C1.26 —- Crime Record


[How dare you! How dare you–]



You Xin’s voice was one of deep hatred after anger to the extreme, ‘he’ looked at You Xin’s hand that was tightly clasped with his beloved, and understood the context in an instant.


[You disgusting, disgusting bastard!]


[How dare you impersonate me!]


You Xin listened to the sound of You Xin’s hatred in his ears as if it were going to drip blood, his breathing seemed to be unsteady for a moment, his pupils were out of focus, and for a moment he couldn’t make any sound.


The moment of dream shattering came much earlier than he had expected, and was more difficult for him to accept than he had imagined.


It was as if his heart was being tightened, squeezing out every drop of blood from it, and the intense pain was more unbearable than any physical pain.



He had thought that he would have the good sense to get out of the way when his sister woke up, and return the stolen lover, but it wasn’t until now that You Xin realized the vileness of his heart.


He subconsciously closed his hand around Jiu Shu’s palm, trembling with imperceptible fear, unwilling to part for a moment.



“You Xin?”


Jiu Shu looked at You Xin’s increasingly pale face, and couldn’t help but worry.


He suspected that the blood-red sky outside the restaurant was having some unknown effect on You Xin.



After all, the current target of punishment wasn’t the original incarnation of Kasmos, who had experienced life and death, and didn’t have that kind of immortality, which also meant that he could have that tragic ending at any time.



Under the inertia of the plot, even if he changed the ending of being burned to death by fire, it may turn into another tragic ending.


Jiu Shu frowned slightly frowned, his eyes shining with a little worry, he took out his spare mask, ready to give You Xin put on.


If it was the sky outside the door that affected You Xin’s sanity, then the blood-colored mist that appeared in the restaurant as the sky changed might have been one of the influencing factors as well.


“You Xin, wake up, don’t be afraid!”

Jiu Shu’s long, slender, white fingers put on the mask for You Xin, and although the thin mask couldn’t do much to protect him, there was no better way to do it for the time being.

The soft touch of his lover’s fingertips across his cheeks was as light as a feather, awakening You Xin’s confused emotions.



His pupils focused on the young singer in front of him, and the worry on that beautiful white face.


The gentle pupils hidden by his sunglasses reflected only his face, as if he were his lover and he was looking at him with concern.



That unique tenderness and love was enough to make one fall deeply into it.

You Xin stared blankly at Jiu Shu for a moment before coming back to his senses, noticing the mask on his face and realizing that Jiu Shu had misunderstood something.


He didn’t argue anything, though, and remained silent.


In his ears were the increasingly shrill screams of curses from You Xin, and the cacophony of voices that had been continuous since the appearance of the blood-colored sky.

The two were mixed together in a mishmash of shrillness that ordinary people couldn’t stand.



“How do you feel? Is there anywhere uncomfortable?” Jiu Shu inquired slightly seriously about his condition, trying to determine what exactly was affecting him.


[Hurry up and tell Jiu Shu the truth! You despicable, shameless dog!]


[Hurry up and give up your body! I’m Jiu Shu’s lover! You bastard!]


You Xin raised his eyes that had become somewhat wooden and looked at Jiu Shu’s worried eyes, his lips wordlessly wriggled a few times as if he wanted to say something.

He hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, “I, am fine.”


“It’s just time to take my medicine.”


His temples were hurting right now, and it was indeed time to take his medicine.



[……You!] After hearing You Xin’s reply, You Xin’s voice stuttered, as if he had heard something unbelievable.


Immediately, he became more than furious, his voice almost hysterical as he cursed You Xin in his mind as a shameless person.



And You Xin’s pale, bloodless face remained expressionless, as if he had heard nothing.


“Taking medicine?”



Jiu Shu remembered what was in the original story, which made it clear that it should have been You Xin’s illness just now.


In the original, it was true that You Xin’s mind was very unstable and he needed to take medicine occasionally, but it didn’t manifest itself as seriously as it did just now, and it was just a one-time occurrence, causing Jiu Shu to not even remember this.





You Xin seemed to be a bit evasive as he lowered his eyes, his voice still low and magnetic with his characteristic repressed introspection, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I have a mental illness and need to take medication on a regular basis.”


Yes, at least that was what the doctor said, he didn’t deceive Jiu Shu.


