C1.37 —- Crime Record (End)

He didn’t know how long it took, buy You Xin’s emotions finally eased, although there was no expression on his face and he still had tears sliding down, his dark eyes held some light, it was no longer empty dead silence.



He looked at the love of his life in his arms, and didn’t dare to look away for a moment, and the movement of holding Jiu Shu was also careful, for fear that he would accidentally hurt his lost and found love in his arms.



“Don’t cry, let’s go home.”

Jiu Shu gently patted the tall, blood-colored remnant in front of him, then helplessly looked at the blood stained palms of his hands.



Seeing this, You Xin cowered and lowered his eyes, and began to fear being disliked by his lover, after all, His current appearance was ugly to the point of being unbearable to look at.



Disgusting in the extreme.


Jiu Shu saw his emotions.



As before, he was able to make out the emotions exposed on this paranoid sub-personality’s face at a glance even without skin.



Thus, Jiu Shu planted a kiss on the cheek of the weeping You Xin.



Although the kiss had a faint smell of blood and a sticky, slippery touch, Jiu Shu’s expression remained calm, as if the You Xin in front of him was still the same as before.



His snow-white and flawless cheeks were extremely beautiful and ugly in contrast to You Xin’s horrifyingly bloody face, giving people a strong visual impact.



From afar it looked as if a tall, blood-red monster had trapped the human in its arms and was about to devour it.



The image was terrifying and eerie.



Only when you got close could you hear the beautiful young man trapped in the arms of the gentle eyes, softly soothing the horrifying monster.



“Don’t be afraid.”



The monster seemed to be scared as if frozen in place, motionless, even the tears that kept sliding down stopped.



He received a kiss from his lover.



You Xin froze as he looked at the Jiu Shu in front of him, slowly opening his eyes wide.



Since there were no longer blood and tears corroding His face, pale skin gradually grew on His face as well, intertwined with bright red veins and fascia, giving it a mottled and strange look.



But Jiu Shu could see a little scarlet on the broken skin.



You Xin was shy.



Jiu Shu’s narrow peach blossom eyes curved up, dazzling in their beauty.



“It’s time for everything to go back to the way it was, you know what I’m talking about right?”


Jiu Shu’s long, slender fingertips caressed at You Xin’s cheeks, as if what lay beneath his palms wasn’t slippery, ghastly flesh and blood, but normal human skin.



“Only then will I forgive you.”



Jiu Shu knew what it was that You Xin had never been able to let go of.



Having witnessed him shatter into pieces, You Xin’s mental shadow was heavier than You Xin’s, and it would take an even longer process than You Xin’s to heal such a shadow.


Not that he could untie the knot with a few light words of forgiveness, but only by making him obey with the same commanding demands as he did with You Xin.



Perhaps only then would they feel that they were atoning for their previous transgressions, and their inner torment would be slightly lessened.



Jiu Shu couldn’t calculate just how long it would take to heal these two personalities, and he didn’t really care, after all, he was going to be in this world for a long time.



Upon hearing Jiu Shu’s words, the pain seemed to start overflowing again in You Xin’s pitch-black pupils.



He recalled an image from back then.



Everything that that wanton, stupid and abominable self had done was like the worst nightmare to the current You Xin, who had sunk into such a nightmare over and over again after returning to his original body after his death, and perhaps even Jiu Shu couldn’t have imagined how deep You Xin’s hatred for his self was at this point.

He had torn his soul apart over and over again, wishing he had never existed, sickened to death by the very existence of this consciousness of himself.



Once the most fearful of pain, He had become even more numb than the master personality, You Xin, becoming accustomed to the constant suffering and using it as a punishment for Himself.



Every day was a living hell.


For Him, everything now seemed like a dream.



He was afraid that he would wake up in the next moment, and then he would find himself alone in the endless darkness, repeating the painful memories, regretting what he had done, and hating himself for being the monster he should not be.



It was him who caused the death of His beloved, He who ruined everything.



He had long since lost those paranoid thoughts, now as long as he could still stay beside his beloved Jiu Shu, it was enough, even if he fused with the once loathed master personality into a single soul, it didn’t matter.



After all, they were originally the same soul.



You Xin admitted the folly and incorrigibility of all his past actions.



He looked at the love of his life in front of him and gave a smile that did its best, even the act of making a smile on a face whose skin had not yet fully grown was painful enough to make an ordinary human pass out from the pain.


However, You Xin acted naturally as He nodded His head and replied earnestly, “I understand, I will.”



As long as he could get forgiveness from his beloved, whatever it took would be fine.



“Good boy.”



Jiu Shu stroked You Xin’s cheek soothingly, and then in the fading touch under his hand, the bloody remnant in front of him gradually dissolved into nothingness.



