C1.29 —- Crime Record

That monster would no longer affect him and Jiu Shu, never again.



The smile on You Xin’s face carried pure pleasure as he excitedly waved towards Jiu Shu, who wasn’t far away, and quickly ran over to him.

This tall to horrifyingly tall man breathed a little sharply, his gaze became different from the suppressed depths of a moment ago, his eyes brightly shining, the circles of his eyes were slightly red, as if he was going to fall into tears with excitement.



He lowered his head, with the joy of lost and found, his eyes gently fixed on the face of Jiu Shu, as if he couldn’t see enough.



The dark-haired, snowy-skinned lover in front of him was a happiness he had never expected to receive in his life.



He would never again experience the feeling of losing everything and watching his lover being snatched away.


Facing the changed personality of his lover, Jiu Shu’s gaze paused, moving away from the pile of glass shards that had come from nowhere not far away.



Looking again at the nearby unharmed glass walls, none of which had broken, he couldn’t help but remain silent for a moment.



In this weird space, this pile of glass shards that suddenly appeared was really suspicious to the point where it couldn’t be any more suspicious.



Especially after the appearance of the glass shards, the personality of the subject of the punishment also shifted.



It was really impossible for Jiu Shu to stop thinking about it.



Linking it to all the strange symptoms of You Xin and the smile on You Xin’s face now, Jiu Shu frowned slightly, and had a guess that even he didn’t really want to believe in.



A very unexpected, but also very consistent with the current situation, guess.



Jiu Shu looked at his love-filled eyes and slowly spoke: “Are you two in conflict?”





Originally still staring attentively at Jiu Shu, You Xin’s eyes suddenly widened, his pupils clenched, and the smile on his face was fixed, as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.


“What …… are you talking about?”



You Xin’s voice carried a slight tremor as his fingers on his side twitched uncontrollably, his mind almost going blank.


Jiu Shu already knew that two consciousnesses existed in this body and already knew that he was a monster-like being.



This cognizance seemed somewhat unacceptable to You Xin, afraid of the truth being exposed for, he stuttered: “There’s only me, there isn’t another person, Jiu Shu I ……”



Halfway through the conversation, looking at that had a calm expression and eyes like he saw through everything, You Xin suddenly felt a deep fear.



It seemed that if he continued to speak, he would completely lose the lover in front of him due to continuous lies and unfaithfulness to love.



His words got stuck in his throat for a long time.


He knew he shouldn’t lie to his lover, but beyond that, he didn’t know how to go about explaining himself.

Should he tell the truth about how he drove You Xin out of this body?



Once he said it, would that Jiu Shu think that he was a ruthless person who could go after his own brother in order to monopolize his lover.



You Xin knew that to his kind and gentle lover, crime, especially murder, was something that could not be forgiven, let alone another consciousness in this body.



He had already committed an unforgivable crime.


“I ……”



You Xin stood frozen in place, only moments ago he was immersed in the joy of having this body all to himself, and was overwhelmed with pleasure at the disappearance of his brother You Xin, but now he was at a loss for words.



Like a child who hadn’t yet grown up, he felt confused and panicked in the face of a situation he couldn’t cope with.



He was genuinely afraid that the next moment Jiu Shu would utter words of disgust at himself, disgust at the schizophrenic, personality volatile madman that he was.



He would end this relationship, which was full of lies and deception, and leave him there, never to return.


Jiu Shu looked at this look of panic to the extreme, almost red-eyed look on You Xin’s face, the suspicion in his heart was confirmed, but it only made him feel more and more helpless.



He really hadn’t thought about this.




Obviously, everything was already different from what it was in the original world, but the relationship between the Discipline Object’s main personality and the sub-personality still hadn’t been eased.



It even intensified.



Now that he thought about it, before coming to the amusement park today, it was You Xin who came in place of You Xin, and that You Xin didn’t mention anything about settling the conflict between the two.

So Jiu Shu had only thought before that it was a discussion between the two personalities.



