“Damn, I originally thought Wang Yuan’s 2A Jump was quite remarkable, but he actually did a 3A jump.”



“Really, at that level, the national team has to compete for him. Wang Yuan might be replaced. I think Li Bing seemed really excited this time.”


“Isn’t that right? Who wouldn’t refuse such a genius?”


After the game, everyone took their things and went back to the locker room in twos and threes.



In the year since Yao Qing left, the twists and turns between the ice rink coach and Wang Yuan had nearly all been moved to the surface, although there was still some avoidance in the deal.


But the training resources, which should have been distributed equally among all students, as if he was the coach’s son, tilted toward him alone without conditions or reasons.


After a long time, people could guess what it was .


Normally, Wang Yuan was the best in the ice rink and the coach’s darling. Although they were angry, they weren’t better than him, so they could only complain silently.


But now was a good opportunity to relieve the anger.


On the way back, Lin Lang listened to the people around him praising him in various ways. For Wang Yuan, there were many followers around him, and most of them dared not say anything to his face.


But once he walked out of the door of the dressing room, he immediately raised his voice.



After going out of the door, he purposely went around and poked his head out to meet Wang Yuan’s gaze head-on.


It was quite childlike, but it didn’t stop Lin Lang from doing it.


The children’s remarks around the ice rink had already provoked Wang Yuan, and Lin Lang’s light smile at the right time was enough to make him red-eyed and crazy.


“Close the door.”


Wang Yuan sat down on the chair in the dressing room with his head down, and finally squeezed those words out of his teeth.


“Ah? But… Brother Yuan, the competition just ended, and there are still many people who haven’t changed…”


“I said close the door, don’t you understand? Close the door for me right now!”


Wang Yuan’s hysteria made his followers dare not disobey his instructions again. Only after he locked the door of the locker room completely according to his instructions, did they dare to return to him, saying weakly.


“It would be OK if it was during training, but the coach of the provincial team hasn’t left. If he saw this, it wouldn’t be good. Will there be any trouble?”



“What are you talking about? If anyone is in trouble, we won’t be in trouble. Otherwise, you think that the money the Zhang family gave them is for nothing? I’ve told you that provincial team coaches are meeting upstairs. Who has time to take care of us?”



One of the followers just raised concerns, and without Wang Yuan personally saying anything, another one immediately came forward to explain.


Lin Lang squinted at their well-trained appearances. Before he could speak, a cigarette had already been lit at Wang Yuan’s side. He lowered his head and laughed.


“Before the game started, I gave Coach Zhang a sum of money to make him guarantee my qualification. At the same time, whenever there is any news from the provincial team, he will tell me at the first time. And this is the message he just sent me. Li Bing personally said that he doesn’t want you.”


While smiling, Wang Yuan stood up with his back to the window behind him, raised his mobile phone to Lin Lang’s face, and delicately sprayed smoke on his face.


“Do you know what this means? It means that even if you performed better than me, it’s useless. You can’t join the provincial team at all.”


Wang Yuan was like a villain, his eyes were fixed on Lin Lang’s face, trying to find a trace of of resignation and anger after losing to him.



But from the beginning to the end, there was only dislike.


After all, he didn’t like smoke, and at the same time, he always had a serious cleanliness problem.


The moment he puffed out the smoke, Lin Lang quickly fished a transparent folder beside him to block it.


He frowned and held his breath in disgust. At the same time, he had something to say.


Wang Yuan deliberately smoked so fiercely that Lin Lang just pinched his nose and frowned.


Only when he finished smoking this cigarette could he be given a response.


“Look back.”





Lin Lang was so choked by the smoke that he didn’t want to speak. He just moved away and said two words to him.


But Wang Yuan didn’t understand his meaning, so he frowned until the smoke had completely cleared, then put down the folder in his hand and patiently repeated.


“Look back.”



“Although I don’t know exactly what this text message of yours represents, but I guess you must know what the scene behind you right now, represents.”


As soon as Lin Lang said this, Wang Yuan still scoffed at him with some disbelief.


But when he really turned his head to look at the window behind him, he suddenly stiffened and froze in place.


“Li …… Coach Li, why are you here, you, aren’t you supposed to be in a meeting upstairs?”


Wang Yuan’s eyes widened with fright when Li Bing suddenly appeared behind him. For a moment, he couldn’t even notice that the smoke in his hands was burning out, his body shook with fright.


However, Li Bing didn’t pay any attention to him at all, as if he had never seen such a person before. His eyes went around him and directly fell on Lin Lang.


“The truth is, you did not make it to the provincial team because of me. But it’s not that the provincial team didn’t want you, it’s that I couldn’t teach you.”


Li Bing said, looking at Shen Lianqiu beside him.


This reason, Li Bing had already explained in detail as early as when he chased him down from the stands.


Lin Lang, this person, in fact, as early as last year, when his training video happened fall into the limelight, Li Bing had once paid attention to him.