In its place, there seemed to be an extra splash of blood color in the pitch-black eyes of You Xin, who had been quietly guarding the side, and once again there was an additional consciousness within his body.



Everything was finally back to the way it was before.



With the sound of the helicopter taking off, the initial calmness was restored to the luxury liner floating offshore, and it wasn’t until the sea level turned fish-belly white that the survivors hiding inside the cabins cautiously left their rooms.



They had spent a frightening night last night amidst the ghostly cries coming from nowhere, and had wanted to escape, but the corridors strewn with flesh and blood were too eerie and terrifying, and they kept getting lost, so in the end, they had to find a random safe cabin to rest in.



It wasn’t until the cries died down in the second half of the night that they dared to look up and realize that the flesh and blood in the room that was supposed to be spreading from outside the corridor had disappeared.



At the time they were too horrified by the changes to go out and check, and it wasn’t until now that they were surprised to find the entire liner restored to its original state.



The scarlet tissue that had climbed up the walls and floors like vines and the eyes that had opened like living creatures had all disappeared.



It was as if last night had been a dream.



But when the survivors found the many rabbit masked people crawling and wailing in the corridor, they realized that this could never be a dream.



Last night’s horrific ritual seemed to have attracted an unnamable presence and sent a sulking punishment down on the organizers of the ritual.



The survivors looked at the rabbit masks, which were crawling around on the ground in ugly postures, with palpitations, and shied away, leaving only the voices behind them that kept moaning, ” Kasmos ……”



“I saw it ……”


“But it can’t be it’s impossible …… how could it be to a human ……”



It seemed that the rabbit masked man had seen something he shouldn’t have, remembering what he had seen last night, the figure that had gently carried a human on its back as it slowly walked away.

He was caught up in contradiction and confusion, never believing that the horrible, supreme god would show such favoritism to a human, with an expression that even had unspoken humility.




And yet, he descended his wrath upon the endless suffering they had so devoutly offered.



Rabbit Mask couldn’t comprehend it.



In the end, the rapidly aging man completely lost himself in a chaotic and insane mental state, his memories and perceptions were all drowned out by the strange rustling in his ears, and he was reduced to a demented freak.



And the survivors who escaped from the cabin came to the empty deck, before they had time to be happy that they had survived the disaster, they raised their heads and suddenly saw the sky above, the crack that stretched across the hearts of all mankind like a ticking time bomb was slowly closing.



“This is ……”



People’s eyes widened incredulously, watching without blinking as the crack that was as deep as the entrance to hell healed at a speed visible to the human eye.




“Kasmos retracted the judgment ……”



“What the hell is this because of?”



The same exclamations of shock resounded simultaneously across the globe, as people all looked at the crack above their heads in unison, their expressions varying and their reactions varying.



Some fell to their knees and bawled, venting out their suppressed emotions after the crack appeared, while others broke down and yelled, unable to accept god’s decision to refuse to come down to the human world.



“god! Why did god ……”






But no matter what kind of reaction the people made, the cracks continued to heal without a care in the world, as if a god who was about to open his eyes continued to close his eyelids because of a beautiful dream, wanting to continue this beautiful dream.



Better yet, it should never end.



Metropolis, inside the hospital near the underground base.



The investigator with a serious expression was questioning the old woman whose eyes had gone blind.



Since the incident at the underground base, the higher organization had quickly noticed the abnormalities and sent reinforcements, finding everyone at the base on the ground, either fainting or wailing.




However, after sending all the people in the base for medical treatment, many of them had become insane, only knowing to mumble some strange and unknowable words.



All of the surveillance cameras in the base were inexplicably damaged, including some of the data that recorded the experimental data also appeared broken, so that people could not figure out what kind of disaster had happened in the base to cause so many people to fall into insanity.




The higher organization investigated for a long time before learning from an old woman who had barely recovered an unknown news that god had fallen in love with a human.


The end would not come again, humanity was saved.



It sounded like madness, and no one believed the old woman, even if she was a heck of a prophet it made it impossible to trust her.



After all, the idea that the supreme god would fall in love with a tiny human was only in fantasy, it just wasn’t realistic.



But after all, only the old woman had regained her sobriety for the moment, so the superiors still sent an investigator to investigate in detail.



Facing the investigator who was full of skepticism, the old woman whose eyes had gone blind remained silent until the cracks in the sky began to disappear, and only then did she look out the window and smile.



“The cracks are disappearing.”



Yes, her prophecy had not been wrong, god had gotten the love of His life that He wanted most, and mankind had been forgiven as a result.



“Has Kasmos fallen asleep?”