In Jiu Shu’s opinion, this was after all a person, and from his experience of going through countless worlds, the object of punishment slowly unraveling his heart after genuinely liking someone, and the two personalities living in harmony after seeing their own hearts clearly, until the final healing and fusion were all very natural things.



It was now that Jiu Shu suddenly realized that he had only been a spectator to the romance of the male and female protagonists, and that he didn’t have a thorough understanding of true love.



He had overlooked one of the important factors.



Lovers’ desire for exclusivity over each other and the jealousy that stemmed from it were both things that Jiu Shu had previously overlooked.


For these two extremely love-starved personalities, the desire for exclusivity towards their lover was perhaps even more intense and incomprehensible than normal.



Jiu Shu sighed, knowing that he had taken it too much for granted.

Though he had always viewed them as one, their two split consciousnesses might not have thought so themselves.



They might have been thinking of each other as a pair of love rivals who could only truly live happily ever after with their beloved if they destroyed each other.



“Do those slender humanoids have anything to do with you? It wasn’t normal for You Xin to treat them the way he did before.” Jiu Shu inquired after a moment of contemplation.



In front of him, You Xin’s face was pale and lifeless, only moving his thin lips wordlessly, as if he wanted to speak, so Jiu Shu had to ask again, “What about You Xin? It’s fine to let him answer.”



Although he didn’t know how the process of personality switching had just taken place, and what it had to do with the pile of glass shards, Jiu Shu knew that since You Xin could suppress the master personality, he should also be able to call it back.



Hearing the name come out of Jiu Shu’s mouth, even though it was pronounced the same, You Xin immediately realized what Jiu Shu meant.



His lover was calling out You Xin’s name, that damned monster who had presumed to take his lover from his arms.



In a split second, the already pale face of You Xin became paler and paler as paper, while his eyes became darker and darker as he became a little more emotional, as if he simply couldn’t stand the idea that his lover had taken a liking to that damned stealer.




In a tone that bordered on gnashing of teeth, he said, “…… He’s a monster!”



“Jiu Shu, don’t mind him okay, I, I’m the one who’s You Xin, it’s always been me ……”



From the very beginning, he was the one that confessed, You Xin had nothing to do with it at all, it was that damned You Xin that was shameless to the extreme and tried to snatch his lover.



The bloodless face of You Xin was a bit pitiful, compared to the introverted and suppressed personality of the main personality, the emotions of You Xin as a sub-personality were as unconcealed as those of a child.



One could see his thoughts at a glance.



“……” Jiu Shu didn’t say anything, staring at You Xin for a long time, then he sighed slightly when he looked at the nearly two-meter strong man with a cold sweat on his face, and ready to cry.



Reaching out his hand, Jiu Shu gestured for You Xin to bend over, his white, slender fingers gently wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes and his voice became softer, “To me, both of you are my lovers, neither of you are monsters.”



“You are one, didn’t the doctor tell you that?”



Of course the doctor had said that, he told them countless times that they were the same soul split off, not the so-called sister’s soul possessing them, but in the eyes of You Xin and You Xin, the doctor’s judgment was shallow.



The existence of his sub-personality was denied by judging that there could be no such thing as soul possession in this world simply because he had never witnessed a supernatural event.



He was clearly a living soul, a sister who was loved by her mother, a completely different person from You Xin’s loathed brother.



The same was true of You Xin, who had never received any affection or tenderness in his life, and whose character was consequently reticent and numb, quite different from that of his sister, who had become arrogant and wanton as a result of the love showered upon her.



They couldn’t be the same person.



You Xin had been so convinced of it.



But now looking into Jiu Shu’s jewel-like eyes, he was shaken for a moment.



“Stop thinking of yourselves as monsters, you are my lovers, as I have said it many times.”



Jiu Shu spoke as gently as he could, hoping that it would do some good even though he knew that the conflict between the two personalities was unlikely to dissipate with a single word.



