C1.28 —- Crime Record



Outside the window, the elongated humanoids were constantly emitting strange, tiny whispers, extremely infectious whispers that were at a level where anyone would feel uncomfortable.



However, Jiu Shu acted like it was nothing, calmly observing these slender humanoids that were clinging to the window as if they were looking for something.


Behind Jiu Shu.


The tall man opened his black eyes wide, and his lips trembled under the mask, as if he wanted to explain something, but was unable to do so.



He watched the flawless face of Jiu Shu that reflected on the glass window, as well as the tightly pressed scarlet outside the window.



The two were just a few centimeters apart.



Outside the window, You Xin’s voice filled with anger kept saying “monster” and “he is a monster”.



Jiu Shu’s expression gradually became solemn, looking as if he had heard something and was about to discover the truth that he had covered up.



Piercing through this already shaky dream of lies.



Staring nervously at every nuance of Jiu Shu’s expression, You Xin felt an overwhelming heaviness that prevented him from breathing.



“You Xin?”



After a brief trance, the young singer’s concerned voice yanked You Xin out of the despair that was gradually spreading, his dark eyes reflecting the face of the lover before him.



His lover had left the window at some point and walked over to his side, his gaze tinged with sadness, not the disgust and disdain that You Xin had imagined, but still as warm as ever.



The truth remains undiscovered.



Surprisingly, the beautiful young singer in front of him seemed unable to hear You Xin.



Suddenly realizing this, You Xin’s pupils narrowed and dilated, and his breathing became somewhat disorganized. After despair, the sudden turning point caught him off guard.


His sister’s voice in his ears became more and more shrill, but it no longer made him feel as desperate as falling into an abyss.



After relaxing his tense heart, he began to harbor some undeserved ill will.



He hoped that You Xin would keep the status quo, not to be known by Jiu Shu and not to be understood, the malice spread unchecked.



He shouldn’t have gone this way with his sister.


But now his sister was a monster, a monster that would hurt Jiu Shu.



Inside the room.



You Xin’s face was a little too pale and bloodless, Jiu Shu removed his mask and touched his cheek, it was cold to the touch.



If he didn’t know that the object of discipline was still alive, Jiu Shu would almost think that he was standing in front of a moving corpse.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable?”



Jiu Shu frowned, just now he observed the slender humanoid outside the window without getting any clues so he stopped paying attention to it, ready to continue to contact the outside world through the computer.

But he didn’t expect to turn his head to see the entirety of You Xin standing frozen in place, as if he had suffered some serious blow, and his skin outside the mask was almost ghastly white.


“I …… am fine.”



You Xin lowered his eyes, a bit of strangeness remaining in his voice, and only after a pause did he explain, “It’s just that those voices are even more piercing.”



“My temples, they hurt.”


You Xin’s voice was raw, his gaze unwilling to move away from Jiu Shu’s worried face, enamored with the warmth that was incomparably precious to him.



The fingers pressed to his side, however, subconsciously closed together, as if he was feeling overwhelming guilt for lying to his lover.



Blood flowed out along the cracks of his fists, and the physical pain was in no way comparable to the guilt in his heart that was so heavy that it almost crushed him.



Jiu Shu withdrew his hand at his words, seemingly relieved, but his gaze swept past Jiu Shu’s blood-stained hand without a trace, pondering.



Jiu Shu knew that You Xin had said earlier that he could hear prayers and eerie laughter coming from nowhere.



It was, after all, the Ten Elders Club’s means of sacrificing to the gods, and it seemed only natural that the object of the punishment, a human incarnation of the god, would cause problems.



However, You Xin seemed to be hiding something.



Thinking for a moment, Jiu Shu redirected his gaze to the slender humanoids outside the window.



They seemed to be becoming restless.



Obviously, they were just bizarre things made up of semi-solid plasma, but it was as if they could understand human speech.



They seemed to become especially agitated after hearing the reply from You Xin just now, and their writhing speed accelerated, so fast that they seemed to be flowing red liquid, almost to the point where they couldn’t be seen in human form.



The rustling sound in the ears also became more intense, so harsh that even Jiu Shu rubbed his throbbing brow with some impatience.



You Xin was even more lost in thought as he generally looked out the window, and You Xin’s sharp curses once again resounded in his ears.


[Damn you! You lying bastard!]


[Go to hell! Go to hell!!!]



You Xin’s voice was hoarse and resentful.



Because his beloved Jiu Shu couldn’t understand him, and because he had witnessed his beloved’s intimacy with someone else, he felt a desperate rage.



When his emotions reached their peak, they erupted like a raging magma.



The mingled sounds of prayer and laughter intensified, chaotic, disorganized, and noisy, filling his brain.



It was as if an altar appeared in front of You Xin’s eyes.