Inside the Metropolis’ detached villa, Jiu Shu, who was lying on the soft queen-sized bed, suddenly asked out loud..



He looked thoughtfully at the sky beyond the gap in the floor-to-ceiling window veil, and at the people on the streets who were bawling on their knees.



After experiencing a week of mental torture, humans were under a high level of mental tension, with their collective sanity value on the verge of collapsing, and now that they had suddenly lost the threat, it was inevitable that they would become a little jumpy.

Many people poured out into the streets crying and laughing with strange expressions, as if celebrating or agonizing over the disappearance of the god.


Beside Jiu Shu was You Xin, who had remained in the same position all night.



He seemed to have been up all night, and his pale face was flushed with a thin red color, as if he was thinking of something unhealthy.



Because it was the first time that he shared a bed with his beloved Jiu Shu, You Xin was so shy that his mind was dazed and he lost his senses, and his eyes were wandering that he didn’t dare to look at Jiu Shu’s clavicle and milky skin that were vaguely visible under his pajamas.



He also forgot to answer Jiu Shu’s question.



Jiu Shu was resting in the crook of his arm, and when he saw this, he moved slightly closer and mischievously pinched his nose.



His lover’s action completely woke You Xin up from his fantasy, his eyes widened, and when he met Jiu Shu’s line of sight, his originally pale face suddenly reddened, from his earlobes all the way to his neck, all of which were conspicuously scarlet.



“I, I didn’t want to …… kiss …… kiss you ……” It seemed that someone subconsciously said what was in his fantasy.



After realizing what he had said, You Xin nervously opened his lips, wanting to retort that he didn’t have such a nasty thought, but looking at his lover’s eyes with a smile, he seemed to know that it was useless to argue, so he could only blushingly stop his explanation.



He laid on the bed at his wits’ end, itching to burrow into a crack in the ground, but with his beloved still resting on his arm, he didn’t dare to move around and disturb his rest, so he could only dully lower his head, reddening from his head to his feet at a speed that was visible to the na-ked eye.



Jiu Shu almost couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he stroked the hot ears of his punishment target and whispered in his ear, “Just want a kiss?”



As Jiu Shu spoke, his slightly curly black hair fell with his movements, plastering itself against the snow-white skin of his neck, revealing more and more of his well-defined collarbone and supple musculature under the pajama’s open neckline.





You Xin stiffened, not knowing what to react to, his brain almost boiling from the unprecedented temperature.



Jiu Shu didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he saw white smoke coming out of You Xin’s head, as if he was about to go down at any moment.



Seeing that the teasing had gone too far, Jiu Shu had to smile and kissed You Xin on the lips before saying, “Won’t you kiss back?”






Having completely lost the ability to think, it was only after a long time that You Xin shyly and joyfully approached Jiu Shu and branded a kiss on the lips of this youth who was beautiful to the core.



This was the first time Jiu Shu had ever kissed another person, and it was also the first kiss for You Xin.



Throughout his pathetic life, Jiu Shu had occupied countless of his firsts, whether it was the first time he hugged or the first time he was kissed on the cheek or the most intimate kiss now, You Xin cherished them all immensely.



Jiu Shu was the only light in his life, both for You Xin and You Xin.



They had never imagined that one day there would be someone who wouldn’t mind all of them, who would still be gentle even after being hurt by them and seeing them at their ugliest and worst.



Everything was as beautiful as a bridge in a fairy tale book, which flattered You Xin, who had tasted all kinds of suffering.


If possible, he hoped that such beautiful days would never come to an end.



After the ambiguous kiss, You Xin raised his head somewhat reluctantly, while Jiu Shu gently bit his lips that were about to leave, and then deepened the kiss.



Feeling this intimate to the extreme kiss, You Xin could only stare blankly at his lover with eyes wide open, unblinking as tears seemed to fall from his dark eyes, and his face blushed a shocking red, before he clumsily closed his eyes at Jiu Shu’s reminder.


However, he tightened the arm that was placed on his lover’s slim waist.



The muscles of his arm tightened because of the tension, showing the tight lines, but the strength was unexpectedly light, even if he was excited, he wouldn’t hurt the love in his arms by the slightest bit.



Inside the quiet bedroom, the sunlight poured down on the floor through the veil of the covered window, and the warm, tiny dust particles were suspended in it, accompanied by the sound of water coming from some unknown place.



It took a long time for the intimate kiss to end, and Jiu Shu’s breathing became a little constricted.



The tail of his narrow eyes flushed with intoxicating color, his clear eyes covered with a mist of disorientation, a rare and somewhat hazy color, enough to dazzle the eyes.



Jiu Shu gasped slightly and moved his lips to say something, but the tall man in front of him suddenly became tense again.


