



“Bear with it; we’ll be there soon.”
Jiu Shu looked at this object of discipline that was in this miserable state because of a self-inflicted fight and didn’t know what to say. His hold on him became lighter.





Xi Han C nodded with gentle eyes; the curve of his mouth hadn’t come down since just now.



The two people walking behind Jiu Shu watched this scene, and the smiles on their faces seemed to stiffen for a moment.



Especially for Xi Han B, his facial expression was nearly twisted.



With regards to this Xi Han C, Xi Han B, who had hunted him down for half a day, couldn’t be clearer.

Xi Han C’s self-healing ability was very strong, and his hearing was also very strong.



Therefore, Xi Han B was very certain that C had definitely discovered Jiu Shu before he came in.



That was why he had prioritized repairing the corroded skin on his face.



This weak appearance was also simply a disguise.



Xi Han B had watched C repair the limbs that were chewed up by the monster in a short period of time.
Now this injury was nothing at all.
But him pretending that he was heavily injured was simply brazen.



He really wanted to expose this impostor’s true colors in front of Jiu Shu.



But if he told the truth, Jiu Shu would also know that he had started it, and Jiu Shu’s impression of him would become even worse.



Therefore, Xi Han B could only watch his beloved Jiu Shu get close to others, gritting his teeth in hatred.



“Jiu Shu, go back first; we’ll just take him to get treated.”



On the side, Xi Han first spoke, interrupting the intimate atmosphere between Jiu Shu and Xi Han C.


Jiu Shu was still a shelter in the base after all, with the ability to compel people, and there were a lot of staff members in the medical room, so if they were seen by outsiders, it would probably affect the plan to escape from the base afterwards.



“Don’t worry, I will come back to you after treating him; there will be no mistakes.” Xi Han’s expression was serious.



Jiu Shu’s movements paused, seemingly considering Xi Han’s opinion.


Seeing this, Xi Han C raised his head, revealing his pale face.



The traces of sulfuric acid corrosion could be vaguely seen on the handsome profile.



“Jiu Shu…” Xi Han C called out in a small voice, his eyes fondly looking at him.



Then he turned to Xi Han and revealed a look of fear.



It was as if Xi Han was the one that pushed him into a jar of sulfuric acid.


So he was now silently protesting against what Xi Han had just suggested.



While the smile on Xi Han’s face remained unchanged, the palms behind his back were clenched into fists, itching to rip the skin off the face of this monster pretending to be pitiful.



Jiu Shu glanced at the undercurrent of several people, and after a moment of silence, instead of going to the nearby medical room, he led them into a nearby lab that was relatively well-equipped.



There was indeed some truth to what Xi Han said; neither he nor the object of his punishment were in a fit state to meet outsiders right now.



None of them were normal after all.


“There should be medical paraphernalia here; I assume you know how to heal, Xi Han.”



It didn’t matter if they didn’t go to the medical room; Xi Han could see that Xi Han C was capable of healing himself.



All that was needed now was a simple treatment and a bandage.



“Of course I can.”



Hearing Jiu Shu call their names, Xi Han and Xi Han B responded in unison.



With that, the two men’s amber-colored eyes glanced at each other, both of them harboring a deep and unseen malice towards each other in the bottom of their eyes.


However, due to the fact that Jiu Shu was still in front of them, the two buried the murderous intent in their eyes towards each other.



When they raised their eyes again, they revealed the same gentle smile to Jiu Shu.



“I’ll do it; I’m familiar with doing surgeries; Jiu Shu, you’ve seen it before, haven’t you?”



Xi Han took out the scalpel, recalling the small surgery he had performed on Jiu Shu. The sweetness in his eyes was undisguised.



The feeling of doing surgery for his beloved with his own hands was certainly nerve-wracking, but he was extraordinarily happy when he recalled it.


Because it was an intimacy that belonged uniquely between him and his beloved.



“Let’s not do surgery for now; just treat the wound.”


