C1.23—– Crime Record

“Don’t be impulsive.”


In the surveillance speaker, Jiu Shu’s voice spoke calmly to You Xin.



Although he didn’t know how You Xin came here and tangled with K, the most important thing at the moment was not to let You Xin kill anyone.


He couldn’t be allowed to repeat the mistakes of the original.



You Xin stiffened and looked in the direction from which the voice came, and his eyes, which were originally full of morbid excitement, were filled with trepidation for a moment.



He subconsciously let go of the switch that he was about to pull down, and the other arm that was controlled by You Xin also stopped its blocking action and stood frozen in place.


This tall man was as confused as a child who had made a mistake.


“Jiu, Jiu, I ……”



You Xin’s lips trembled, ‘he’ seemed to want to open his mouth to explain something, but didn’t know where to explain, his dark pupils reflected the security camera not far away.


His brain was blank, as if he was in the ice cellar, even his blood felt frozen, with no temperature.



He knew that everything was over.



All of his past fantasies were about to become illusory, and he fell into the abyss.



No one would be able to stand such a bloodthirsty monster after his worst side was known to his beloved.

A monster like him.



Inside the villa, Jiu Shu looked at the screen with the pale face of You Xin, helplessly furrowing his eyebrows.



“Wait a moment, I’ll be there soon.”



After saying that, Jiu Shu got up and drove to the direction where the Murder Museum was located.



He usually didn’t like to drive himself too much, but he could drive, and now he wanted to erase all the clues as much as possible, so it was inappropriate to take a taxi.



He couldn’t let the object of punishment do the things that led to his tragic end.



Quickly arriving at the trade building that had been there during the day, Jiu Shu glanced over the still brightly lit exterior of the building and settled in the Murder Museum on the fifth floor.



Today You Xin’s action completely disrupted his plan, it could only be said that the object of punishment truly had the force value set in the original work, it was easy for him to easily defeat the scheming K.



Jiu Shu really didn’t know whether to praise You Xin’s bravery or criticize his recklessness.



With mixed feelings, he blocked all the surveillance, eliminated all the clues left by You Xin and went to the closed murder museum in the fifth floor.



The lock of the door had been roughly unscrewed, and it was obvious that it was the work of You Xin, the whole lock had been scrapped into scrap metal.



Pushing open the door, Jiu Shu had already understood the internal structure of the venue through the surveillance cameras, and quickly found the studio.


The originally closed studio door was viciously kicked open, he could see that the intruder’s strength was very great, the traces extended all the way to the studio’s inner room.

Entering the inner room, the bloodstained walls and dim lighting complemented each other, constructing an oppressive atmosphere.



Next to the wall was the open eyes of a male corpse that had lost its breath, wrapped in wax and already half-carved, looking inexplicably familiar.



And next to the corpse was a skinny man with a face full of panic on the verge of collapse, chained by the ankles, he didn’t know how long he had been locked up.



Sweeping his gaze from the corpse and the man’s eyes, which were exceptionally bright for their relative features, Jiu Shu seemed to realize something while observing the entire room.


To his surprise, he found several boxes of records on the studio table with his name on the packaging.



He didn’t realize that K had actually made him a target.



Jiu Shu understood the reason for You Xin’s visit here.


“…… Shu, Shu.”



The low voice that suddenly rang out carried a note of caution.



In the shadows of the studio, the tall man looked anxiously at his beloved not far away, his dark eyes unblinking as he watched Jiu Shu.



It was as if he would lose him completely in the next second, so he wanted to engrave every image about his beloved firmly in his heart.



This period of time was one of the happiest that You Xin had ever known.


He had dreamed that he could live like this for the rest of his life.

However, the dream-like beautiful days had to be shattered eventually.

He had dreamed of this moment countless times, and each time it hurt like hell, but each time it was not as life-threatening as the present.

It wasn’t easy to get the dream of happiness, You Xin cherished it incomparably, but he was also incomparably terrified.



Terrified of losing, so afraid that every inch of his soul trembled for it, that was why he was so impulsive and reckless today.


He was like a beggar who suddenly got a huge amount of wealth, every day he was afraid of going back to the old days again, however, God seemed to be destined to catch him.



The more he feared, the more he let it befall him.


