C1.13 —- Crime Record


The raindrops continued to snap and fall under the overcast sky, passing through the building glass and light signs, hitting the neon lights in the puddles.

The intersection was getting crowded with people, all craning their necks, watching the young singer on the big screen, lingering on his every move.


You Xin swept his gaze indifferently over the group of strangers, and without looking up again at the young singer on the screen, he turned away from the area and continued on in the direction of the theater.



He crossed the slightly crowded streets littered with advertising light boards, and as he passed through the shadowy alleys, he heard a small cacophony of voices, and turned his head to realize that it was a dilapidated street-side newsstand.

Newspaper kiosk surrounded by five or six people, they were scrambling for something with a red-faced appearance, as if they would start fighting at any time.



“Aiya don’t fight don’t fight, there’s more here!” The newsstand owner hurriedly lifted out the other goods in the paper box and rearranged the shelves.



It was some magazine portraits.



One of the most conspicuous and popular was an entertainment magazine, the cover design of the magazine was very clean, there were no extra words, just two simple small words.


Jiu Shu.


You Xin’s wooden gaze was fixed on the picture on the magazine cover.



It was a young singer with short, slightly curly black hair plastered to a beautifully curved jaw, forming a strong color contrast with his snow-white skin, beautiful as if it was unreal.



“I’ll buy them all!” The people gathered around looked at the magazines on the shelves and started scrambling again.


In the end, it was the boss who was afraid of an accident and limited the purchase to one per person that was able to appease the crowd.


The people who bought the magazines left in a hurry, and the dilapidated kiosk returned to silence.


Ths boss could finally breathe a sigh of relief, he just wanted to rest, when he saw a tall figure standing next to him.



At first, he was startled, but perhaps the darkness of the night hid the aura brought by the scars on the man’s face, and after seeing the man’s focused gaze, the boss revealed a smile of understanding: “Hey, hey, customers can look at whatever they want, and if they like it, they can buy it, this is the best of the best, and it’s the last batch, so you won’t be able to buy it tomorrow… …”

At those words, the tall man seemed to pause, but finally picked up the magazine, his eyes traveling over the cover.


He had no other thoughts.

It was just that the man on the magazine didn’t seem to be the same as him in reality.


The youth on the magazine cover had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes that were half-converged, with a bit of diffidence, as if he didn’t care about anything, and nothing could be put on his mind.


There was a sense of distance that was inscrutable and unapproachable.


Compared to the person who had just smiled gently and kissed him on the cheek, he was a different person.


For a moment, You Xin couldn’t tell which one was the real him.


He just felt that the youth in the photo made him feel incredibly distant, as if they were destined to be people from two worlds who could never get close.



And this was indeed the case.


The sourness at his heart grew heavier and heavier, and such a feeling felt foreign to him.


He couldn’t help but frown, showing a rare emotion.


Perhaps it was coming from his sister, You Xin judged.


Flipping through the magazine, it was only then that he realized that there was barely any text in the magazine, and every page was filled with high definition photographs, and to say they were portraits would be an understatement.


Many of them were photos taken from his interview videos, and each close-up was extraordinarily clear.


The young singer in the photo was answering the host’s questions, leaning back on the sofa in a relaxed posture, a commonplace image.


However, under the intentionally enlarged close-up lens, the lightly furrowed eyebrows, white fingertips, and rosy lips, all gave people the illusion of flavor.


Obviously the action didn’t have the slightest hint, just a young person’s normal expression and action.


Compared to other stars who were gorgeously dressed and immovably dressed in revealing clothes, exposing their chests and thighs to attract the public’s attention, the youth’s simple shirt and pants outfit could even be called scruffy and unkempt.



However, it was so strange that people could not take their eyes off of it.



Looking at the Jiu Shu in the photo, You Xin suddenly recalled those incomparably weird praises he had seen when he had torn apart You Xin’s collection earlier, and felt that these close-ups were probably the work of fans as well.



After all, those people had always called the one-hit wonder singer god’s most perfect creation, believing him to be like the siren in the old legends, with magical powers that no human being could resist.


It was probably only under the lens of those fans that these moving moments could be captured.


You Xin put down the magazine in his hand in silence, recalling the youth’s gentle kiss, the heart in his chest was beating again.



Perhaps it was true, as the fans who were so fanatical that they lost their minds had said, that Jiu Shu had the blood of Siren, and that everyone who looked at him would have their souls taken.


And he, the one being kissed, just had his heart beating faster, so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

You Xin thought so.



Yet even he felt that the idea was a bit ridiculous, but it was also true that he couldn’t think of an answer, or perhaps he subconsciously didn’t want to reveal the answer that made him afraid to admit it.


After all, as his mother said, love should be faithful.