He didn’t seem to want to raise his head, and his pale bony fingers tightened slightly, only daring to let out a magnetic and slightly hoarse voice.



The lowered voice carried uneasiness and timidity.


“Is it okay for me …… to do the same?”



Seeing this, there seemed to be some helplessness in Jiu Shu’s beautiful peach blossom eyes, and he naturally reached out his hand to cup the head in front of him, opposing this pair of pitch-black eyes that were full of panic, his voice warm and soft: “Of course you can.”



Even though he had said many times that he would wait for them to be healed, it still seemed that You Xin wasn’t quite brave enough to show up, and even when he did, he was filled with unease and trepidation.



It was as if they felt they didn’t deserve it at all.


Jiu Shu knew it would take a long time to heal the subject of discipline, and he needed to treat them as equals in the meantime.



Because they were all one person, and there was no superiority or inferiority.



“……” the room seemed to resound a little more, and the large pale hand placed on the youth’s waist hesitated for a long moment before carefully closing.



With a long-wished-for satisfaction and a humble leap of joy.



It wasn’t until the sun was up that Jiu Shu finally laid down on the bed in a weary return to sleep; he had spent a lot of effort persuading the object of his discipline last night in order to appease him, who was so shy that he couldn’t sit still long enough to sleep, and he was indeed a little sleepy now.



In a half-asleep state, it seemed that the object of discipline remembered that he hadn’t answered his lover’s question yet, and whispered earnestly in Jiu Shu’s ear, “Yes, Kasmos is asleep.”



Jiu Shu perfunctorily replied with a “hmm”, and then fell into a deep sleep, to him Kasmos wasn’t important, the only thing he recognized was the object of discipline.



Kasmos’s sleep was a good thing for him, it meant that at least he didn’t have to worry about the subject of his punishment becoming that miserable and painful person in the movie.



The dark pupils of his eyes were filled with deep love, and he looked tenderly at his sleeping lover for a long time without looking away.



Kasmos continued to slumber.



Because His consciousness no longer wanted to return to His body, the lost body would continue to sleep in the depths of the earth’s core as it had for billions of years before.



Perhaps it wouldn’t wake up until after this beautiful dream was shattered.




After returning to the center of the earth after dying in the amusement park, You Xin and You Xin knew where they came from, an existence born into suffering and pain billions of years ago.



From birth He had been sleeping, and in the billion-year-long dream world He had endured countless sufferings.



As a higher dimensional being beyond the scope of human cognition, time and space were meaningless to him, and only pain was the meaning of his existence.



He was born here and would end here.



But He had long since grown tired of this pain and did not want to repeat such a destiny, so He projected His consciousness onto the Blue Planet, while His main body continued to sleep in the heart of the earth.



He wanted to have a dream that was different from those dreams of suffering that had been repeated for billions of years.



He seemed to have succeeded, and He seemed to have failed.



The moment the fragile consciousness belonging to a human returned to His body, it should have been washed away by the huge flood of memories and restored to the original one, but He didn’t want to drown the only good memory of these long years.



So He kept His consciousness alive, both the main personality and the secondary personality, both of whom were deeply in love with Jiu Shu.



The pain of losing His beloved caused Him to search for His beloved’s soul over and over again in Blue Star’s timeline in an attempt to resurrect His beloved.



After all, the death of His beloved was caused by Him in the end.



If it wasn’t for the internecine fighting between the two consciousnesses, if it wasn’t for the fact that the main body didn’t notice the slight power borrowed by the Bluestar humans during the slumber after losing its dominant consciousness, there was no way that the beloved would have died so tragically in front of Him.



He could only wallow in the memories, punishing Himself over and over again with these pains, wanting to atone for His sins, wanting to make amends, ready to wear away His entire consciousness in endless suffering, but the beloved, who had risen from the dead, had forgiven Him.



Forgave Him for the unforgivable sin.






Tears dripped down onto the pure white silk quilt, haloing the dark color as the taller man seemed to cry silently, his eyes, dark and ghastly to outsiders, still looking at his sweetly sleeping lover in his arms, slowly tightening his embrace.



The movement was gentle, yet filled with deep attachment and love.



This beautiful dream was too good to be true, so good that he wished it would never end.



They would live happily ever after, forever.



This sleep lasted for a long time.



By the time Jiu Shu woke up it was mid-afternoon, and he got up to find the object of his discipline sitting and watching him, his eyes focused for who knows how long.



Jiu Shu felt that he was a bit like a poor little man who was guarding a treasure and didn’t dare to close his eyes, although his face was expressionless, but his whole body had tension written all over it, as if he was afraid that everything in front of him would disappear in the next second.