It was just that this year, his appearance had changed too much, and his style had matured too much by leaps and bounds, which made Li Bing not recognize him at first.



It was only when he saw the 3A jump that he suddenly remembered him, but it was also for this reason that Li Bing gave up the idea of taking Lin Lang into the provincial team.


The most important period of time was just after the development of sixteen years old. Lin Lang was ten years old when he started to learn the skating system officially, and last year he was delayed for a whole year without going on ice.


Li Bing didn’t know why at the beginning, until Shen Lianqiu called the people under his command to check Lin Lang’s situation in recent years.


It turned out that it was bullying.


“Those little bastards!”



Li Bing stood under the bleachers and felt a lot of heartache for Lin Lang, but it was because of that heartache that he had to be cautious again and again in recruiting him to the provincial team.


After all, the career of a figure skater was very short. There were many who retired in their early twenties. After so many things happened, the time and opportunities left for Lin Lang were few.



If he took a wrong turn, it would really be a waste of his talent.


It could be said that there was no coach who didn’t want to recruit him to his team, a star who had the hope to rewrite the history of Chinese men’s singles in the future.



However, the provincial team had limited conditions, and Li Bing himself had reached the age of retirement. Neither was the best choice.


If possible, Li Bing would like to introduce him to the national team, but there had just been a recent personnel change, and now it was a period of turmoil.


There were no suitable candidates on hand.


If he rashly pushed Lin Lang over, it was like pushing a piece of honey into a pile of ants, and after the mad rush, if he was entrusted with a wrong person, he would meet a coach who only cared about his own achievements, regardless of the athletes’ situation.


Then Li Bing would really be a sinner.


Although Li Bing didn’t express these concerns clearly, Lin Lang also heard something about this period in his last life.


So he could guess Li Bing’s thoughts and fully understood them.


Just like this, the problem to be solved was thrown back to him.


In his last life, he took a lot of detours in this area, and didn’t get along with his coach, which delayed a lot of opportunities and time.



In this life, although Lin Lang was eager to change his story, for the time being, like Li Bing, he had no suitable candidate.


Thinking of this, Lin Lang couldn’t help frowning and nibbling on his lower lip, while he was struggling to figure it out.


Shen Lianqiu, who had been standing beside Li Bing, suddenly spoke up.


“Since you’re considering the matter, I have a fairly good candidate to introduce to you, but, there’s a condition.”


“Are you willing to go to the national team with me?”


Once Shen Lianqiu said this, everyone present froze in place almost at the same time.



Lin Lang and Wang Yuan were unsure of Shen Lianqiu’s identity and wondered why he could mention the national team so casually.


Li Bing, on the other hand, was overly excited and delighted with the decision that Shen Lianqiu’s words represented.



When Li Bing had just chased him down, Shen Lianqiu had only said he wanted to say hello to his former acquaintance and help him solve the problems he was struggling with.


But he never said anything about him staying in the country and going to the national team.


“Who are you? Do you think you can go to the national team if you want? Was the national team opened by your family?”


Wang Yuan childishly muttered to himself.



The atmosphere became quiet for a moment.



Just when everyone’s eyes were focused on Shen Lianqiu’s face, Lin Lang suddenly took over the conversation so the situation wouldn’t be awkward.



“It’s OK to go to the national team with you, but before that, you have to answer at least two questions.”



“The first question is, what benefits can I get from going with you? The second question is, which coach of the national team is the right person?”



Shen Lianqiu looked at Lin Lang’s cold and determined eyes. He couldn’t help but lower his head and smile. He secretly sighed, his personality had grown and changed a lot in the past six years.


Just from his eyes, he could see that the boy sitting in front of him was already completely different from the child in those years.



“Before answering the question, I’d better introduce myself, Shen Lianqiu, head of Shen Group.”


“At the same time, I’m also the top skate designer in China.”


At this moment, the name of the Shen Group could be heard at home and abroad.


Shen Lianqiu had just finished his self introduction, and those kids who wanted to make trouble at Wang Yuan’s side almost disappeared in a moment.


There were even a few who were afraid of causing trouble and affecting their own business. They clumsily found an excuse so they could leave Wang Yuan alone.



In just two minutes, Lin Lang was the only one left in the room.


How ridiculous! From birth to growing up, Wang Yuan had never experienced such suffocation.


However, although his family had some money, it couldn’t even match one finger of the Shen Group.



Shen Lianqiu and Li Bing pushed the door outside and walked into the dressing room. Even if Wang Yuan was angry, he dared not speak.


“As for the benefits you mentioned in your first question, all I can give you to you is probably long-term custom ice skates, money, meal tickets, plus a guardian who ostensibly handles things for you.”



“These items together, is it enough?”


At the end of Shen Lianqiu’s sentence, before Lin Lang could respond, Wang Yuan couldn’t hide his jealous expression.



That made Shen Lianqiu even more sure that the conditions he had offered was tempting enough.




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