Jiu Shu knew that, in their current state of mutual rejection, it was only a matter of disemboweling the person before the anesthetic was injected.



And end with a regrettable surgical accident as the cause of death.



“Okay.” No regret could be seen on Xi Han’s face; he was still smiling, but the scalpel in his hand withdrew in obvious disappointment.



Originally, he had thought of taking advantage of the surgical treatment to dispose of this eyesore.



It seemed it wasn’t possible.



“Lie down here and rest.” Jiu Shu placed Xi Han C on a bed to the side.



Xi Han C laid on the bed obediently while looking at Jiu Shu with some concern.



Jiu Shu had just finished surgery yesterday, so it wasn’t advisable to exercise too strenuously.



“Jiu Shu, lie here and rest too; there should still be residual effects of the anesthetic. It’s fine. Sleep for a while. I should be fine when you wake up.”
Xi Han C said thoughtfully.



There were a few experimental cots in this lab—not too big, but enough for rest.



Jiu Shu was indeed a little tired.



The inhibiting factor released when the locator was removed, while not causing him much pain, made him feel tired and sleepy.



But they weren’t enough to make him fall asleep.



He shook his head, declining Xi Han C’s offer, and he looked at Xi Han.



“A isn’t back yet; send him a message.”
Xi Han A had just gone to fetch the forged identity documents for Jiu Shu.
. After all, to smuggle Jiu Shu out of the base, they needed to go through a lot of hurdles, and now it was too late to go and forge a death certificate, so he could only pretend to be a researcher.



So Xi Han asked Xi Han A to fetch the forged documents, and he stayed by Jiu Shu’s side to deal with the other identity verification information.



It was because of this that he bumped into the assistant in the middle of processing the information.





Upon hearing Jiu Shu’s words, the smile at the corner of Xi Han’s mouth paused for a slight, unnoticeable moment before he said in a natural tone, “It seems like he doesn’t have any contact information.”



“He should be back in a while; don’t worry, he knows where we are.”



“…… ” Jiu Shu raised his eyes and looked at Xi Han for a moment.


Xi Han had a cold sweat on his forehead, but his smile remained well maintained, as if nothing had happened.



It almost seemed as if he didn’t intentionally send Xi Han A away.



Nor did he use Jiu Shu as an excuse to make Xi Han A too concerned to even notice that the base was under martial law at the moment.



Anyone behaving suspiciously would have been shot on the spot by the guards.



Nor had he informed him that there were other shelters on the base that had escaped and could hurt anyone at any time.



“He’ll be fine.” Xi Han said, calmly curving his amber eyes.



He showed a friendly and gentle look but he really hoped he wasn’t okay.



Preferably, he hoped he was shot through like a sieve by bullets or chewed into a trail of shredded remnants by a shelter.


One less impostor was one less impostor anyway.



But naturally, these words couldn’t be said to Jiu Shu.



Xi Han’s surface was still full of goodwill, and he didn’t reveal any cracks even after being looked at by Jiu Shu for a few moments.



But Jiu Shu, who was familiar with disciplinary targets, intuited that there must be something wrong with Xi Han.



“There’s a trap on that road, isn’t there?”



Jiu Shu said it as if he could read minds.





Xi Han froze in silence.



He didn’t want to lie to Jiu Shu, but if he didn’t, it would mean that his plot against the impostor would be exposed.



His impression score in front of Jiu Shu would drop further.



If it dropped to the point where it was inferior to these imposters next to him, then it was likely that Jiu Shu would follow these imposters and leave him.



“Jiu Shu, I’ll go find A. Xi Han doesn’t seem too willing to see A.”



Xi Han B said to Jiu Shu, his expression gentle and elegant, a stark contrast to Xi Han’s stiffness.


Xi Han gave a terse look at B, who was still trying to make him look bad.



“Yeah, Xi Han must have done that because he didn’t want to see us assimilated consciousnesses; don’t blame him, Jiu Shu.”


