C1.27 —– Crime Record


Taking off his sunglasses, Jiu Shu observed the elongated human bodies outside the hotel, his gaze going from the semi-solid plasma-like liquid that made up their bodies to the blood-colored rain that was still falling from the sky.



This was the second strange phenomenon besides the blood mist, but compared to the blood mist, this thing gave Jiu Shu a sense of danger that wasn’t too strong, but just felt very strange.



There was a kind of indefinable feeling, making him carefully observe for a long time, but he couldn’t figure it out.



Outside the hotel, the blood-red sky became more and more gloomy, as the blood rain fell more and more, the ground solidified the formation of the tumor-shaped elongated humanoid and it also changed more and more.




With just a sweep of his probing gaze, Jiu Shu could see those densely-packed strange figures coming towards the hotel, and the tiny noises coming from the figures were like spiritual pollution, which could be heard even through the closed glass door of the hotel.



He just didn’t understand the meaning, it seemed to be just some weird and confusing tones.



Withdrawing his gaze, Jiu Shu frowned slightly, temporarily putting aside his doubts about these slender humanoids.



At present, it was imperative to leave this amusement park as soon as possible, otherwise there may be more abnormalities, now it was only these slow-moving, less dangerous elongated humanoids, after that, it may be something more difficult to deal with.



Calling on You Xin, who was standing next to him in a daze for some reason, Jiu Shu signaled that they needed to leave as soon as possible.



The outside was now filled with elongated humanoids, and while his instinct was that they weren’t dangerous, the ever-cautious Jiu Shu wasn’t going to take any chances.



He was going to take a break at the hotel, find a computer to relay information about this place, and plan an escape route.



With this in mind, he observed the interior of the place.



The interior of the three-story hotel was elegantly decorated, but now it was in a state of disarray and chaos, as if it had suffered a terrible robbery, and bloodstains could be seen vaguely from the corners of the walls and ceilings.



But the hotel front desk property didn’t have the slightest damage, it was obviously not because of the unusual robbery.



There were messy bloody footprints on the floor, and Jiu Shu followed them to the direction of the stairs, knowing that people should have fled to the upper floors when the accident happened, and wondering how many of them had survived.



Hopefully there were still survivors, Jiu Shu remembered the tragic situation in the restaurant just now.



“Let’s go up and take a look.” Retracting his thoughts, Jiu Shu looked at the man beside him.



“…… Okay.” The taller man was a little lost in thought for some reason, and didn’t come back to his senses until Jiu Shu spoke up.


He withdrew his gaze from staring out of the hotel, regained his grip on his lover’s palm, and followed Jiu Shu’s steps toward the upper floors.


All that was left behind were the slender humanoid figures that were getting closer and closer behind them, and those shrill, piercing cries of “Monster!”



“Monster! He’s a monster!”
“Don’t trust that monster!”



“Jiu Shu! I’m You Xin! He’s a monster!”



The voices were getting closer and clearer, as if they would be heard by the lover beside him at any moment.



And then would come the moment when this beautiful dream would be shattered.


“Wait for me first.”


Jiu Shu suddenly voiced a stop.





There was something strangely tense about You Xin’s movements, the unusually tall man’s plainly wooden face seemed to carry tension as he raised his eyes to look at Jiu Shu, his dark pupils almost shrinking to the size of pinpoints.



Jiu Shu loosened the hand that was interlocked with You Xin’s fingers and turned to walk away.


Fingers with long, bony knuckles subconsciously trembled as it tried to retrieve his lover’s hand, and You Xin’s already pale face suddenly became bloodless.



But Jiu Shu didn’t spurn his meanness and open the hotel’s doors to embrace the slender humanoid that carried You Xin’s scent, as he had thought he would.



Instead, he walked over to the front desk of the hotel and carefully searched for something.


Jiu Shu found an old laptop, barely functional though it seemed to have been stomped on a few times by its owner who had dropped it on the floor in a panic.



“Let’s go.”



Rather than start operating the computer immediately after getting it, Jiu Shu put it away, ready to get to safety before starting to use it to contact the outside world.



There were more and more slender humanoids outside the door, the first floor of the hotel was at risk of being breached at any moment and they needed to get to a safer place.



Jiu Shu had noticed early on when they entered the amusement park that the three-story building was connected to the mall next to it, consisting of several airtight connecting corridors that formed passages between each other, presumably so designed by the amusement park organizers to make it easier for the tourists to shop and rest.


They could go to the adjacent mall through those connecting corridors, thus avoiding the slender human figures near the hotel.



It was strange, those elongated humanoids obviously landed with the rain, they were densely packed everywhere and spread in all directions as far as the eye could see, with different shapes and behaviors.



