C1.25 —- Crime Record


It was about eleven o’clock in the afternoon when the amusement park had the largest flow of people, so Jiu Shu planned to go to the restaurant where he had made a reservation to have lunch first, and then go to the amusement park’s internal entertainment facilities.


The amusement park was full of amusement facilities, so it was easy to have fun until late at night before going back.


However, when Jiu Shu held You Xin’s hand and walked forward, he felt a little tugging and twisted his head to look over, the narrow tail of his eyes flushed with faint confusion.


His beautiful peach blossom eyes was still for a moment as he saw the expression on You Xin’s face at his side.



Only to see this tall man still standing in place, staring unblinkingly at the hands of the two interlocked fingers.


Obviously he was a tall big man and there was no expression on his face, but it inexplicably gave people a feeling of vulnerability to the extreme.


As if tears would fall at any time.

Compared to the wantonness of You Xin’s weeping, the expression of the master personality’s emotions was obviously much more introverted, but the more introverted, the more it also represented a repression that couldn’t be discharged.


As well as a more vulnerable way of coping in the face of the warmth he never received.





Jiu Shu stopped in his tracks with some sadness and amusement, almost able to guess the complex emotions stirring in You Xin’s heart at this moment, and the solution was simple.



Jiu Shu stretched out his other hand, which had long since been removed from the cast, and signaled for You Xin to lower his head, and in the other party’s bewildered and obedient eyes, he ruffled his hair, which had a cold and hard texture.

It was softer than the gentlest touch of his mother’s memory, and was enough to mesmerize.


“I like you today, too. Let’s go to lunch!”


And then in the bustle of the crowd, Jiu Shu held You Xin’s hand and walked to the restaurant not far from the entrance of the amusement park.



At his side, the large man with pale complexion widened his eyes, subconsciously following the young singer in front of him, his long fingers subconsciously responding to the palm of his hand and slowly tightened, as if he was afraid that this sweet false dream would dissipate like a bubble.



Inside the restaurant, Jiu Shu ordered some of his favorite dishes, and then handed the menu to You Xin.



The man who seemed excessively silent kept his head down, his short black hair covered the upper half of his face, making it impossible to see his expression.



Only his thin lips were pursed up slightly nervously, as if he didn’t even dare to look at the lover beside him.

He hesitated for a moment and ordered the same meal as Jiu Shu after Jiu Shu handed him the menu.


Apparently, the seemingly silent man was actually paying close attention to Jiu Shu’s every move, memorizing every dish in his mind.


Jiu Shu’s eyes curved, a faint, gentle smile brimming at the corners of his lips.



Today’s master personality seemed to be a bit more forthcoming than before.


After ordering the food it was a long waiting time.


The two of them sat in a booth by the window, the one-way transparent glass allowed the customers inside the booth to freely enjoy the scenery outside the window without worrying about privacy, which made Jiu Shu’s posture become much more relaxed.

His long, white knuckles rubbed his slightly furrowed brow before he stretched like a cat, his simple white shirt trailing upwards to reveal a snow-white, powerfully thin waist, the tight musculature of his waist vaguely visible.



After stretching, Jiu Shu’s leaned casually on You Xin’s smoothly muscled shoulder, thinking that his untensed muscles were quite soft and comfortable to lean on.



However, with the time he had been resting on the pillow, the muscles gradually tightened, and Jiu Shu felt that the pillow wasn’t too comfortable.


Lifting his eyes, Jiu Shu saw You Xin looking at him, dumbfounded.

The dark pupils of his eyes flickered with a bit of hidden love, and like a child who had gotten a gift he had only dreamed of, his cheeks flushed a thin layer of red.



Looking at the eyes of You Xin, Jiu Shu blinked, almost somewhat unable to tell the difference between the main personality and the secondary personality.


Ding bell – the sound of food being served broke the silence in the private room, and as the waiter entered with the food, Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze, only to remain leaning on You Xin’s shoulder.



He was wearing sunglasses and a mask, so he didn’t have to worry about the waiter recognizing him.