Xi Han C, who was on the sidelines, also added weakly.





Jiu Shu was silent for a moment as he looked at these objects of discipline who were jealous and glaring at each other, yet thought he couldn’t see it.



“I’ll leave it to you then, B.”


Jiu Shu curled his lips into a smile.


Getting a smile from Jiu Shu, Xi Han B’s eyes became bright, and he arched his eyebrows happily.



He wouldn’t let Jiu Shu down.



For sure, he would bring the impostor named A over.



It would just probably be a half-dead, ready-to-die A.



After all, it wasn’t uncommon to accidentally bump into an escaped shelter in the course of searching and be torn all over the place, right?



“Duan An, the target’s location information is still not very clear; we can only roughly determine the range based on the base’s surveillance.”



On the other side of the base, Duan An and his companions were searching everywhere for traces of 301.



It was strange that that per-verted doctor, Xi Han, had hidden 301 too well, and after searching many places, they were unable to find him.



“It doesn’t matter; as long as he’s still alive, there’s hope of finding him!”
Duan An was a relatively optimistic person; although he was equally worried about No. 301’s safety, he believed that he would eventually find him.



“Just now, I released some shelters with a lower danger level; will it really be alright?”



His companion was a bit worried.



Although there were many shelters in this base that were able to communicate with humans, there were more that were unable to communicate and only knew how to ki*ll and eat people.



Just now, in order to stir up the situation at the base and make it easier for them to search for 301, many of the shelters were released.



Now the companion was a bit afraid that they would hurt the humans in the base as a result.



“Don’t worry, I have a measure.” The ones Duan An released were all relatively docile shelters that wouldn’t cause a large number of casualties like Lu Wen did last time.



Apart from being busy searching for the 301 just now, he had likewise communicated with the Type Human shelters that he had previously marked as being able to communicate.


They were told to wait for a few moments, and they would be released soon.



The other shelters in the base were not released for the time being.



Although the nominal intention was to release all the shelters in the base, the last incident of the shelters escaping had also made Duan An slightly aware of the irrationality of the shelters.



After being locked up for a long time, they needed to be communicated with and pacified before they could be released.



So before he quit his job as a researcher and left, he deliberately sought out many of the shelters to briefly communicate with them, and now many of them already knew him.



He was certain that they were no longer the irrational shelters they once were and were ready to be released from this dark cage.



“I got a trace of 301; he seems to be in the corridor of the eastern lab.”



“Let’s get going then.”



Their main goal this time was still to find No. 301, and then they could release all the shelters.



They would return the shelters to freedom.



This wasn’t only the organization’s wish but also the wish of the entire population that supported them.









Just as Duan An and his companions were walking quickly all the way to the corridor shown in the surveillance information, they suddenly heard the sound of a heavy object smashing to the ground from the corner of the corridor next to them.



This was followed by the sound of bones breaking.



This corridor was one that they had deliberately picked out to avoid bumping into the patrolling guards, so it was logical that there shouldn’t be anyone there.



Duan An and his companion cautiously stepped forward and looked in the direction from which the sound came.



Only a man’s blo*od-stained back was visible.



He was wearing a simple researcher’s uniform, which was covered in broken flesh and unknown internal tissues.




At this moment, the man was using both hands to rummage through the fragmented monster’s body on the ground to find something.



The smell of bl*ood filled the entire corridor.



The scene was extremely bizarre.



Especially since the fragmented body was still trembling and hadn’t completely lost consciousness.



The monster’s humanoid head and upper limbs could be vaguely seen.






The humanoid-type monster opened its eyes with difficulty and looked at the man with amber-colored eyes in front of him, his eyes filled with resentment and unwillingness.



The man tore off the last piece of skin from the monster’s body and placed it on his own wounded face, revealing sinewy eyes.



Only when the face that had been completely torn apart by the monster’s sharp claws grew back did the man touch his intact face, revealing a wide smile.



He lowered his eyes in satisfaction and met the monster’s amber-colored eyes.