It was a bit cute, so he went up to him and kissed him, You Xin’s eyes widened and his ears reddened once again.



Jiu Shu smiled and rubbed his long, semi-long hair that felt comfortable in his hands, feeling a little hungry and ready to go make something to eat.



But before he could get into the kitchen, You Xin had already gone to the kitchen and brought out the lunch that had been prepared long ago.



He brought out four dishes and one soup, Jiu Shu really didn’t expect the object of punishment to also cook, he smiled and said thank you, knowing that in the time he fell asleep the object of punishment probably did a lot.



Just looking at the object of discipline, this big man wearing his apron that hadn’t been used for a long time, seemed so cute, Jiu Shu couldn’t hold back a smile.



Although You Xin’s body type could be said to be broad shoulders and narrow waist, the light blue apron only partially surrounded You Xin’s waist. Coupled with the difference in height and muscles, this apron actually had a strong visual contrast on You Xin’s body.



If he had to make an analogy, he looked like a brown bear in a pink maid’s outfit, which was both absurd and reasonable at the same time.



Jiu Shu wanted to kiss You Xin again, but he was really hungry so he decided to fill it first.

Thus, under the nervous gaze of You Xin, Jiu Shu ate several mouthfuls of the dish in silence, raised his head, looked at You Xin’s pale face, and a bright smile appeared on his beautiful face, “Scared you, it’s delicious!”

“Have you learned to cook before?” Jiu Shu inquired with a sense of appreciation.

You Xin lowered his head a little embarrassed, “Learned, learned a little.”

He would often read newspapers, and also occasionally read some magazines after You Xin collected Jiu Shu’s pictures from the magazines.

Sometimes the magazines would contain a lot of recipes, saying that they were made to be eaten by their boyfriends, and could capture their boyfriends’ hearts and whatnot.

At that time, You Xin wouldn’t easily listen to the contents of these entertainment magazines, but he still wrote down the recipes, and for some reason also began to consciously or unconsciously collect related information.

It seemed to be like what the magazine said, he looked forward to making it for his beloved one day.

And now, it had come true.

Looking at the happy look in Jiu Shu’s eyes as he ate, You Xin felt his heart rise with a warm sense of fullness, and he was a little overwhelmed and a little satisfied.


His memory was very good, he could quickly memorize the contents of various recipes, but it was the first time he actually got down to business, so he was very nervous, very afraid that his beloved Jiu Shu wouldn’t like it.

Fortunately, he liked it.

After finishing the last bite of the dish, Jiu Shu raised his head and looked at You Xin’s eyes that was filled with anticipation and satisfaction, and immediately felt that You Xin was a bit overly virtuous.


So virtuous that he was like a wife who loved her husband with all her heart and was satisfied just to see him eating well at home.


Jiu Shu laughed at his own imaginings, hooking his slender wrist around You Xin’s neck and bringing his somewhat startled face over to him, then he kissed his cheek before watching with slight amusement as what had been only a slight, thin blush quickly turned scarlet.

The object of discipline seemed to be even more easily shy than before, Jiu Shu thought, but You Xin got more and more shy, mesmerized by the radiance brimming in Jiu Shu’s eyes.

It was only after a long time that You Xin came back to his senses.


The honeymoon period of a young couple was always extraordinarily sweet, as if they had to stick together all the time.


After eating, Jiu Shu pulled You Xin to the sofa to watch a boring soap opera together, the aesthetics of this world was very flashy, even the various looks in the TV series were dazzling, Jiu Shu would laugh out loud every now and then.


And the object of punishment holding his lover in his arms was nervous at first and didn’t dare to move then he quietly tightened his grip on him, enjoying the feeling of his lover and their intimacy.


He quietly watched the beautiful lover in his arms reveal all kinds of vivid expressions, his dark pupils filled with soft love, a tenderness and joy that was completely mismatched with his tall size.

Such a day was too beautiful, so beautiful that it made You Xin a little afflicted, and he hugged Jiu Shu in his arms tightly, like he was embracing his entire world.

For a long time afterward, Jiu Shu and You Xin lived a sweet life in the detached villa with no one disturbing them.

They slept in the same bed together, doing intimate things that ordinary couples would do, and even more intimate things.


Aside from the fact that the object of discipline was so shy at first that he almost fainted, the only thing that bothered Jiu Shu was the fact that these two yet-to-be-melded personalities occasionally switched suddenly, even when they were in bed.

Both also had their own little minds, and would inquire about their feelings in his ear as if they were jealous.


Breathing unsteadily, he could only choose to remain silent, and then the next day he’d punish them by making them kneel on the rubbing board.

But all in all, the days were still pleasant.