You Xin’s bloodless face in the darkness was like that of a long dead ghost; the remnants of blood at his cheeks still revealed the hideousness and madness of his actions, but now there was only helplessness and perplexity.



He was waiting for his lover’s final judgment.



When it was over, he would go back to his old days and become a lonely ghost rejected by the world, with nowhere to go and no one to take him in.



If he could get his beloved’s forgiveness, he was willing to give everything, but there was no medicine for regret in this world.



You Xin dared not look at him again, and hung his head in despair.



[……] You Xin coldly watched everything.


He could sense You Xin’s despair, like the cold suffocation of falling into the freezing deep sea.


You Xin couldn’t say how he felt at this time, perhaps some mocking pleasure, mocking that this sister who didn’t know how to cherish finally ate ‘her’ own evil, ‘she’ would soon become the same as him, alone.


But at the same time, he also had a sense of sadness.


It was true that there would be no one in this world who would fall in love with them, with this ugly body and soul.



You Xin withdrew his gaze woodenly, waiting for the final judgment that would put an end to these dreamlike and unreal days.


A man living at the bottom of the city shouldn’t ask for too much in the first place.


For a filthy, unpleasant monster like him, dying peacefully where no one knew was already the best ending that You Xin could imagine.

“You Xin, don’t be afraid.”


Just as despair spread, a white, delicate palm pressed against You Xin’s cold cheek.



The gentle voice was as usual, as if it wasn’t in a room littered with dead bodies, but rather the interior of an all-too-common museum.



“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the rest ……”



You Xin stared blankly as he raised his eyes, and saw that the eyes of his beloved in front of him were soft, and there was no aversion or rejection as he had imagined.



His gaze was still calm, as if he didn’t see that his previous demeanor could be called brutal, and his snow-white cheeks still gave off a clean aura amidst the bloody atmosphere that filled the room.



It was out of place with the entire room, yet it fit exceptionally well.


“…… Jiu ……”


You Xin’s eyes, which had originally fallen into despair, let in some light, and the red circles of his eyes made him look extremely frustrated and aggrieved.



“I just don’t want you to commit a crime, can you understand that? Obviously there are more ways you can use to punish the bad guys, don’t use your future as a price ……” Jiu Shu helplessly wiped away the tears spilling from the corners of You Xin’s eyes with his fingertips.



Obviously, he hadn’t even started talking yet he started crying first.



Jiu Shu really couldn’t understand what was going on in You Xin’s little mind sometimes.



You Xin’s eyes were wide open, looking unblinkingly at Jiu Shu in front of him.



Desperate to the point of near numbness, there was little expression on his face, and as Jiu Shu wiped them away, bean-sized teardrops continued to spill out of his eyes.



“I …… am sorry.”



Lips trembling, You Xin’s large pale hand carefully touched Jiu Shu’s fingers, as if he couldn’t believe that everything in front of him was real.

He even suspected that it was a hallucination that he had fantasized after despairing to the extreme, so much so that he didn’t dare to speak out loud, only daring to respond softly for fear that he would be awakened from this beautiful dream.


In this incredibly beautiful dream, his beloved didn’t dislike him as a monster and still comforted him gently.



It was a beautiful dream that even he himself wanted to laugh at his own delusion.


However, after holding Jiu Shu’s palm and feeling the warmth of that warmth, You Xin was finally convinced that this was reality, and the circles around his eyes immediately became redder.


Uncontrollably, he reached out and hugged his beloved.



Even under the extreme agitation of his emotions the force was very light, as light as touching fragile glass, fearing that his beloved youth would turn into the shards of a dream and disappear without a trace in front of him.



“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”



The tall man hugged the lost and gotten lover in his arms and cried his heart out, childishly huffing and puffing as he kept apologizing.



“Never again …… I’ll never disobey again oooo! Don’t not want me–”



“…… Okay, don’t cry.”

Jiu Shu felt helpless as the big man held him in his arms, his toes almost dangling in the air with the uncomfortable feeling of weightlessness.



By the end of the day, the only thing left in the dim and bloody workroom was You Xin’s sobbing and Jiu Shu’s soft voice of comfort.


It seemed both eerie and cozy.





For a few moments, You Xin stared in stunned silence at what was happening in front of him, at the soft expression on Jiu Shu’s face.



There was not the slightest hint of disgust, no imagined dislike, no icy dislike.



There was nothing.



Everything was different from what was expected before.