He just didn’t tell Jiu Shu that after taking the medicine, the voice of You Xin would disappear.


“So did you bring your medicine?” Jiu Shu didn’t care about those little things and was more concerned about his health.


At his words, You Xin lowered his eyes and pulled out the pill box he had somehow been carrying with him, swallowing five tablets amidst the increasingly shrill murmur of voices in his ears.


“I… It’s fine. Don’t worry.”


You Xin’s voice, slightly raw from not speaking for so long, carried a hint of nervousness.


It seemed to be in fear of Jiu Shu disliking him because of his mental illness, or for some other ulterior reason.

Jiu Shu could see how nervous You Xin was, and without any doubt, his soft white palm gently pressed against his masked cheek, his movements filled with the intimacy of lovers.



His voice also carried a gentleness that made one’s heart beat faster involuntarily, “It’s good that you’re okay, I thought it was the strange things in this restaurant that affected you.”


“Let’s go, let’s get out of here as soon as possible before it’s too late.”


After saying that, Jiu Shu continued to hold You Xin’s hand as he walked forward.



The blood-colored mist in this restaurant showed no signs of wanting to harm them, and was still vaguely retreating as they moved forward.



But it didn’t give Jiu Shu a good feeling, he had a gut feeling that something was wrong, and it was best to leave this place of wrongdoing quickly.



And behind him, You Xin hung his head low, his other hand gently covering the place where he had just been touched, lingering on the still warmth of his lover.



He answered softly to the fading tinnitus in his ears, his drooping eyes seemingly empty of anything, and as if a slight shadow of sickness was spreading.



If he hadn’t felt the warmth of the sun, he might have been able to endure the cold, lonely darkness, but now, he knew he could never go back.



Never again could he return to that dead, lightless corner to wait for the doomed death that belonged to the freaks and deviants.



Perhaps it was just as his mother had said, he was indeed a born evil, stealing the happiness of others and refusing to give it back, with no remorse until now.



Raising his eyes, he looked directly at the young singer’s hand, and slowly tightened his large, slightly rough hand, feeling the softness in his palm before relieving the feeling of loss in his heart.



He knew that sooner or later this dream would be shattered, but still the later the better, even if this was by any means.


He was willing to do whatever it took.



Jiu Shu didn’t notice the difference in his lover behind him, he was concentrating on observing the situation inside the restaurant.



Walking out of the long corridor where the private rooms were located, they saw the dead bodies spread all over the spacious hall, miserable as if they had seen something unacceptable before death, and as if they had suffocated to death.



It was bizarre.


This blood mist probably did something.


Jiu Shu looked at the red mist suspended on the carpet with a thoughtful expression.


The reason why this blood mist didn’t do anything to him was most likely because of the disciplinary object.




Glancing at You Xin on his side, Jiu Shu connected to it movie and guessed that within this ritual-blocked space, You Xin, as the human incarnation of Kasmos, would be able to remain unrestricted even if he hadn’t yet experienced the baptism of death, and that the strange phenomena derived from it within the space would also retreat from him.


Then getting out of here would probably be a simple matter for You Xin as well.



“You can lead the way next, we need to leave the amusement park as soon as possible, I’ll explain the exact reason to you after we leave.”

Jiu Shu spoke earnestly to Mitsuru, and You Xin nodded thoughtfully, agreeing to any request the young singer made without reservation.



It didn’t matter if he wasn’t told the reason, because he trusted him one hundred percent, trusted his …… lover.



Because of the way his heart addressed Jiu Shu, You Xin lowered his eyes in slight embarrassment.



He pursed his thin, pale lips and held his hand tightly, leading him in the direction outside the restaurant.



Though he didn’t quite know why, just as Jiu Shu thought, You Xin could sense the direction of the exit, not in the direction of the original gate, but in another direction.



“Can you sense anything else?” Jiu Shu continued to inquire as he listened to You Xin recount his perceptions at this point.


“And the …… murmur in my ears.” You Xin hesitated before speaking of the murmur that had just rung out.



He held Jiu Shu’s hand slightly in a hasty manner, repeating over and over in his mind that he hadn’t lied to his lover, he just hadn’t said that there was also his sister’s voice just now.



And that he merely coveted a moment of warmth, and he didn’t mean to hide it, it was without the slightest bit of malice towards his lover.



