C1.20 — Crime Record

As a mentally ill person, You Xin had been in a mental institution since he was ten years old, and was not allowed to be discharged until he turned eighteen.



The reason for the discharge was simply that Metropolis finances no longer supported the cost of treatment, not that the mental illness was cured.



When he was discharged from the hospital, You Xin remembered that ‘his’ and You Xin’s attending doctors had repeatedly emphasized the need to take their medication on time, or their condition would get worse.


And You Xin, being the master personality, did not take the doctor’s words to heart.



He rarely took his medication, and had only taken it a handful of times in the nearly two months since he had been discharged from the hospital, all of which were only to suppress the frantic and raucous You Xin when he had reached the limit of his endurance.



You Xin remembered the feeling of being suppressed by d.rugs.

His consciousness fell into a deep sleep for a short period of time, and he couldn’t regain consciousness until the effects of the medicine had passed.


‘He’ knew that if You Xin actually took his medication on time, as the doctor had said, then perhaps he could actually eliminate this extra consciousness of his.


You Xin hated feeling like that, hated the threatening feeling of being treated like a parasite that could be eliminated at any time.



He was clearly a living soul, yet he was treated by everyone as an appendage to his brother, You Xin, a defect that shouldn’t exist.



But at the same time he remembered what the doctor had said about the instability of multiple personalities.



The master personality was not always the master personality.

If You Xin could suppress him, then ‘he’ could just as easily drive the Master personality out of his body in such a way.


There had to be some method that existed.


A psychiatrist might be able to help him get rid of the trouble that was You Xin.



You Xin hadn’t used to trust these stupid doctors who only knew how to use electroshock therapy, but now he was no longer alone, he had his beloved You Xin.



One had to work hard for their happiness, and the curve of You Xin’s mouth grew sweeter as he envisioned a future of living happily ever after with Jiu Shu.


“It’s getting late, I should go.”


Just as You Xin was immersed in ‘his’ beautiful imagination, Jiu Shu’s voice suddenly came to his ears.


It was Jiu Shu who was leaving.





At this time, the night was already deep, and it had long since reached the usual resting time for You Xin, but You Xin just peeped into the outside world in silence and didn’t make a sound to urge anything.



As the master personality temporarily hidden within his body, he was much quieter than You Xin usually was.


He caught sight of Jiu Shu not far away through You Xin’s unwilling gaze.

With his short black hair slightly curled around his ears, the young singer seemed to be rubbing his brow a bit tiredly, the weariness if any on his snow-like white face causing some inexplicable heartache.

“Let’s agree to meet there at the plaza the day after tomorrow, shall we?”


Jiu Shu’s lifted his brows at You Xin, agreeing with him on the specifics of watching a movie the day after tomorrow.



Having memorized every sentence, You Xin nodded obediently.

Though trying to act reserved and steady, those eyes filled with lost emotions betrayed him.


Jiu Shu’s couldn’t help but lose his smile as he watched his eyes become dark, it really felt like he was keeping a pet, or a pet that was very short of love.



“See you then.”


Jiu Shu gently kissed You Xin at the cheek, instantly widening ‘his’ eyes, You Xin blushed and nervously returned the kiss, his sweaty palms trembling slightly.


It was a farewell kiss that belonged solely to him.



Realizing this, You Xin seemed like a vagabond who had been given a treasure that had fallen from the sky, so surprised that even ‘his’ lips trembled slightly and ‘his’ eyes became wet.



Jiu Shu had no choice but to rub You Xin’s head soothingly.



This tall and large object of discipline was always overly nervous, with a girlish heart that didn’t match his stature at all.


Even a normal goodbye kiss could be this tense.



With ‘his’ head hung low with a hint of coy shyness, he let Jiu Shu rub a head of slightly stiff hair.



Subconsciously looking towards the side of ‘his’ face, Jiu Shu’s sleeve slid down with the movement. The cuff revealed a smooth and fair wrist, and under the soft texture, there were thin bone lines, completely different from his own cold and hard muscles.

