C1.24 —-Crime Record

Upon hearing You Xin’s voice, You Xin’s fingers holding the white cloth paused for a moment, his already pale bones flushed a bloodless, dead white from subconsciously tightening.


[Why don’t you say something?] You Xin’s grim voice seemed particularly harsh in the basement.
The tall man lowered his eyes, no emotion could be seen in his dark pupils, his lips moved, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he remained silent.



But You Xin seemed to have understood, it was rare for ‘him’ to not be as hysterical as usual, making it even more unsettling.


Underneath the surface calmness was extreme anger and resentment.


You Xin looked at the portrait with a white cloth in his hand, and could feel the resentment in his sister’s heart like a raging flood constantly washing away the shared heart of the two, converging into piercing cold needles, as if they could pierce a person’s soul.


[You’d better not have those undeserved thoughts again, You Xin.] You Xin’s voice was low and abhorrent, after saying that, he no longer made a sound, as if this matter had been ended.



But You Xin knew that ”she’ was only hiding the hatred in ‘her’ heart, waiting for the perfect time to take revenge.


And so it was.


In the days that followed, You Xin never spoke another word.


It was only when night came, and You Xin fell into sleep and lost consciousness, that You Xin would come out and make a mess of the room.



The portrait, covered in white cloth, was nowhere to be found, hidden somewhere by You Xin.



You Xin only knew that she shouldn’t have destroyed the painting. He knew how much his sister loved Jiu Shu, and even if it was just a painting from someone else’s hand, she wouldn’t be willing to destroy it.


But anything other than that, You Xin would have destroyed it beyond recognition.



And in the face of all this, You Xin had always maintained an attitude of resignation.



He didn’t resist, and every day he woke up and calmly tidied up his room, whether it was a smashed drawing board or a torn sheet, You Xin tidied it up one by one.



But You Xin became more and more violent, and each day the room became even worse than the day before.



Until early one morning, when You Xin awoke from his sleep to see lines of abuse scrawled in scarlet paint on the wall above his bed.



“Go to hell!”


“Why don’t you go die die die die!!!”



“No one will ever love you!”


“Move on disgusting ghost!”



“Disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting!”


You Xin lowered his head and saw the undried paint on the walls dripping down onto the bed, haloing out crimson like blood.

His face was still devoid of emotion, only the backs of his pale hands were taut at the point where they showed green veins, and traces of dye remained at his slender knuckles.



You Xin got up, looking at the room full of wreckage, he suddenly felt the faint cacophony of voices ringing in his ears again, and for the first time, the pain throbbing violently at his temples made it feel a bit unbearable.



It was as if his entire brain was about to crack open, and the world before him began to twist and distort.



Perhaps it was time to take his medicine.



You Xin frowned tightly and took out the pill box in the drawer, his slightly trembling fingers seemed to signal his precarious mental state at this moment, and a pill fell from his palm in the midst of the trembling.



Remembering that his sanity was on the verge of collapsing, You Xin swallowed a handful of pills all the way in, and then the world regained its calmness amidst the piercing tinnitus in his ears.



His blank gaze regained focus and his palms no longer trembled, only his temples still throbbed with a pain that would be unbearable to a normal person.



He didn’t care about these pains that were insignificant to him, he just looked at the emptied pill box and realized that he seemed to have taken too much.



These pills were meant to calm the mind, and one or two would be enough to render You Xin unconscious.
And now, he had emptied the entire box.



As he looked through the box of pills in his hands, You Xin suddenly turned toward You Xin’s half of the area not far away as if he remembered something.



In the table that was filled with pictures of Jiu Shu, sat a ticket to an amusement park.



It had been delivered by Jiu Shu only yesterday, and he and You Xin had agreed to go to the amusement park together today.



The time was set at ten o’clock, and it was already seven o’clock.



There were still three hours to go.



He walked over to the table and pulled open the drawer on the other side, and sure enough, he saw the carefully placed admission ticket.



There was no time limit on the admission ticket, but Jiu Shu had said as early as yesterday that he would be picking up You Xin at ten o’clock to join him for the fun.