Jiu Shu liked to feed snacks to the punishment object who leaned on him while watching TV every afternoon. At first, when feeding, the punishment object looked like a shy little wife, who would chew a bite for half a day and couldn’t bear to swallow it.

Later on, they became much more skillful, and even learned to give hand over napkins to Jiu Shu, or pour hot water to quench his thirst.


In the end, Jiu Shu felt like he was about to become a useless person, lying in the strong and sturdy embrace of the man, drowsy and gradually developing a lazy habit. He loved to let his partner wander around the villa holding him.

And the object of discipline just spoiled Jiu Shu in accordance with his requirements, effortlessly running up and down with his pampered lover in his arms without feeling bored, he was even addicted to the feeling of being needed by his loved one.

The look was so different from the previous numbness that even if someone were to stand in front of You Xin now, they wouldn’t recognize him as the brooding and withdrawn theater props master he was at the time.


He had achieved the happiness he had always dreamed of, so happy that he had nothing else to ask for.


“By the way, should we get married?” The lover in his arms suddenly spoke, seemingly just casually, but the raised black eyes were full of seriousness, and the narrow peach blossom eyes opened wide, reflecting the face of You Xin who was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do.

“…… Okay.” Before he could give an awkward answer, tears slipped down first.


Losing his smile, Jiu Shu cradled the punishment subject’s silently crying face in his arms, his gentle voice almost as mesmerizing as the best of dreams, “Then we’ll never be apart again.”


Jiu Shu knew what the subject of punishment had been afraid of, so he had given the reply time and time again that he was very fond of him and that they would not be separated.

This time it was yet another reply, with marriage as a precondition.

“Let’s go on a honeymoon afterward, just the two of us.”


The man’s voice was shy, but the veins bulging with tension in the pale palms of the hands holding Jiu Shu revealed the deep love inside.


“Am …… I …… included?” The subject of punishment’s voice became a little tense again.

Seeing this, Jiu Shu skillfully kissed him on the lips, then You Xin’s face flushed red and his eyes darkened, as if he was thinking of something juvenile.

“Of course, my love.” Jiu Shu wore a warm smile that was impossible to take your eyes off of, and deepened the kiss with You Xin’s intent eyes on him.

Inside the quiet bedroom, the air seemed to become humid and hot, with only the sound of clothes rubbing off and falling, as well as the slightly ambiguous sound of water.


The next day, they went to get a marriage license.

Compared to the fancy weddings and romances of other celebrities in this world who hated to be in the media cameras the whole time, the wedding of Jiu Shu, a singer who was still on fire all over the globe, seemed very cold, and not many people even knew about it.

Because he and the object of discipline had few friends, they had a simple wedding and then began a honeymoon trip.


The trip lasted for most of the year, and aside from the fact that he always encountered some murderers who inexplicably haunted him, Jiu Shu was quite satisfied.


The murder rate in this world was really too high, and Jiu Shu’s rebellious style seemed to be very much to the liking of these homicidal maniacs, and several times he had been approached by the police, saying that they found his album at the scene of a crime or something like that.

There were even a few times when a killer really found the hotel address of their honeymoon trip, broke in through the window in the middle of the night, only for Jiu Shu to wake up and see them hanging on the wall.
This homicidal maniac who had been hung up all night seemed to have experienced something incomparably horrifying, revealing shock and fear in his eyes after seeing Jiu Shu, muttering for Jiu Shu to hurry up and escape, “Monster …… run Jiu Shu!”


“Oooh …… run!” He seemed to have gone crazy.

In the face of this situation, Jiu Shu could only calmly glance at the silent and somewhat guilty object of punishment beside him, sweeping away the strange flesh and blood that had not been withdrawn in time.


Then, he dialed the police and left the hotel with the disciplinary object.

Leaving only the homicidal maniac behind him who kept shouting, “How can you be with a monster ……”

“If He can, then why can’t I ……” The homicidal maniac’s voice became harsh and twisted.

Where Jiu Shu could not see, the object of punishment seemed to look back grimly, and the homicidal maniac’s voice ended abruptly, never to move again, until the police arrived to take away the completely voiceless, insane homicidal maniac.

After more things like this, Jiu Shu began to experiment with road trips in his car, and the feeling of driving along a wilderness of uninhabited highways across vast plains was unexpectedly exhilarating.

Under the scorching sun, sweat and burning air, the empty and deserted straight highway that couldn’t be seen to the end, in this environment, even the kiss between each other became hot, their feelings becoming more and more like glue.


However, he didn’t expect that in sparsely populated areas, murders seemed to occur frequently. Jiu Shu and You Xin encountered several incidents of road blocking, by people who wanted to kill and eat meat.