One could imagine the delicate smoothness when touched.



Every inch of ‘his’ sweetheart’s skin seemed to be like this, so beautiful that it was mesmerizing.



“…… your face is so hot.”

Jiu Shu’s flirtatious voice rang out, his bony fingers sliding down the top of You Xin’s head and down his cheeks, bringing a slightly cooler temperature.



“!!!” Standing stiffly in place, You Xin reached out ‘his’ hand to try and block his scarlet cheeks that revealed certain thoughts, but was afraid of hurting Jiu Shu’s hand.


In the end, he could only maintain a slightly comical movement to stay where he stood, his expression helpless as he looked at his beloved.



Jiu Shu smiled with ripples at the ends of his narrow eyes, making You Xin blush even more.



Jiu Shu was a bit afraid that those hot cheeks would scald him, so he stopped teasing him, withdrew his hand, and formally excused himself.



He did have things to attend to, the time had come to wrap up the trap he had set up for the Ten Elders Club earlier, and while the definition of suffering was still unclear, at least for the time being the task of resolving the Ten Elders Club first was clear.



You Xin walked to the door of the theater, watching Jiu Shu leave in his car until the neon light hid every last bit of shadow, before he lost his gaze and retracted it.



Tonight had been the happiest he’d ever been.


So happy that for the first time, he felt like time had passed so quickly, instead of the years he had spent in the past.


If all the suffering of the first half of his life had been for today, then You Xin was willing to be happy.



Back in the basement, ‘he’ looked at the movie tickets left on the table and couldn’t help but show another girlish blush as he remembered the dreamy date he had just had.



He carefully placed the movie ticket in his half of the room, wrapping it in a box and placing it with the other precious magazines he had collected.



Then he sat down next to the seat where Jiu Shu had just sat, as if he were sitting with his sweetheart, head bowed, red-faced and wondering what he was thinking.



Thinking about it, he suddenly touched his cheeks that had just been kissed, subconsciously revealing a silly smile.



After a long time, only then did You Xin get himself together and took out a bouquet of paper flowers from the box under the table.



They were flowers that had been carefully folded by ‘him’, and they were Jiu Shu’s favorite roses.


At least that was what the magazines said.


‘He’ couldn’t afford any expensive gifts, but he wanted to give his beloved the best of everything, the best he could.



As a props master who only specialized in making opera props, the most appropriate gift that You Xin could think of was this.



He had planned to send it to Jiu Shu in a few days, and today his sudden arrival had disrupted the plan, but You Xin didn’t mind in the slightest; on the contrary, he was so happy, so happy that he was almost humming a song.



The tall man wrapped the paper flowers in his hands one by one and put them into the delicately patterned wrapping paper as a gift for his date the day after tomorrow.



The thin branches and leaves were a poor match for the slender, wide palm, but You Xin’s movements were surprisingly deft.

As he did so, every fold in the petals was meticulous, indistinctly more delicate and delicate than real flowers, and the work of art was as fine and elegant as ever.



But You Xin seemed dissatisfied, and he removed a few of the newly folded flowers, the petals fluttering off the table, soft as real flowers.



Under the slightly dim light, the man with a huge and horrible figure carefully folded the paper flowers in his hand, his pale and bloodless fingers forming a strong tonal contrast with the crimson colored flowers.



[The body should be changed back.]



An abrupt voice interrupted the man’s movements, and an extra crease appeared on the rose that was about to be folded.


You Xin looked down at the rose paper flowers in his hands, and a cold, fierce light seemed to flash through his dark pupils.



“Wait a little longer, you’re not in a hurry, I have a date the day after tomorrow ……” said You Xin in a showy manner, but the slightly rough slender fingers quietly tightened, as if suppressing a deep malice.


[……] You Xin kept silent.



He could have just seized control of this body, but out of politeness, he didn’t do it directly, letting his sister continue to make the paper flowers in ‘her’ hands.



