C100 — [4.13 — The Shelter]

Inside the room.


After the content on the tablet was seen by Jiu Shu, Xi Han didn’t speak again for a long time.


He buried his head at the nape of Jiu Shu’s neck; his long black hair was spread out, covering his expression.


The arm resting on Ji Shu’s waist was pale; only from the slightly tightened muscle lines could one tell that he wasn’t in a calm mood at this time.


But at least on the surface, he was quite calm and collected.


But next to the glass box, the gel-like translucent shelter had been anxiously spinning in the glass box.

Its floppy body was almost twisted into a ball, squeezing out a lot of water like a rag.


After a long time, Xi Han slowly reached out his hand and, under the gaze of Jiu Shu, ignored the search history on the tablet.



Seemingly calm, he opened Duan An’s social account page.


Obviously, Xi Han smartly chose to change the topic.

He wanted to use this to maintain his hard-to-maintain image of being calm and reliable.


It was so hard to get Jiu Shu to like him more, so how could he let this kind of small matter ruin him?


His ploy seemed to be successful, and Jiu Shu’s gaze was successfully shifted to Duan An’s account interface, not paying attention to the search history just now.


In the glass box, No. 175 relaxed slightly.



Xi Han explained in a deep voice, “Look, this is Duan An’s account; these comments are ridiculous.”


Xi Han didn’t hesitate to exaggerate Duan An’s disgusting behavior during this period of time, as he firmly held Jiu Shu in his arms.



Including that speech and the photos released at the end.


Although Jiu Shu already knew about it, he still listened carefully to everything Xi Han said.



This look of concentration encouraged Xi Han.


He continued to make Duan An seem as hateful as possible.


He was doing his best to kick this potential love rival out.


However, a few moments later, looking at Jiu Shu, who hadn’t said anything, and those curved eyes, he finally realized that he had said too much.


As a mature lover, one shouldn’t be so vocal.

Xi Han stopped talking.


He pretended to be calm and tightened his embrace, as if he were afraid that Jiu Shu would run away because of his instability.


Afterwards, his eyes were apprehensive, and he cautiously said, “Does Jiu Shu still think that Duan An is very good?”

Jiu Shu reached out to stroke Xi Han’s cold fingers and shook his head lazily. “I don’t know him very well; he’s just a stranger. If Xi Han doesn’t like him, then I don’t like him either.”


It was also true that he hadn’t even said a word to the male lead.


The male lead even took pictures of him when he wasn’t aware; his character was evident.

Jiu Shu’s warm and soft voice made the tip of his tongue flush with sweetness.


At these words, the heart in Xi Han’s chest beat a little faster, and the roots of his ears flushed a fleshly red.


The corners of his mouth couldn’t control the upward movement, and he said with a bit of a twist, “That’s good; I’m not jealous; I just think that Duan An is a really hypocritical person, and it’s just right that you stay away from him so that you don’t get hurt.”




Jiu Shu glanced at the No. 175 in the glass case next to him that had already aggressively seeped water for half a day, paused, and replied in a warm voice, “So is it that you have already learned not to be jealous?”


Jiu Shu was obviously talking about the search history just now.

Xi Han’s body stiffened; he obviously didn’t think that Jiu Shu would still remember this, and in the end, he could only mumble quietly.


He believed that he and Jiu Shu loved each other, so he wouldn’t care about those subtle things at all and wouldn’t be jealous at all.



He was still very steady and mature, and those search records were just an accident.



“So can I have more pets in the future? Like No. 175.”

Jiu Shu pointed to 175 in the glass case.
“It’s fine, it’s just a pet; we can have more when we get out in a few days.”


Xi Han’s voice was gentle.


But the soft gel-like body of No. 175 in the box had completely flopped onto the inner wall of the box, silently dropping tears.



Clearly expressing the diametrically opposed answer within someone.


Jiu Shu couldn’t help but smile and wrap his arms around Xi Han’s neck, his pretty eyes looking a little lost in thought.


“Very good. Do you need a reward?”
Jiu Shu’s rose petal-like lips slightly opened in front of Xi Han, who subconsciously hugged Jiu Shu a little tighter.



However, he accidentally exerted too much force, so much so that almost every inch of their upper bodies was pressed together.



Even some kinds of physiological changes that had been suppressed were exposed.


It was too much.


Xi Han’s eyes widened as he panicked once again, his mind going blank.