It wasn’t a desperate endgame that was ushered in after the arrival of the Last Judgment, but an incredible forgiveness.



Even after revealing his sick and twisted nature, the young singer still didn’t dislike his sister, but remained as tender as a true lover.

But how was it possible ……



You Xin was stuck in an incomprehensible quagmire, and could only watch in bewilderment as his sister, who had been filled with despair just moments ago, embraced her lover, so happy that it seemed as if she had embraced the whole world.



Only he remained still in the darkness, sinking into it, unable to extricate himself.



After comforting him for a long time, You Xin was finally emotionally stable, and Jiu Shu breathed a sigh of relief.



Only then did he let go of his hand and prepare to deal with that plot character codenamed K.



Since things had already come to this, then in order not to leave any future problems, it would be best for K to keep his mouth shut forever.


This person was, after all, a member of the Ten Elders Club, and once he was spared it would likely bring the existence of the disciplinary target to the attention of the Ten Elders Club, just like the original.

Jiu Shu’s gaze went to K, who was letting out a miserable moan in a chair not far away, and then to the victim on the other side.

The victim didn’t dare to meet anyone’s eyes, seeming to have been scared out of his wits, but in the occasional glances to K there was a deep hatred.


Jiu Shu narrowed his eyes and after a moment of silence, he signaled for You Xin to open the shackles at the victim’s hands and feet.



You Xin, who was always well-behaved when in front of Jiu Shu, walked over to the victim and with a slight force from his palms opened the iron chains that the victim couldn’t open in any way.



Then, ignoring victim’s horrified gaze, he returned to Jiu Shu.



Only after Jiu Shu rubbed his drooping head like a reward did You Xin show a happy look.



Having just broken free from extreme despair, You Xin was extremely insecure and would do whatever his beloved wanted him to do.



It was fine to let go of this hateful person who wanted to hurt Jiu Shu, anything, just don’t leave him, don’t abandon him, whatever it took.


“Let’s go, just let them handle the rest of this on their own.”



Jiu Shu calmly watched as the victim stumbled to his feet and walked towards the tied K.



This K was acting in a brutal way, and in the movie the victims often suffered great psychological and physical torture, and even if they occasionally escaped they were too mentally deranged to give up K’s appearance or identity.



And now this victim seemed to had been on the verge of insanity, only hatred was still supporting him.


Jiu Shu knew that such a victim would be crazier than anyone else once he mastered the means of revenge.


K wouldn’t be better off if he didn’t die this time.



After tonight, he would further process the relevant clues to make sure that no one would find out about him and the subject of the punishment, and the worst that could happen in the end would be that a serial murder case would be solved, and the murderer would be sent to the hospital together with the victim.



Nothing to do with him or You Xin.



“Aaaah! How dare you!”


K screamed out in agony, it was the victim who had tentatively slashed his arm with the knife, cutting through the flesh and blood of this once high and mighty Mr. K.

After hearing K’s scream, the victim seemed to come to life all of a sudden and stabbed down hard while crying and laughing.



Revenge from the victim began.


Even if the police were to be called now, all K could get was the victim’s self-defense and acquittal.


K couldn’t believe that he would end up in this situation.



The humiliation of being tortured by a failure he despised brought K to the brink of insanity.



He yelled out, “Damn you! Kasmos is above! god will not spare you!”


“You damned heretics!”



“Damn you ah ah ah!!!”

The pain caused K to completely lose his mind, all of his former calmness and composure gone.



Blood gushed like a fountain as K struggled in pain.



If it was his usual self, he could easily knock this humble victim down, but now that a dozen or so of his bones had been broken by that monster of a man, he was completely incapable of resisting, and just the slightest movement caused him to sweat from the pain.



The prolonged agony continued.

The man who had once loved to uncover the skin of his creations after they had been scalded alive was now being cut inch by inch by his victim, and could only look over his shoulder in his struggle at the monster and Jiu Shu who stood coldly watching from a short distance away.



If it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t even be in the situation he was in now.



Kasmos would surely punish these hateful heretics!



K recognized Jiu Shu when he first came in, it was none other than the man that he had seen during the day.



Originally, he didn’t understand why this monster had come to trouble him, but after seeing the man and Jiu Shu’s intimate behavior, K understood it all.