The direction of travel was remarkably consistent, and seemed to be the hotel, as if they could detect a human aura within the building.



The hotel was surrounded, and there was only one other way out of here.






You Xin’s voice was low and magnetic, and with a gentle movement he reached out to help Jiu Shu take the slightly heavy computer in his hand, before finally holding hands with his lover once more.



The moment his fingers were clasped together, his bloodless face covered by his mask seemed to have eased a bit, and a deep love settled in his dark pupils.


Apparently, the lost and found warmth in his hand mesmerized the man who had just nearly broken down to the point where he couldn’t help himself.



“Thanks.” Jiu Shu hadn’t expected such thoughtfulness from You Xin, an attentiveness that didn’t match his tall size at all.



In fact, to Jiu Shu, this bit of weight was nothing at all.



As a veteran taskmaster who had been through countless worlds, the strength of his soul also affected this body.



Although the slender appearance couldn’t be seen as anything, in reality, his current strength was completely equivalent to the top combat masters in this world, and his recovery ability was also much stronger than normal people, or else he wouldn’t have removed the cast after a few days of broken bones.



In terms of strength, although it wasn’t as good as the object of punishment, it was still not a problem to casually knock over a few ordinary people.



When You Xin heard Jiu Shu’s thanks, his gaze lingered at his smiling eyes, seemingly a bit mesmerized, before he came back to his senses a long time later, and lowered his eyes a bit sheepishly.



The two of them thus followed the bloody footprints left on the stairs all the way to the second floor of the hotel, where there seemed to be subtle human voices coming from the second floor.


Someone was hiding on the second floor of the hotel.



Jiu Shu had taken off his mask when he walked out of the restaurant earlier, and now that he realized that someone might be there, he put it back on again, and after a moment’s hesitation, he even put on his sunglasses, which were somewhat obstructing his vision.



He seemed to have gotten even more popular after the recent release of his album, and although he had turned down a number of invitations to present awards and attend ceremonies, his face still often appeared in the big screens at the end of the streets, so he had to be a little more cautious.


“Let’s find a room first, I’ll see if I can transmit a message to the outside world.” Jiu Shu wasn’t going to go looking for the survivors, it was more important to reach out to the outside world now.



Upon hearing this, You Xin avoided the direction the voice came from and found an unoccupied guest room.


Jiu Shu walked into the guest room and first went near the window to observe the situation.



The sound of rain outside the window was very loud, and the speed of those slender human figures increasing was also very fast, just a moment ago it was just a thin one, but now it had already converged into a blood-red color.



Looking from the second floor window from afar, it was almost like a scarlet carpet of writhing flesh and blood.



“…… ” Jiu Shu knew it was time to speed up and get out of here.



He looked calmly in the direction of the distant horizon and realized that it had also been covered in blood red, but the slender humanoids seemed to be unable to break into the hotel yet, and had been hovering nearby.




So it wasn’t much of a problem.

Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze and began tapping away at the keyboard in earnest, his fingers so fast that they almost appeared to be stumps, except for his right hand, which was still a bit sluggish from the previous injury.

Behind Jiu Shu, the tall man who had been holding his breath since he lifted the curtain quietly relaxed his tense fingertips.




He watched silently as his beloved young singer sat on the edge of the bed intently tapping away at the keyboard, his gaze a little dazed for a moment before he sat down next to Jiu Shu, following his sister’s example.



The distance between the two was close, but not so close as to be skin to skin, You Xin hung his head down, looking at the arms of the two not far from each other for a long time without making a sound.



No emotion could be seen in the slightly empty gaze.



The young singer’s attention was completely focused on the computer, and You Xin couldn’t understand what the lines of code and streams of data that flew by on the computer represented.



He simply gazed quietly at his lover at his side, as if he were trying to memorize every detail of his lover.
In this way, when the truth was finally revealed and he was abandoned, he still had a few memories that he could cherish as his last treasure, and when he sank into the cold darkness of loneliness, he could still embrace the warmth of these memories and die.



This was the ending that made him feel happy.
[Monster! You damned monster!]



In his ears, You Xin’s voice was still coming closer and closer.



You Xin knew that ‘she’ was almost there, about to reveal the final truth.



Although he didn’t know why his sister had turned into the one of the monsters out there, You Xin could feel the resentment that couldn’t be hidden in the scent of those monsters.



It came from the same source as the emotions in You Xin.



Beside him, his snow-white-complexioned lover was still looking at the computer, his fingertips gently rubbing his lips as if he was thinking about something.