In the countless pieces of information he had consulted, couples had to maintain a certain distance between each other even after formalizing their relationship, or else they would make their partners feel uncomfortable.



He’d seem too frivolous.



Therefore, Xi Han had always suppressed his inner desire to be close to Jiu Shu, trying to maintain a gentlemanly and dignified appearance in front of him, building himself into the perfect image of a mate.



Normally, kissing and hugging were just fine, but now this behavior was simply no different from harassment.
Thinking like this, Xi Han wanted to let go of him and explain to Jiu Shu that he didn’t do it on purpose.



However, the next moment, he heard Jiu Shu let out a pleasant light laugh, and he whispered in his ear, “So is this the kind of reward you want?”


As he spoke, Jiu Shu’s fingers ambiguously traced across the knot in Xi Han’s throat.



It carried a strong hint of innuendo.



Xi Han felt hot air surging on his cheeks, and in his amber pupils was Jiu Shu’s extremely beautiful face.


White neck, clear lines of his collarbone, as well as the delicate skin hidden under his neckline.


He should have refused.



After all, they had just established their relationship not long ago and shouldn’t engage in that kind of intimate behavior so quickly.


He’d held himself back last time, showing Jiu Shu his reliable side.



There had been some chagrin afterwards, but that was what a competent mate should do.



Before coming here today, he was also thinking of a gradual approach; the first step was to share a bed with Jiu Shu.


Afterwards, slowly and slowly, they’d gradually draw closer to each other.



Only in the end would they have the most intimate behavior of a couple.



If he agreed now, it would seem too disrespectful to Jiu Shu.



That was why it was necessary to reject it.




Xi Han heard his voice reply.



Then he saw Jiu Shu reveal an increasingly moving smile.



Amidst his slightly ragged breathing, Jiu Shu kissed him on the lips.


“Alright, reward complete.”




Jiu Shu cocked his head as he looked at Xi Han’s dismayed expression.


“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”



Xi Han avoided Jiu Shu’s gaze in some distress, not daring to meet his clean eyes.



“No, it’s nothing.”


“I’m just too happy.”



Compared to the simple Jiu Shu, he was just too dirty.


No. 175 in the glass case wilted and slumped inside.



With a smile on his lips, Jiu Shu continued, “Really? Should we do something happier then?”





The knot in Xi Han’s throat rolled a few times, and the blush that hadn’t gone down a moment ago was still on his pale face.


“What… what things?”



Seemingly afraid of misunderstanding, Xi Han learned to ask clearly in advance this time.



“A more intimate kiss, of course.”
Jiu Shu said it naturally.


Xi Han’s amber pupils trembled and darkened a little.


Sure enough, he had misunderstood.



With this thought, Xi Han was just about to show his joy by putting on a smile when he heard Jiu Shu continue, “Or, do you want to do something else more intimate?”



Xi Han’s breath hitched, and then he ordered himself to calm down and not act so unsteady anymore.



Knowing that he must have probably misunderstood again, he followed the example of those mature couples on TV and shook his head.


Holding Jiu Shu, he faintly smiled in contentment.



“There’s no need for anything else; I just want to be like I am now, just holding you like this.”


Of course, more kisses would be nice too.



But to Xi Han, being able to hug his beloved Jiu Shu was the thing that made him the happiest.



Nothing else really mattered.


After all, the most important thing in love was love, not those □□□□ and other things.



“Really, you really don’t want to?”


Jiu Shu and Xi Han were forehead to forehead, with mesmerizing light and shadow in Jiu Shu’s clear pupils.



“You don’t want to even when I’m lying on the operating table tomorrow?”



“Didn’t I say it? I don’t mind those fantasies of yours.”


Jiu Shu’s voice was laced with laughter.



Hearing those familiar words, Xi Han’s pupils dilated, finally realizing that Jiu Shu was teasing him.



He wrapped his arm around Jiu Shu’s slender waist, his pale fingers trembling slightly.



“Is it okay now?”


Xi Han’s amber pupils looked at Jiu Shu without blinking, carefully asking for his consent.



“Of course.”


Jiu Shu’s fingertips brushed over Xi Han’s pale face, making the roots of Xi Han’s ears burn red as if they were on fire.



He also trembled a little with disbelief as he kissed Jiu Shu’s lips.


The moment their lips were pressed together, he hugged the love of his life tightly in his arms.


The room resounded with the sound of sticky water.



Xi Han carefully kissed Jiu Shu’s cheeks and his fine white neck until the porcelain white skin flushed a translucent red.



