C1.6 —- 《Crime Record》

Jiu Shu’s arm was fractured.


The female protagonist, Ai Li, had fallen from mid-air after all, and although Jiu Shu had saved her with the hands he had used over the years to protect both male and female protagonists, he had also paid a terrible price.


This body of his was just an ordinary person, and really couldn’t withstand the force of an adult falling.


Not even if the heroine was even lighter.


Inside the noisy theater hall, Jiu Shu sat calmly in his seat.


Only after he politely explained his injuries and stated that he couldn’t move right now, and that it would be best not to touch him, did the heroine in his arms, Ai Li, reluctantly get up.



However, she was hesitant to leave, and stood right around Jiu Shu staring at him with blazingly excited eyes, her fingers knotted in excitement.


Seeing this, Jiu Shu smiled at her and didn’t say anything more.



After all, looking around, most of the spectators had that look in their eyes.


The burning eyes of the surrounding spectators, who had already changed from their initial half-belief to complete certainty, clearly recognized him.



Jiu Shu had a head of short, slightly curly hair that fell behind his ears, revealing a thin white neck, which was significantly different from other people’s hairspray-fixed big back hair.


Coupled with a casual hooded sweater, he came to see the opera and didn’t wear a slim suit, so he was naturally very recognizable.



After confirming this, the audience all crowded forward with expressions of shock and excitement, wanting nothing more than to get a little closer to Jiu Shu.


Most of the people who came here to watch the opera were middle class people with stable incomes in the city, although not as good as the rich class, they still had their own share of arrogance.



At the moment, all of them cast aside their pride and clamored with excitement, hoping that he would notice them.


Only the remaining reserve allowed them to keep a basic distance and not swarm around him.



The sunglasses had already lost their concealing effect, so he simply took them off, revealing his clear eyes, calmly looking at all this, he admitted that he had underestimated the degree of fanaticism that the people of this world had for the worship of singers.



He composed one or two songs casually, yet it was so popular that it far exceeded his expectations.



So much so that now, as soon as his identity was revealed, he was caught in the predicament of being surrounded by the crowd.



And it was during this chaotic time that the theater’s management finally came back to their senses, the staff temporarily stabilized the situation, and the theater manager called an ambulance for him.



After the hospital ambulance pulled up in front of the theater, the problem that plagued Jiu Shu changed from broken bones to how to get away from the crowd.

“Ahhhhhh – I’m a fan of yours!”


“Jiu Shu! It’s really Jiu Shu!!!”


“Do you recognize me? I wrote you a letter ……”


The surrounding audience got closer and closer, and when they saw that he was about to leave, they even abandoned the order that they had just barely maintained and began to scream at the top of their lungs.


They called out his name, some wanted to get autographs, while others reached out their hands for no apparent reason, seemingly eager to touch Jiu Shu.


“Ai ai! Don’t be impulsive! This is an injured person!”



The theater manager’s head broke out in a cold sweat when he saw this.


Such a big star coming to the theater to listen to an opera was originally a good thing to advertise.


But now not only was he injured, but the audience was also starting to get rowdy, and if it caused any irreparable consequences, he, the theater manager, would have to go to jail.


“Aaahhhh – what are you doing! Don’t touch Jiu Shu, he’ll be in pain!”


Ai Li was also frightened and cried, with tears in the corners of her eyes, looking at her beloved singer with heartache.


The way that thin, long, youthful figure was completely surrounded by the frenzied crowd, forlorn and helpless, looked just too heartbreaking.


The theater was thrown into a state of confusion, and…..


In the crowd, the man with a big back haircut and a delicate moustache looked at the youth not far away with a mesmerized gaze, shuttling back and forth over the youth’s fluffy hair and snow-white cheeks, and finally reaching out his hand to touch the smooth and delicate skin.


Several other people seemed to have the same idea as him, stretching out a greedy arm, getting closer and closer to the youth who was facing them.


The youth’s black eyes looked over, and their faces that were so infatuated that they were almost ugly were reflected in their beautiful dark colored pupils.





The two arms that were about to get their way were tightly gripped by a large, slightly rough hand, emitting a creepy cackling sound of bones being snapped.


“Ahhhhhh-!!! Let go let go!”


“It hurts! You barbarian! Ugly bastard!”


The two people who had their arms grabbed paled greatly, their faces turning white with pain as they screamed loudly and chaotically.


Jiu Shu’s gaze paused for a moment on their broken arms, moving up the large, rough hands to see a silent, wooden face.


A deep scar spanned most of the face, as if a hideous centipede was lying on its back, bringing an extremely strong visual impact.



On the seat, he somewhat strained to raise his neck, looking up at this large man, secretly thinking in his heart that the depiction in the novel was very apt.


