C1.21 —- Crime Record

“Beep-beep-” the computer emitted a crisp beep.


Jiu Shu clicked on the page and looked at the data on the computer with a somewhat serious expression.

In the past few days, he had entered the internal network of the Ten Elders Club through hacking techniques that were far beyond the times, and had successfully dismantled several underground darknet strongholds.



At least within the current scope of this country, all the networked members of the Ten Elders Club had been given all the information he had.



These members were either rich or wealthy, so it was indeed a bit troublesome to deal with them, but it wasn’t impossible.


Jiu Shu sent a document filled with evidence of corruption and bribery to the target’s rival forces, and made all the information about another target’s company’s tax evasion public, completing the initial hunt for these last two targets.



Only after achieving the initial effect would he proceed to the next step.



Step by step, until the target lost his family’s money, lost his dependence, and then paid for the blood stained on his hands in a prison cell.


Castles always began to crumble from the inside, and Jiu Shu’s hacking skills were enough to allow him to get all sorts of hidden information and uproot the entire Ten Elders Club from the inside.


But the whole process was destined to be very careful.


After all, the Ten Elders Club was a multinational organization that had a lot of power around the world, and compared to Jiu Shu, a fledgling singer, it was really like a mantis.


Just like today, even though Jiu Shu had handled the situation cautiously and left no traces behind, the number of big names that had fallen recently was indeed too many, and the Ten Elders Club had begun to be vigilant.


They were already investigating the potential connection between the recent spate of accidents involving club members.



Jiu Shu was confident that they wouldn’t find out anything, and with this world’s technological development, it was still far from enough to scare him.



The only thing that bothered him was that the progress of destroying the club was much slower than he had expected.



This world simply didn’t seem like a society with the rule of law, and the filth in the shadows made Jiu Shu, a veteran taskmaster who had been through a hundred battles, a bit disgusted.



Merely exposing various incriminating evidence simply could not subdue them through legal means, and they could only be sanctioned after losing the protection of power.



Not to mention the fact that with the Ten Elders Club on alert and their protection of the members increased, the progress became even slower.


He was patient though, it didn’t matter if progress was slow, as long as it was completely destroyed within ten years before the end came.


Jiu Shu pondered his next move, his fingertips gently rubbing his soft lips.

In between his thoughts, he looked at the time, it was breakfast time, so he casually made something to eat and watched the TV while he ate.



The social news was being broadcast on the big screen TV, the serious looking presenter broadcasting, as usual, talked about the horrific murders.



Recently there had been a rash of young men and women disappearing in the metropolis, their bodies often found in the gutter on the verge of decomposition, their skin highly damaged and barely recognizable.



The police had yet to find any clues to the murderer.


Jiu Shu took a sip of milk and calmly watched the news, having gotten used to the high frequency of murder cases in this world.



The human beings in this world probably had certain unstable factors in their genes, otherwise there was no way to explain the high crime rate in the original story and the unnatural death rate that remained high every year in these news reports.



The news continued, the next one was about a rich merchant who went bankrupt and was found to be traff-icking in human beings and was therefore arrested.



Jiu Shu took a bite of his steamed frozen bun, his snow-white cheeks puckering slightly in a hamster-like, thoughtful expression.



He remembered that there was another rich merchant involved only, it seemed that he was bailed out by the club.



“…… Hmph.”



Jiu Shu swallowed his bun and laughed lightly, revealing a rather amused expression.


It seemed that the previous trapping operation had indeed pushed a part of the Ten Elders Club to the brink.



This was good, it was more fun to play.


Jiu Shu liked this kind of cat and mouse game.



He stopped paying attention to the news on the TV and accelerated the speed of his meal, already impatient to go and accompany the people of the Ten Elders Club to continue playing.



Those club members who prided themselves on their superiority could not find out any clues now, and could only wait for the sword of Damocles that would fall on their heads at some point, the kind of imaginable trepidation that pleasured Jiu Shu.



“…… The truth under the cover of lies, the dead bones in the castle vines ……”



A pleasant singing voice came from the television, and Jiu Shu’s eating action gave a start, looking up with a subtle expression, and sure enough, he saw that the news presenter on the television had started to broadcast something about the singing world.



Obviously a serious news channel, but it was suddenly broadcasting entertainment news, this contrast made Jiu Shu slightly unable to adapt.


But it seemed to have been the norm in this world.



In the eyes of the world, this kind of excessive entertainment wasn’t shameful, but instead became the best tool to paralyze reality.


What a world of extremes in every aspect.