Even his fingertips were gently kissed.



As a scientific researcher who was proficient in dissecting monsters and also extraordinarily familiar with the structure of the human body, Xi Han seemed to be born with some kind of talent, and every kiss caused Jiu Shu to tremble slightly.



The tightly closed shelter room was soon left with only Jiu Shu’s suppressed gasps and kisses, and the commotion didn’t stop until the middle of the night.



Jiu Shu lay exhausted on the bed, revealing the well-defined shoulder blades on his snow-white spine, the undulating curves of which were every bit as red as the kisses had left them.


There were traces of tears on his cheeks, and he had fallen into a deep sleep.


Xi Han looked at the love of his life in his arms; an unprecedented insatiable feeling prevented him from falling asleep, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of Jiu Shu for a moment.


Looking at the traces on Jiu Shu’s body, Xi Han kissed Jiu Shu’s temple with some heartache.



He shouldn’t have been so reckless, but he couldn’t help it.


He would be more careful next time.


He would go and look up more information so that he wouldn’t be as rusty as he was now.


Thinking like this, Xi Han revealed a happy and contented look, wrapping his arms around the love of his life and falling asleep along with him.


He slept well this night and didn’t have any more strange dreams.



In the past few days, he has often had weird dreams.



In his dreams, Xi Han would find himself trapped in a cage like a shelter, surrounded by deep darkness.



There were many researchers in white uniforms hurrying past his head, disturbing his sleep.



Only once in a while could he see Jiu Shu’s sleeping face.



But then it was as if he was hiding in a ceiling vent, daring only to peek in.



The next day, he awoke to the sound of the alarm clock he had set.


Looking at Jiu Shu’s slightly furrowed brow, he busied himself with switching it off, not wanting to disturb Jiu Shu’s rest.


He was going to go prepare the appliances for the surgery.



Although it was only a simple minor surgery, after all, he was going to cut through Jiu Shu’s skin.


Xi Han couldn’t allow any slip-ups.



Everything needed to be done with care, and there was no room for error.



Dr. Xi Han finally entered the lab again to prepare the items for the dissection.



The assistant, who had gone outside to hide for the whole day yesterday, so he looked at Xi Han inside the lab with a somewhat surprised expression.



Xi Han had stopped performing surgeries for most of this month.



It had also become rare for him to enter the lab.


But today, his temperament was actually different.



The assistant surmised that it was probably related to the meeting he attended yesterday.



However, he couldn’t figure out what the connection was that would make Xi Han give up spending time with 301 for the first time and choose to stay in the boring lab to prepare for surgery.


Moreover, today’s Xi Han seemed to be in an extraordinarily good mood, always subconsciously putting a pleasant smile on his face and lightly humming the tune of a classical piece of music.



It looked as if his mood hadn’t been affected by yesterday’s meeting.


Just as the assistant was puzzled, a supervisor suddenly walked in outside the door.


It was none other than Supervisor Jack who had spoken up for the shelters earlier.



“Is Dr. Xi Han inside?”



Supervisor Jack looked a little anxious and asked the assistant where Xi Han had gone.



The assistant hesitated for a moment; looking at Supervisor Jack’s anxious expression, he feared that it was really something urgent, so he pointed in the direction of the laboratory not far away.



Signaling that Dr. Xi Han was there.



Xi Han has always disliked people disturbing his work in the laboratory, but this was a special situation. He hoped that Xi Han wouldn’t find him after to settle the scores.



Looking at Dr. Jack, who went straight to the lab, the assistant’s face crumpled into a bitter expression.


Supervisor Jack quickly arrived at the lab, where Xi Han was.



As soon as he entered the door, he saw Xi Han concentrating on sterilizing the surgical instruments.



Recently, Xi Han had always been absent, and Jack was now seeing him for the first time, outside the meetings.



However, looking at the smile curled up at the corner of Xi Han’s mouth, Jack was a bit surprised.



Although Xi Han always had a smile on his face in the past, this was the first time he smiled so happily.



Most of all, his eyes had never been so bright as they are now.



He had infinite expectations for the future.



After hesitating for a while, Jack still spoke.


“Xi Han, can I talk to you?”



Xi Han lowered his eyes and wiped the scalpel in his hand, absently refusing, “No, I’m busy.”





Jack was so angry at Xi Han’s cold look that he couldn’t breathe, but remembering the purpose of his visit, he endured it.