The altar was surrounded by people wearing black robes and rabbit masks to cover their faces, while a stooped old man in the center of the altar also wore a rabbit mask.

The eyes in the mask were bloodshot and maniacal to the extreme.

“god! god is angry! More! More suffering is needed!”



“Fetch the sacred vessel! This is the holy weapon necessary to awaken the god! Quickly!”



As the mirror-like artifact was placed on the altar, the image in front of You Xin’s eyes began to distort and dissipate, replaced by a sense of foreboding.



As he looked out the window at the ever-swimming scarlet color, You Xin knew that You Xin must have seen what had just happened as well.



Though still confused as to the cause, You Xin knew that what had just happened at that altar had increased You Xin’s power in a way that his power to stop it had not.



The slender humanoids outside the inn were about to break through the barrier and come in.



About to come and take his lover.



The tall man’s lacquered black pupils reflected his sister outside the window, treating this family member who he had been dependent on to this day as if he were gazing at a dead object.



With the unspeakable malice.



On the side, Jiu Shu’s throbbing brow finally eased a little, when he came back to his senses, he raised his eyes to look at You Xin who seemed to be in a daze again.



Just as he was about to say something, a man’s scream came from outside the door.



“Aaaah! Monster! Monster!!!”






Someone panicked and broke into the room where Jiu Shu was, shouting with a terrified face.


“Monsters are coming in!”

You Xin reacted first.



In order to prevent the man from harming Jiu Shu, he picked up the man spinning around and tossed him aside before seeing a slow walking elongated humanoid outside the door that had been slammed open.



The lumpy semi-solid plasma liquid-like flowed with its walking motion, leaving a blood-red footprint on the ground.



Seeing You Xin, the slender humanoid seemed to become agitated, stretching out its slender, twisted limbs about to strangle the tall, monster-like man in front of it.



Pfft – scarlet liquid sprayed on the walls and ceiling.


There wasn’t a trace of expression on You Xin’s pale face as he moved without delay, using a fire axe from the side walkway to cleave the slender humanoid in half into a flowing puddle of blood.




Rustling – the slender humanoid with only a few remaining tattered limbs wriggled in the direction of Jiu Shu in the door, hard and persistent, as if wanting to get closer to his pretty sweetheart.



[Disgusting monster, he’s a monster!]



[Don’t go near him! Jiu Shu–]





The fire axe chopped even the last tattered limb into plasma.



The expressionless tall man looked down at the puddle of liquid, his dark gaze seemingly devoid of anything, and seemingly flowing with loathing that could be described as ghastly.

Inside the room, Jiu Shu looked at the blood-colored liquid that was no longer flowing, he gently looked at You Xin outside the door.



You Xin was standing outside the door with his eyes downcast, silent to the point of eeriness, the more Jiu Shu looked at him the more he felt that the object of his discipline was hiding something from him.



Judging from the previous series of behavior there was probably some connection to the slender humanoid on the ground.



Perhaps it was time to have a proper talk with him.



But now was clearly not the time for idle talk.



The elongated humanoid had already intruded, and judging from the intensity of the window just now, this place would fall into a sea of blood at any moment.



Thinking of this, Jiu Shu withdrew the question that had reached his lips, calmly grabbed the computer next to the bed and walked out of the room.



“Let’s go, it’s not safe here anymore, we need to leave as soon as possible!”



After saying that, Jiu Shu observed the direction and walked towards the direction of the hotel’s connecting corridor with the mall.



He planned to find a safe place in a while and then ask You Xin for specifics.



“Okay.” You Xin’s pale face showed a hint of dependence as he watched Jiu Shu not forget to hold his hand even as he walked quickly forward.



He gently tightened his grip, holding his hand back, carefully.



To You Xin, everything now was as beautiful as a fantasy dream.



For this dream, even if he had to fight hand-to-hand or give everything, he only wished he could make it last longer.



Preferably forever.



You Xin looked at the side of his serious lover, in the eyes of outsiders, his always fierce face seemed to become much softer and his dark eyes couldn’t move away for a moment.



And behind him, outside the window of the room, the scarlet humanoid that had witnessed everything almost crushed the window glass, seemingly cursing something in anger.



Click, click, click – the glass revealed the slightest crack, and the increasingly eerie curses of the slender humanoids carried deep resentment.



The strange man who had just barged into the room was terrified by the room’s nearly shattered glass windows.



Ignoring the fact that his body ached from the unceremonious force with which You Xin threw him, he got up from the ground and scrambled to follow them, who were not far away.



He had already been scared out of his wits and couldn’t tell where it was safe to go, so he subconsciously followed the direction of the others, and didn’t let out a sigh of relief until he ran hard all the way to Jiu Shu’s side.



“Thank you, thank you! You guys just saved me! You guys can call me Xiao Liu, I was really scared to death!”