The most perfect piece of work he had ever seen was actually related to this ugly and dirty monster, it was like a joke from god!



As K looked at Jiu Shu, who was standing with the monster, he only felt that this young man, who he had once treated as a noble and fragile man, had become extremely unfamiliar.



That condescending, impassive gaze looked like he was used to death, was a huge contrast to his beautiful and delicate appearance.



This heartwarming young singer was still so beautiful that K didn’t want to take his eyes off of him for a long time, but his cold gaze brought a greater sense of humiliation than anyone else’s gaze.



It made K’s shaky sanity even more fragile.



It must have been because there was too little suffering offered lately to bring about such a consequence! It was god punishing him for his impiety!



Faith in god caused K to maintain the last vestiges of his sanity, and he stopped looking at Jiu Shu and instead looked at the taller man with a resentful gaze.



He wanted to curse the culprit of his death at the cost of the suffering he had endured.



However, before he had the chance to spit out the most spiteful curse, his gaze suddenly stalled and met with You Xin’s even colder gaze.


Unseen by Jiu Shu, the tall man who had still seemed well-behaved had a gaze filled with appalling murderous intent and morbid pleasure.



It was cold to the core, and it was also frightening to the core.



It was almost as if he was a statue of a god that he had once seen on an altar, full of playfulness and joy in the face of all the suffering in the world.



He was enjoying his suffering.

K suddenly realized this.



At the same time, for no apparent reason, an unspeakable fear and trembling spread from the depths of his soul.



It was like when he first came into contact with the god Kosmos as a teenager, when he felt fear and submission from the depths of his soul because of the gaze that looked down on the suffering of the earth.



And vowed to dedicate his life for the sake of god’s remembered awakening.



But why?


Obviously it was just an ugly and dirty monster, how could it be worthy of being compared to a god!



K’s eyes widened as he ended his sinful life in deep fear and confusion.



K had lost his breath, but his victim had no intention of stopping.



He continued to frantically cut into the murderer who had tormented him for so long and had also brutally murdered several of his companions with a maniacal expression.



Seeing this, Jiu Shu’s beautiful peach blossom eyes lightly narrowed then he withdrew his gaze.



“Alright, stop looking, let’s go.” There were still a lot of things to deal with, there was no time to delay here.

Upon hearing this, You Xin obediently nodded and also withdrew his gaze, withdrawing that chilling pleasure that was almost overflowing.



Following along with Jiu Shu, he walked out of this murderous museum.



Jiu Shu had already taken care of the surveillance here before he came, and anyone who went to look at the surveillance would only see everything normal, so there was no need to worry about the surveillance.



The two of them walked out of the trade building quietly like this, and it wasn’t until they got into the car and drove away from the area that Jiu Shu made time to look at You Xin in the passenger seat.


His five-foot-nine frame was carefully cowering in the car, and he only dared to sneak a look at Jiu Shu with a forlorn look in his eyes as Jiu Shu kept ignoring him.



And after Jiu Shu glanced at him, he hastily withdrew his gaze, his face pale with no idea what he was thinking.



“Let me take you back to the theater, it seems like you still need to work tomorrow.” Jiu Shu spoke in his usual tone.



Compared to the brutality and ferocity when facing K before, at this time, You Xin appeared very quiet, he lowered his head, his wide-open eyes didn’t dare to look at Jiu Shu again, his voice was as thin as a mosquito: “Okay.”



They went all the way without words and soon arrived at the place, Jiu Shu parked the car at the back door of the theater, so it’d be more convenient for You Xin to return to the basement.



And You Xin remained silent all the way, with lips parting as if wanting to say something, yet hesitating to speak.



Until he got out of the car, You Xin kept his head down and remained silent.



He didn’t dare to ask the questions in his heart, afraid of getting a negative answer.



Although Jiu Shu had already forgiven himself just now, he still had no way to believe it all.



There was no way to believe that his beloved was not frightened by his ugly and hideous face.


You Xin was really afraid that this was all just a dream, and that when he woke up Jiu Shu would tell him that they were over, and that he didn’t need a monster for a boyfriend.



So he didn’t dare ask, didn’t dare ask Jiu Shu Shuffle if he had seen it all.



If he had seen his hideous face and repulsive demeanor, everything that was unpleasant.



More than anything, You Xin wanted to say to his beloved that if he had seen it all, then could he not be afraid of him, not leave him.