“It’s dangerous here right now, so don’t be at odds with yourselves.” Jiu Shu finished, and couldn’t help but hold his forehead as he watched the still dumbfounded expression on You Xin’s face.



He felt like he was talking like a scummy man with two feet in two boats, who had to advise the main palace to be forgiving and generous after being discovered.



[TN: a cheater being caught with his mistress by his partner ]


It was clearly a very normal romance, but it was made to sound like a love triangle.


Jiu Shu felt as if his first love affair was a little different from ordinary people’s.



“……Cough, anyway, let’s call You Xin out first, I want to know the specifics.”



Jiu Shu felt like he didn’t know enough information right now, so it would be easier to make a mistake.



The group of people from the Ten Elders Club were not vegetarians, their level of heartlessness was no longer humanly imaginable, without knowing all the information, even Jiu Shu would easily suffer a loss.



Although he had just made a series of precautionary means through the computer to ensure that the club in the outside world was now in chaos, it was always right to know a little more information.



“…… He, he, I don’t know where he is either.” You Xin hung his head, as if afraid that Jiu Shu would be angry about it, his fingers trembling as he brushed against Jiu Shu’s hand on his cheek.



For a long time, he was reluctant to let go.



It was true that he didn’t know where You Xin was now, he couldn’t feel the presence of the Master personality in this body now, and You Xin wished that he was dead, but this was obviously not something that could be said outright to his lover.



Jiu Shu looked at the expression on You Xin’s face and knew that he was indeed not lying, so he didn’t say anything more, but only asked him to tell all the things he was hiding.



“For example, how did You Xin replace you to accompany me on the date, and why did he act strangely towards those slender humanoids.”


Jiu Shu’s tone was serious, and when he saw that, You Xin hesitated for a moment then told him everything.



He only woke up after the amusement park turned blood red, and before that it was because of the medicine that You Xin had taken to suppress his consciousness that kept him from waking up to accompany Jiu Shu on his date.



And after being suppressed he had been able to hear strange prayers in his ears, and saw an altar with a mirror like apparatus on it.



As that mirror glowed brightly, You Xin entered a strange place.



“I felt like I entered the world of mirrors, and everything was turned upside down, but there was no one there, no you ……”



You Xin tightened his grip on Jiu Shu’s hand with some hindsight.



“It wasn’t until I walked to the mall that I saw you and You Xin, and you …… were very close.”


You Xin lowered his eyes, in the place where Jiu Shu couldn’t see, his pupils were scarlet, filled with hideous hostility, as if recalling that moment of hatred made him want to kill You Xin by a thousand cuts.


“I was so enraged that I took an axe and chopped into the Mirror’s You Xin, after which You Xin shattered into pieces, and I stepped out of the mirror.”



“You mean, after you hurt the You Xin in the mirror, You Xin disappeared, don’t you?”



Jiu Shu repeated with a furrowed brow, and You Xin nodded meekly.



Seeing this, Jiu Shu furrowed his brows in thought for a moment, lifting his beautiful dark pupils as he spoke again, “You didn’t seem to have answered the question about the slender humanoids, why?”






You Xin’s pupils dilated slightly, not knowing how to answer this question, if he said it truthfully, it would be like telling his lover that he was a horrible monster.



He was one of those blood and flesh tumor-like things that didn’t take the shape of a human.



But if he didn’t say it out loud it would be cheating his lover.



He had already deceived too much, so much that if the day came to reveal it all would be lost.



You Xin’s drooping eyelashes seemed to quiver, he spoke a little hesitantly, “I… because I’m afraid you’d be afraid of me if you knew.”



“Those slender humanoids, all of them ……”



You Xin tightened his fingers with a bit of nervousness, “All of them were created by You Xin.”



“You Xin?”



Jiu Shu showed some skepticism, not quite believing it.



As You Xin looked at the look on his lover’s face, which seemed a bit hurt, he didn’t dare to hold Jiu Shu’s hand any longer, and slowly loosened it.