Xiao Liu was still terrified of everything that had just happened, and it seemed that because of his excessive nervousness, he couldn’t stop talking, even if his tongue was tied up, he kept talking about everything he had experienced.



“It was great meeting you guys, you have no idea what I just encountered! ……”



Jiu Shu only wore a mask, in his haste just now he couldn’t put on his sunglasses, he glanced at the stranger who talked a lot, he felt a bit helpless but didn’t say anything.



While searching for the way, he listened to Xiao Liu twittering in his ears, talking about how he was separated from his girlfriend and that they came to play at the amusement park together, only to have the sky suddenly become blood red and incredibly scary.



Then a lot of people wearing rabbit masks with g.uns broke into the amusement park and started shooting, they panicked and ran to the hotel and got separated, he had to hide on the second floor of the hotel to wait for help.



It wasn’t long before he saw many more twisted, elongated humanoids crawling up the hotel’s exterior walls.



“Ah yes, they all seemed to be crawling in the same direction! Just your room!”



“I didn’t even want to go over there, but for some reason, all the other rooms were broken into by those things, and only your room in this direction wasn’t! I just took a gamble and crashed in!”



Xiao Liu said, painfully rubbing his bruised shoulder.



Jiu Shu noticed something in Xiao Liu’s narration, and his eyes twitched slightly.



All of them crawled towards this room?


Did those slender humanoids come at the object of punishment?

Jiu Shu was thoughtful as he looked behind him; all of those elongated humanoids had indeed broken in, and were groping around in the hotel’s corridors, seemingly unable to see anything.



However, the direction of their advancement was generally clear, and it was where they were currently located.



He thought that these elongated humanoids might be trying to do something to the object of the punishment; after all, the object of the punishment had once been burned alive as a sacrifice in the original story, and it was only normal that he would be sacrificed again now.



But from his intuition, he felt that there was something wrong with this conclusion.



It was rare for him to be a little confused, and the answer might not come until You Xin revealed what he was hiding.



“Alright, close the access door and let’s go to the mall over there!”



Despite the tedious thoughts, it had actually only been a short minute or two before they had arrived at the connecting corridor that connected to the mall.



Jiu Shu retrieved his thoughts and signaled for You Xin to help close the barrier door at the passageway to prevent those slender humanoids from coming over.



The barrier door, made entirely of alloy, was normally left open, and was designed to be very difficult to close in order to prevent it from being casually closed, and could only be done by someone of very great strength.



You Xin obediently did as he was told, and with only a slight tensing of the muscle lines at his arms he closed the door that even a dozen men could not close.


Xiao Liu was originally quite afraid of this incredibly tall man, but now that he looked like he was silent, but listened to Jiu Shu, he was slightly relieved.



The man probably just had a meaner face.



“I think I heard everyone else running here earlier, I was waiting for my girlfriend so I didn’t come over, thanks to you guys, otherwise I really couldn’t find my way!” Xiao Liu turned towards Jiu Shu with gratitude and thanked him again and again.



In response, Jiu Shu narrowed his peach blossom eyes and smiled, signaling that there was no need to thank him.



Xiao Liu looked at Jiu Shu’s eyes that were brimming with a smile outside the mask, and seemed to freeze, and it was only after a long time that he came back to his senses under You Xin’s icy gaze, and he also felt that his behavior was a bit impolite, so he stopped making any more noises.



He would only steal a few glances at Jiu Shu from time to time, but he was soon blocked by You Xin’s figure.



The unusually tall man didn’t make any vicious expressions, but it somehow made him feel a sense of trembling from the depths of his soul.



At this moment, the dull gaze that had appeared just now became gloomy and terrifying. Just as he glanced down, Xiao Liu stiffened all over.



As if he was being stared at by a horrible beast, he trembled in fear and withdrew his gaze.



Jiu Shu didn’t notice the difference and was still hanging his head and pondering something.



As the group continued to walk forward, they saw that many survivors were gathering inside the mall, gazing uneasily towards the outside of the mall.



The entire third floor of the mall consisted of a large glass curtain wall, and the single-sided glass allowed people to clearly see the increasingly gloomy and blood-red sky outside the mall, which was extremely depressing.



“What’s the situation here! How come no one has come to save us yet!”



“The police can’t be reached either!”



“Where are all those homicidal maniacs coming from!”



“Oooh …… I want to go home!”



People’s noisy voices were interspersed with cries as despair and confusion filled the crowd.



Jiu Shu took a rough look, there were one hundred and thirty-four survivors, this amusement park was huge, and there should be quite a few people in other places as well.



The number of deaths was unknown, but judging from this weird celestial phenomenon right now it couldn’t be very few, yet the people of the Ten Elders Club never felt that the number of sacrifices was high.



Retracting his gaze, Jiu Shu looked back to the computer in his hand.



Just now in that room he had already tried to contact the outside world, but the signals of many frequency bands were intercepted, so he could only try again and again, and now he finally had a result.



