C1.14—- Crime Record

This series of movies featuring You Xin all had a rabbit mask at the center of the cover.



At first it was the original white color, but later it became more and more broken, and the color became darker and darker as if it was stained with blood.


Until this final installment, which was a fragmented mask made entirely of human fragments.


Before he clicked on the synopsis, he knew that the number of people who died in this movie would only reach a new high, but he didn’t expect it to be so high.



[The sky became overcast, and looking out from space, one could see bizarre layers of clouds that seemed to have been stirred by a pair of large invisible hands, converging in a corner over the ocean.

It looked like an eye opening from the ground.


It was as if countless human voices were gathered together, disorganized and shrill.


As this strange and shrill scream resounded throughout the planet, all humans covered their ears in pain, but nothing could stop the sound.


It was as if the sound was not coming in through the ears, but from the depths of the soul.


The great men who used to be high up in the world looked frenzied and praised the greatness of god with their mouths; they took off the black hoods from their heads and wore white rabbit masks, wanting to celebrate the presence of god in this way.


But what responded to them was boiling air and agonizing emotions as if they were suffocating.
It was god who wept.]


This was the scene at the end of the movie before the destruction of the Earth.


Jiu Shu returned to the beginning of the movie and re-watched it again in detail.


This series of horror films by the Object of Punishment featured a burly man in a mask who kept hacking away at people.

With his inhuman ability to recover from his resurrection, the Object of Punishment could be called invincible, and not even heavy firepower weapons could stop him.


But after all, he was a fleshly mortal, and would still be hurt by human weapons.


However, he was extremely resilient, and if they could cut off his head in a short period of time, then he would soon come back to life with full blood.



So there were only two death experiences in the entire series.



Once was in one of the middle movies, when he was accidentally blown to pieces with a missile.


The last time was in this last movie.



He died because of the heavy traps laid by the Ten Elders Club, and his body was soaked in a special holy liquid that suppresses the speed of reanimation and used as a sacrifice to awaken the god.


Unlike the previous movies, which were pure hack and slash, this last one was somewhat nerve-wracking and the images were mostly meaningless and depressing.
In fact, only the opening installments of the series were relatively unimpeded bloody flicks, and the further along they went, the more they took on a strong style of religious repression.


The people who died as a result of the cult gradually became the focus of the movie, bringing out the insanity and stupidity of the cultists.
In the later stages of each movie, it was revealed that the people the target of the punishment cut were all fanatical cultists, and that each one of them carried unforgivable sins, and even deserved to die.


Because most of the time, the object of punishment, You Xin, was very agile in his actions, and even evaded the key points if there was any, all in order to purify the soul.



Physical death wasn’t his focus.



As long as the sinner under his judgment lost consciousness, he would cease his actions, and those wounded by him woke up demented as if their souls had been harvested away.


Jiu Shu thought that maybe not many people actually died at the hands of the object of the punishment throughout the series, it was just that there was more blood in the scene to make it look gory.
In fact, most of them died at the hands of the Ten Elders Club.


The Ten Elders Club was the embodiment of human evil to the extreme.



Originally, when he didn’t discover the hidden buttons on the system panel and found these spin-off movies, Jiu Shu had actually vaguely noticed the abnormalities in the original portrayal.



For example, the description of the target of punishment when killing was vague, it wasn’t explained whether they were really dead, he looked through the original novel but never found the answer.


Later in the movie, he did get the answer, all the Ten Elders Club did.
They found the once-failed sacrifice when the object of discipline first stepped in to protect Ai Li.


Accidentally realizing that the Subject of Discipline at this point was very different from the weak person he was as a child, possessing an incredibly strong body with unusually powerful recovery abilities, he was perfectly qualified to resurrect the god.


They regarded this as a gift from the gods and began to plan a bloody plot.



At that time, the object of discipline upheld a certain bottom line, and didn’t kill people, everything was only to protect Ai Li.


It was as if if if he killed someone, he would never be able to go back to his old ways and live the normal life he dreamed of.


However, the target of the punishment was still treated as a murderer, a psychopathic killer.


Because those people were missing, dead without evidence.


It was the Ten Elders Club that did it.



They collected all the people who were not killed by the Subject of Discipline and used them as sacrifices in a ritual.


The target of the punishment was the main character of the sacrifice.


And the Ten Elders Club did it all to make the sacrifice perfect.

What they believed in was a god named Kasmos.


And this god was rumored to be the one who created this world, and most of its followers revered suffering and sorrow, firmly believing that if they collected enough suffering they would awaken the sleeping god.



The object of punishment served as the sacrifice that carried the deity, and all the suffering it had endured in its lifetime became the spice that made this sacrifice perfect.


