“What did you say?”


Lin Lang listened to Shen Lianqiu mumble, but he didn’t understand what he said.



“Nothing, I don’t have a fixed residence here, I temporarily live with an elder in my family, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and I haven’t asked your teacher for leave yet, so you still have to stay in the dormitory for a few days.”


Shen Lianqiu didn’t explain what he had just said about the origin between the two of them. In just a few words, he diverted Lin Lang’s attention and brought the topic to the agenda of these days.


“I just contacted your father and he will arrive at school at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I will accompany you through some transfer procedures.”


“By the way, this is my secondary card, no limit, feel free to buy anything you want. The sticky note on the back of the card has my assistant’s phone number, if you can’t reach me, call his number.”



Lin Lang looked at the man in front of him who was wearing a shirt with black half-frame glasses and sitting in the driver’s seat, he had no idea when he had arranged all these tedious little things.


He thought Shen Lianqiu was only 24 years old this year? Why did he feel like a reliable adult?


It was almost like he had three big words on his head, worth relying on.


It was hard not to conclude that this was the legendary tyrant?


Lin Lang took the black card he had received from President Shen and recalled the kiss he had thrown him on the ice. He felt as if a canary title had landed on his head.

[TN: Canary aka sugar baby]


Eh… what was he thinking!?


The plot in his mind, like a TV drama, caused Lin Lang to feel a chill, and then he shook his head vigorously, throwing the canary title on his head far away.


No matter how he said it, he and Shen Lianqiu had the most simple and understandable partnership.


Although he knew that Shen Lianqiu wasn’t someone who would do that kind of thing, Lin Lang still didn’t like the feeling of taking so much money from someone for nothing and being taken care of by someone in general.


So this card, although he gladly accepted it, Lin Lang still didn’t intend to eat for nothing, he was determined to use the information he got in his last life to make some investments with Shen Lianqiu’s money.


After Lin Lang broke off relations with his family in his last life, in order to have enough money to support his skating, he also studied investment and money management.


Now that there was the blessing of rebirth buffs, it was almost easier and more enjoyable to operate in this area.



On an A4 sheet of paper, Lin Lang had been writing since he returned to his bedroom, covering everything from stocks, funds, to real estate, when to buy and when to sell, it was all clearly written.



Even if it was a conservative estimate, it could certainly earn a large tens of millions for Shen Lianqiu.


In this way, the money in his card could be spent comfortably.


After all, Lin Lang still preferred to be the god of Wealth than a canary.


That night, when Lin Lang handed these over to Shen Lianqiu’s assistant to buy and operate, that little assistant had noticed that a large portion of those stocks he mentioned were exactly the same as the ones Shen Lianqiu had recently purchased.


Moreover, they were all bought under Shen Lianqiu’s name.



Although he found it a bit strange, but because Shen Lianqiu had previously instructed that the card could be used however Lin Lang wanted, he didn’t stop it.


The reason why Lin Lang did so was that minors couldn’t buy stocks, so he deliberately asked thoughtfully if he should also buy a copy back according to this list.


Lin Lang was lying on a crib less than a meter wide in his dorm room, seeing this text message also vaguely froze for a second before he grabbed his phone again and replied.


“No, there’s no need for that.”


Anyway, the time limit for him to stay in this world was probably only ten years, and it may even be finished today, and he didn’t even know where he’d be tomorrow.

Even if he bought these, the probability was that he wouldn’t use them.


Perhaps after he left, the property that originally belonged to Shen Lianqiu would be given to his father, who now had only a biological relationship with him.


There was really no need for that.



Anyway, after he joined the national team, he was paid every month, and he only had to wait until he was paid to simply buy one or two stocks that were still cheap, so that he could eat and drink without worrying, enough to maintain his expenses for subsequent games and training.



After all, in other aspects, there was still a bully like Shen Lianqiu behind him. The main reason why Lin Lang gave him such a big gift today was that when he spends his money in the future, it would be more reasonable and convenient.



Although Lin Lang said so, the little assistant dared not make decisions without authorization, so he sent these matters to Shen Lianqiu intact.


When Shen Lianqiu gave Lin Lang the vice-card, he had guessed many things Lin Lang would buy after getting the money.



The only thing he hadn’t thought of was that the first thing he would buy would be such a big pile of investments and stocks for himself. Even with the investment that his men have studied for a long time now to make, the overlap could still be so high.


Just how many more surprises and secrets did he have that he didn’t know about?


Shen Lianqiu sat in front of the computer, watching the video of Lin Lang’s training on ice a year ago that was secretly filmed and then exploded in popularity, and slowly sipped his coffee.


Then he made another phone call and instructed his assistant to buy another copy of these stocks that Lin Lang had just mentioned in his name in the form of a gift.


The next morning at eight o’clock, when Lin Lang finished his breakfast and received a text message from Shen Lianqiu, the father who had long since severed ties with him had indeed arrived at school on time.


Although he didn’t know why he was so cooperative this time, he could be sure that it was thanks to Shen Lianqiu.


Thanks to Shen Lianqiu, all these procedures that were originally cumbersome was solved in just a few hours and done properly.



Behind this he must have spent time and effort, Lin Lang knew this, so he didn’t wait until things were all done, he walked out of the office early to buy water for Shen Lianqiu.