After falling in love with someone, any other feelings were blasphemous and ugly.


The person he loved could only be Ai Li.


[…… Buy it.]


You Xin, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.



Her voice was slightly hoarse, as if it was squeezed out from between her teeth.


After hearing his sister’s voice, You Xin didn’t move, he didn’t want to buy his love rival’s photo magazine.


It was as if once he bought the magazine, he would be completely unable to hide the unknown fluttering in his heart, and You Xin was even a little unaware of his own fears, fearing those emotions that should not have been there in the first place.

And so, in the face of her sister’s request, You Xin was silent in his resistance.



[……] You Xin clenched her teeth in exasperation at his silence, ‘she’ still seemed to be having trouble suppressing the hatred in her heart, her emotions extremely unstable, wanting to open her mouth to spit on this disgusting, brother of hers.


She was also afraid of missing the magazine in front of her.


You Xin didn’t know the preciousness of this magazine, but it didn’t mean that ‘she’ did not know.

Jiu Shu had never done a photoshoot before, and all these entertainment magazines were just playing it safe.



Disguised as magazines, they were actually filled with photos that were not permitted by the copyright holders and could easily be censored.



These magazines were also unique.

She had already lost so many collections before, ‘she’ just couldn’t bear the feeling of not having even a single collection in her hands.


Especially since the one in front of her was all super high definition photos, much better quality than ‘her’ previous collection.




After a silent stalemate, You Xin finally compromised.



‘She’ endured the humiliation and said that as long as she bought the magazine, in the future, ‘she’ would not target You Xin’s sweetheart, Ai Li.


[In the future, we’ll keep our wells clean, and as long as you don’t get in my way, I won’t hurt that woman either.]


This was a humiliating concession to You Xin.


It seemed that You Xin was also aware of his sister’s bottom line, and he hesitated for a moment before finally buying the magazine.


It wasn’t his intention, but he was forced by his sister’s threat.


As he thought of this, the sky dripped with cool rain drops, sliding down on his face, which was always pale and bloodless, without the slightest hint of expression.

The magazine owner handed the magazine to him, and thoughtfully wrapped it in a layer of plastic to waterproof it.


Within earshot, You Xin kept urging him to hurry up and put the magazine away, as if she had already forgotten the previous unpleasantness.


But he knew that his sister hadn’t gotten over it.



He could still feel the piercing hatred and resentment from her, like an active volcano buried under the ground, the surging magma would be known until it erupted.


You Xin put the magazine away, perhaps at his sister’s request or perhaps some unspeakable thought.

He tucked the magazine away in his arms where it rested against his chest, close to his beating heart.

Wrapped in his coat, blocking the rain from the outside world, as if he was afraid that the magazine had suffered the slightest damage.

Inside the detached villa in the city center, Jiu Shu was lying on the bed, glancing at the rain dripping outside the window, and in the pattering rain he was a little out of his mind thinking that he wondered if that big guy had a place to take shelter from the rain.



The Theater wasn’t very far from here, counting the time, he should have already gone back.



Jiu Shu subconsciously rubbed his lips with his fingertips, flushing a faint red, he withdrew his thoughts and once again clicked on the system panel.



The system was now completely silent.



At first, when it saw the disciplinary object come over, it still had the arrogant look of being eager to jump out of his soul and finish off the disciplinary object by itself.


But he didn’t know when it started to suddenly disappear.


After a moment of thought, it started after he confirmed his relationship with the target of punishment, it became just as quiet as a duck that was grabbed by the neck.


[System, are you there? Let’s have a chat?] Jiu Shu’s flippant tone was filled with malice.


[……] The system didn’t respond in the slightest.


It was only then that Jiu Shu realized that the system bound to his soul exploded with sharp data streams all over his body, seemingly exasperated.



Seeing this, Jiu Shu almost laughed out loud, his curved peach blossom eyes brimming with a bright light, no longer paying attention to the system, he continued to watch the movie he didn’t finish last night.



Perhaps because the system was too busy being angry to trip him up right now, he watched the movie a lot faster.


He found that the dozen or so movie sets were all pretty much the same, and the screen full of blood made him a little aesthetically fatigued.


So he simply skipped to the last one and prepared to watch it backwards.


“…… Well.” Jiu Shu looked at the synopsis of the last movie, and his eyebrows tightened slightly, revealing some surprise.



It was actually the end of the world.


This exaggerated ending really made him suspect that the director couldn’t film anymore and messed around.


Jiu Shu flicked the progress bar, watching the scene of the destruction of Blue Star at the end of the movie, and went back a little further.



The cause of the destruction was actually that god who had been a god throughout the series.



“…… Tch.” It was actually a post-apocalyptic world.


Jiu Shu had indeed underestimated the extent to which the system had set him up.


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