The two pairs of eyes held similar emotions and a similar love for Jiu Shu.



It was like looking in a mirror.



He had just been too careless.



His emotions were out of control because he realized that he had been deceived.



He actually accidentally assimilated this monster.



Luckily, it was just a monster, not as difficult as those imposters.

It was easy to deal with.



“What tenacity should I praise you for?”



The man cocked his head as he watched the monster being disassembled down to its torso and head, his tone pleasant.



It seemed friendly.



His pale fingers, however, reached out with malice and gouged out the monster’s one remaining eyeball.



As the monster hissed miserably, the man rolled his eyes in disinterest at the eyeball, which was the same color as his own.



His fingers slowly tightened, crushing the eyeball into a crumbly mess.



It was enough that there was only one of him with eyes like these.



He was the only one who was Jiu Shu’s lover.



“You, stop it! Do you know what you’re doing?”



Duan An didn’t hesitate to run to the man’s side after taking in the scene, wanting to save the scaly shelter under him.



Yet he was still too late.



The man didn’t care about his voice and got up and stomped on the last remaining head of the monster, destroying it completely.



The feeling of having disposed of his love rival was unexpectedly wonderful.



The man wanted to leave this place and continue to find his lover.



But when his eyes glanced at Duan An and the companions behind him, his movements paused.



His amber eyes flashed, and then he revealed a sincere look.



“You’re Duan An, right! I recognize you; you’re from the Monster Protection Organization. I watched your speech, and it was really exciting.”



“You must be here to save 301, right? Take me with you; I want to save 301 too!”



Xi Han A’s sudden transformation caught Duan An and his companions a little off guard.



They were stunned as they looked at Xi Han’s strangely handsome face and the corpse of the monster that he was stepping on under his feet.



He didn’t look like a person who loved monsters in any way.



“Because it was hurt by the other shelters, badly injured, and tortured, I had to give it euthanasia.”



Xi Han A explained lightly, with impeccable reasoning that made it impossible to find fault.



“Monsters are pitiful, aren’t they?”



The regret and sympathy on Xi Han A’s pale face were enough to convince the world-weary Duan An and his companion.



After all, Xi Han A had no reason to deceive them at all; perhaps he was really a researcher who had been sensitized by a speech within the base.



Looking at the wavering on Duan An and his companion’s faces, the arc of Xi Han A’s mouth deepened, and his smile became more gentle and relatable.



He knew that these people were going to look for Jiu Shu, so all he had to do was follow these people.



It would also ensure that they couldn’t harm Jiu Shu.



After ki*lling those imposters, maybe he could even frame it on them. It was really the best of both worlds.



“Alright then, just follow behind and don’t make a sound.”



Duan An actually still had some concerns.



But this situation now was really not suitable to continue delaying; if he refused this man, he might continue to pester him. It would be better to allow him to follow.



That would also prevent him from going out and telling the guards where they were.


“Great, I can’t wait to meet 301.”



Xi Han A showed a sunny look, but a deep, sickly fascination was hidden in his eyes.



He wasn’t lying; he really couldn’t wait to meet Jiu Shu.


Provided there weren’t any of those da*mn imposters.



“Building a city where humans and monsters can coexist after rescuing all the shelters?”


Xi Han A repeated it noncommittally as he walked beside Duan An and his companions.



It was only after a long time that he narrowed his eyes and gave a smile.



“A very good idea.”



Stupid as hell.



“No. 301 can also have a brand new life; he can become a star in the limelight, or he can have a life like a normal human, marrying his beloved and being happy.”



The companion said so with an expectant expression.



This was exactly the kind of happy life he was looking forward to seeing the shelters deserve.


Xi Han A’s eyes lit up, not knowing what he was imagining; his cheeks flushed a slight red, and the curve of his mouth deepened.



“Yes, very happy.”



“Having a child would be even better.”



The companion laughed in agreement but was greeted with Duan An’s complicated eyes as well as Xi Han’s grim gaze.