There was only one special band of signal that could be connected briefly.



For Jiu Shu, as long as he could contact the outside world, even if it was only for a brief second or two it would be enough.

With a quick tap on the keyboard, he quickly established contact with the outside world, and after quickly spreading a distress signal, he also pulled up a satellite image of the current area.


Snapping – pressing the enter key – a real-time image detailed enough to make out the ground’s flowers and branches appeared on the computer screen.



The image shifted a bit, revealing the full extent of Metropolis Amusement Park as Jiu Shu maneuvered.



The entire amusement park had become quiet, almost dead, and there were still remnants of blood on the ground from the bodies that had been shot by the Bunny Masks, but the bodies were nowhere to be seen.


And unlike the blood-red sky that he was now seeing, the sky in the satellite image was normal, as was the entire amusement park except for the fact that the tourists had all disappeared.




It seemed that as he thought, the amusement park was now in a blocked space, an in-world that was different from the real world.



Just like a mirror, outside the mirror was the normal world, and inside the mirror was a world that perfectly replicated the real world but was filled with strange phenomena.



Those of them who were trapped in it were just like turtles in a jar, being taken by the people of the Ten Elders Club at will, and abused with all kinds of monsters to be sacrificed to the so-called god.



The only way to escape from here was to find the hidden exit, the one that only the target of punishment could perceive.



Looking at the computer screen, Jiu Shu pondered for a moment before suddenly raising his head to look at You Xin, who had been quietly standing guard beside him.



“You Xin, is there something you haven’t told me?”



“Do you know something about those humanoids?”



Ever since the appearance of the humanoids, You Xin’s behavior wasn’t quite normal, what exactly was it that he couldn’t explicitly say to him?



Jiu Shu really didn’t quite understand.



He knew very well the character and actions of the subject of discipline, if he followed the subject of discipline’s love-starved character, there was no way that he would hide the slightest thing from him at all.



Unless what he was trying to hide would cause a rift in their relationship.



Only then would the personalities of You Xin and You Xin, who were both extraordinarily paranoid about love, risk the guilt of deceiving and concealing from their lover to do this.


But to Jiu Shu, unless the object of discipline now told him that he was a system impersonator, there was no way he would just break up.



This was where Jiu Shu was puzzled.





When You Xin heard Jiu Shu’s question, he seemed to suddenly stiffen up, his tall physique completely unable to hide the helplessness that radiated from within.



Seeing this, Jiu Shu’s eyes blinked helplessly, wondering why You Xin was hiding it.


“Never mind, let’s talk over there.”


Jiu Shu pointed to a nearby cafe where there were quiet booths to talk about everything in detail.



Now, although this place was also an unoccupied corner, and Xiao Liu had been driven away by You Xin long ago, it was not a confined space after all, so it wasn’t considered safe.


“…… Okay.” You Xin obediently answered, his tone a little hard.



Looking at Jiu Shu that was gradually walking away, he tried to follow but couldn’t move, the heart in his chest seemed to have stopped beating, and a choking sensation came from between his throat.



He looked down at his trembling palms and thought woodenly that this time Jiu Shu didn’t hold his hand.

The time had finally come for this dream to shatter.



Everything he had lied about would become irrefutable evidence of his guilt when he was disliked.






Just as You Xin looked at Jiu Shu’s back in despair, a muffled sound of blood and flesh being splintered suddenly came from behind him, and a pain as if he had been hit hard by an axe came from his shoulder.


There was no blood, no screams, but the sound of bones breaking could be heard.



You Xin’s pupils tightened, his eyes looked behind him, empty.

But just to his side, on the shadows reflecting off the glass walls, You Xin saw a figure identical to his own appear behind him.



Only a sickly smile that shouldn’t belong to him appeared on that face that had been pale and wooden.


[Monster! You monster!]





There were actually two figures of himself on the mirror-like wall, You Xin’s eyes widened slightly, and before he could react he saw his own body change strangely.



Starting from the shoulder that was hit by the axe, mirror-like cracks appeared on his real body, as if he was the one who was in the mirror and was now about to be shattered into pieces.



Realizing something in a flash, You Xin reached out his hand, trying to grab You Xin in the glass wall.



A face was reflected in his dark pupils.


The face that belonged to You Xin but with a twisted smile.



Click-click-the sound of a mirror shattering in general was extremely noticeable in the quiet corner.



Originally still in thought, Jiu Shu turned his head, realizing that You Xin wasn’t following him, and his gaze looked towards a short distance away.



“…… You Xin?”



The tall man standing in a field of broken glass raised his head, revealing a pale face.



“Jiu Shu!” He seemed a bit stunned, then broke into a smile, as innocent and pure as a child’s.



It was all right now, that disgusting to the core damned monster had disappeared.




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