“No ….. who are you?”


Father Lin originally wanted to turn back and argue, but he didn’t expect to just turn his head and see the 180 tall, dressed in an extremely hardcore manner, Ji Cangshu.



His breath was finally held back by fear.


He quickly swallowed and bravely continued.


“Lin Lang’s future coach, Ji Cangshu.”


“Since you do business in H Province, you can’t have never even heard of our Ji family, right?”


Lin Lang hadn’t dealt with Ji Cangshu much in his last life, and didn’t even know that the Ji he was surnamed by was the same Ji of the leading company in Province H, the Ji Yun Group.


In this way, it could also explain why he, who had cut off contact with almost everyone in the circle, could come as soon as he was called by Shen Lianqiu.


After all, since the last generation, the Shen and Ji families had always had family ties.


If before this, father Lin father was still a little confident, then now, after hearing the real identity of Ji Cangshu, even this confidence was completely gone.



He started sweating in winter, his face was completely pale.


What arrogance, what high and mighty attitude? It was all gone, he turned back to grab his son’s hand to quietly slip away from the side.



But the result was, not even two steps away, Ji Cangshu straightforwardly stopped him.



“People have their own ambitions in this world, a skater may not earn much money, but the honor he earns for himself, for this country, you can’t buy it no matter how much money you spend.”


“You can spend your life being mediocre for money, but you are not qualified to belittle the faith of those athletes in the arena.”


“I don’t care what you think, but in my case, Lin Lang is the best in the world.”



Ji Cangshu stood in place, facing the three people in front of him, all the gangster aura had faded away, all that remained was a seriousness beyond the ordinary people.


It even looked more shocking and intimidating than when he acted sloppily.



“Anyway, until he comes of age, there will definitely be times when you need to be used, but I hope that after this, you can please shut up and cooperate.”



“Otherwise, I don’t care if it’s cooler or hotter, but it’ll time for that new Liu family business you’ve gotten to go bankrupt.”



The strength of the Ji family, had always been unquestionable, just a small Liu family, compared to it, was simply a distance between the sky and the ground.


It wasn’t worth mentioning.


It was precisely because of this that Ji Cangshu had just said this, to scared Father Lin and his new son.


His son, who had been so arrogant in the face of Lin Lang, didn’t last even a second in front of Ji Canghai.



And he himself, due to the influence of his own sand carving temperament, after they left, he failed to remain handsome in front of Lin Lang for more than five seconds.


“How about it? Your coach is not a cover, right? Just now, wasn’t I cool?”



Ji Cangshu proudly pinched his waist and stood in front of Lin Lang, with his head and chest held high. He almost wrote three words of praise on his face.


“Yes, thank you, Coach Ji.”


Lin Lang stood in place, smiled and cooperated with a nod, then immediately saw the expression of satisfaction that appeared on the person’s face.


“No need to be so polite, from now on you are my cub, if you have any problems, just tell coach, coach will give you a solution.”


“But compared to Shen Lianqiu, I still fall short, with him following you around every day, I’m afraid there is not much use for me in this area.”


As Ji Cangshu spoke, he couldn’t help but stare at the direction Father Lin left, and pursed his lips with regret.



“Take today’s matter, if it was replaced by Mr Xiao Shen, according to his temper, perhaps today after a phone call, the Liu family would go bankrupt.”

[TN: Xiao — Little]

Ji family and the Shen family was originally equal in strength, until Shen Lianqiu took over the family business a few years ago and became famous throughout the business world for his fierce and tough tactics.


In less than a few years, the Shen Group had grown to the point that even the Ji Yun of the Ji family had to be pressed into service.



“Moreover, I have been practicing skating on the ice rink since I was young, and have never ventured into business. For so many years, I have only been a small player in Ji Yun who holds a small stake and receives dividends every year.”


“Compared to an industrialist like Shen Lianqiu, who has always been at the forefront, I can’t do too much. This time since he decided to come back, then I’m afraid that in the domestic business community, there will soon be another big move.”



Lin Lang stood in the same place, listening to Ji Cangshu, he was still thinking about Shen Lianqiu, then saw two uniformed security brothers walking straight towards them.


Before he could ask what the so-called big move Ji Canghai just said meant, the man in front of him immediately covered the back of his head again and turned around with a cheeky grin to talk to someone.



“I came to give you the ID card back. In the future, don’t dress up like this and wander around the school gate! The children might think you’re the big brother who came to collect protection fees, and report you.”


“Yes, yes, yes, definitely.”

Lin Lang had been watching Ji Cangshu by the side, he politely spoke with the two security guards, nodding and bowing, with an 180 degree change of attitude.


There was a sudden feeling in his mind that things had changed.


The winter climate in the north was cold, and even more so in H Province, where the temperature in December had reached about minus 20 degrees.



Even wearing a heavy down jacket, standing outside and talking for a little longer, it would still feel too cold to bear.



Therefore, after holding his ID card pressed against the security room, Ji Cangshu didn’t talk much. He immediately turned around and put on his sunglasses. With a smirk, he raised his chin at Lin Lang and spoke in his Northeast Cantonese accent.