After yesterday’s meeting, it was normal for Xi Han to be in a bad mood right now.



He endured it for now.



“Xi Han, listen to me. I hope you can listen to me carefully. Regarding the future home of No. 301, you still need to make preparations in advance.”



“Someone from above has already been sent over, saying that they are going to pick up 301.”



“The time has been set at tomorrow afternoon.”



As soon as the words left his mouth, Xi Han’s slender fingers paused, just a few millimeters away from the sharp scalpel blade.


“I know you must be angry right now that the above will pick up No. 301 despite your opinion, and I’m angry too.”



“Those people up there are getting so out of touch with the base supervisors that they’re simply manipulating us like we’re puppets on strings!”



Xi Han glanced at Jack and didn’t say anything.



His eyes looked a little cool under the cold light of the lab.



“Ugh, I know you’re prejudiced against me and think I’m being too kind to monsters, but have you ever considered that those humanoid shelters were really made of humans?”



Jack said he glanced at Xi Han’s amber eyes and sighed.



From his pocket, he took out a USB stick.



“These are the results of my findings over time; I hope they will be of use to you. There may be no stopping 301 from being sent away, but I hope you at least know the truth.”



With that, Jack got up and left the lab.



He also had good intentions.



If Xi Han didn’t believe it, forget it; there wasn’t much to expect in the first place.



Not many of his colleagues in this base believed him either; they all felt that the top wouldn’t deceive the researchers in the base.



But their direct subordinates were, after all, departmental organizations run by the rich, and sometimes one had to suspect things.



The facts also proved that his suspicions were correct.

There were indeed some unspeakable human experiments going on up there; they were trying to prolong life by turning humans into monsters with even longer lifespans.


And they were not hesitant to use countless human lives to satisfy such shameful experiments.



And although he didn’t know why, those people seemed to favor humans with amber-colored eyes as experiments.


Xi Han would fit their requirements perfectly.



Jack hoped that Xi Han would be careful; after all, who knew if those heartless guys would go after the supervisor of a base?



But speaking of which, wasn’t Xi Han a little too concerned about 301?



Thinking of the sinister gaze that Xi Han had just now when he heard that No. 301 was about to be sent away, Jack still had a little bit of fear lingering in his heart to this day.



It had to be said that Xi Han was usually quite gentle when he wore a smile, but now he was really a bit scary when his expression was cold.


Xi Han had never cared so much about a shelter as he did now.



If it was before, even if it was a shelter he really wanted to dissect, if it was taken away because of other experimental reasons, he would just casually change the expression and continue dissecting another shelter.



Unlike that expression just now, it was almost as if he had heard that someone was trying to take away his lover; his eyes were gloomy to the extreme.


Jack’s footsteps suddenly paused, but after thinking about it, he still denied his thoughts.


Xi Han was arguably the most monster-hating person on the base.



It couldn’t be; the person who fell in love with a monster couldn’t be Xi Han, no matter who it was.



Jack shook his head, thinking that he was really thinking too much.



Inside the lab.



Xi Han looked at the USB stick on the desktop; his eyes narrowed slightly.



He didn’t know what exactly this guy Jack was up to.



With the attitude of casually taking a look, Xi Han picked up the USB stick and inserted it into the computer’s receiving port.



After opening the flash drive, a folder numbered 001 came into view.



He clicked on the first video.



It was a shaking screen.



Inside the dimly lit, unfamiliar base, there was a succession of alarms sounding.



What appeared with them were countless fleeing experimenters, each one painfully covering the bloo*d coming out of their mouths and noses, almost fainting from blo*od loss.



And behind them, a thick fog was spreading.



There seemed to be some ghastly existences hissing and approaching in the mist.



It was the sound of a monster.


Xi Han couldn’t be more familiar with it.



Next was another video.



In the video that was too dim to see the scene, someone was screaming, “001! It’s 001!”



“He’s waking up!”



“No, no, he didn’t wake up, but what’s with the fog?”



Many monsters were born out of the mist.



They swept across the globe and brought about a cataclysm.





Xi Han’s pupils shrank, instantly realizing that this was the origin of the cataclysm.



It had been an experimental base where experiments had failed.



But what exactly was 001 that those experimenters mentioned, and why was the catalyst related to him?



With doubts in mind, Xi Han clicked on the next video.



In this video, there were many small children who appeared in the mist in their early teens; all of them had a pale and empty appearance.


It was as if they were terrified, yet they all had indifferent expressions.