The fire in the original story was another masterpiece of the Ten Elders Club.


They burned alive at the altar the object of discipline, who hadn’t yet been completely dehumanized at that time, and got a ghost that returned from the resurrection.



The god they expected didn’t appear.



On the contrary, the subject of the punishment was extremely disgusted by the so-called god, and both the main personality and the sub-personalities hated those who bore the mark of the religious with a passion.



Passing by an altar dedicated to the god, even if they were busy hunting down the religious, they turned a corner and went up and stomped on it twice, collapsing it.


All in all, this object of punishment who kept slashing people as long as he had a weapon in his hand in the movie could even be said to have been at the forefront of the fight against cults, and was a pretty positive character.


Jiu Shu was amused by this thought.


But after a moment he became serious again, his long eyelashes covering his amber clear black eyes, his expression thoughtful.



Judging from the plots of the dozen or so movies, although on the surface the sacrifice hadn’t succeeded, Jiu Shu felt that perhaps the sacrifice had actually succeeded.


From the very beginning, the object of punishment succeeded when it was born.


At the time of his birth, You Xin, who hadn’t yet experienced suffering, was extremely weak and obedient, and the more he grew up, the more he became unable to empathize with others, and his expression became indifferent.


His body became stronger and stronger, as if the suffering was urging him to grow.


Later, after the death and resurrection, the subject of discipline became even more indifferent, he got a super recovery ability and was suspected to be able to harvest the soul, it was like he was already possessed by the god.


All of this was very similar to the god described by those cultists.


If it was left unchecked like this, perhaps one day, a god would really walk the world through the body of a punishment target.


But that was just a guess after all.



Because in the last movie, the Ten Elders Club interrupted the process.


They performed a final sacrifice with the body of the punishment object.


Perhaps because the subject really did contain a part of god, the Ten Elders Club actually succeeded in this sacrifice, and they forcibly awakened god.



In the end, however, the religious people who had awakened the god didn’t have much to show for it.


Because this god was different from what they had imagined.


It wasn’t as they imagined that he enjoyed watching humans suffer and endure hardships, which was why the doctrine was full of various hardships.



But that he himself was in pain, crying until the planet was destroyed.

Jiu Shu looked at the movie screen in front of him, his bony fingers subconsciously rubbing against his lips, his brow furrowing slightly.


If this movie was the end of this world, then it was really a bit difficult.
From the entire movie, Kasmos, the god, was simply an uncommunicative God of Extinction, with not the slightest bit of sanity to speak of, and the technology of this world hadn’t reached a level where it could restrict His movements.



This meant that there was no room for redemption once awakened.


Having experienced so many missions before, it wasn’t that Jiu Shu hadn’t actually encountered real gods, but at that time, his soul was still weak, and he hadn’t yet reached the level of contacting a god.



The system didn’t seem to be afraid of those gods either, after all, it could cross the world and leave at any time.


Now this god, on the other hand, made even the system a little afraid.

Jiu Shu savored the System’s eagerness after arriving in this world, and discovered the fear implicit in it.
To be able to make this arrogant to the core guy so scared, it was only to be feared that it wasn’t easy to deal with.



Of course, it could also be because the System was currently isolated and missing the backbone it used to have against the gods.


In any case, regardless of the reason, to Jiu Shu, this situation wasn’t good.



Originally, he had planned to strategize and make complete preparations before dealing with the Ten Elders Club, but now it seemed that he had to act immediately.


After all, there was only ten short years before the world’s destruction.



In fact, Jiu Shu was able to leave at the time of the world’s destruction, his soul strength was currently able to support him in traveling through the world barriers, but then the system would be completely out of control.



The original purpose of trying to figure out the system’s weaknesses would not be achieved.


Jiu Shu wasn’t a person who easily admitted defeat.



“…… How about imprisonment?” He murmured thoughtfully, agonizing over how to respond.


Hiding the object of punishment was a good plan, that way the Ten Elders Club’s sacrifice couldn’t succeed and destroy the world.



But that would be too stifling.



Imagining the big, stupid man from before being locked up in the dark underground, Jiu Shu actually felt slightly uncomfortable.


He had managed to get rid of the system’s control with great difficulty, not to come to this world to be aggravated.



“It’s better to settle that group of cultists.”


Jiu Shu said seriously, opening the laptop on the side and typing with his only left hand, so fast that it almost turned into a stump.



Sometimes, if you couldn’t solve the trouble, then solve the person who made the trouble.



After a drop – a pleasant beep – he entered the control center of this world’s network system.


Looking at the computer screen in front of him, the rushing data streams were reflected in Jiu Shu’s beautiful pupils, to him, the network of this world was horribly fragile.



Compared to his original world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the technology level of this world was in its infancy.