“……” You Xin was a little nervous for some reason as he picked up his pill box again and saw that the duration of the medication on it was five hours per pill.



Although he knew that the potency wouldn’t increase indefinitely as the dose of the dr.ug increased, he remembered that the last time he took a few extra tablets, You Xin’s voice disappeared for a whole day.



Perhaps it was because You Xin rarely took this kind of medication to control his condition and hadn’t developed a resistance to it, resulting in the medication working better than the best results on the instructions every time he took it.



In silence, You Xin put away the pill box and looked once again at the admission ticket in the drawer.

The beautifully printed amusement park ticket was placed in the middle of the drawer, with a sweetly smiling cartoon villain painted on the front, revealing a bit of childish fun in the colorful background.



Inside the dim basement, in the eerie atmosphere of the wall full of blood red characters, You Xin and the cartoon villain stared at each other for a long time, not move away from its line of sight.




Short black hair covered the bloodless pale face, reducing the horror of the deep scar, the tall man’s face obviously had no unnecessary expression, but it was as if one could see a bit of helplessness from the stiff body movements.


Silently, he spoke of his confusion.



In the dead silence, finally, the pale and thin fingertips touched the admission ticket in the drawer, hesitated for a moment, but still took the admission ticket.



At ten o’clock in the morning, Jiu Shu arrived at the back door of the theater on time.



Before, he had always used the main entrance, but it seemed a little too conspicuous, and now Jiu Shu had gotten used to waiting at the back door.



Today he was the one who drove the car, so it was convenient to go to the amusement park to play all day and then come back at any time.



The amusement park was the one that he had picked out, a prestigious amusement park in Metropolis, a bit far from the center of the city.



It was more like a theme park than an amusement park, covering an area so vast that even driving around it would take half an hour to barely make it around.


The various amusement facilities and shopping malls and restaurants were suitable for couples to play together.



Stopping the car, Jiu Shu looked in the direction of the back door of the theater, and saw the figure of “You Xin”.



He opened the car window and waved to “You Xin”, signaling that he could get in the car.



In the last few days, Jiu Shu had been busy sniping those people from the Ten Elders Club, and was a bit tired, so he took advantage of today’s free time to have a long-overdue date with You Xin.



Of course, the other reason was still related to the original novel.




He recalled from the original novel, this recent period should be the ambiguous period of the male and female main characters.



In the original, the male lead’s closeness to the female lead drew the hostility of many of the female lead’s admirers, including the bitter master personality, You Xin.



Thinking about that master personality who was in love with Ai Li, Jiu Shu was slightly troubled.



This was, after all, a planned variable that would inevitably go wrong later if left unchecked.



However, it was a good thing that You Xin was obedient enough to offset the Master personality’s lack of cooperation.



In order to prevent the main character from developing ill will towards the male lead due to his excessive love for Ai Li like in the original, Jiu Shu felt that it would be best to take You Xin out for a break as much as possible these days.


As long as he was separated from the male and female main characters, so that the main character didn’t have the free time to encounter the male and female main characters, then there would be a lot less trouble.

Thinking this way, Jiu Shu didn’t notice the tall man at the back door hesitantly walking to the door of the car, opening the door with stiff movements, and sitting in the car with a posture even more unsettled than the first time You Xin got into the car, he was a bit flustered.



Jiu Shu woke up from his contemplation, and just when he wanted to drive away, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the somewhat stiff expression of “You Xin”.





Jiu Shu looked at his lover in the passenger seat, and met those dark pupils filled with nervousness, he was slightly stunned, but soon returned to his usual soft eyes.



As a veteran taskmaster, Jiu Shu had long been able to change his behavior, not to mention that it was his lover who had switched personalities.


“Sit tight, let’s get going!”


Jiu Shu’s voice was clear with his unique sense of clarity and transparency, like a mountain spring, as if it could flow into people’s hearts to wash away all the tension and fatigue.