“Pretty boy, don’t wait any longer, get in the car.”


“Before we leave, I’ll take you to have a meal of our most famous barbecue in B City, it just so happens that I haven’t been back to eat for years.”


Lin Lang agreed while following Ji Cangshu in the car, but when he was putting on his seat belt, his mind was still thinking about the big move that Ji Cangshu just said Shen Lianqiu was going to make in the domestic business world.


Lin Lang didn’t know what it was referring to, but subconsciously he felt it would be related to the trip he had to make before he left this time.


And it turned out that Lin Lang’s intuition was indeed right.


As soon as the news of Shen Lianqiu’s intention to stay in China to develop the ice knife industry reached the Shen Group, other relatives of the Shen family who had taken up shares immediately came forward to throw cold water.


“I say, what does Xiao Qiu mean by this move? As a group president, making such a hasty decision is too immature, right, when the old man opened the ice knife factory, we knew the twists and turns.”


“In terms of the domestic technology level now, he wants to develop this industry, it’s simply impossible, it can’t be done.”


To make a good pair of ice skates, the first key component to do well was the ice blade located on the bottom of the shoe.



Although it was called by this name, but it wasn’t as simple as just a blade, to be precise, it was just a steel knife-like object mounted on the underside of the ice skates.


To put it more graphically, it was like a blade that had been widened and then sharpened with a curved groove in the middle, so that it had both an inner and outer edge.



The curvature of the blade, the weight of the blade, and even the depth of the groove would affect the user.


It was an extremely important part of skate manufacturing.


Speed skating ends had a long body and a small curved blade for faster cornering and skating, and the contact surface between the ice skate blade and the ice surface would be larger.


The hockey blade had a short body and a large curvature, which allowed the user to move more flexibly on the ice.


The skating blade, on the other hand, involved jumping on the ice in addition to skating, so in addition to the two blades, there was also a special section of the front of the blade for jumping when the blade was used to point the ice.



But no matter which of these three types of ice skates, there were only two key points in the production, one was the quality of the connection between the blade and the shoe, and the other was the material of the blade itself.


High-end ice knife steel needed powder metallurgy steel, only a few foreign companies had that in production, it could only be imported from Germany or Switzerland and other countries.


Invisibly, it added a significant cost, and professional ice skates were often composed of two layers of steel.


The upper part required elasticity for soft steel, while the lower part required hardness. The two layers of steel must be welded together. Even if the steel was imported from abroad, with the current technology in China, it was still difficult to straighten the multi-point welding of the upper and lower layers.


Without the relevant corrective equipment, the only remaining way was to import finished products directly from abroad.


In that case, not only were costs high and profits low, but there was no need to talk about creating a new industry independent brand.


“It’s not that I’m an uncle that talks too much, but Xiao Qiu has been fooling around to this point, you two parents, don’t know how to control him? You’ll just let him drag all the shares of everyone here down with him?”


At the regular meeting of the Shen Group, several relatives of the Shen family who had always had the intention of seizing power were shouting, and the smell of gunpowder was full, while most of the others were in a wavering and wait-and-see state.



Only his parents, who were the founders of the Shen Group, remained unchanged at the table, not saying a word.


What the people of Shen’s family said was indeed all right. But even with their previous experience working at Old Shen’s ice skate factory, their attainments in ice skates were still far less professional than Shen Lianqiu, who was raised as an ice skate designer.


Most of their understanding of the issues mentioned was only superficial, knowing only what was there, but not what wasn’t there.


Just like the high-end professional ice skates they just discussed at the meeting, in fact, for China now, the technology was no longer considered very high-end, and domestic production was not impossible.


However, one issue was that there was insufficient relevant production experience, and the other was that some enterprises had varying levels of quality in steel.


After all, they had to consider the cost, if the steel on the production wasn’t high, then the cost would be low, the quality of the ice skates naturally couldn’t go up.



The reason why Shen Lianqiu made this trip specifically before going to J city was to solve this problem.


He wanted to take advantage of this special time period, and with the lowest price, get the best steel, and negotiate with H province special steel enterprises to achieve a win-win situation.


The Northeast was the cradle of China’s special steel, and the special steel enterprise in H Province selected by Shen Lianqiu, was like the big brother of many enterprises.



The whole China’s first furnace high-strength steel, ultra-high steel and high-temperature alloy were all born here.


Only in recent years, this enterprise was in the doldrums.


The expansion of steel production and homogenized competition among enterprises had been hidden dangers in this industry for many years.


Until the impact of the 2008 financial crisis faded away, all enterprises resumed production and expanded production. Since 2009, production had been continuously increasing, leading to regional oversupply, oversupply, and catching up with the international European debt crisis. The international economic situation was also not optimistic.


Many of the hidden dangers buried in the early years suddenly erupted, forcing many factories to start price wars, and even some enterprises had reached the point of guaranteed sales, almost to the extent of breaking an arm to survive.



The ice skate industry in China was now almost blank, and once it developed, the demand for steel was substantial.


Shen Lianqiu could confidently say that as long as the products they produced met the standards he wanted, it would definitely be the most suitable win-win situation.





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