You Xin lowered his eyes, the palm of his hand placed on the side of Jiu Shu moved forward closer, his slender and slightly rough fingers hesitated for a long time before slowly holding a piece of the corner of his lover’s shirt at his waist.



The movement was very light, so light that Jiu Shu didn’t pay the slightest attention to it, but it was filled with a deep and unspoken attachment.



Tightening his fingers with a bit of reluctance, You Xin’s face darkened under his mask.



He really didn’t want to leave Jiu Shu.



You Xin felt that he was indeed despicable to the core as his sister had said.



He actually wondered if You Xin could have stayed away, if only Jiu Shu had been his alone.



Looking out of the window at the slender humanoid, a murderous intent that even he didn’t know about seemed to flicker in You Xin’s dark pupils.






Outside the hotel, the slender humanoid that was trying to get closer to the inn stretched out its twisted and slender limbs to touch the doors, windows, and walls of the inn, but it couldn’t find the entrance.



The power that could have easily smashed the boulders couldn’t break through the walls of the inn at all.



[It’s you, You Xin! It’s you!]

[Shit, shit, shit! Damn! Damn you!]



The slender humanoid made what sounded to outsiders like a noisy rustling murmur in the direction of the second floor, while You Xin just watched it quietly without the slightest movement.



This amusement park was strange, full of strange things, and it made both You Xin and him strange.



You Xin had become a monster, and he could stop those monsters.


You Xin knew he should have told this information to Jiu Shu, who had just been asking about it.



But to tell the truth about the monster would mean that this dream was about to be shattered.



You Xin lowered his head in silence, not daring to look at his lover’s face beside him again, as if he felt he had fallen to the depths of depravity.



If falling in love with Ai Li and then falling in love with Jiu Shu was already an unforgivable sin, then lying to his lover one after another was an even more unforgivable offense.



You Xin remembered everything his mother had once taught him, those bitter curses that cursed all the heartless, all the prodigal and unfaithful.



He was now in agreement with what his mother had said, he was a bad seed born beyond redemption.



“……” You Xin’s fingers that held the corner of Jiu Shu’s coat trembled slightly for a moment before smoothing out.



Perhaps desperate to the point where his brain could no longer tolerate the tangled mess of emotions and began to save itself, You Xin looked out the window at the slender humanoids and suddenly had an idea.



Now that You Xin had become one of those monsters outside, that would also mean that it could hurt Jiu Shu, hurt the fragile young singer beside him.



It was no longer fit to be Jiu Shu’s lover.



Then, he was the only one in the body that Jiu Shu loved.



He was Jiu Shu’s lover, not the monster outside the inn.


The monster in You Xin’s mouth should be itself.



You Xin lowered his eyes, seemingly in a trance, unable to believe that he could have such a shameful thought, but it took over like a prairie fire as soon as it appeared.



There was nothing one could do to resist it, even if one wanted to.



You Xin looked at the corner of his coat that he was holding tightly, his dark pupils seemed to be struggling with some emotions, but he regained his composure in just a moment.



For it was true, even though this amusement park could make people strange, he was still in his human form now, while his sister had taken on the twisted human form outside the inn.



Like a true monster.



You Xin’s breathing was a little heavy, and he knew he was making excuses for all the ugly greedy love for his lover in his heart, but if Jiu Shu never found out the truth, then this would become a reality.


He would be his only lover.



As long as …… You Xin remained forever in that monstrous shape outside the inn.



Jiu Shu would never know.



“Is it getting dark?”


Jiu Shu sounded slightly troubled; he hadn’t turned on the lights in the guest room just now to avoid drawing attention to himself, and had processed the data solely through the blood-colored light of the sky outside the window.



But now, the room had completely darkened at some point, and it was already affecting his ability to code.



Averting his eyes from the computer screen, Jiu Shu realized that You Xin was fidgeting as he pinched the corner of his coat, his expression unreadable under the mask’s concealment.



Only to raise his own head to look at the sky outside the window, which was reflected in the color of blood.



Unlike the scarlet sky before, it was now truly blood red.



No, at a closer look it wasn’t actually just red, but a writhing red like a living thing, Jiu Shu thoughtfully picked up his cell phone and turned on the light to illuminate it.



A slender humanoid with no features but a hole in its face was pressed against the glass window, as if saying something.



Jiu Shu got up and walked towards the window, extremely close, seeming to frown slightly at what he heard.



“Jiu ……”


“Shu ……”



The writhing scarlet let out a low call.



You Xin snapped back to his senses the moment Jiu Shu rose, and he watched as he moved closer to the window, closer to the slender humanoid that was calling out Jiu Shu’s name.



For a moment, it was like he was falling into an ice cellar.




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