But even if the cover was so tight, somehow, one could still see that this black-haired young man was a rather beautiful person, even dressing plainly couldn’t hide his noble and translucent temperament.



The waiters serving the food would often have their gazes fall uncontrollably onto him.


When they saw Jiu Shu relying so intimately on You Xin, they all revealed a slightly disbelieving look, but they didn’t make a sound out of professional ethics.



After all, You Xin didn’t wear a mask this time, but simply used his black hair to cover the scars on his face, and anyone could see that his body type and temperament that could be described as fierce and vicious was extremely incompatible with this beautiful young man, Jiu Shu.



In the end, even one of the waiters hesitated to leave after serving the food, wanting to speak again and again, looking at Jiu Shu with a somewhat worried gaze.



Seemingly worried that Jiu Shu was threatened by the terrifying monster man beside him before making such an intimate gesture.


The closed-eyed Jiu Shu didn’t notice his gaze, You Xin did.

He looked up at the waiter.





The waiter standing not far away met those eyes and immediately stiffened in place.



It was obviously a pair of eyes without much emotion, mute to the point of being almost empty, yet they could make anyone who met them feel a deep sense of fear.



A vine-like spread of silky coolness that penetrated deep into the marrow of the bones.



The waiter was pulled away amidst the equally fearful expressions of his companions, and Jiu Shu, who was about to begin his meal, looked up only to see You Xin quietly lowering his head again, slightly clumsily following Jiu Shu’s movements as he began to eat.



As if sensing something, Jiu Shu glanced at the hastily departing waiters, a small smile escaping the corners of his mouth but he said nothing and began to eat.



The sniping of the Ten Elders Club over the past few days had been successful, and had already worried the club members who could never find out who their opponents were.


At the same time, Jiu Shu had also figured out the location of the club’s next sacrifice, which seemed to be a middle school, and they were going to abuse and kill an entire school’s students to sacrifice them to Kasmos.



Jiu Shu didn’t intend to let these dehumanized guys hold the sacrifice smoothly, and had already made all the preparations.



As soon as the club made their move, he would spread the news immediately, ensuring that the sacrifice would be completely disrupted.


Recovering his thoughts, Jiu Shu officially began to eat.



Beside him, You Xin also followed his movements and quietly ate his lunch, he wasn’t a picky eater, he ate whatever he could, even though the dishes ordered by Jiu Shuo were a bit spicy, and his pale lips flushed with a slight scarlet color, he still didn’t care about it.


Seeing this, Ji Shu poured a cup of juice to relieve the spiciness and handed it to him.



You Xin looked at the juice in front of him and seemed to freeze for a while before stretching out his pale and slender fingers to pick up the juice.



He held the juice in both hands in a slightly formal manner, his eyes still not daring to look at Jiu Shu, he simply tilted his head back and drank the glass full of juice in one gulp.


Jiu Shu was a bit dumbfounded, then he lost his smile, knowing that although You Xin didn’t seem nervous on the surface, he was in fact extremely nervous.



Just like You Xin, he was extremely cute.


And just as Jiu Shu’s date was going on, on the other side, near the altar of the Ten Elders Club, the old man who was the main priest in the last surveillance image was wearing a white rabbit mask, raising the idol in his hand, and appeared to be doing some kind of mysterious ceremony.



He was already surrounded by quietly waiting club members, all covered in hooded black robes, revealing only a pair of white rabbit masks.



This was the location of one of the club’s many strongholds, an underground altar.


The brightly lit underground halls were filled with extravagant decorations and sacrifices trapped in golden cages.



The scaly sacrifices had their limbs chopped off and their eyes gouged out, leaving only their throats and tongues capable of producing sound and their eyes with blood and tears in their sockets.



Miserable wails echoed throughout the altar hall, this was the best sacrifice they could offer to the god.



“I hear it!”



“god is speaking!”



Suddenly, the main priest shouted out, and compared to his previous calmness, at this moment, he appeared a little crazy.



After hearing the voice of the High Priest, the rabbit masks around them were a bit restless and their breathing became excited.