Petal after petal, the cascading red color of the rose petals showed up in blood-like splendor within the dimly lit basement.



This time the paper flower seemed to satisfy You Xin, and ‘he’ smiled happily as he scrutinized the nuances of the branches under the light, imagining what it would be like to give the flower away.


There was a long silence as You Xin looked at his sister, who was so different from before.



In just a few short days, the sister who used to only hysterically abuse others seemed to have turned into a different person.


Just because of a singer she just met.


The slightly weary face of the youth just now floated in his mind, causing You Xin’s heart to throb inexplicably.



As well as the words – My lover’s body mesmerizes me.



The sentence that came out from between the youth’s petal-like lips and teeth stuck to his heart like honey, making one at a loss for words.


It was as if he was truly enamored with this ugly body, and had fallen in love with You Xin as a result.



But that was something that could never happen.



No upper class person in the limelight would fall in love with a good-for-nothing bottom-feeder, let alone someone as psychologically sick as You Xin.



You Xin kept denying it, but somehow felt a burning sensation growing hotter in his heart, mixed with confused and twisted emotions.

It was almost as if he was jealous of his own sister for being loved by that young singer.


Such a thought suddenly popped into his mind, out of the blue, but as if it were a long hidden truth.


It was exposed in the burning fire of jealousy.



The hand with which You Xin was making paper flowers suddenly slammed uncontrollably on the tabletop.



Before ‘he’ could resentfully rage at the master personality, You Xin, for not keeping his word, in the next second, when he opened his eyes again, the tall man had become silent and wooden.


He looked at his subconsciously trembling palms, and his ears seemed to ring with a jumble of voices, the cries of his sister before she died, the voices of many people jeering, and more than anything else, the voice of his mother.


In front of his eyes seemed to appear his mother, who had a fierce face and deep-set eye sockets before her death, with her withered arms in a death grip around his neck.



“You’re just like your father! Never learned to be faithful to love!”



“You’re jealous of your sister?”


“After you fell in love with Ai Li, you fell in love with another, didn’t you?”



“What a dirty bastard!”



“No one will ever love a monster like you!”

“Why don’t you go die! Why aren’t you the one to die!”



Splat – Crimson blood dripped down, and the stinging sensation on his forehead brought You Xin back from his hallucination to see that the wall in front of him was already covered in blood.


Obviously caused by him hitting his head against the wall during his unconsciousness.

Fingers touched the bloody wound on his forehead as blood ran down his cheek, You Xin revealed a slightly bewildered look.


In silence, he pulled out the medicine from his desk drawer and chewed a few white tablets before leaning back in his chair, eyes downcast and unsure of what he was thinking.


Exhaustion prevented him from continuing to think, and along with the burning sensation in his heart just now, he fell into a darkness.



When ‘he’ opened his eyes again, You Xin saw a blood-red color in front of him, blood obscuring his vision.



“!” You Xin hastily wiped away the blood in front of ‘his’ eyes.



The wound on his forehead was still bleeding out, gurgling down his cheek, but for the moment, You Xin couldn’t care less, although he was afraid of the pain, the paper flowers on the table were more important.

Luckily, the paper flower was fine, and You Xin carefully wiped off the blood stained on the table, moving the paper flower a bit further away before sighing in relief.



“Hmph, crazy.”



Only then did You Xin look down at the blood on his hand and let out a snort.


‘His’ brother always thought he was a saner person than everyone else, but in truth, You Xin was the one who was truly insane, a monster.



No longer paying attention to what was going on with You Xin, You Xin picked up the materials on the table and continued to make rose paper flowers.



His time was precious, he must make the most satisfactory flower before the day after tomorrow.


Thinking so, a sweet smile appeared on the corners of You Xin’s mouth.



In the gloomy room, the man with a pale white complexion had a bloody forehead, blood sliding down his cheeks, revealing a corpse-like pallor that was bloodless.


The man, however, seemed as if he didn’t care, and the smile on his face was filled with morbid joy.




I feel bad for the master personality though 😶‍🌫️

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