You Xin knew that he was too greedy and too timid to inquire.


By not trying to inquire, perhaps he could remain as he was now.


Even if it was just the last calm before the relationship broke up, You Xin hoped it would last longer.



Jiu Shu’s could see what was on You Xin’s mind, and he followed him out of the car, signaling You Xin to lower his head before gently kissing him at the cheek, a farewell kiss as usual.



“Don’t think too much, you just need to know that we’re lovers, and I don’t hate my lover, even if he has another side.”



Jiu Shu reached out and gently rubbed his hair.



“Don’t let there be a next time though, don’t get too fixated on solving problems with violence, that will affect our future ……”



Staying away from those original murders was the biggest thing that Jiu Shu expected from You Xin.



As long as they stayed away from those events that would cause You Xin to get closer and closer to the end that was death, if he stayed away from those sufferings, You Xin wouldn’t have to die.



Jiu Shu thought of this, only hoping that after this lesson, You Xin would be able to suppress his temperament a bit and become less violent and wanton.



You Xin only heard the word, “future”.



He looked at Jiu Shu in a daze, his gaze didn’t move away for a long time.



This was the first time You Xin heard about their future from Jiu Shu, it had only been a content in his most delusional dream.



For You Xin, this romance was like happiness stolen from the heavens, and though he had always fantasized about a long and prosperous future, he was actually pessimistic about his future with Jiu Shu.



He didn’t know how long Jiu Shu’s infatuation with this body could last, and he had deliberately not thought about that before, just cherishing each day.


But in fact, deep down You Xin was very afraid, afraid of the day to come when he was tired of it.



And now, he seemed to be thinking about their future.



Did that mean that Jiu Shu starting to like his soul a little bit more than just his body…



“…… How long will our future be?” You Xin subconsciously spoke the words in his mind, his eyes dimming just as they left his mouth.

He shouldn’t have asked that question.

You Xin paled and bowed his head, his pale, bony fingers curling up as he tugged a crease in his white shirt nervously and remorsefully.



Jiu Shu paused briefly in his movements at the question, then curved his pretty peach eyes, his dark eyes having a hazy beauty in the dim light of the streetlamps.



“It would be a long, long time if you want it to be.”



Jiu Shu actually didn’t mind spending the rest of his life with You Xin in this world.



According to the usual practice, if one didn’t go to complete the system’s mission, then the system wouldn’t teleport the person to leave, and Jiu Shu didn’t intend to leave halfway, the probability was that he would have to live in this world until he died of old age, and then he would be teleported to the next world.



In this world, You Xin was a rare sight for Jiu Shu, perhaps it wasn’t a deep love that lasted until death, but for him, it was already a rare heart.



Perhaps it was those eyes full of love from beginning to end that moved Jiu Shu. Jiu Shu felt that being with someone who loved him so deeply in this world to die of old age was also a good experience.



Having gotten used to seeing the love-hate entanglements of the male and female protagonists in the small worlds, Jiu Shu slightly wanted to take a break as well.



However, all of this presupposes that the object of punishment must be able to change his own ending to be able to do so, or else ten years later this world was going to end.


He was able to leave, but the object of discipline would have to follow this world to sink.



Thinking of the way You Xin followed the planet to destruction, Jiu Shu inexplicably felt a dullness in his heart, which quickly returned to normal.



He still had things to take care of, and for the time being, he had no extra time to think about his love affair with You Xin.


After comforting him, Jiu Shu drove away.



It was late at night, and the Metropolis night seemed a bit cooler.

As he watched the car leave, You Xin was unable to recover from his daze, and walked like a zombie in the direction of the basement.



Until he sat in the basement, he stretched out his hand and pinched his arm, the pain traveling from his arm to his brain.



Until this moment, You Xin opened his eyes wide as if waking up from a dream, and his originally pale cheeks quickly turned red, so red that it almost dripped blood.



“It’s very long …… very long ……” You Xin buried his face in the palms of his hands for a long time without lifting them.



Only a pair of reddened ears remained exposed, revealing the shyness and delight of the moment.



There would be a long future ahead for him and Jiu Shu.



This realization sent You Xin into a trance of over-excitement, while You Xin silently watched his sister, never uttering a word.



[……] He seemed to be somewhat numb to the silence as he felt the extreme exuberance that passed through him from his sister as well as the happiness that filled his heart.