However, they still maintained good order and didn’t make a sound, and it wasn’t until the main priest stopped moving that they spoke up and asked what exactly god had said.



The main priest, on the other hand, took a long time to respond, trembling with nerves as he reached out a hand and pointed in the direction of the west side of the altar.



“The previous place of sacrifice needs to be changed, God’s voice is coming from that direction, it must be god telling us something!”



“There! That’s the sacrifice that god wants!”



The High Priest’s eyes that were covered in ghastly bloodshot eyes widened, and the last sentence was almost hissed out, his voice becoming hoarse and filled with a madman-like frenzy.



And the direction he was pointing to was the west side of the Metropolis.



There were the most prosperous commercial districts and entertainment venues in Metropolis, including the prestigious Metropolis Amusement Park.



[Heh heh heh!]



In the restaurant booth, the system suddenly let out a burst of smug laughter, and Jiu Shu, who was eating, froze and narrowed his eyes, knowing that the system must be brewing some kind of conspiracy.



[Tasker, you have one last chance! Kill the object of discipline in front of you!]



[You have to understand, in this world your soul is no more powerful than those supernatural mysterious side forces, there are some things you can’t change even if you try hard enough!]



Jiu Shu listened to the tumultuous chatter of the system. From the moment he first arrived in this world until now, his ears were about to go deaf. He continued to eat with his usual expression and replied, [Oh]



The system was filled with anger, and finally let out a harsh sentence: [‘Humph! You won’t give up until you see the Yellow River!’]



Then it didn’t make a sound anymore.



But Jiu Shu could feel that the system in his mind seemed to be pleased with something.



After dropping his eyes and pondering for a moment, he took out his cell phone and tapped on one of the surveillance images, seeing that the club’s people had all evacuated near that school that had been chosen as the site of the sacrifice.


Jiu Shu’s brow furrowed slightly as he gazed out the window at the amusement park, seeing something strange at the entrance of the amusement park where people were coming and going.

The gates began to be closed, and many of the tourists who had tried to go out were all shut down and were making annoyed noises, while those outside the gates were all wearing familiar rabbit masks and looking coldly at the tourists, with no intention of opening the gates.


“Tch.” Jiu Shu knew the system wouldn’t do anything good.


Jiu Shu looked again at the quietly eating You Xin beside him, the human incarnation of Kasmos.



Under Jiu Shu’s gaze, You Xin froze and only after a long time did he begin to stiffly continue eating, but the tips of his ears had already been unknowingly tinted with a faint red color.



It was as if he was a student on his first date.




Jiu Shu withdrew his thoughtful gaze and pressed a few more times on his cell phone to send out an alarm message, and the signal was intercepted as expected.


These people from the Ten Elders Club were still well prepared.

Then the situation was now clear, the people from the Ten Elders Club seemed to have changed the location of the sacrifice, using this amusement park as the new location.



It seemed that the power of the plot was still very strong, even if one tried to dodge it as hard as they could, they still couldn’t escape.



The system probably had a hand in it as well.


Bang Bang! –A succession of g.unshots rang out abruptly.





“Murder! Murder!”



“What the hell are you-” the people surrounding the amusement park’s entrance screamed and fell down, blood dripping and almost coloring the ground blood red.



The fear brought by the deaths was extremely shocking, and the people who were still wandering around the amusement park entrance all fled in the opposite direction in fear.



Looking out the window at the tragic situation of people fleeing in all directions, Jiu Shu’s delicate fingertips gently rubbed his full lips, his face pale.


Today’s situation was indeed a bit of a headache, but it wasn’t impossible to solve.



All that was needed was a computer.


Jiu Shu stood up, ready to go out and look for it.



Beside him, You Xin had also stopped moving long ago, and he was looking out the window at the tragic situation a little lost in thought.



The tips of his ears seemed to move imperceptibly, hearing something.



Some low, mournful screams, mixed with many prayers and eerie laughter filled with desire, just as noisy as every time his condition had flared up before.