But even as he said that, You Xin still felt a bit uneasy and guilty about his concealment.



He felt despicable indeed, and the guilt of deceiving his lover was far stronger than the guilt of robbing his sister of her lover.



It almost overwhelmed him.



“The sound of a prayer?” Jiu Shu furrowed his brows thoughtfully.



As the human incarnation of Kasmos, it was actually possible to hear the piercing sound of prayers at the scene of the ritual.



Then this would most likely mean that the prayers of those club members were really able to reach Kasmos’ ears, and that was why they gained these supernatural powers.

Whether or not Kasmos was satisfied with these sacrifices, through this connection, the ordinary people of this world gained incredible powers through this medium of contact with god.



Now that he thought about it, perhaps part of the reason why the object of discipline in the movie had to step on every altar and collapse it was because he couldn’t stand the sound of those power-hungry prayers in his ears.


Jiu Shu fell into deep thought, his delicate fingertips subconsciously rubbed his rosy lips, making it flush with a faintly luscious color.



You Xin, who was obediently answering the questions, couldn’t help but gaze at his rose petal colored lips. After a moment, he quickly withdrew his gaze, somewhat embarrassed and afraid to look again.


Just as You Xin was caught in a tangle, the chaotic prayers in his ears were suddenly replaced by a familiar scream.



[Go die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die! ] The hoarse, agonizing voice was filled with resentment towards everything in this world.


It didn’t come from his mind as usual, but rather, it was suddenly far away and near, mixing with those eerie laughter and prayers.



With a movement that seemed to perceive something, You Xin raised his head and saw that the sky above his head had become even more gloomy and scarlet, as if it were about to drip blood.



And the emotions of You Xin, who was sleeping under the effect of the drug, also became dark and unspeakable, and You Xin could feel the slightest hint of blood filled with abhorrence passing through from You Xin, as if ‘she’ was immersed in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood filled with tyrannical and twisted emotions.



At this moment, inside the underground altar outside the amusement park.



The godly High Priest violently opened his hands and widened his blood-streaked eyes.



He felt it, this time he really felt a response from god, unlike the previous rustling meaningless murmurs of unknown significance, and the strange intuitive guidance when he changed the place of sacrifice before.



Now he really heard the voice of god.



The god was abhorring, was angry, was venting the unresolved resentment in his heart.



“It must be that the sacrifices are not enough! Their pain, their suffering, is not enough!”



“More suffering is needed!”

The rabbit masks around the altar then let out excited screams, clamoring for more suffering to be offered to the god.



Inside the amusement park.



Jiu Shu also raised his head, looking at the changing sky above his head, and was just about to say something when beside him, You Xin violently scooped Jiu Shu up into his arms and ran towards the small inn not far away.



Even though the situation was very urgent, You Xin’s movements were still very gentle, holding Jiu Shu in his arms, his arms caged in the crooks of his legs and neck and shoulders, completely protecting the beautiful young singer.



Caught off guard, Jiu Shu’s black hair was slightly disheveled, his head rested on You Xin’s muscular, full chest that rose and fell with his movements, trapped in the hormone-filled embrace.



His eyes widened slightly before calming down again, calm gaze looking back over You Xin’s shoulder.



Dripping – blood-colored rain fell from the blood-red sky.



Landing on the ground it slowly solidified into some sort of plasma, writhing like a living thing as it came together to form a tumor with a twisted shape.



It looked very ominous.



As You Xin brought Jiu Shu to hide in the hotel together, his line of sight was also blocked, he didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but Jiu Shu felt that the tumors that gradually gathered together actually looked like a cobbled together human body.



On the ground, a long and thin human body made up of tumors was walking in the direction of the inn, and seemed to be making a shrill and broken sound, he didn’t know what it was saying.



“That thing, it seems to be talking?” Jiu Shu was gently set down by You Xin, his brow slightly furrowed.



“……” sniffing, the tip of You Xin’s ear seemed to quiver slightly as he looked toward the slender figure that emanated a familiar aura outside the hotel’s closed glass doors.


“……” You Xin lowered his head in silence, not answering the question, but his fingertips twitched nervously, as if he felt a deep sense of guilt for not telling the truth.



Actually, he heard it.

He heard it saying in You Xin’s voice: Jiu Shu, you are surrounded by a monster.




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