Jiu Shu rested his hand against his cheek and watched as the host swept away the seriousness of a moment ago and revealed a smile, his eyes seemingly filled with joy.

Jiu Shu only remembered from him that today seemed to be the day of the new album sale.



The host used all sorts of adjectives so exaggerated that Jiu Shu couldn’t bear to look at him as he described the album’s songs, and put up a picture of the record store in full bloom.



Many people were lined up in long lines, almost filling the roads, and everyone’s faces wore a strange exuberance.



If the songs weren’t recorded on the record by Jiu Shu himself, he would really think that he had sung something so unbelievable that it was more exaggerated than hallucinogens.


Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze, suddenly remembering the images from yesterday when he had gone to see You Xin.


The whole wall was plastered with pictures of him, and it was kinda cute, if a little morbid, to be more fervent than the most ardent fan.



Thinking of the big guy’s shy face, Jiu Shu couldn’t help but think that You Xin probably wanted records too.


He could just send a couple autographed records on their date tomorrow?


Jiu Shu’s peach blossom eyes curved up slightly, he was kind of looking forward to seeing You Xin’s surprised expression, he just hoped that he wouldn’t have any more red cheeks on the verge of sprouting steam.


You Xin slept heavily, the hallucinations and confused emotions from before under the effects of the d.rug drowning in the darkness and mixed with the light and strange dreams.



In the dream, the dark-haired, dark-eyed singer was sitting across the room, furrowing his brow as he looked at the cards in his hand, while he took his sister’s place at the table.



“I love you.” The singer said softly, lifting his eyes to look at You Xin, his dark pupils crisscrossed with colored light in the dream.



“Do you love me?” Reaching out with his snow-white wrist, the singer caressed his cheek.


It was as light as a feather sweeping over an ear, bringing with it the slightest unbearable tickle.


You Xin’s pupils dilated, reflecting the singer’s snow-white face as if it were glowing, and his lips quirked as if he wanted to say something, but just as he was about to say it, he woke up.


You Xin’s eyes opened to the familiar dappling of his head, and his dark pupils seemed to be in a residual trance for a few moments before it dissipated.


Rising, he saw that last night’s blood still lingered on the wall opposite his bed, and touched his forehead, the bloody wound already wrapped in a layer of gauze.



It was done by You Xin, probably so as not to leave a scar that would affect tomorrow’s date.



You Xin looked at the blood on the wall in silence, not a trace of emotion could be seen in his eyes that looked dead after taking the medicine.



In the morning, he took out a book from the bottom of the bed, the word fairy tale could be vaguely seen on the worn cover, and many of the stories inside the book were about the love fairy tales of princes and princesses.



You Xin has read it many times.


From the book, he learned what love was.



Love at first sight was love.

It seemed to be love at first sight for him with Ai Li, and for his sister with Jiu Shu.



And what were those undeserved jealousies and malice of last night.


You Xin didn’t know, and it was as if the answer was already in his mind, but his fragile spirit no longer allowed him to speak the truth again.

You Xin’s mother had taught him countless times that love was fidelity, and his father’s demeanor was the most reviled form of cheating.



To love one person and then suddenly fall in love with another.



It was a betrayal of love, unfaithfulness, and filth.


You Xin’s fingers tightened violently in his grip on the pages, almost tearing them to shreds, the pain drumming at his temples like never before, and still he remained calm, only his lips becoming paler and paler.



Turning another page of the fairy tale, You Xin saw the tale he was trying to find.


A tale of betrayal and fidelity, where the princess who betrayed her love ended up alone and never got to be happy.



“……” You Xin stopped at the page long enough to scroll down, his pupils reflecting large swaths of the book’s text.


Filthy, unchaste, spiteful, shameless, abusive.


All the embarrassing words that could be put on a betrayer.


Like my mother had said, one who betrayed love was beyond filthy.

He was filthy.


No one would ever love a monster, much less an unfaithful, filthy person.



You Xin closed the book and placed it back down, seemingly as calm as ever, with only his dilated pupils showing the turmoil and pain within him.



Inside the shadowy basement, the pale man’s eyes were downcast and expressionless, the scars running across his face looking ghastly at the moment.


The bloodless palms of his hands had hidden veins showing, as if he was suppressing certain emotions that were so intense that they could not be controlled.


Tomorrow ✌️

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    I really despise how old-fashioned the culture of this world is 🙁 Nowadays we have fun playing with trope subversions i.e. the monstrous dragon struck a deal with princess because she’s an introvert and doesn’t want to marry and the dragon has a crush on the knight
    I wonder that if YX had encountered more nuanced and thoughtful media growing up, it could have spared him some suffering

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