These highway cannibalism maniacs even showed ecstasy after discovering the identity of Jiu Shu, as crazy as wanting to taste his blood and flesh.

They even said that they loved Jiu Shu so much that they wanted to taste the flesh and blood of his loved one.

Of course, as soon as the words came out of their mouths, they lost their sanity and killed each other, gnawing on their own flesh and blood and letting out miserable shrieks like those previous victims.

Jiu Shu, meanwhile, sat in the car with his cheeks resting in boredom, thinking that, aside from helping the police solve serial killer cannibalism cases or something like that, road trips didn’t seem all that safe.

By the time he finally gave up on his honeymoon, there seemed to be fewer murders, and news reports often featured murderers turning themselves in and getting caught.


Sitting on the couch in his desert hotel room, Jiu Shu looked up at the subject of punishment who had taken him completely in his arms, his gaze traveling from his pale face to his dark pupils before finally bursting out in laughter at his sheepishly embarrassed look.

He kissed the overly cute discipline subject, his pale arms hooked around the discipline subject’s neck, with sweaty hair plastered to his snowy white cheeks, a little gasp escaped from his lips, and the kiss deepened.

The disciplinary object was red-faced, his eyes shining brightly as he hugged the soft and beautiful lover in his arms tightly, unable to let go for a moment.


After a slight loss of consciousness, the peach blossom eyes, that was dazed and beautiful, looked at the object of punishment in front of him with a gaze that couldn’t conceal his love. His lips, which were kissed red, curved into an intoxicating smile.

Since the disciplinary object wants to continue the honeymoon trip, then let’s continue it, Jiu Shu gently lowered his eyes, looking at the disciplinary object who was carefully and obsessively kissing his neck, thinking so.

It had been almost a year since they had been on this trip, but You Xin didn’t seem half as tired of it, still as shy and expectant as he had been in the beginning, as if every day with him was so wonderful that the object of discipline didn’t want it to end.

Both You Xin and You Xin seemed to feel the same way, wanting to continue this intimate trip, a trip that seemed so good to them that it was a dream.


And Jiu Shu didn’t mind granting this wish of the object of discipline, the trip might go on for a long, long time.


After that, they continued their honeymoon, and sure enough, there was a lot less hassle.

Those murderers would often go crazy for no apparent reason as soon as they appeared on the scene, and Jiu Shu watched with amusement as they turned themselves in, which was more fun than watching a movie.


The object of punishment always passed snacks and drinks to him, but the expression on his face to outsiders still looked gloomy, not quite matching with the beautiful to the extreme Jiu Shu.

But the tenderness and love that filled the dark and horrible pupils were enough to wash away the gloomy depths of the face.

“How long will this relationship last?” Jiu Shu and the subject of discipline were walking down the street when they were stopped in their tracks by a street interview.

Holding the arm of the disciplinary subject, under Jiu Shu’s masked face, his pretty eyes curved up in a beautiful, stirring manner, and the interviewer looked at the masked youth somewhat dumbfounded, unable to move his eyes for a long time.


“Until life comes to an end.” The youth answered so, his voice was soft and sweet to the point of being like the sweetest nectar in the world, mesmerizing.

“Forever.” The eyes of the man whose figure was so tall that it was horrifying seemed to redden slightly, but his face, which had always been pale and bloodless, revealed a slight smile.

It was filled with happiness and blushing that didn’t match his somber demeanor.

After saying that, the couple with close demeanor walked away, leaving only a blurry figure in the camera, and the interviewer shook his head in a trance after a long time, as if he had been fed a mouthful of dog food.

[TN: Eating dog food — When people show affection/show off their significant other in front of single people. ]


Although he still felt that the tall man was a bit scary, he seemed to be very nice to that pretty young man, so let’s just wish them a long time to come, the interviewer thought so ruefully.

After the rift disappeared, order on the planet was chaotic for a long time, and it wasn’t until a few years later that the original peace and quiet was restored.

Metropolis became as prosperous as ever, and the Theatre reopened, with Ai Li once again a mainstay in the theater, resuming her favorite operatic performances.

The evening performance ended soon after, Ai Li finished removing her makeup and packed up her belongings to go home, she and her boyfriend had been getting along better and better lately, perhaps because they had shared the same fate in that horrible underground base, their relationship had skyrocketed, and they had already reached the point of talking about marriage.

It was just that the murder rate in Metropolis had recently become high again, so her boyfriend had become very busy so they could only delay the wedding date later.


She didn’t know what was going on, but it seemed that in the past two years, a lot of serial k.illers had turned themselves in, and when they were arrested, they all looked crazy, as if they’d been scared out of their wits by something.