His skin was pale and he was extremely tall. Even in a loose and simple work outfit, the muscular and knotted lines on his body could be seen, but it wasn’t exaggerated and was the most suitable golden ratio for the male body.



It was enough for one to imagine the irresistible explosive power contained in this body.


Just standing in place, it gave people a sense of overwhelming intimidation in the general sense of a predator at the top of the food chain.


The original book portrayed the subject of this discipline in a mostly negative light, describing him as an inhuman beast, and his physique was so tall and strong that it was like an alien, which was particularly eye-catching when compared to the crowd of people who were generally about one meter seven or so in height.



Therefore, he was often excluded from the crowd, wandering on the fringe of society, being feared and loathed by everyone.


Jiu Shu looked at the reticent and tall man in front of him, but felt that he had an inexplicable sense of meekness.



Other than the fact that he was indeed huge in size, he was not at all as aggressive as the original story said he was, so much so that people didn’t dare to look at him directly.


The theater manager stomped his feet in anxiety when he saw the way You Xin was holding the arms of a few audience members without uttering a word.


He ignored the audience members who were crying out in pain, and instead urged You Xin to hurry up and protect Jiu Shu.


“What are you waiting for? You Xin! Hurry up and get Mr. Jiu to the ambulance!”


He had also seen the chaotic scene just now and knew that the two spectators had overacted, so he turned a blind eye to his behavior of hurting the spectators.



The most important thing right now was to send Jiu Shu out as soon as possible, lest there be any big mess.


As for compensation for the audience, it wasn’t too late to talk about it afterward.




At those words, You Xin loosened the two arms in his hands.

Compared to his wide and slender palms, the arms of these two pampered spectators were so slender that they were like dead tree branches.



As soon as they were loosened, the two men collapsed to the ground, their lips white with pain and unable to speak.


But other than that, You Xin did nothing more.


He stood indifferently, looking at the ground with downcast eyes, his fingers retracted to his side trembling, as if hesitating about something.


And at this moment, Jiu Shu also spoke, the corners of his mouth habitually hooked up with a gentle smile, “Thanks for your help, sir. Just now it was really thanks to you, and I’ll have to work hard to repay you!”



Saying that, he stretched out that uninjured hand, wanting You Xin to help give him a hand so he could stand up.



His ribs seemed to be out of order as well, in fact, it was best to wait for a stretcher to carry him, but looking at the way this entire hall was surrounded, it would be quicker to walk out on his own.

Of course, this was only part of the reason, the other part of the bigger reason was to get close to the subject of the disciplinary action.



Although he had been accidentally injured in the theater, Jiu Shu had at the same time realized that this was a good opportunity to get close to the subject of discipline without moving.



He narrowed his eyes, already planning what to do next.


After getting the help from the disciplinary target, he could then get closer to him under the pretext of gratitude.


The rest of the things would be much better.




The youth’s wonderfully moving voice that sounded as if it carried magic power rang in his ears, and his slightly hoarse voice due to his injury seemed to be able to touch the heart.



The tip of the ear of the tall man who stood silent in his original position seemed to tremble and he finally raised his head.


He looked at the youth who extended his hand towards him, and some inexplicable emotions seemed to float in his eyes.


Amidst the theater manager’s urging, he stretched out his hand and held onto the white, slender palm.


Once again, his sister’s sharp curses rang in his ears.


[No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!]


[You dirty stupid pig! Go to hell!]


In the midst of his sister’s curses, the taller man remained silent as he supported the youth, their figures almost overlapping, but their body types were far apart.


One was tall and strong, the other would have been quite tall, but under the strong contrast, Jiu Shu appeared much more petite, and could almost be carried completely in his arms.



Being gathered in the embrace, Jiu Shu paused, slightly surprised.

His cheek was almost pressed against You Xin’s chest, and such an assisting position seemed a bit too intimate.



However, You Xin didn’t seem to notice any impropriety.



Perhaps it was his usual habit of carrying heavy loads, or perhaps it was some kind of subconscious behavior, and in this way, in an almost embracing position, he transported him from the crowded hall to the ambulance outside the door.


Before leaving, Jiu Shu sincerely thanked him.



The young man who was sent to the ambulance on a stretcher was pale, he raised his amber eyes, his smile was shallow, his black hair fell to the side of his ear, revealing his softly lined cheeks, and his skin was as white as snow.



His voice was so soft, as if a ball of cotton candy was stuffed into the heart, making one’s heart beat faster unconsciously, “Thank you, may I know your name?”


The tall man didn’t want to answer, but perhaps his sister’s emotions were still affecting him.


“…… You Xin.”


How long will his ‘poor sister’ keep taking the blame, lol.

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