The tall man sat in the passenger seat, following his sister’s example of hanging his head down, but when he heard Jiu Shu’s voice, he still couldn’t hold back and slightly raised his head, looking at Jiu Shu’s side face as he concentrated on driving, slightly lost in thought.



It was only after a long time that he came back to his senses and lowered his head again, his gaze darkening.



All of this belonged to his sister, and he was nothing more than a shameful thief, taking advantage of the intervals to steal the treasure that belonged to ‘her’.



You Xin knew this well.



He knew that he shouldn’t have come, that he should have come up with a reason to cover up for his sister, instead of taking her place in this date between lovers.



However, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling, and he could only use a false excuse to cover up some unseemly thoughts for himself.


In order not to disappoint his sister’s lover, he had come to fulfill this date for him, a date that You Xin couldn’t come to.



Not some other despicable reason.


Thus repeated, his pupils dilated slightly, it seemed that even he couldn’t be convinced by this reason, and he didn’t break free from his redundant thoughts until Jiu Shu stopped the car.



A sharp pain shot through his temples once more, yet his expression remained calm to the point of near numbness.



“Let’s go, You Xin.”



The young singer’s soft voice came out, causing You Xin to have the false impression that he was calling his name, but the illusion was just that, an illusion; in the young singer’s eyes, there was only his sister.



Raising her head, You Xin followed Jiu Shu out of the car and into the amusement park that the metropolis was famous for.



“You’re a bit subdued today, not like you’ve ever been before.”


Jiu Shu walked beside You Xin, the eyes under the sunglasses looking at him, seemingly meaning something.



You Xin’s pupils almost shrunk into a line, then he somewhat hastily looked at Jiu Shu on his side, his eyes meeting those eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, but only saw a warm smile in them.



“But don’t worry, as I said, even with the other side, you are still my lover.” Jiu Shu repeated the words from the other day.



From the very beginning, the meaning of “the other side” in Jiu Shu’s words had encompassed not only You Xin’s sick and twisted nature, but also the essence of their dual personalities.



But now it seemed that neither You Xin nor You Xin had understood what he meant.



In Jiu Shu’s eyes, in fact, both You Xin and You Xin were ultimately the same person, and no matter how radically different their personalities were manifested, their essence was the same.



Jiu Shu would not harbor prejudice against You Xin just because he had known You Xin first.
What was more, Jiu Shu could see that this main personality was wavering.


After all, even under the influence of the sub-personality, the master personality’s attitude was too wavering.



This original novel noted that the mental illness patient had a fragile spirit and confused personality, perhaps even he himself couldn’t see his own thoughts.



To Jiu Shu, whether it was when he was in love with Ai Li or in the way he handled other things, the main personality of the subject of discipline was childish.



A child who pretended that he was more mature than his sub-personality.



In fact, just like You Xin, he was still trapped in the shadow of his childhood, one of them had become silent, while the other one had become brutal and bloodthirsty, both of them were just camouflage used to protect themselves.



There was no way to change their nature caused by lack of love, but their childish mentality made them unable to understand how to love someone and how to get love.



Jiu Shu guessed that this master personality might even be struggling with the fact that he had a crush on both Ai Li and him at the same time.



There was no chance that he would even think that he was a scumbag who could have two hearts at once. Jiu Shu guessed so.


That would also go a long way to explaining that obvious wavering attitude.





You Xin’s eyes widened slightly as he stared blankly at Jiu Shu at his side, at the beautiful young singer as if in a dream-like trance.



He knew that perhaps he had misunderstood, and actually thought that the young singer seemed to have known about him sharing a body with You Xin, and had said that he didn’t care.



He even felt that even with his other side, even with his other personality, he was still his lover.



The fingers at his side trembled once more, and he withdrew his gaze in silence, not wanting to let himself continue to fantasize, fearing that he would be hopelessly immersed in his illusory fantasies.



However, the lover beside him didn’t seem to want to stop there, he reached out his hand and took hold of You Xin’s trembling fingers, just as You Xin had fantasized about in his countless dreams, and interlocked their fingers.


Intimately like a pair of true lovers.




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