At this point it was already long after the usual break, and You Xin felt as if he should urge his sister to hurry up and return his body, he was going to rest.



Otherwise tomorrow’s work would be exhausting and not good for the body.



But You Xin didn’t make a sound, he remained silent in his body.



It was as if his sister was the main personality and he was the sub-personality that shouldn’t exist.

In the eyes of that young singer, perhaps it did.



The only one he loved was You Xin, and he was just another stranger occupying the same body.



A filthy, filthy monster.



Once again, You Xin repeated his perception of himself.



He realized that no one would ever love himself the way he had fallen in love with his sister, no one would ever love a monster so filthy.


That young singer didn’t care about his sister’s dark side, his twisted psyche or his ugly body, and seemed to simply love her as a person.



It was incredible.



You Xin had never expected anyone in this world to actually fall in love with the soul in this ugly body.


But the reality was true, his sister was loved, loved with immense sincerity.



A love that had a long term future and was not a false love.



There would never be another person in the world who loved his sister so much, or who was loved so deeply by his sister.


Sister was already going to get a happy ending that was uniquely her own.



Before, You Xin was able to use the fact that sooner or later, Jiu Shu would abandon his sister as a cover to hide the burning jealousy within his heart.



But now, after he had said that he wouldn’t care about his lover’s other side, and told the truth about their future, he could no longer deceive himself.



He could no longer lie to himself that the singer might just be pampering You Xin as a pet, and was not truly in love with her.



There was just something about You Xin that didn’t understand why his sister was loved by Jiu Shu.



Or rather, what it was his sister?



You Xin was silent, his heart a swampy deep, sinking deeper and deeper into malice.



He wanted to stop thinking about it, but couldn’t.



In the end, he could only let his brain speak curse-like words filled with malice over and over again.



Those spreading malice kept whispering in his ears, speaking in his own voice: his sister was obviously stupid and frivolous, with no redeeming qualities, not understanding her beloved, and boasting of her deep love.




Childish and impulsive, with no sense to speak of.

Why her?



He knew You Xin too well; he knew how easily ‘her’ temper could get out of control.



Though the young singer was saying over and over again that he hated violence and didn’t want You Xin to be exposed to things that would break the law.



But surely You Xin would knowingly violate the law, ‘her’ nature was engraved with the word restless, once there was something that touched ‘her’ scales, You Xin wouldn’t tolerate it in the slightest.


Why would such a sister be loved by Jiu Shu?



You Xin didn’t understand, and he couldn’t control his thoughts, caught up in the confusion of his emotions.



More sober than ever, he clearly realized that he was jealous, vilely jealous of his sister.



Even harbored thoughts that were beyond shameful, a fantasy of wanting to take her place, a fantasy of why it couldn’t be him.



Why it couldn’t be him who got the young singer’s affections, why he was the only one who remained in the darkness where no one knew, where he couldn’t get any light.



“Because you’re a filthy monster!” His mother’s voice suddenly appeared in his ears.



You Xin looked up to find a cacophony of voices once again crowding around him.



The twisted walls and floors of the dank basement were full of either familiar or unfamiliar faces mocking his obsession.



“Your love is too cheap!”


“You think anyone will love you! Hahaha!”



“Ridiculous monster!”



“Even your sister makes you jealous! What a monster!”



Because his heart was dirty.



Obviously, after fallen in love with Ai Li at first sight, he fell in love with another person.



In love with his sister’s sweetheart.



“……” You Xin lowered his head, blood from nowhere blurring his vision as he suddenly remembered the first time he met the young singer.



He replied to his sister that it wasn’t a cute name when she put the newspaper with the picture of Jiu Shu on the table.



Actually, he lied.



You Xin thought in a trance that he actually thought that name was cute, so cute that he wanted to keep looking at the face on the newspaper, but he couldn’t.



Because love was unique, all he could do was tell himself over and over again in his mind that he hated this person, hated this person who made him weird.



It might as well be a kind of love at first sight, You Xin thought.



And just like the fairy tale books said, a person would only fall in love at first sight once in a lifetime, and only unchaste and nasty people would fall in love at first sight many times.



It turned out that from so early on he wasn’t a faithful person.



😪 YX is soo pitiful, someone please love him 😭.


See ya ‘morrow ✌️

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