“It’s You Xin, he’s a monster.”

Thus replied You Xin, looking at the love of his life before him, the hand withdrawn to his side subconsciously closed into a fist, oozing crimson blood.



“I could feel him manipulating the monsters even though I was dru.gged, he wants to trap you here forever, wants to take you.”



Yes, those monsters weren’t him, they were You Xin.



If they were truly one and the same, then that statement wasn’t wrong, he was indeed walking around in this body manipulating the bodies of those monsters.



He just didn’t say that it felt like possession, as if he had become those monsters himself.


Or perhaps, he was the monsters themselves.



Thinking so, You Xin lowered his head in a bit of a daze, not daring to look at Jiu Shu’s face again for fear that he would be crushed by the heavy guilt of deceiving his lover the very next second.



To You Xin, becoming a monster like You Xin, unloved and abandoned by all, was a thing of immense horror.


He still stubbornly believed that being treated as a monster must mean that he would be abandoned by his beloved Jiu Shu, and Jiu Shu’s heartfelt words were obviously not really listened to by You Xin.



Or maybe he just couldn’t believe it and didn’t dare to gamble on even the slightest possibility of losing Jiu Shu.


You Xin wanted to maintain a good side in front of his beloved, even if it was fragile and ridiculous, he also wanted to keep his beloved, he knew that he had become unlike himself, full of lies, greedy and shameful.



And yet, he still wanted to keep Jiu Shu for a few moments longer, to keep the romance going a little longer, even if it was already faltering.



“You Xin is terrible, but I am not like him, I don’t want you to be afraid of me ……”



Hanging his head, his hair hid his expression, You Xin’s voice became bitter and vaguely weepy.



Jiu Shu glanced at You Xin’s hand in silence, neither personality seemed very good at lying, and when they did, they clenched their fists.



It was so obvious, did they really think he couldn’t see it?



Jiu Shu felt that You Xin’s words were probably a mixture of truth and falsehood; the mirror world in front of him could be true, but the truth about the slender humanoids really remained to be proven.



Thinking about this, Jiu Shu couldn’t help but rub his brow with his slender knuckles, at his wits end with this love-starved and sensitive sub-personality.



The only thing that could be ascertained now was that You Xin probably hadn’t really died, and had most likely entered the so-called mirror world just as You Xin had before.


There had to be a way to find him.



Just as Jiu Shu was thinking about how to find You Xin, there was a sudden uproar of screams coming from the mall, and the sound of shattering glass walls coming from the mall.



Raising his head, he looked at everything in front of him and his pupils shrunk slightly.



The light inside the mall had dimmed at some point, only to see a large expanse of glass curtain wall in the distance covered in scarlet, completely obscuring the blood-red sky.



The same as the room inside the hotel before, it was those slender humanoids crawling all over the curtain wall.



It was just that compared to the tiny little window before, the thick, writhing color of blood on the large expanse of glass wall that now covered the sky was even more shocking.






The glass walls seemed to have trouble bearing the extraordinary weight, and along with more and more cracks, they finally shattered with a loud bang.



A flood of scarlet semi-solid liquid poured into the mall, eliciting hoarse screams from the people.






“Help! Help!!!”



“Monster! Monster!!!”



Amidst the yells of disgust and fear, one of the slender humanoids crawling into the first floor of the mall looked up in the direction of the familiar scent, and in the special blood-colored perceptual image, saw that next to the third-floor credenza, was the lover he was seeking.



His lover had black hair and snowy skin, and there was a familiar body standing beside him.


The taller man looked down at it, his dark pupils slightly surprised as they opposed the slender humanoid, seemingly recognizing something.



The corner of the man’s lips pulled up where the lover beside him couldn’t see it, revealing a strange, sickly smile.



His lowered eyes were filled with condescending loathing and contempt, and his lips moved slightly as he said something wordlessly.




The slender humanoid recognized the word.


He was saying, Monster.



He was a monster.



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