Not to mention the four benefits added together, in his current situation, any one of these could be said to be enough to impress Lin Lang.


Shen Lianqiu had been involved in the market for many years, and had long developed the habit of knowing oneself and one’s enemy, and never lost a battle.


The benefits were as if they were tailor-made, not giving the slightest reason for refusal, or room for hesitation.


And Lin Lang was indeed as he expected, he was clearly moved, especially at the moment he mentioned customizing the ice skates.



Those eyes of his lit up almost immediately, emitting an expectant light with a twinkle.



“As for the second issue you mentioned, the person I’m recommending….”



“Is Ji Cangshu.”


The moment the name Ji Cangshu …… came out of Shen Lianqiu’s mouth, Lin Lang and Li Bing lowered their heads together and fell into extremely serious memories and contemplation.



This name had disappeared from the skating scene for a long time, and when he thought about it, it should have been nearly fifteen years since Li Bing last heard his name.



When he retired, Lin Lang was just born, but Li Bing believed that this shouldn’t have affected his ability to hear everything about Ji Cangshu’s exploits.



After all, he once raised the performance of Chinese men’s singles to a new level by virtue of his personal strength. The record he set wasn’t broken until nearly three years ago by Guan Hao, now the top male singles player in China.




At the age of 17, he was highly regarded and at the age of 20, he suddenly retired at the peak. If his career wasn’t too short, the words used to mention him now would have been champion and miracle.


He was dazzling and gorgeous, and then stopped abruptly and disappeared completely.


When he thought about it carefully, this metaphor was quite vivid, and it was exactly the same as Ji Cangshu’s life path in the past ten years.



He was indeed the player that Lin Lang once worshiped. He had strength. Since his retirement, he remained famous. Many people lavished thousands on him to become a coach, but Ji Cangshu wasn’t impressed.



But this also meant that he was a person who could do whatever he wanted. If he wanted to hire him as a coach, the probability of success was very low.


However, Shen Lianqiu was quite sure that he could do it. After all, although he had been away from the skating industry for so many years, his former contacts were still there.

He and Ji Cangshu had been in contact for so many years. When Ji Cangshu didn’t get the Olympic gold medal and suddenly retired, his heart never passed this hurdle.



So after that, no matter how many people asked and the conditions they gave, he refused to be a coach.



He only coached his little nephew, who had mediocre qualifications, in the ice rink in his hometown.



It was only last year that he suddenly thought about it and called Shen Lianqiu, something obviously inspired him to move on from the matter.


Shen Lianqiu didn’t know what had happened to him. It was only after he met Lin Lang and learned about him that he suddenly remembered the time when Ji Cangshu called him.


He must have seen the training video of Lin Lang at that time.



“If it’s him, this is indeed a good candidate.”



After a little thinking, Li Bing finally raised his head and gave his opinion about Shen Lianqiu’s proposal.


And Lin Lang also raised his head right then and there, looked at Shen Lianqiu in front of him, and said extremely seriously.





Shen Lianqiu nodded, and seeing that the two people in front of him were so determined, Li Bing began to plan to report to the national team that Shen Lianqiu agreed to return to work as a skate designer.



“Are you really thinking about staying in China and becoming the ice skate designer of the national team? The company… is it really OK?”



Although he knew that Shen Lianqiu had always been reliable. But thinking of the Shen family and the company, Li Bing had to ask and confirm with him.



But Shen Lianqiu didn’t say a word. Li Bing’s face turned red for a moment. Then he turned around with a smile and responded for a moment.



“From the beginning, I didn’t want to give up the company, nor just become a skate designer of the national team. What I saw was the vacancy of the whole skate manufacturing industry in China like a whiteboard.”



In other words, instead of giving up Shen’s, he wanted to make a new expansion for his group’s field.


The domestic ice skate manufacturing industry had always had a huge vacancy, in the early years of Shen’s grandfather’s ice skate factory was a flash in the pan, but almost all the ice rinks in the three northeastern provinces used their ice skates.



But now that Shen’s ice skate factory had closed down, the ice skate market in the country’s small and large ice rinks had once again been seized by foreign brands.



Few children still wore Chinese brand ice skates on their feet, and even in the national team today, a large part of the ice skates used by athletes in the competition were built by other countries.


As a businessman, Shen Lianqiu was both eyeing this part of the business opportunities and vacancies, but he also genuinely wanted to change this point.


Li Bing didn’t expect that, it was only a short while, yet he had already thought this far ahead.



Standing aside, he was both excited and surprised, he was so excited that his hands trembled and he could barely speak.


He felt as if he could see the future of Chinese figure skating by seeing the two children in front of him.


However, Wang Yuan, who still stood aside with his ice rink coach behind him, did all these disgusting dirty things that almost killed this hope.



Once he thought of this, Li Bing couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly, red-eyed, both heartbroken and angry.


“Since this matter has been arranged, then the rest will be left to you two to discuss and decide. I’ll go greet the national team.”



“There is another matter on my side that needs to be handled seriously, you, come with me!”