According to her boyfriend, they all seemed to have one thing in common, they all liked Jiu Shu’s songs and went to spy on his privacy for that reason, in an underhanded way, but fortunately, Jiu Shu’s address information was hidden very well, and so far it had never been exposed.

“Jiu Shu’s new song will be released in three days! Stay tuned, viewers!” Just as she thought of Jiu Shu, Ai Li heard a voice coming from the building’s screen.

She immediately raised her head and saw his picture appear on the screen.

She watched in fascination for a few moments, and there were many other men and women on the side of the road with the same expression as her, but after the news passed, Ai Li became frustrated again.

Jiu Shu had rarely appeared in public in the last few years, except for the albums he still released from time to time, and there were even rumors that he had moved in with someone and married them.

Many fans expressed their inability to accept this, but Jiu Shu, a singer who didn’t rely on his fans, didn’t care what his fans thought and quickly posted a photo on his social media account.

A photograph of a hand interlocked with another pale, broad palm.

A wedding ring was worn on both hands.

It was a few days ago, and Ai Li remembered the social media platforms that had been overrun by traffic, countless people either angry or desperate, leaving messages under the post, not daring to believe that the young singer, who had just won a number of international awards for his songs, had just gotten married.

There was no telling how many people wandered the streets that day, bawling just as they had when the crack was still there, unable to stop themselves from collapsing in the streets.

Ai Li was one of them.


Although she already had a boyfriend, she still couldn’t help but tear up after learning the news of Jiu Shu’s marriage, as if a piece of her heart was missing and empty.

But in the end, Ai Li recalled those few times she met with Jiu Shu, remembered Jiu Shu’s beautiful and lovely face, and let it go, and she heartily wished him to be happy and joyful forever.

As well as, that man who had silently taken away Jiu Shu, if he dared to treat Jiu Shu in a bad way, she wished him to be struck by the heavens!

“Oooh-” Ai Li held the few albums that she carried in her bag at all times, and began to cry again, the pedestrian next to her didn’t know what was going on, and perhaps shared the same mood as her, and also sobbed.

Ai Li saw that he also had a few albums in his bag, which he held in his arms as if they were treasures.

“Oooooh-” the sound of crying in the street was endless, and the investigator, dressed all in black, frowned and withdrew his gaze.

No matter how many times he looked at him, he felt that the singer called Jiu Shu was most likely a supernatural being, or even an unknown creature for that matter.

After all, just by listening to his songs, one would become crazily obsessed, and this kind of infectiousness comparable to a virus was really frightening.

Thinking like this, the investigator continued typing and sent the email to the headquarters once again.

He had already sent countless emails, all of them requesting the headquarters to investigate Jiu Shu.

Ever since the cracks appeared on the planet, the world government sensed a crisis and began to set up a special event handling organization, specifically designed to deal with all sorts of supernatural events, in order to prevent the recurrence of another catastrophe-level event like the Ten Elders Club.

The world could no longer afford to be tossed around.

Thinking of the miserable appearance of those members of the Ten Elders Club who were now as old as monsters, the investigator was a bit chilled and became more cautious as a result.

In his opinion, if left unchecked, this Jiu Shu would most likely be the next Ten Elders Club.

But HQ just ignored it for some reason, it was obvious that he behaved so strangely, there was no way a normal human could have such a perfect appearance and a seductive voice!

Looking at the many songs stored in his cell phone, the investigator thought so, and after hesitating for a moment, he still couldn’t hold back and continued listening.

Although he wanted to investigate Jiu Shu, he didn’t deny that the singer did have a unique talent that could be called a genius in music.

The headquarters of the Special Affairs Processing Center.

The researcher who received the email again was filled with impatience as he broke into a curse, this investigator who had nothing to do, he didn’t know what he was thinking all day!

Saying that, he dragged the mail into the trash, never bothering with it again.

Then being an ardent fan of Jiu Shu, he looked at the top secret file in front of him and added the regulation prohibiting the investigation of Jiu Shu to it.

On the screen.

Many dense texts were scrolling by, and at the top of them was a line in bold letters.

[Number 01 Creation god Kasmos, classified top secret.]


[According to the investigation, 01 is currently in a state of slumber, but the Earth’s core radiation feedback is periodically disturbed, suspected to be in a dream state, therefore, it has been decided to stop the investigation of the Earth’s core by the Supreme Elders’ Council].

There were still bits of text in the document that had become garbled, as if they didn’t want the contents to be known.


Then, after a large line of text that had somehow been deleted in the latter half of the document, the document ended with a strange, strong-toned line of text that was completely different from the objective narrative perspective from before.


It was as if the document compiler had been infected by some kind of power.

[He is dreaming a beautiful dream, and Kasmos blesses this dream to never end.]



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