Only when confronted with monsters did they show expressions of hatred and disgust, regaining the emotions that normal people should have.



“This is a monster.”



“This is human.”



The small child with a pale face had a smile on his face as he used a scalpel to cut the human’s chewed-up arm out of the monster’s belly, speaking to the adult beside him.



“Monsters deserve to die.”



“It’s only right that all monsters have to die.”



Inside the child care center, the voice of the boy with almost amber eyes was calm.



“Vom, so disgusting, oooooh!”



Occasionally, a small child would sob and throw the monster’s limbs in his hands far away.



Unlike the other children, he harbored hatred towards monsters after witnessing many scenes of monsters eating people on the battlefield, and he also had the fear that a small child should have.



He didn’t want to go near those horrible monsters that would eat human fle-sh, but if he didn’t do that, what was he supposed to do?



His brain was telling him that the only point of his existence was to k*ill those monsters.



What could he do other than that?



The amber-eyed boy huffed and avoided the camera.





Xi Han’s amber eyes reflected everything in the video.



A slight frown creased his brow.


This boy was him as a child.



But how did Jack get these videos?
Xi Han opened another file, which contained some experimental information.



All of them were experimental data about humans converted into monsters.



Xi Han’s movements paused, flipping the information to the end. He looked at those experimental subjects that all had similar eyes; his eyes flickered.



Previously, in order to investigate the incident of Jiu Shu’s transformation from a human into a monster, he had already tracked down an experimental base.



But from the database of that base, there didn’t seem to be any loopholes.



For a moment, Xi Han thought that he had found the wrong one.



But looking at the name of the base shown in those data, Xi Han’s expression became a little more grave.



He opened that base’s database again, and this time he used a more covert decoding method to enter the interior of the base’s database.



Sure enough, he saw a lot of information that was different from before.



He also saw Jiu Shu’s name.


Xi Han’s heart pumped for a moment, and he almost didn’t dare to click on Jiu Shu’s folder.



But in order to understand everything, he still clicked the file open.



His amber eyes became more and more lurid as he looked at the various cruel ways of experimentation shown in the file.



He would make these people pay.



And just as Xi Han was about to close the interface, he suddenly saw another encrypted document deep within the database.



Without a password, it was impossible to open it.



But for some reason, Xi Han’s temples throbbed, as if images of dissected humans with almost amber eyes flashed before his eyes.



In the crevices of the images, he saw the password.



After a moment’s hesitation, Xi Han typed the password into the screen.



A moment later, the document opened.



Revealing the encrypted file data in it.



More detailed data about 001.






This strange memory made Xi Han a little suspicious.



He seemed to be getting similar strange sensations lately.


He had thought they were hallucinations from his fatigue.


But now, the things in the hallucination were really taking effect in real life.



Did that mean that it wasn’t an illusion, but real memories from others.



This unimaginable ability was like a monster’s.



Thinking of this, the hand holding the mouse stopped for a moment, and Xi Han raised his eyes to check the various data on the screen.



Densely packed text swept past his eyes until finally, it stopped at the last paragraph.



They were all 001, yet none of them were 001, they were just tools that 001 used to eliminate mistakes, tools that were born because He wanted the monsters to become extinct.



Each of them had a part of 001’s consciousness attached to them, yet they had their own independent souls.



As they grew older, they became more and more obsessed with kil*ling and completely lost the ability to think.



From this, it was deduced that 001’s consciousness bodies might share a single brain in the end, and when the most powerful one grew up, the other consciousness bodies would become part of him, eventually becoming 001’s true consciousness.



He would also awaken from his slumber.






Looking at everything on the screen, Xi Han’s pale face couldn’t be seen.



“Doctor, your surgical paraphernalia is ready; where do I need to send it?”
Outside the door, the assistant diligently inquired about Xi Han’s specific requirements.



He saw that Xi Han’s expression wasn’t as pleasant as before, and there was more of a sinister, dark depth in his eyes.



This made the assistant more and more frightened, fearing that Xi Han would take into account what he had just done by letting Jack into the lab.



But fortunately, Xi Han just spoke faintly.



“…… Put it in the fifth lab; no one else is allowed to enter the fifth lab today.”



“Okay Doctor.”



The assistant ran for his life.



Xi Han’s recent mood changes were simply more perverse than the weather: happy for a while, gloomy for a while—it was inscrutable.