Li Bing pointed at Wang Yuan. His tone was so cold that everyone knew that he wasn’t in a good mood now.


For so many years, Li Bing had been famous for being selfless and righteous.


Today, Wang Yuan and Coach Zhang of the ice rink fell into his hands. It could be said that all the efforts in the first half of his life were about skating. So far, they were completely finished.


But they also deserved it.



Lin Lang looked at Wang Yuan slamming the door out of the locker room before he looked at him angrily with a reluctant expression, then he indifferently raised an eyebrow.



If this had really happened when he was sixteen, he probably would have felt righteous indignation, but now that he had lived to be twenty-six, he was over it.


A small follower like Wang Yuan couldn’t even stir waves in his heart.


During the whole process, the only place where Lin Lang would experience emotional ups and downs was probably when Wang Yuan finally suffered from the consequences.



To tell the truth, whether he was sixteen or twenty-six years old, he would feel refreshed.


“I’ve just called Ji Cangshu, the national team has actually been wanting to let him go over as a coach. As soon as the formalities on his side are completed, we can go there directly.”



“It will take about a week or so, and I still have some things to do here, and your school and father’s side, also need time to be dealt with.”



Although Shen Lianqiu was willing to be Lin Lang’s guardian for the time being and take care of most of the troublesome things for him until he reached adulthood.


But when it came to things like transferring schools and entering the national team, it was inevitable that Lin Lang’s legal father would need to be in place to give his consent and go through the motions.


However, even after a lifetime of rebirth, Lin Lang couldn’t help feeling repulsed and disgusted at the thought of having to see him.



After all, in his last life, all contacts with him were not pleasant, so Lin Lang felt a headache just thinking about it.


The only difference may be that this time, he just sat in the seat and frowned.


At once, he looked into his eyes firmly.



“Don’t worry. Now that I have promised to be your guardian, you can leave these things to me before you are 18 years old.”



Lin Lang had been used to fighting for independence all his life. When he heard this, he almost subconsciously wanted to say a thank you and then refuse.



However, before he could say this, a loud shout suddenly came out from the end of the corridor.


“Lin Lang! Where are you? Come out!”


“You little brat, how dare you hit my son!”



Mixed in with the shouting and cursing was a child’s hoarse cries.


This voice was so familiar that Lin Lang didn’t even need to look to know.



This should be the parent of the little brat he had dealt with when he first came in.


“Thank you, then.”


In an instant, Lin Lang’s attitude immediately underwent a hundred and eighty degree change, not only did he not refuse, he even made a rare effort to squeeze out an extraordinarily well-behaved smile in front of Shen Lianqiu.



The unusual gesture of goodwill made Shen Lianqiu immediately alert, he carefully asked Lin Lang to explain what happened.



Lin Lang only said that it was because the boy spoke rudely and mentioned his dead mother first that he taught him a little lesson.



Between the words, Shen Lianqiu clenched his fist and tried to rush to take out his anger.


But when he arrived, he saw the child he had dealt with.


Only then did Shen Lianqiu suddenly realize that the slight lesson Lin Lang was talking about was that he had broken one of the boy’s incisors.



It wasn’t even necessary to do anything for him, he himself wasn’t afraid.




Lin Lang sat in the dressing room, waiting until Shen Lianqiu returned before getting into the car together, but before he entered the car, he got a text from Wang Yuan at the same time.


He was so distracted that he didn’t even hear what Shen Lianqiu was saying next to him.



——-Don’t think you’ve made it to the national team and everything is fine, even if you won today, you definitely can’t beat the current Yao Qing.


He didn’t even know where he got his phone number.



[What? If I beat him, you’ll call me Dad?]


Lin Lang responded with interest. After getting in the car and fastening his seat belt, he turned around and asked Shen Lianqiu.



“What did you just ask me?”


“It’s nothing, I’m just a little curious. Do you remember the reason why you chose skating?”


When the two of them met, Lin Lang was too young, and they hadn’t spoken a few words, so they weren’t familiar with each other.


So Shen Lianqiu didn’t have any hope from the beginning. He thought that Lin Lang wouldn’t remember him after so many years.


However, as soon as he asked, Lin Lang immediately gave an answer. Even Shen Lianqiu’s hand on the steering wheel gave a very obvious pause.


“Because of a pair of customized skates.”


For a moment, Shen Lianqiu sat there, it was as if he could hear his heart beating.



But immediately afterwards Lin Lang also used only one sentence, making all his excitement return to calm instantly.



“If it wasn’t for that pair of ice skates, I’m afraid I would have given up long ago, I’m grateful for it and will always remember that sister who made ice skates for me.”





Shen Lianqiu froze for a moment before suddenly remembering that he did have shoulder-length hair at that time.


But no matter, it was too much to recognize him as a sister, right?



A …… 5m 8.5 sister?



Even if Shen Lianqiu understood that he was only a ten-year-old child at that time, but this was too much.



In order to comfort him, he observed and recorded his habits for so long, and made painstaking efforts to customize the first ice skate in his life.


“A brother can be recognized as sister.”




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