Only that compared to the trance of the attack, the present You Xin was able to hear more clearly these sounds that were inexplicably annoying to his mind.



He furrowed his brow in some discomfort, his fingers twitching nervously, and just as he was about to pull out a pill and take it, he saw Jiu Shu get up and prepare to walk out of the booth.


His pupils tightened, and almost immediately, he took hold of Jiu Shu’s thin, white wrist, a rare sense of panic filling his heart, fearing that he would leave.


It was as if something irrevocable would happen if they left, and this stolen dream would be shattered in a matter of moments.



“Jiu Shu! Outside, it’s dangerous!” You Xin’s tone carried some urgency, and his magnetic, low voice, which he didn’t often speak, carried a characteristic male hormonal aura, and was more steady than You Xin’s voice.



Jiu Shu stopped in his tracks, and sure enough, he heard the screams of many people coming from outside the private room, but the only thing that was missing was the sound of gu.nshots.


It was really a bit weird.



In a place that Jiu Shu couldn’t see, the restaurant was already littered with miserably dead corpses, all with their mouths agonizingly wide open, as if they were suffocating.



A blood-colored mist from nowhere was floating on the restaurant’s red carpet without any trace, spreading continuously.



And when it was about to enter the private room where Jiu Shu was located, the mist stopped and began to wander around headlessly, but it just couldn’t float into the private room.



Inside the private room.


Remembering the “supernatural power” mentioned by the system just now, Jiu Shu looked out the window of the private room again, his beautiful eyes slightly widened.



The sky had turned blood red.

This reminded him of the images in the movie, in the horror movie of the target of punishment, there were many times that the sky appeared like this, as if it had been dyed red with blood and then filled with red paint, full of grotesque and nonsensical spatial dislocation.



Since he had seen many similar stream-of-consciousness movies, he had always thought that the movie had used exaggerated photography in order to reflect the depressing and gory world of the movie, and that this was a deliberate attempt to portray such a picture.



But he didn’t realize that this was the real sky.


No, he should say it was a vision that appeared at the time of the sacrifice.



Now that he thought about it, it seemed that when a sky like this appeared in a movie, it was always the target of the punishment who was hacking away at people, and the blood complemented the scarlet sky in a way that made a perfect match.



It seemed that this was the reason why those who were chosen as sacrifices could never escape, this area had been blocked off by supernatural forces.



This sky was the evidence of the blockade.


Kasmos was actually actually giving power back to the believers.



Jiu Shu looked at You Xin and suddenly spoke, “You Xin, do you know how to get out?”



The object of punishment in the movie never seemed to be trapped by the blood-red sky, often the sky returned to its original state after cutting someone down, and he would be silent as he continued on to the next location.



You Xin nodded as Jiu Shu put on his sunglasses, his rose petal like soft lips hooking up as he smiled, “Let’s go then, let’s get out of here and make up a date for next time!”



You Xin looked at the snow-white skin exposed under the young singer’s sunglasses and seemed to be awed by the smile, pausing before shyly leading Jiu Shu towards the door.



He had panicked earlier when Jiu Shu had tried to walk out alone, a sense of foreboding almost taking over his brain, but now after holding hands with Jiu Shu, that sense of foreboding was suddenly gone again.



You Xin lowered his head, looked at the snow-white soft palm in his hand, and quietly tightened his fingers.



He knew he was being mean, but if he could, he wanted to make this mean date last longer, even if it was only for a moment.



You Xin opened the door to the private room, and the eerie mist that had filled the room outside the door receded as You Xin advanced, as if in fear of something.



Jiu Shu noticed the fog, and he cautiously put on his mask and looked around, only to find that You Xin, who was holding hands with him, had suddenly stopped moving.



“What’s wrong?” Jiu Shu twisted his head, looking over at You Xin.



In turn, You Xin’s face turned a little pale as he avoided Jiu Shu’s gaze, his hand holding Jiu Shu’s palm trembled slightly.


In his ears, was his sister’s voice.


[Is this ……?]






[What the fuck are you doing!!!]]



The time had finally come to wake up from this vile stolen dream.



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