Thinking like this, the assistant sent all the surgical paraphernalia to the fifth laboratory, but he didn’t see the internment inside the laboratory.


Then he associated it with the fact that this was the closest lab to the holding area of No. 301.


The assistant’s heart thumped, thinking that the doctor had finally come to this point.



Originally, he was still indulging in No. 301’s compulsion and couldn’t extricate himself, but now he was afraid that he had found out that No. 301 didn’t truly love him, so out of love came hatred, so he decided to dissect him with his own hands.



Why ah?



The assistant lamented in his heart; he had seen No. 301’s photo, and although he hastily averted his eyes after taking a glance, he still felt sympathy for No. 301.



After all, it was a being of flawless beauty, and to die under the doctor’s scalpel just like that was heartbreaking.



But the assistant knew there was nothing he could do about it, and he could only place the sharper surgical instruments at the forefront.



At least when the doctor cut its head, it could quickly lose consciousness and not have to endure the pain of torture.



After all the instruments were prepared, the assistant left the lab with three steps back; if not for Xi Han’s scary amber eyes that were looking over, he really didn’t want to leave.



After all, if he stayed a little longer, 301 would be able to live a little longer.



Unfortunately, Xi Han’s intimidating power was still too great for the assistant.



He walked out of the lab with a bitter expression, not being able to bear to stay here anymore, and simply walked a little farther away.



At the same time, he was lost in thought. No wonder the Doctor was so fascinated by 301; he had only looked at one picture, and already he was so reluctant to part with it.



The doctor spent time with 301, so how could he not be deeply in love with it?



But alas, the Doctor was a man of twisted and sickly character, and the more deeply he loved it, the more likely it was to die at his hands.



“Yes, I got the news; it’s tomorrow afternoon.”



“Okay, I understand. Our operation will take place before the afternoon, and we will definitely save 301.”



The assistant jerked to a halt and looked in horror at the recorder standing at the corner of the corridor. The two of them looked at each other in all directions.



The next moment, the assistant was knocked unconscious by a move from the recorder.


“What’s going on?”



Duan An’s concerned voice came from the other end of the communicator.



“Nothing; I was just overheard; it’s fine; just tie him up; this guy usually has very little presence; no one will notice.”



“That’s good; plan ahead; this time the aim is to liberate all the shelters in the base.”





Jiu Shu was sitting on the operating table, shaking his legs in boredom.



His white calves looked alabaster under the light.



“Don’t worry, the surgery will be completed soon.”


Xi Han kissed Jiu Shu’s forehead soothingly, a gentle and loving smile on his face.


“Mm.” Jiu Shu responded with a gentle smile, as beautiful as ever.


Xi Han looked at him for a few moments before looking away in embarrassment, putting on his sterile gloves, and getting ready to start the surgery.



Anaesthetics needed to be injected before the procedure could take place.


Although Xi Han had mostly dissected directly before and hadn’t injected any of the monsters with anesthetics, he was still very skilled when injecting them.



The needle was gone before Jiu Shu could feel the pain.


“Feel free to tell me if it’s hard.”


Xi Han put on a mask; only a pair of eyes were revealed, his eyes full of heartache.


Even though he knew he didn’t use force, he still felt heartache when he looked at Jiu Shu’s skin being pierced by the needle.



Especially after seeing the information just now, those incomparably cruel methods had all been used on Jiu Shu’s body.



Jiu Shu must have been in a lot of pain at that time.



And at that time, he knew nothing about it and was unable to help in the slightest.


“Okay.” Jiu Shu arched his eyebrows, signaling that he was fine.



But the anesthetic worked quickly, and he already felt sleepy.



In the haze of consciousness, Jiu Shu only saw Xi Han’s gentle eyes slowly darken.



His magnetic voice was heard.



Filled with uneasiness and bewilderment.



“Jiu Shu, if you meet someone who looks exactly like me in the future, will you also like him a lot?”



That person would have his looks, his body, and even all of his memories.



But that person wasn’t him.


Jiu Shu didn’t answer.



Xi Han lowered his eyes and looked at his lover, who was quietly sleeping on the operating table, his eyes softening a bit.


Inside, the empty laboratory was so quiet.



One could only see the sickly-looking scientist gently kissing the sleeping shelter on the operating table.



His eyes were fond and greedy.


It didn’t matter; it didn’t matter if he didn’t answer.


It didn’t matter what the answer was.



Because as long as all the others were ki*lled, there would be no other possibilities.



After all, there could only be one true him.


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