On the way back, he ran into two people from his company, dressed in uniforms, waiting at the corner with suitcases.


It looked as if they were going somewhere together on a business trip.



“You said that the child is named Lin Lang? How could President Shen, who is usually like an iron blood instructor, arrange for us to take care of him in person? I heard that today he spent five figures just to invite his father here.”


“So, Mr. Shen is really different from other bosses. He is rich and handsome. Even the average looking young star in the entertainment industry may not be able to match him. According to the truth, it is unlikely that he has been single for so many years.”



“That child is so good-looking, isn’t he the canary of our General Manager Shen?”



Lin Lang was standing behind that corner and listened to the whispers of the two, he didn’t care what they said.


But if he rushed to walk out in this stall, it’d inevitably be a little too awkward.



And just when he was standing in the same place, Shen Lianqiu’s assistant, just at this time also heard their conversation, and walked over.


“What are you talking about? Don’t compare our Boss Shen with those so-called bosses, okay?”


“What canary? I feel that he is more like a god of wealth than a canary, you guys, just think that our Mr. Shen is here today to give offerings to the god of wealth.”


Yesterday Lin Lang just gave him the list of stocks to buy in the name of Shen Lianqiu, today there were two that immediately rose.


You should know that those stocks were formerly unattended, notorious sunset stocks.



Even the eyesight of investors like Shen Lianqiu, didn’t notice it, yesterday when he bought it, all he thought was that just a small amount of money was thrown away.


But he woke up this morning and suddenly found that the two stocks miraculously rose sharply.



A sixteen-year-old boy, was smart to this extent, except for the reincarnation of the god of Wealth, could there be any other explanation?


Lin Lang, behind the corner wall, heard Shen Lianqiu’s assistant’s words, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh, then he saw the eyes of the three people in front of him, all gazing at him.


He finally reacted, and awkwardly walked out of the corner and nodded to the three of them.


Those three remained frozen in place until Lin Lang walked through that section of the corridor and his figure disappeared around the corner, before he was finally able to breathe again through the same big gulp of air.



“When did he appear there? If it’s really as mysterious as Assistant Chen said, then the things we just said wouldn’t have already offended the god of Wealth, right?”




Lin Lang thought back to what had just happened, and after handing the water in his arms to Shen Lianqiu, the smile on his face continued all the way to the school entrance.


Shen Lianqiu indeed going on a business trip today, it was said that there were some things in H province that needed to be done before going to J city, so even if all their formalities were done now, they still had to wait until he was done with this business trip before they could depart for the national team.


The duties of Lin Lang’s guardian were naturally transferred to his current coach during these days.


In recent days, the responsibility of Lin Lang’s guardian had naturally shifted to his current coach.


Ji Cangshu was originally from H Province, but since his retirement, he had been settling down in J City.


This time, it was also because Lin Lang, a good young man, was recruited to his team and he couldn’t wait to see him. Therefore, he quickly completed the admission procedures for the national team, and immediately boarded the plane to catch up.


It looked like the scheduled time was coming, but he was still trapped in the security team at the school gate.


“No, everyone, I really came to the school gate to wait for someone, not to make trouble. Why don’t you believe me?”


“Yes, people who make trouble usually say that when they are caught here.”


Ji Cangshu wearing a bright leather coat, with slicked back hair, with a big sunglasses, helplessly sat in the security room, looking like a desolate wolf from the north from a distance.


The original agreed coach was trapped in the security room, at the agreed time, Lin Lang stood at the door left light right waiting for Ji Cangshu, but unexpectedly he saw his dad who got five figures, before he came over.


And his new son, who has just returned from studying abroad, was now at home.



” I really didn’t expect you to go back to the ice rink and transfer to another school for that skating thing. You’re really getting worse as you learn.”



“When your mother was still there, I said it would be better for you to study hard, take over the family business, learn to run a business, and easily make a lot of money in the future, wouldn’t it be good? If you had to learn how to skate and make money too, I don’t know how you can survive. Learning that stuff can be used to provide meals?”


As Father Lin Fu spoke, he slowly stepped down from his Audi, leaned lightly against a nearby Maybach, and said another word.


“But now I’m in charge of the Liu family’s business, and I’m too lazy to handle your bad things. Have you seen this car? My son has a good future now, and this car will be his goal in a few years.”


“And you, as long as you don’t make trouble for me anymore, thank goodness. You’re just like your impractical mom with your head full.”



Father Lin used to be a businessman in his family, and his business wasn’t small or large. Although he wasn’t considered wealthy or wealthy, his family was also able to live comfortably and happily together.


But even if he lived two lives, he still couldn’t understand how his father, who used to be gentle and considerate, managed to marry his former business partner’s daughter for Liu’s property in less than three months after his mother’s death.


Yet he was able to stand here and say such things to him in a righteous manner.


It really made him speechless.



Lin Lang stood in the same place, he lightly laughed, he wanted to retort, when he heard an imposing voice suddenly appeared behind me.



“Make way, the one you’re leaning on is my car.”


Ji Cangshu said, with a gangly face, he took off his sunglasses and pressed the car keys.


“Besides, don’t push me around. The one you’re pointing at under your finger is my student.”




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