“?” The companion didn’t know what he had said wrong and could only gulp and lose his voice.



He then remembered the information Duan An had posted on the social media platform earlier and instantly understood everything.



“Sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s me who said it wrong. Duan An, don’t mind me. What I mean is that in the future, if he’s free, he can fall in love freely. Maybe he can have a good marriage. After all, love doesn’t discriminate between men and women. It’s me who was being shallow just now.”



The companion said this while glancing towards Duan An.



The teasing implication was obvious.



“Don’t say that; there’s no definite relationship between us.”



“But I think 301 seems to be quite fond of you.”



“No, we just know each other.”
Duan An smiled modestly.



The two chatted feverishly.



No one noticed Xi Han A at their side, glancing towards them.



Darkness condensed in his amber eyes, and no specific emotions could be seen; only the scalpel between his fingers could be seen flickering with a cold aura.



He’d wait until they found Jiu Shu and got rid of these two.



It was really too noisy.


Inside the lab, Jiu Shu was resting.



Although he said that he didn’t need to rest, the inhibiting factor still had an effect on him.



He laid on a cot to the side, falling into a short slumber due to the effects of the inhibiting factor.



The only ones left in the lab were Xi Han C and Xi Han, who were lying on the bed recuperating.



Both of them had their gazes on Jiu Shu, engrossed in Jiu Shu’s silent sleeping face for a long time, unable to return to their senses.



Until Xi Han suddenly whispered, “Do you know? The inhibiting factor will make the injected person’s sleep very heavy.”



Xi Han C frowned, wondering how Xi Han could ask such a stupid question.



The possessor had the same memories, so of course he knew.



“Even the sound of a knife cutting through the skin and the hoarse pleas for help from the throat are all inaudible.”






Before the words left his mouth, a line of bl*ood was added to the neck of Xi Han C, who was lying on the bed.



A precise slice through the vocal cords of the neck.



As Xi Han C looked at him resentfully, Xi Han smoothly poured a bottle of inhibiting factor onto the wound on his neck.



“You know, don’t you, that inhibiting factor inhibits a monster’s healing rate?”



“And of course, that includes you right now.”


Xi Han’s handsome eyebrows arched up in a gentle smile, but with a chilling undertone.



Anyway, there were many wounds on Xi Han C’s body, and when Jiu Shu woke up, he would only think that he had died from his injuries and would not associate them with anything else.



Xi Han’s eyes met that of Xi Han C. The two pairs of identical eyes were filled with mutual hatred and repulsion.



“You don’t think I really didn’t make any preparations, do you?”



Xi Han C smiled in the same way, and his already-grown arm reached out from under the covers, the scalpel between his fingers cutting Xi Han’s newly-healed face without mercy.



The wound was deeper and uglier this time.



One could almost see the rolled-up scarlet flesh and bones.



“So this is the scene where you attack me and then get k*illed by me in return. Jiu Shu will feel sympathy for what happened to me.”



The mirth in Xi Han C’s eyes became more and more obvious until he finally couldn’t help but let out a low laugh.



Xi Han covered his blo*odied cheek, his eyes so gloomy that it seemed as if they could drip water.



The smell of blo*od filled the air.



A fight was inevitable.



“K*illing each other?”



Behind them, Jiu Shu, who should have been sleeping, said softly.






“No, we’re playing a game.”



The two were so startled that their minds were almost synchronized, their voices overlapping completely.



Xi Han reacted first, turning his head to give Jiu Shu an affable smile.


Jiu Shu’s eyes went to the inhibitor in Xi Han’s hand.



“It’s a drink.”



With that, Xi Han took a large sip without his expression changing.



Xi Han C also silently put away his scalpel, took the inhibitor from Xi Han’s hand, and took a big sip.



Proving to Jiu Shu that they were just engaging in a friendly game right now.






Looking at the two Xi Han with their faces covered in blo*od and their serious expressions, Jiu Shu fell into silence.



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