In the quiet room, there was only the sound of his slender white fingers tapping on the keyboard.


After a long time, he seemed to let out a snort.


“…… god?”


Jiu Shu was beginning to miss his hometown a bit.



Though the people there had a terrible desire to learn, which ultimately led to that destruction brought about by the systems, the courage to study even the gods as long as it was useful was indeed more than praiseworthy.



You Xin knew he was dreaming.


Since being discharged from the hospital, he had rarely dreamed.


But perhaps because so much had happened recently, or because he hadn’t taken his medication, he had a very long dream.


In the dream he was looking at himself from a third person’s perspective.



The boy in the hospital gown laid on the familiar electric chair, hissing in pain the moment the current activated.


He watched the scene with indifference, like he had just realized that he had once actually shown such weakness.


The next scene was in a hospital room, where several adults in hospital gowns were punching and kicking at a wall.



You Xin walked nearby and saw that in the corner was a skinny boy struggling to protect his head, beaten and bleeding.


On his pale face were eyes full of numbness, and his lips quirked as if he were talking to someone, trying to use it for comfort.


But You Xin knew that all he got was sarcasm and gloating from his sister.


The last was the one who had grown up.


You Xin saw himself walking into the theater, his expression wooden as he followed the pot-bellied owner as he familiarized himself with the theater.


This theater that his mother had brought him to many times during her lifetime.


“You’ll be working here from now on, be careful! Don’t disturb the actors!”


The boss left, but You Xin remained standing in the same place.



For a rehearsal was taking place on the stage.


Right where the mother had hanged herself and died, a woman wearing a long, seaweed-thick wig was singing.


She reached out her hand and made a gesture of embracing something, with exaggerated facial expressions and soft singing voice.


It gradually overlapped with the mother’s appearance.


Why did he dream about this?
You Xin didn’t quite understand.



He stood beside himself, both equally expressionless faces looking at the woman on stage, seemingly even in the same mood.


But You Xin knew that he was a little dumbfounded at the time, and he seemed to see his mother, reaching out his hand to touch, and then withdrawing it.


Touching the heart that seemed to be stuck tightly, the suffocating like feeling made the then You Xin think that this might be the heartbeat.
He fell in love with this stranger on the stage.


Like the doctor said when he was discharged from the hospital, he was back to normal and had learned how to love people.


Withdrawing his gaze, You Xin looked at his blank expression in the dream and showed some bewilderment as well.



Why was that feeling gone now?



You Xin didn’t know why.



He just silently lowered his eyes and suddenly touched his cheek, as if something remained on it.



In the next instant, the dream changed again.



In the dream it was You Xin talking to himself.


[You said you like her?]


[Pfft… hahahahaha!]



You Xin’s laughter was sharp and sarcastic.



[Then what do you love about her?]


You Xin didn’t answer.



The world in the dream was falling apart, and You Xin knew he was going to wake up.



At the end of the dream, You Xin’s voice suddenly became extremely cold.



Cold as his own voice.



[Isn’t it your fantasized lover that you love?]


[Is that woman really what you fantasize about?]



Opening his eyes, he looked at the familiar mottled ceiling above his head and sat up expressionlessly.


He suddenly spoke, “You Xin, were you the one talking in the dream?”


Inexplicably awakened by the shout, You Xin grunted coldly, ignoring You Xin’s sudden outburst.



It was probably his sister’s doing again, thought You Xin.


‘She’ always liked to see him in pain, as if it would make ‘her’ partially happy.


He loved Ai Li, of course, and not some fantasy.



He was a man exactly as his mother had demanded, faithful.



He would go and confess his love to Ai Li later, and even if he wasn’t accepted, it didn’t matter, he would watch over her silently and just watch her be happy.



With this thought, You Xin even imagined himself going to confess to Ai Li.





After a few moments of silence, You Xin suddenly touched his stomach, feeling like he wanted to turn over and vomit.


But he couldn’t throw up, it was like it was just a mental retching.



Perhaps it was time to eat, so You Xin thought, but he couldn’t help his brow furrowing tighter and tighter.



He wanted to resist those strange remarks in his dream, to prove that he wasn’t in love with a fantasy, and for that reason had imagined himself confessing his love to the real Ai Li.



But strangely enough, the more he imagined it, the more he felt unbearably irritable, as if he was suppressing pent-up anger in his chest that was hard to dispel, and the feeling of regurgitation got worse and worse.



He didn’t think it was because he felt sick of the real Ai Li that he wanted to vomit, after all, she was the person he liked.



You Xin thought woodenly.



But he still didn’t know how to eliminate the annoyance in his heart, he could only guess, perhaps it was difficult to endure the love for Ai Li, so it had reached the point of having to confess.



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